Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/23/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/23/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Titan is having its annual Christmas party. Melanie overhears Phillip speaking with an employee and complains to Sasha, who is standing nearby, about it. Sasha says he isn’t a consultant like Melanie is. Everyone has heard about her project, and everyone is in agreement that the last thing the company needs is an eighteen-year-old consultant. Melanie says the project and the company are moving forward whether everyone likes it or not. She spots Stephanie across the room and excuses herself to go mingle. Sasha thinks she’s heading off to gloat.

Phillip walks up to Stephanie first, who complains about having to speak with a boring associate. Phillip chides her, saying he saves the company thousands a year. However, he admits that he also doesn’t want to talk about that, and tells Stephanie he would rather talk about surprises. In fact, he has one that he is pretty sure is going to blow her away. He leads her off. Melanie sips a drink nearby and glares.

Brady is at the Kiriakis mansion with Victor. It’s decorated for the holidays, complete with a tree. Victor says he wants a bigger on for next year, and hopes Brady has come by with good news about the job offer. He offers Brady a ginger ale. Brady passes, and Victor asks if he is passing on the ginger ale or the job.

At the Horton cabin, Lucas tells Chloe how beautiful she looked earlier. He can think of nothing he’d rather do than spend the rest of the night here with her, alone. She toys with the necklace Kate gave her and flashes back to Daniel surprising her when she was in her lingerie. She tells Lucas that they need to leave, as they have shopping to do, and they have to pick up Allie. Lucas says he also wants to stop by the hospital to visit Kate, but Chloe thinks he should go alone.

Daniel comes into Kate’s room at the hospital with his hands behind his back. She thinks something must really be wrong with his finger, and frets. He says he is hiding a Christmas present, actually, and wonders what is wrong with her. She dealt with her own cancer like a stoic, but is going nuts over his little finger injury. Kate says it’s called displacement, but she hates being analyzed. She asks why he is giving her her present early. Daniel says it is so good that it can’t wait.

At his house, Bo struggles with wrapping a gift. He gets a flash of a child lying on a gurney in a hospital. The nurse nearby says that the child isn’t breathing. Bo comes back to the present and worries over the gift angrily. Hope comes in and asks him if he is alright. Bo snaps that he isn’t.

Phillip takes Stephanie across the room and Melanie follows, pretending to look at the lights on the tree. Phillip tells Stephanie that he got her something, but he won’t give her a hint of what it is, except it’s the best gift she’s ever gotten. Stephanie thinks he is sadistic, but says she likes that in a guy. Phillip asks what she plans on doing after the party, and Stephanie says she is spending time with her family. Phillip jokes that he always thought the Bradys didn’t care about Christmas. Stephanie doesn’t get it at first, but then catches on and laughs. Phillip says that actually, he has always been envious of the Bradys and their big Christmas parties, even though he made a joke. Stephanie is glad that he said that, because she wanted to ask him to join her at the party. Phillip grins. Melanie listens in and frowns.

Hope sits down next to Bo and helps him with the gift, asking if he got another one of those flashes. Bo nods, saying he feels a child is in danger, and he is powerless to stop it. He asks Hope if she thinks he has a screw loose. Hope doesn’t. In fact, she is pretty sure she knows what is going on with him.

Daniel takes some records out from behind his back and tells her that the news is wonderful. She is in great shape, and while they aren’t yet sure if the bone marrow will take, she is going to be allowed home for Christmas. If everything goes well, she can stay for good. Kate bursts into tears and hugs Daniel, sayings doesn’t know what she would do without him.

Lucas reminds Chloe that Kate is going to want to see her in the necklace. Chloe says there will be plenty of time for that later, and adds that Lucas and his mom haven’t gotten any time alone together. Lucas thinks the gift was a way for Kate to welcome Chloe into the family, and that she needs to visit her. He wonders what is going on with her just as his phone rings. It’s Kate. Chloe frets.

Brady tells Victor that rehab taught him that you have to think situations through clearly before you make decisions. That’s why he needed time to think about the job. It would entail moving back to Salem and becoming part of the family, as Victor points out, but Brady is more concerned with the pressures associated with the job in the context of his rehabilitation. He eventually came to the conclusion that he could handle it, and would like to accept the job. Victor is glad to hear it. Brady adds that he knows Phillip will be upset, so he wants it made clear hat he is second to Phillip, and is there only to help him. Victor explains that Titan is having a Christmas party, so telling Phillip there wouldn’t be the right time. He does want to announce to everyone that Brady is back with the company again. Brady asks if he knew he would accept. Victor chuckles, saying he just wasn’t prepared to take no for an answer.

Stephanie tells Phillip that the Christmas party is always at the hospital, so she understands if he isn’t interested. Phillip asks if she always extends invitations and then tells the person how crummy of an idea it is. Stephanie laughs and says no, and that she was just giving him an out. Phillip says he doesn’t need one. He’d love to come. Melanie rolls her eyes and heads off. She calls Max, and when she hears he’s at the pub, she tells him to stay there, as she is on her way. She hangs up and Phillip asks why she is leaving before Secret Santa. She says she will be back, and he says he bets she will. She whirls on him in tears, saying it’s bad enough to not be wanted, but it’s even worse around the holidays. She wanted to be professional with him, but he is making it personal, and that sucks. Phillip groans as Stephanie walks over.

Lexie and Theo walk hand-hand down near the pier with Chelsea. Lexie thanks her for giving Theo the toy dog, which he loves. She always appreciates it when he makes a connection to something. Chelsea says it was nothing, and Theo grips Lexie’s hand. She thinks he must be fretting about all the activity. Chelsea offers to take him home and baby-sit if Lexie needs it, but she says she and Theo have a date. She likes to come down here and watch the ships go by with him.

Hope tells Bo that she knows what he is going through because she is going through the same thing. She always has nightmares this time of year about--she breaks off and cries, leaning her head on his shoulder. Bo assumes she is talking about Zach, and she says she is, and is sure what is going on with him has to do with Zach, too. This time of year always stirs up those memories for her. She tells Bo that they have to get through this together. They can’t push each other away and go to that terrible place again. Bo agrees, saying they will get through it together. They always do.

Phillip asks Melanie what she is talking about, and she says she knows he doesn’t want her around, but she appreciates him letting her stay on the project. She says she can’t talk about this right now and rushes off in tears. Stephanie tells Phillip that she hopes he didn’t fall for that. He says he didn’t, but he can’t help but feel sorry for her. That doesn’t mean he is trusting her an inch, though. Stephanie is glad, and Phillip changes the subject, asking her if she knows what he wants for Christmas. She is almost afraid to ask.

Lucas and Chloe head into Kate’s room and ask for the good news. Chloe sees Daniel’s finger and flashes back to slamming the door on it. They stare at one another. Kate tells Lucas and Chloe that she can come home for the holidays and hopefully stay. They congratulate her, and she tells them that she wants pictures made. That way, no matter how bad things get, she can look at them, and think to herself that at least she isn’t in the hospital anymore. Daniel takes some shots of Lucas and Kate, and also Chloe and Kate. He starts to hand the camera back to Lucas, but Kate wants a picture of the two people that saved her life--she wants a picture of Daniel and Chloe together.

Hope brings an ornament Zach made over to Bo. It’s a picture of Zach in a Santa costume that’s decorated as a Christmas tree. Hope admits that she hung it on the back of the tree last year. She didn’t want to hurt Chelsea, but she also doesn’t want to hide it anymore. Bo hugs her, reminding her that Chelsea and everyone else knows that Hope has forgiven her. It’s time for them all to stop pretending Zach didn’t die. Bo hangs the ornament on the front of the tree and Hope hugs him and thanks him. Just then, the smoke detector goes off and Bo and Hope head to the kitchen to check on the turkey. Chelsea comes in with shopping bags full of wrapped gifts. She heads over to the tree and sees Zach’s ornament. She drops the bags and bursts into tears. She tries to run off, but Bo comes out of the kitchen and stops her, telling her everything will be alright. She says it won’t be. She knows Bo tries, but deep down, part of him must hate her. He has to. Bo tries to reassure her, but Chelsea says she can’t stand to see the ornament. She can’t imagine how it makes Bo and Hope feel. Hope comes in just then and Bo advises Chelsea listen to her. Hope tells her that this year, they are celebrating Zach’s life, not his death. Chelsea needs to be a part of that celebration. Chelsea turns her back on Hope and sobs. Hope hugs her, asking her if she thinks Hope could ever forget about what she did for Bo, and how he wouldn’t be here without her. She tells Chelsea that if she walks out that door, it won’t really be Christmas without her.

Melanie comes to see Max at the pub and tells him about Nick signing over his fuel project to her. Max is suspicious, but Melanie swears she didn’t talk him into it, and it was all his own idea. Besides, Nick wanted to make reparations, and if she turned him down, it would have made things worse. Max isn’t so sure Melanie was thinking of Nick the whole time, but she asks him not to act that way. She tells him that she has also been made a consultant at Titan, but Phillip hates her. She asks Max to go ahead and gloat about it , but he isn’t interested. She adds that she came from the company’s Christmas party, but no one would talk to her. At least when her dad was alive, she wasn’t alone for the holidays. She suggests that she and Max go away for Christmas. He hems and haws, and she bursts into tears, saying that she knows he is going to spend the day with the Bradys.

Phillip tells Stephanie that he also wants her to spend time with his family on Christmas day, but she isn’t so sure he should show up with a lowly intern on his arm when he is already on shaky ground with his dad. He moves in to kiss her, but she tells him to look out, as Victor is coming in with Brady. Phillip heads over and shakes Brady’s hand, saying he hasn’t see nearly enough of him since he got back into town. Brady says they should see how he feels in a week or so. Phillip looks at Victor questioningly.

Lucas urges Daniel and Chloe to get loser so he can fit them in the shot. Kate suggests he put his arm around her and Daniel does so uncomfortably. Kate then says she wants to se the necklace, and asks Chloe to unbutton her top blouse button. Chloe reluctantly does so and Lucas struggles trying to get the shot. Daniel explodes, asking him to take the damn picture. Kate and Lucas look at him in surprise. Later, he finally gets the shot and asks Daniel and Chloe to look at it, but Daniel lays he has things to do and heads off. Lucas think Daniel was acting weird, and Chloe thinks he was just too busy to take photos. Kate stares at Chloe suspiciously, saying that she doesn’t think it was that at all.

Phillip isn’t sure what Brady means. Just then, Daniel calls and tells him the good news about Kate coming him for Christmas. Phillip thanks him, saying he knows how much Daniel has done for Kate. Daniel says he has to go call Chelsea and hangs up. Meanwhile, Brady tells Stephanie that he didn’t know she was working here. He asks if she is having problems with Phillip, but she says he isn’t the problem. Someone else is.

Melanie sits at a table and tells Max that she is glad he can be with his family. Max thought Maggie would have invited her to spend Christmas with the Hortons, and Melanie says she did, but she doesn’t want to spend the day with people that blame her for what happened with Nick. Max says he understands. She says the thing that’s worse about being aloe is that people treat her as if all she does is bring other people down. Max says she is his sister, and she isn’t spending Christmas alone. He wants her to go with him to the Brady’s party.

Bo tells Chelsea that she has to accept that what happened to Zach was an accident. Everyone knows that, and her blaming herself isn’t helping anyone. She has to forgive herself and move on. Chelsea isn’t sure she can. Bo reminds her again of what she did for him, and tells her that helping people is part of life--a life that she has to start living instead of dwelling on the past. Chelsea heads over to Zach’s ornament and cries, saying she misses him. Hope says that they all do. Chelsea says it feels good to be home for the holidays. She hugs Bo and he and Hope wish her a Merry Christmas. Later, Hope gives her a package to wrap and heads off to the kitchen to make vegetables. Chelsea chats with Bo about helping people, and how she feels like she can make a difference with Theo. She tells him the story about Theo, Max and the toy dog, and Bo suddenly grips his forehead in pain. Chelsea asks what is wrong.

Lexie and Theo watch the ships and Lexie sings him a Christmas song about them coming in. She tells Theo how much she loves him, and Theo surprises her when he tells her he loves her, too. She gasps and hugs him, giving him a big kiss.

Kate starts to tell Chloe and Lucas why she thinks Daniel was so uncomfortable, but Chloe interrupts, saying it’s probably because hates having his picture made, just like she does. Kate nods, saying suspiciously that she knows Chloe hates attention. Chloe takes her coat and practically rushes out the door, telling Lucas that she wants to give him and his mom some time alone. She leaves. Lucas thinks she is acting strangely, too, and Kate thinks it’s obvious Chloe and Daniel don’t like each other. Outside, Chloe runs into Daniel on her way out.

Stephanie has some champagne as Phillip comes over to tell her and Brady the good news about Kate. She hugs him and congratulates him, and Phillip heads off to give Victor the good news. Brady asks Stephanie if she and Phillip are an item, but she claims they are just friends. Brady doesn’t think that will last long. Phillip gives Victor, who is across the room, the good news in regards to Kate, and Victor says he has more good news to share. Brady accepted his offer to take on the position of vice-CEO. He wants Phillip to make the announcement to the company right here and now.

Outside the pub, Melanie hugs Max and tells him he is the best brother ever. He warns her to be on her best behavior in front of his family, and she vows to mind her manners. She asks if Stephanie will be there, and when Max says she will be, Melanie wonders if it will be hard for him. Max shrugs, reminding Melanie he has seen Stephanie since the break-up. Melanie grins and tells him not to worry. She’ll be there with him to smooth things over.

Chelsea gets a message from Daniel about Kate and tells Bo and Hope that she can come home for Christmas. Chelsea claims she is hungry and feeling good for the first time in weeks. Hope asks her to be her official taste-tester and they head off to the kitchen.

Kate tells Lucas that she is sure Chloe and Daniel hate each other. Lucas wonders why that would be.

Chloe and Daniel’s intense staring contest is broken up by a nurse wanting to give Daniel the new surgery rotation. He holds up his hand, saying he will be out of commission until further notice, and she huffs off, grumping about having to do the schedule all over. Chloe apologizes to Daniel again, saying what happened was all her fault.

Phillip can’t believe Victor is springing this on him so suddenly. He thinks Victor is pulling his chain and reminding him who is the boss around here. Melanie comes in just then and eavesdrops. Victor suggests that this may be his way of watching Phillip’s back. Phillip isn’t so sure he wants to make the announcement, but Victor warns him that if he doesn’t, Brady wont be taking the position of vice-CEO, if Phillip understands his meaning. Phillip says he understands it all too well.

Chloe apologizes again and blushes. Daniel reminds her she has already apologized a couple of times, and says he has to go. He heads off and Chloe stares after him.

Phillip tells Victor that this is his announcement and suggests he make it himself. He huffs off. Brady heads over to Victor, asking if he told Phillip the truth about the position. Victor says that doesn’t change anything, but Brady disagrees. He goes off after Phillip. Melanie watches the drama unfold excitedly.

Lexie tells Theo that they should go home, as it is getting cold. Bo hangs Zach’s stocking at home and gets the flash again of the unconscious child and the nurse. Theo runs away from Lexie and over to the railing of the prier. Lexie runs after him, calling his name. Bo has another flash of Lexie screaming Theo’s name at the hospital. He gasps.


Daniel tells Chloe, “Hey, you don’t have to worry about it.” She replies, “But I do--and I can’t stop.”

Nicole tells John, “I need money-- a lot--and I can’t tell you why.”

Lexie shrieks at Bo, Hope and Abe, “I think he went off of the pier!”

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