Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/24/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/24/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole sleeps on the bed as EJ stands over her. She wakes up from her nap and notices that her fake belly is lying on the bed beside her. EJ guesses she is up to her old tricks. She says she can explain, but he grabs her by the throat, asking if she thought he wouldn’t notice when her pregnancy never ended. He chokes her, accusing her of planning to pass off some bargain basement child as his own. She sobs and tells him she was afraid to tell him because he wanted the baby so much. EJ screams at her to get out. He grabs her by the back of her neck and hauls her off to the door. Just then, Nicole wakes up from her dream and gasps. Her belly is in place and she sighs, saying it was just a nightmare--for now.

Maggie’s house is decked out for the Horton Christmas party, and Chloe samples some of the food. Maggie notices her necklace and gasps, complimenting her on it. When she explains Kate gave it to her, Maggie says that that finalizes it. Despite her questioning Chloe about her seriousness with Lucas, that necklace says it all. If Kate gave that to her, then it means she know Chloe is the right woman for Lucas.

Daniel lies in bed and watches TV. He flashes back to catching Chloe in her lingerie, and her telling him to leave before Lucas gets back. He comes back to the present and sips his scotch, telling himself to forget it, as she’s unavailable.

At the docks, Lexie tells Theo they should go home and get some hot chocolate. He runs off toward the railing overlooking the river as she turns her back to collect their shopping bags. At his house, Bo hears a voice in his head saying the child is unconscious and isn’t breathing. He gasps and turns towards Zach’s ornament. Lexie runs toward the edge of the pier, looking for Theo. Bo hears Lexie screaming Theo’s name in his head and rushes for the door. Hope and Chelsea come back from the kitchen, asking where he is going. He flings the door open and finds Abe on the stoop. He asks frantically where Theo is, and he explains that he is with Lexie. Bo frets. Lexie reaches the railing and looks over the side worriedly.

Marlena comes into the pub and greets John, telling him she’s glad he has decided to spend the holidays with his family. He thinks she’s gloating, but she doesn’t take the bait, saying that she is completely awash with the Christmas spirit. John says he will take that as a challenge and Marlena giggles. Brady comes in just then, saying he can’t believe that John is smiling. John says that Marlena has impressed upon him the importance of spending the holidays with one’s family--even if you don’t like them. Brady starts to leave, but Marlena just says that he has to understand John’s sense of humor. She whirls on John, adding that it isn’t funny. John says that he wasn’t talking about Brady anyway. He winks, adding that he has to score points with him to stay in Marlena’s good graces. Brady asks if they are going to the Bradys’ or Hortons’ this year, but John says he has a favor to ask of them, kind of like his gift for the year. Brady agrees immediately, but John thinks they should hear the request before agreeing to it.

Back at Maggie’s, Lucas, Doug and Julie have joined Chloe and Maggie. Alice and Mickey are upstairs watching movies with Allie, apparently, and Chloe agrees to bring them all some cookies later. Julie notices Chloe’s necklace and compliments her, and Lucas explains it’s Kate’s way of welcoming her into the Horton clan. Doug say she’s a welcome addition, and she thanks them for all being so nice to her. Maggie says she doesn’t have to look farther than the smile on Lucas’ face to see why. He grins, adding that this is going to be the best Christmas ever.

Nicole comes downstairs, asking Stefano where EJ is. He explains that EJ is reading Johnny a bedtime story. He apologizes to Nicole for what happened between them a few days before, and she forgives him, saying she knows he was just worried about the baby. He says there was no excuse, and she admits that he was sexist and overbearing. Stefano chuckles, saying that he and EJ have finally met their equal. He gives her a hug and wishes her a Merry Christmas as EJ walks in behind them. He smiles approvingly.

Lexie asks a passerby if they have seen Theo, but they haven’t. She takes out her phone in a panic and starts dialing.

Bo asks Abe to call Lexie right away. Abe asks him what is wrong, and so does Hope, but Bo can’t say for sure. He just has to know Theo is alright.

Lexie talks to a police officer, saying that he was near the edge of the pier. She thinks he might have gone into the water, since he is fascinated with it. The cop assures her that the whole force is out looking for Abe’s son. Just then, Abe calls her and Lexie explains that Theo ran off, and that the police are searching for him. Abe asks where she is, and when he hears she’s at the pier, he gasps. Bo and Hope look on worriedly.

Nicole wishes Stefano a Merry Christmas as well, and he asks if she has thought about baby names. He suggests Stefano. EJ chuckles, saying he though Elvis had a nice ring to it. Just then, Tony walks in, saying that his invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. He decided to drop by anyway.

Chloe comes back downstairs from taking cookies to Mickey, Alice, and Allie, and tells Lucas that she is going to call her parents. She heads into the hallway and calls Daniel. She says that she can’t talk long, but she wanted to see how his finger is doing. He says it is fine and that she doesn’t have to worry. She says she can’t stop worrying--she can’t help it.

Abe, Hope, Bo and Chelsea join Lexie at the pier. She’s in a panic, apologizing to Abe, saying Theo just ran off. Bo tries to soothe her, telling her a task force is searching. He needs to know if anyone was watching Theo or asking questions, but she says it wasn’t like that. Theo just ran off, like he has done before. She cries hysterically, saying she thinks Theo went off the edge of the pier. Abe hugs her as Bo gets another flash of Lexie crying in the hospital, begging someone to save her son. Chelsea spots Theo’s toy dog in the snow near the edge of the pier. She points it out to Bo and Lexie and Abe sees it also. Bo heads off to search on his own. Lexie takes the toy dog and falls to the ground. She screams and cries, trying to say the Lord’s prayer, but gets too choked up to complete it.

Tony hopes he isn’t crashing the party, and Stefano says he isn’t, as he is his son and always welcome in his home. EJ wishes Tony a Merry Christmas and asks where Anna is. Tony explains that she went to visit Austin and Carrie in Switzerland. He thought about going, but worried Stefano might need his help at the last minute. Stefano says he has Elvis around if he needs anything. EJ senses the tension and takes Nicole over to the Christmas tree. Stefano tells Tony that Anna’s loss is his gain. He loves to have all of his family around for the holidays.

John, Marlena, and Brady approach the door of the DiMera mansion. Brady grumbles that it’s Christmas, not Halloween, and John reminds him that the DiMeras are his family. Brady thinks they’re the kind of family you should hate, and John adds that he needs to show Stefano that no matter what he did to him, he isn’t broken--and he isn’t alone. Marlena thinks that makes sense and rings the doorbell.

Chloe explains to Daniel that she acted rudely and slammed his hand in the door because she was embarrassed of the way she was dressed. He says it was an accident, and no big deal, and she thanks him for being so understanding. Lucas comes up behind her, whispering for her to tell her parents Merry Christmas from the Hortons. She says she will and Lucas heads off. She tells Daniel she has to go, and he wishes her a Merry Christmas. She does the same and hangs up wistfully.

Stefano lets Marlena, John and Brady inside, saying that he is surprised and delighted that they are there. John says that he was told Christmas is for spending time with family, so here he is. Mary takes their coats as Nicole greets them, asking Brady if he wants eggnog. He says he hates it, but she drags him off by the arm, saying she has to talk to him. Marlena greets Tony, who asks what she is doing here. She makes a crack about hoping to wake up and find it is all a nightmare, and Tony jokes that he feels that way about his whole life. Nicole tells Brady that EJ is upstairs with Johnny, so she has to talk fast. He doesn’t think there is anything left to say, but she disagrees. If he can’t help her, then he has to get his father to.

Bo walks around the pier, calling for Theo. He sees a little boy near some stairs that looks just like Zach. Bo gasps and calls after him, but the boy runs away. Bo gives chase.

Stefano offers John some illegal cigars he had shipped in and tells him to join him by the door to smoke because of Nicole’s condition. John agrees and they light their cigars. Stefano is glad he came by, as the world could always use another DiMera, but he wonders why John showed up.

Marlena asks Tony why he came here instead of going to Switzerland, and he explains that Stefano is up to something, so he wanted to keep an eye on him. Marlena jokes that he will never leave home if he is sticking around for that reason. Tony goes on to explains that it’s different this time. He is playing the family against each other by propelling EJ to the top. Marlena asks if that makes him angry, but he says he is just concerned for EJ, who seems to think he can handle Stefnao. Malena sighs and smiles, “God help him.”

Brady wonders why Nicole thinks he or his dad will help her, and she says she is just desperate. She gave Baker one of those 20,000 art objects around the house, but that won’t hold him off for long. Her back is against the wall, and she has to figure something out. Brady shushes her as EJ comes up behind them, noticing that Nicole looks upset. He asks Brady why Nicole always looks upset when he is around.

Chloe looks at a picture of Tom and Alice, and Lucas marvels at the couple they made. Now this house is filled with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He asks Chloe if she wants to have a lot of kids with him, and she asks if that is what he wants. Lucas says that as long as she is with him, everything is great.

Julie joins Maggie by the tree and asks if she ever thought Lucas and Chloe would end up together. Maggie admits that she didn’t, but she has also never seen Lucas look this happy. Julie agrees, saying that Grandma Alice had a good idea after all. They both giggle and look over at the happy couple.

Lexie hugs Abe, worrying that Theo might have gone into the water. Abe soothes her, telling her that they don’t know that, and can’t think that way.

Bo races up the stairs, looking for Zach. Suddenly, he sees him again. Zach comes out from behind a box and takes Theo by the hand. They run off. Bo yells at Zach not to take Theo and rushes after them.

Nicoel telsl EJ that it isn’t Brady’s fault. She has just been really emotional lately between her hormones and the holidays. EJ seems to accept this and apologizes to Brady. Just then, he takes a call from the office, telling someone to go home and that he will take care of it. He hangs up and tells Nicole that his secretary has two kids at home and he sent her home. He will have to send out some emails she didn’t finish and will be back soon. Nicoel kisses him and he heads upstairs. Nicole hisses at Brady, saying that he must see how wonderful EJ is to everyone. She can’t lose him, so Brady has to help her.

Marlena tells Tony that coming here was John’s idea. She supported him because he is finally being active. He wanted to show Stefano that he is fine, and that he didn’t hurt him, and she thinks that’s a human desire that at least shows some emotion. Tony thinks she must be a patient woman. Marlena says she doesn’t really have any other choice.

Stefnao hopes John has come here in the spirit of Christmas and not to show any hostility. John hopes him and his family being here hasn’t upset their festivities or put a damper on things. He can’t be sure because he doesn’t remember what their parties are usually like. Stefano agrees that there is usually tension in the room, but he has never known why. John finally admits that he is here for two reasons. He wants Stefano to see him with his family and realize that he can’t hurt him anymore, and he also wants to warn Stefano not to lay a finger on any of them. Secondly, he wants to wish his brother a Merry Christmas. John grins and hugs Stefano.

Bo chases after Zach and Theo and sees Zach standing by Santa and a large group of people. Bo rushes over and folds Zach into his arms, hugging him. He backs up and sees that he is hugging Theo, not Zach. Bo gapes.

Abe soothes Lexie as Bo calls, telling him that Theo is fine. Abe hangs up and gives Lexie the news. She cries and hugs Abe, thanking God.

John tells Stefano that he has had fun, but he needs to go. Nicole comes over, hoping he isn’t leaving so soon, but he thinks he has tried Marlena’s patience enough for one night. She telsl him that she has a surpise for EJ that she needs his help with and drags him off to the foyer. John asks her what is going on and she tells him she needs money--a lot of it--and she can’t tell him why.

Marlena tells Brady that she is glad they came here tonight. She thinks John is changing and showing emotion, and Brady has been a big part of that. She is sure that deep down inside, John is as happy he is home as she is. She hugs him and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Tony comes over to help her with her coat and Stefano tells her they don’t have to leave. She says she does, as she and John have other places to go. She wonders where he is.

John tells Nicole that he can’t help her, but he will give her some advice. If she is livign here and pregnant, and still needs money, then she is in over her head. He offers to put her up in a hotel room and buy her a plane ticket to anywhere she wants to go, but that is all he can do. Marlena comes over, and the two head off, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Stefano asks Nicole if anything is the matter as Brady lurks nearby.

Abe, Lexie, Theo, Bo, Hope, Ciara, Chelsea, John, and Marlena have joined the others at Maggie’s house. Abe introduces Bo as the hero of the evening for finding Theo, and he bashfully says that he had help. Hope looks at him with surprise, and he says that he will explain later. Maggie tells everyone that Alice has dozed off and Mickey is sitting upstairs with her, and asked them to start trimming the tree. Ciara helps Hope as they start putting the Horton ornaments on the tree. The camera pans over the box with the family’s ornaments, including Mike’s, Will’s, Belle’s, Claire’s, and Bill’s. Maggie hangs Nick and Jessica’s ornaments, smiling wistfully. They finish the tree and put the star on top. John wonders why Marlena has brought him here, and she explains that she wanted to show him what Christmas was all about. Lucas asks where his ornament is, and Julie hands him a box, saying that while Alice is under the weather, she is still her old self. She asks Lucas to lest Chloe open it, and she does so, finding Lucas’ ornament inside, as well as one for herself. Chloe is overwhelmed and thanks Julie. She and Lucas go to hang their ornaments, but Chloe drops hers on the ground and it shatters. She gasps in horror.

Brady urges Nicole to talk to Marlena, who might be able to help her tell EJ the truth. Just then, EJ comes over, asking why Brady is still here. He says he was just on his way out and heads out the door. EJ apologizes to Nicole for the hectic Christmas Eve and asks if she is ok. She grumps, wishing everyone would wuit asking her that. Tony puts on his coat and goes to leave, telling EJ again that he hopes he knows what he is getting into. EJ groans and suggests to Nicole that they join Stefano in the living room, since he is all alone. Tony chuckles and heads out the door, telling EJ that Stefano would still be alone even if he were in a stadium filled with people. Nicole and EJ head back into the living room, and Stefano says he is going to bed. He can’t help but think about next Christmas and the new stocking they will be hanging. He hugs Nicole and wishes her a Merry Christmas, saying he is a happy man. He heads off. EJ hugs Nicole, saying he feels the same way. She chokes back tears.

Chloe apologizes to Julie, saying what a klutz she is. Julie tells her it’s no big deal, and that they will have a new one made for her next year. Nearby, John tells Marlena that he now understands why people feel the need to remember their past. Doug proposes a toast to the family, saying that he is so glad that they are all together--Hortons and honorary Hortons. He sits at the piano with Julie and asks Chloe to join them. She ocmes over and begins singing ‘Silent Night’ for the rest of the family. The camera pans in on Abe, Lexie and Theo, and then to Marlena, who is searching for John. He is outside, calling Charlotte. He tells her that he needs to remember his past and find out who he is.

Back at the mansion, Nicole kneels by the manger and prays for God to help her. She sobs as EJ comes in behind her.


Nicole asks EJ, “Can you forgive me? I won’t ever push you away.”

Rafe tells Sami, “It’s time for your present. Trust me, you’re going to light up like the tree at Rockefeller Plaza.”

Melanie tells Stephanie, “That is what Christmas is all about.” She replies, “Is that why you came over here, Melanie--to give us the meaning of Christmas?”

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