Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/19/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/19/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Titan, Stephanie listens in as Victor accuses Phillip of thinking he is some doddering fool. Phillip grumps, saying he thought Victor trusted him to run the company, but he sees now that he just gets a kick out of seeing him fail. He says he is done with him and the company. He quits. Victor says that has always been his MO--to pack it in when things don’t go his way. Victor thought he could run the company, but he has been proved wrong by Phillip’s reckless decision-making. He sees now that he will have to make new arrangements as to how the company is run.

Melanie comes up behind Stephanie, and she asks if Melanie is following her. Melanie says she is actually trying to avoid Stephanie, but she’s like that bad penny that keeps turning up. Stephanie asks if she even has a semblance of a conscience. Phillip tried his best to help her, and she turned her back on him. Melanie grins, “‘Tis the season, bitch.” Stephanie throws her purse on the ground and glares.

Daniel comes into Chloe’s room at the hospital, but learns from the nurse that her fiancé took her home. Daniel thinks the attending physician must have released her while he was in surgery. Suddenly, Daniel flashes back to nearly kissing Chloe during her exam. He sighs.

At the Horton cabin, Lucas comes out of the shower and tells Chloe their new house should be finished soon, and then they can leave. Chloe says she doesn’t mind the place, and will actually miss it. They kiss, but Lucas says he has to stop, as he has a meeting with some investors from Kate’s company. He promises to be back soon and take Chloe to see some Christmas lights. They kiss again, and Chloe flashes back to her near-kiss with Daniel. Lucas heads off to get ready as Chloe stares off into space.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ greets Nicole at her bedroom door with a single red rose. He explains that he is tired of sleeping in separate bedrooms and that he wants to hold her all night long. Nicole thanks him for being so sweet, but says they can’t. EJ tries to persuade her, saying he can be patient and wait for intimacy, but Nicole still refuses.

At the loft, Sami listens in glee as Rafe persuades his superior to allow him to stay with her through the holidays. She shuts the bathroom door as he finishes his call, and collapses. Rafe hear the crash and rushes in to the bathroom, calling her name.

Nicole tells EJ that he can’t come in here and expect her to fall at his feet when she can’t even tell how committed he is to her and her baby. EJ says that this had better not be about that trust fund. That money is put away for their child in the future, and Nicole is taken care of in the meantime. She doesn’t need any money. Nicole practically stomps, saying she won’t be sharing her bed until they resolve this issue.

Sami sits on the couch as Rafe hovers nearby, saying he is going to call the doctor. Sami refuses, but doubles over in pain, telling Rafe she thinks it’s the baby.

Lucas kisses Chloe goodbye and starts to head off, running into Maggie on the way out. He thanks her for taking Allie, and she says she’s excited to make cookies for Alice’s Christmas party with her and Ciara. Lucas leaves and Maggie heads in to speak with Chloe, saying she hopes her and Kate are both doing well. Chloe says they are so far, and just hopes Kate’s cancer goes into remission. Maggie praises her for her sacrifice and compliments her on the decorations in the cabin. Being here brings back so many memories for her. She thinks it’s easy to forget about the world when you’re here and just concentrate on the person you love. Chloe agrees, albeit uncomfortably.

Daniel comes into Kate’s room at the hospital to wish her goodnight. He asks how she is feeling. She says she isn’t quite ready to deck the halls, but she is getting there. Daniel is glad, as he wants her to be well for Christmas. Kate says she is excited about the holidays this year. She wants to spend them with people she cares about--her kids and him.

Phillip tells Victor to proceed without him; he doesn’t care. Victor says he wishes he didn’t have to, but the decisions Phillip made are bad for business. He passed on a project that could mean millions for the company. Phillip says he is sorry, but he can’t deal with Melanie. She’s a liar, and a dishonorable person, and Victor would see that if he were a decent judge of character. Victor thinks it’s shame that Phillip is willing to sacrifice his job and even the whole company just because some woman got under his skin.

Stephanie tells Melanie to get out. Phillip fired her, and she doesn’t belong here. Melanie says she is pretty sure Victor doesn’t want her going anywhere, so Stephanie needs to step in line and show her some respect. Stephanie asks her what happens if she doesn’t. Melanie grins, saying she already managed to oust her from her brother’s life. It won’t take her long to do the same with Phillip.

EJ sighs, telling Nicole he doesn’t understand what kind of resolution she is looking for. He is providing for her, and set up a trust fund for heir baby. That’s all he can do. Nicole says she is tried of being treated like some baby’s momma. EJ says he can’t deal with her right now and heads off to sleep alone. Nicole throws the rose on the ground and sobs.

Rafe talks with the doctor over the phone and asks Sami if the baby is moving. She says it is and takes Rafe’s hand, placing it on her belly. He feels the baby kicking, too and tell the doctor it seems one to him. He hangs up and tells Sami that the doctor think her cramping is stress-related, since she isn’t bleeding or in intense pain. Rafe blames himself, saying him getting stabbed and being seen by the killer isn’t helping Sami. He needs to face the fact that he has to resign. Sami refuses to let him.

Phillip says he can’t stand Melanie, and he scrapped the project because she is bad news. Victor reminds him that women have always clouded his judgment. They can start with that trollop Chloe Lane and go from there. Phillip says now that he doesn’t work for Victor, he doesn’t have to listen to him anymore, either. He storms off.

Stephanie thought this was the time of year for goodwill, and Melanie says she has some to burn. That is why she is working so hard to get Nick’s project off the ground. It will benefit millions of people. Stephanie thinks it will benefit her, which is all Melanie is interested in, anyway. Phillip comes out just then, saying he thought Stephanie was at the pub. She says she came here when she heard what Melanie had done. Melanie smirks, saying she just ran into Victor and he expressed interest in her project. Phillip tells her to save it for someone who cares and heads off with Stephanie. Melanie sulks. Victor comes out of the office, asking for a word with her and she heads in.

Rafe tells Sami that this isn’t her call, but she explains she overheard him speaking with his supervisor. She knows that him leaving could put her in even more danger. Rafe chides her for spying on him, but tells her he was being sentimental before when he offered to stick it out. He felt badly that she would be all alone for Christmas, and wanted to be with her, but he sees now that that was clouding his judgment. He says he has to do what is best for her and the baby, and says he has a friend that can watch her. Sami says she doesn’t want his friend. She wants him.

Nicole’s phone rings. She sees it’s Dr. Baker, but says to herself that she can’t deal with him right now. She doesn’t have his money or a baby, but she does sort-of have EJ, and that is worth more than all the money in the world. She sighs, saying she now knows what she has to do.

Downstairs, EJ sips some coffee by the fire and wonders aloud what is wrong with Nicole. She comes in just then, saying she is ready to tell him what is going on. She fears that if he gets too close to her, he’ll learn the truth and she will lose him for good.

Chloe agrees with Maggie that she has a lot of wonderful memories because of this place. This was where she found herself again after all of the things that happened with Brady and then Phillip. Lucas was a huge part of her being able to do that. Maggie knows that Chloe makes Lucas very happy, and Chloe is glad, as that is all she wants. Maggie has one question though--does Lucas make her happy? Doe she really want to spend the rest of her life with him?

Daniel thought he and Kate could watch a movie since she is already awake, but she has a favor to ask of him. She hands him a box and Daniel opens it, excitedly thanking Kate for buying him such a lovely necklace. She punches him on the arm, telling him it’s for Chloe. She wants him to take it by the Horton cabin, as it’s very important Chloe get it.

Sami tells Rafe that she only wants him taking care of her, and he reminds her that she thought he was an arrogant jerk not so long ago. She reminds him that he also thought she was a spoiled brat. She thinks they were both right, and he is the only guy that can keep her in line. Rafe caves and agrees to stay for now, but warns Sami he will have to leave eventually. She hopes the killer is caught by then, and then they can both go. Suddenly, Sami gets light-headed and dizzy and sits down. She tells Rafe how she feels, and he vows to take care of her.

Nicole tells EJ that the baby and her hormones are driving her crazy, and she fears she will end up driving him away. She has had a checkered history with men, and she isn’t used to someone treating her well. EJ hugs her, telling her that she is the first woman that has made him sorry when he’s away from her, and overjoyed every time she is around. He hugs her tenderly and touches her belly. EJ backs off quickly, saying it feels different. Nicole sweats.

Daniel thinks Kate ought to give the necklace to Chloe in person, but she explains that Chloe need it by Christmas Eve. Lucas’ father, Bill, gave it to her on that date, and she always intended to give it to Lucas’ wife on the same day. Unfortunately, the right woman hasn’t come along until now. Daniel thinks he ought to call before heads up to the cabin, but Kate tells him not to bother. Lucas has taken Chloe to see Christmas lights, and there is a spare key. She wants Daniel to just slip in and stick it under the tree.

Chloe asks Maggie if that has anything to do with the conversation they had a few weeks ago. Maggie says no. Back then, Chloe insists she wasn’t on the rebound, and Maggie believed her. She still does. Chloe thanks her, and insists that she loves Lucas. He is the best man she knows, and is the right person for her. She thanks Maggie for being so concerned about her and her future husband. Maggie smiles and says she had better get Allie. They have a ton of cookies to make.

Phillip fumes about Victor looking over his shoulder and making demands. Stephanie reminds him that he always told her not to let emotion affect one’s decisions in business, and he allowed that to happen twice today. Phillip guesses he shouldn’t have nixed the project so quickly, and Stephanie agrees. She says she can handle Melanie, but Phillip isn’t sure he can. Stephanie urges him to go to Victor and get his job back. Victor never would have handed over control of the company if he didn’t trust Philip and know he’d do a good job. Phillip agrees, but knows Victor will find some way to punish him.

Victor tells Melanie that Titan wants to pick up the option on her fuel project. As the majority shareholder, Victor will make sure she is happy .Melanie thanks him, and says she’d be happy to work with Phillip on this. Victor says he isn’t a part of the company any more and hopes that doesn’t affect their deal. Melanie says it does, actually.

Lucas calls Chloe from a payphone and tells her his car broke down on the way home from the meeting. She asks if she can do anything, but he says he is just waiting on a tow truck. He says he will be home when he can and they hang up. Chloe heads off to the bedroom, saying she’s going to let Lucas unwrap one of his presents early. Daniel coems up outside just then and hunts around for the spare key.

Victor tells Melanie that Phillip is just one man in the company, and his being gone won’t affect their deal. Just then, Phillip calls his phone, and Victor asks Melanie if he can take it in private. She heads off, telling him they’ll speak soon. She eavesdrops as Victor answers. Phillip tells him that he is sorry for acting insolently and disrespectfully earlier. He had no right to do that, and he wants his job back. Victor says he will let him have it, but he can’t let his objectivity become clouded again. Phillip agrees, but says he wants carte blanche to run the company as he sees fit. He doesn’t want Victor interfering anymore.

EJ tells Nicole that he can’t believe how big the baby is getting. She admits that she has been eating like a pig lately, and he assures her that she looks beautiful. He asks her to reconsider them sleeping together, but Nicole thinks she should listen to Dr. Baker’s advice. She needs her sleep, and besides, she has been getting night sweats lately, and she feels gross. She kisses EJ, assuring him they will have plenty of time to share a bed in the future.

Sami tells Rafe that she is just glad that the baby is ok. She can’t help but think about EJ. She wonders if she has a right to keep this baby a secret and she wonders if she can really keep it a secret forever. Rafe says it sounds like she is changing her mind about what to do about the baby.

Victor makes a call and tells someone he needs to speak with them about the future of Titan.

Phillip heads into the pub and tells Stephanie he got his job back. She hugs him and he tells her he and his father still have some issues to work out. She thinks things will get better when Phillip stops being such a hothead. He thinks she’s right and she notices they’re standing under some mistletoe. Phillip moves in for a kiss. Melanie sees them kissing from outside and huffs, saying Stephanie is going to be the ghost of Christmas past soon enough.

Lucas paces around the pier, wondering where the tow truck driver is.

Daniel fumbles around with the key in the lock. Chloe hears him and heads out in a red nightie. She flings the door open, saying she hopes Lucas is ready to celebrate early. She and Daniel gape at one another.

Sami tells Rafe that she hasn’t changed her mind. Because of who EJ and his father are, he can never know the truth about her baby. Rafe asks if that makes her sad.

Nicole backs off of EJ, telling him that they need to cool off. He heads off for ice cream and Nicole tells herself that the saleslady wasn’t kidding about the belly being realistic. Just then, the bell rings and Nicole heads off to answer it. It’s Dr. Baker, who wants to know where his money is. Nicole says he has asked for a lot, and she needs some time. EJ asks who is at the door, and Nicole tells Baker she will have to call him tomorrow. Baker says he needs an answer now.


Kate asks Chelsea, “Now that it’s just you and me, what is up with you and Max?”

Nicole tells Baker, “I deserve to be a mother!” He replies, “You’ll have to find someone else to play this charade with you.”

Chloe yells at Daniel, “Leave me alone!” He yells back, “I’m trying to leave you alone!” Lucas walks in, “What’s going on in here?”

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