Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/22/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/22/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Horton cabin, Daniel and Chloe stare at each other. Daniel reaches out for Chloe and kisses her. He leads her over to the bed and kisses her passionately. Chloe breaks up his fantasy and asks him what he is doing here and how he got in. Daniel comes back to real life, telling Chloe that he had a spare key. She wants him to go, as Lucas is going to be home soon, but he says he just needs to deliver something to her. She tells him to forget it and leave. She slams the door on his fingers. Daniel grimaces in pain.

At Titan, Brady comes in to see Victor. He asks why he called him here, and what the future of Titan has to do with him.

Nicole answers the door at the DiMera mansion and finds Dr. Baker on the stoop. He wants his money, but she says she doesn’t have it yet. A quarter of a million dollars is a lot. She promises him an answer tomorrow, but he says that isn’t good enough. He needs one tonight. Just then, EJ comes back from the kitchen, asking Nicole what Baker is doing here and if everything is alright. Nicole says it is, and that she asked Baker to come here because of EJ’s reservations. EJ says he is ok with her having Baker as her OB if she is comfortable with it. She says she is, and that Baker is great. He even makes house calls. She invites him in, and EJ asks her what she is trying to prove. Nicole just wants him to know that she is in good hands with Dr. Baker. She smiles at Baker for confirmation. He stares at EJ.

Daniel wraps a bandage around his finger as Chloe comes out from the bedroom, fully dressed. She apologizes for slamming the door on his finger and says that he just caught her off-guard. Daniel says it’s ok, but he won’t be doing any heart surgery soon. He struggles with the bandage and Chloe offers to help. As she wraps the bandage on his finger, they clasp hands and stare at one another.

Dr. Baker tells EJ that he doesn’t feel the need to defend himself or his practice. He came here to speak with Nicole privately. EJ wonders why and Nicole interrupts, assuring him that the baby is fine. She doesn’t want him to worry, as the doctor just came by to check her out. They’ll go upstairs and then he can come down and speak with EJ. EJ tells her to hurry, as her ice cream is melting, and she heads upstairs with Baker.

Chelsea and Max come to see Kate in her hospital room, and Chelsea tells her the story about Max’s toy dog, and him giving it to Theo instead of throwing it in the river. Max doesn’t think it was a big deal, but Chelsea does. Theo loves him, and he is very discriminatory about those kinds of things. Kate thinks Chelsea is, too. Chelsea changes the subject, asking if she needs anything, and Kate asks for ice chips. Max heads off to get them, and Kate practically pounces on Chelsea, asking what is going on with the two of them.

Victor tells Brady that nothing is wrong with the company; in fact they are thriving. He just wanted to discuss some business. Brady asks why Phillip isn’t here, and Victor explains that he wanted to speak to Brady privately. He wants him to come back to work for Titan.

Chloe backs away from Daniel quickly, and asks again why he is here. He says he just had to deliver the package to her from Kate, but Chloe doesn’t believe him. She thinks he came here to check up on her because she left the hospital without his permission. She huffs, saying that he isn’t her doctor anymore, and that she wants him to leave her alone. Daniel puts on his coat, yelling that he knows that and that he’s trying to leave her alone. Just then, Lucas walks in, asking what is going on. Chloe asks him what took so long, and he explains that the tow truck was two hours late. He asks Daniel why he is here, and if Kate is ok, and Daniel says she is fine. He came here for a different reason.

Chelsea says nothing is going on between her and Max; they just ran into each other at the pier. Kate reminds her that before she went into surgery, Chelsea was still hung up on Daniel, and now she has a wonderful rapport with Max. Did she miss the memo? Chelsea insists nothing is going on. They’ve been spending more time together lately, but it doesn’t mean anything. They’re just friends and keeping each other company. Kate thinks Chelsea protests too much.

Brady is surprised that Victor is offering him a job, and Victor reminds him he worked for him successfully before. Besides, he is now clean, and Victor knows he intends on remaining that way, so that’s all that matters. He is sure Brady’s experience will come in handy at Titan. Brady asks what job he is being offered, and Victor wants to make him vice-president. They can work out the salary and other details at a later date. Brady gapes.

In her room, Baker and Nicole argue about the money he wants. He thinks she should be able to get it easily, as the artwork alone in the home is worth millions. Nicole explains that she and EJ aren’t married or engaged. All she gets is an allowance, and that isn’t enough pay him. Baker shrugs, saying they have nothing further to discuss, then. Nicole begs him to have some compassion and reconsider. Doesn’t he care that she lost her baby, and that it breaks her heart every time she thinks of her baby girl, or sees another mother out with her daughter? Baker can give her the chance to have another child with EJ, and all he has to do is agree to help her. Baker says he is sorry, but she’s going to have to find someone else to go along with her charade. Nicole begs him to give her a little more time, but Baker says he has waited enough already. She lays it on thick, telling him that he is compassionate and good-hearted. She knows he will help her. He starts to leave, rolling his yes, but Nicole stops him, vowing to get him the money by the next day. He tells her that this little game of hers ends tomorrow, so she had better have the money. She thanks him profusely as EJ comes over. Nicole says she was just going to show Baker to the door, but EJ stops her, saying she looks upset. He asks her what’s wrong.

Brady is touched by the offer, but he isn’t sure Victor should trust him with such a high-power position. Victor says he didn’t make this decision lightly. He has been watching Brady, and he is impressed by how he has handled himself since he left rehab. Brady wonders what Phillip will say, but Victor assures him that Phillip knows what is best for the company. He offers to show Brady his new office, bur Brady says he doesn’t want to take this decision lightly either. He will think it over and let Victor know whether or not he will accept within a few days. He heads off.

Chelsea says she is just stating the truth. Max is a great guy, but they are just friends. Kate just wants her to be careful. Chelsea says she is, and again insists that she and Max are nothing more than good buddies. Kate says she believes her; she just doesn’t want to see her get hurt again. Max comes in with the ice chips and Kate thanks him, giving Chelsea a knowing look.

Daniel tells Lucas and Chloe that Kate had a gift for them to give them luck in their marriage. She wanted him to deliver it. He hands the box over and heads off, wishing them both a good night. He goes outside and sighs, shaking his head. Inside, Chloe wonders what the gift is. Lucas asks her what is going on between her and Daniel. She wouldn’t even look at him. Chloe shrugs. Lucas guesses that she doesn’t like Daniel. Chloe says that doesn’t matter. He is Lucas’ mother’s doctor, and she respects him for that reason alone. Lucas think things were awkward between them though, and presses Chloe to explain why. Chloe finally admits that Daniel was upset with her for not checking in with him before leaving the hospital. She thinks he is a real prima donna, and his insistence on being so controlling is creepy, in her opinion. She doesn’t want to talk about Daniel anymore and opens the box. She exclaims when she sees the necklace inside, and Lucas thought that’s what the present was. He explains to Chloe that his mother received it from his father on Christmas Eve many years ago. Chloe tells Lucas that it is beautiful, but she can’t accept it. They have to convince his mother to take it back.

Chelsea comes out of Kate’s room and thanks Max for coming. She says she has to go Christmas shopping, but he wants to have coffee. Chelsea isn’t so sure, but Max tries to cut a tragic figure, complaining that he will have to sit at the pub all alone. Chelsea agrees to one cup of coffee, but then she has to go. Max promises to make it lukewarm so she can chug it and leave. They head off together.

Dr. Baker tells EJ that everything is fine. Nicole jumps in, adding that she is just emotional. EJ asks how the checkup went, and Baker says he has nothing to worry about for now, but they’ll know tomorrow. He heads downstairs to let himself out. EJ wonders what Baker meant, and Nicole says she has to decide on whether or not Baker is going to be her OB-GYN. EJ thought that had already decided, but she thinks Baker needs to know he has EJ’s confidence. They kiss and Nicole admits she has a craving for a hamburger and fries. EJ agrees to go to the pub and get her a takeout order and leaves. Nicole heads back into her room and makes a phone call, saying that she needs the person’s help right away.

Max brings some latte’s over to a table at the pub. Chelsea thanks him as she finishes making her Christmas list. She thinks she forgot someone. Max jokingly says that she forgot him, and they share an awkward moment in which Chelsea thinks Max bought her something. Max doesn’t think exchanging gifts is a bad idea, but he is just thoughtless when it comes to that kind of stuff. Chelsea says she had really better go get shopping. Max thought they were having fun, and she didn’t even finish her coffee. What went wrong?

Chloe calls Kate and tells her she got the necklace. It’s gorgeous, but she can’t possibly accept it. Kate says that she must. She won’t possibly feel better if Chloe doesn’t take it, and besides, Chloe deserves it for saving her life. Chloe says she just wanted her around for the wedding, and Kate laughs. She tells Chloe that she has never wanted to give this necklace to any other woman Lucas married, but she does want Chloe to have it and wear it on her wedding day. Chloe tears up, telling Kate it would be an honor. They hang up and Chloe and Lucas hug.

Max thinks that Chelsea is acting strangely, and she admits that visiting Kate is the cause. She knows she is doing well now, but every time she visits her she gets worried. Max says he understands, and Chelsea chugs her latte in preparation to go shopping. Max notices some foam on her lip and wipes it off for her.

EJ has come in to the pub and waits at the bar for his order. Victor comes up behind him and greets him. EJ asks how things are going, but Victor wants to cut to the chase. He heard Nicole is carrying his child and has moved into the mansion. EJ nods. Victor offers some advice, telling EJ to throw the bitch out on her ass.

Brady shows up at the mansion and Nicole lays into him, telling him she left a message so he would call her back, not come over. What if EJ sees him? Brady asks if she has told EJ the truth about her pregnancy, but she says no. She called him because she needs a loan. Brady asks how much she needs and she says she needs a million bucks. Brady gapes.

Daniel comes to visit Kate and tells her that the package has been delivered, and she is doing better than they all hoped. Kate is glad and asks if she can go home for Christmas. Daniel isn’t sure yet, but promises to do all he can to make sure that happens. Kate thanks him again for taking the necklace to Chloe. It was very important to her that she give the two of them this gift to wish them luck on their impending marriage. She wasn’t too crazy about Chloe at first, but now she really believes that she and Lucas are going to make it as a couple. Daniel fidgets.

Lucas tells Chloe that he has never loved her more that he does right now. Chloe hopes he remembers that in the future when dinner is burning and the kids are yelling. He asks her how many kids she wants to have, and she wants as many as he thinks he can handle. Lucas says he can handle anything as long as she is by his side. They kiss.

Chelsea and Max share another awkward moment after he wipes the foam off her lip. She says she needs to go shopping, but stays to ask Max about his list. He says he hasn’t had time to thin about it, and she lays into him, asking if he will show up at the Christmas party empty-handed. Max says he will think of something and asks her to get off of his case. She tells him that that is what friends are for. He grins and thumps her on the shoulder, saying he is glad to have a friend like her.

EJ tells Victor not to speak about Nicole that way. Victor says he is just trying to warn EJ that Nicole is poison, and that she will ruin his life. EJ thinks he isn’t one to talk about Nicole. Their marriage was disastrous because he is old enough to be her grandfather. They clearly didn’t love each other. Victor accuses him of being naïve. EJ tells Victor that he and Nicole are deeply in love. Victor chuckles. If EJ thinks Nicole loves anyone except for herself, then he is a bigger fool than he thought.

Brady laughs, asking why Nicole needs that kind of money. She tells him about Baker, and he apologizes, saying he doesn’t have it. She thought he would because of Victor, but he explains that Victor doesn’t believe in trust-fund babies. Nicole gripes, saying she should have known as much about that old miser. She wouldn’t even be in this position if it weren’t for him. Brady thinks she should stop blaming Victor for all of her woes. Nicole agrees, saying it doesn’t help. She has to figure out some other plan to dig herself out of this situation. Brady groans.

Daniel tells Kate that he needs to let her get some rest and kisses her forehead. She notices his bandaged finger and asks what happened. Daniel tells her that he just slammed it in a door, and she chides him, telling him to be careful as he is a surgeon. He tells her it won’t end his career, but vows not to let something like that happen again.

Chloe and Lucas make love. She begins to fantasize about Daniel, but Lucas interrupts, asking what’s wrong. She says nothing is and kisses him.

Brady tells Nicole that he doesn’t have that kind of money, and it isn’t going to help her get a baby, anyway. She whines, saying she will be out of the house by Christmas without his help. Brady counsels her to tell EJ the truth, but Nicole doesn’t want to hear it and tells him to leave. After he does, she curses, saying he was her last hope. She notices a gold vase near the door and picks it up, lost in thought. She grabs the phone and calls Dr. Baker, telling him she was thinking about what he said about her living in a museum. She is willing to give him a substantial deposit if he continues to be her doctor for a few more days. Baker agrees, but says she better give him something substantial. She thinks he will be happy with what she has to offer.

EJ chuckles, reminding Victor that be believed a woman about eighty years his junior was in love with him, but he is the fool somehow. Victor says he knows Nicole didn’t love him and EJ admits that that was perceptive of him. He calls out for news on his burger, and Victor explains that he and Nicole had an arrangement. They both got what they wanted until she screwed it up. He thinks EJ needs to realize that the only thing Nicole loves more than herself is money. EJ thanks him for the heads-up and sarcastically admits that he is grateful for Victor’s help. Victor tells him not to come whimpering to him when he is heart-broken and bankrupt. He assures EJ that his relationship with Nicole is going to blow up in his face. He heads off. EJ smiles and shakes his head.


Hope tells Bo, “You had another one of those images, didn’t you? I think I know why this is happening to you.”

Lucas asks Chloe, “Come on, what’s going on here? Is there something you’re not telling me?”

Phillip tells Stephanie, “I want to talk to you about surprises and I have one that is going to blow you away.”

Melanie asks Max, “Do you think maybe we could go somewhere and celebrate Christmas like a normal family?”

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