Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/18/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/18/08


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At Titan, Melanie reminds Phillip how much money this fuel project could make him as Stephanie looks on. Phillip tells her he doesn’t care. She’s a traitor, and he doesn’t employ traitors. He tells her to clean out her desk. Melanie pouts, saying she isn’t a traitor. Phillip reminds her that she threatened to take the project to the competition and tells her she’s fired. Stephanie grins.

At the hospital, John makes another appointment with Charlotte in the reception area she shares with Marlena. He wishes her a happy holidays and hopes she has someone special to spend them with. Charlotte avoids the question, saying it’s nice of him to think of her. She heads back in her office as Marlena comes out of hers. She asks John if everything is alright. He tells her that he needs her help.

At the loft, Sami finishes wrapping the twins’ gifts and places them under the tree. Rafe comes out of the bathroom and tells her he has been doing some thinking. His identity has been compromised, so he can’t leave the loft without the danger of being followed back here by the killer. Sami asks if that means he is stuck in here with her through Christmas. Rafe says it actually means it’s time that she got a new guard.

At the clinic, Nicole and Dr. Baker argue over the 750,000 dollars he has asked for. Nicole wants to work out a payment plan of some sort, but Baker isn’t interested and starts to head off. Nicole chases him out into the hallway, begging him to consider another option. Just then, EJ walks up, asking what she is doing here. Nicole says she had an appointment, and EJ asks Baker if he is Nicole’s new obstetrician. Baker stares at Nicole, saying no decision has been made yet. Nicole sweats. EJ pulls Nicole aside and asks why she dumped Daniel, who is a world-renowned physician, so that she could see this doctor in a tiny clinic in the middle of nowhere. Baker tells them he has other patients to see and asks Nicole to let him know what her decision is. He heads off. Nicole asks how EJ knew she stopped seeing Daniel and how he knew she was here. EJ tells her not to turn this around on him. He wants to know why the hell she is here, and he wants to know now.

John grabs Marlena’s arm and pulls her aside, asking her how much she knows about Charlotte and her family. Marlena starts to explains she was just a student of her father’s and wonders why John wants to know. He tells her to stop answering questions with questions and Marlena admits she doesn’t know her well. John says he doesn’t either. He goes on and on about himself in their sessions, but Charlotte clams up when he asks her about her personal life. It’s driving him crazy. Marlena smiles, saying she remembers a time when John said the same things about her.

Sami goes off on Rafe, saying that she doesn’t want to hear this is for her own good. Rafe tries to say it is, but Sami whirls on him angrily, reminding him that he said there was a leak in his department. If he sends another agent, how are they to know if they are in league with the killer or not? Rafe swears he would never let that happen. He would make sure whoever they sent was trustworthy. Sami chokes back tears, telling Rafe that she is happy about this, since change is good for people. He asks if she is really ok with it, and Sami says she is. She cries and tells him that people leave her all the time--her son, Lucas, Brandon--even EJ. She’s used to it. Rafe groans, asking why it always comes back to EJ.

Nicole whines, saying she can’t talk to EJ when he is being mean to her. He still doesn’t understand why she chose not to have Daniel as a doctor, and she explains that he is Victor’s godson. EJ reminds her there are many other doctors at the hospital, and that she didn’t have to come out here. Nicole sighs, saying she isn’t comfortable at the hospital. The first time Kayla examined her, she told her that EJ was a bad person and would hurt her and her baby. EJ fumes. Nicole explains that the hospital is run by Hortons and Bradys. She isn’t comfortable there because they all hate the father of her baby. That’s why she came back to the clinic. She says she would have told him before, but she knew it would upset him. EJ says that what upsets him is the fact that she is sneaking around behind his back and then defends herself by telling him he’s hated by everyone. Nicole says she understands now what everyone was trying to tell her, just by the way he is speaking to her. He’s a DiMera and DiMeras should be feared.

Melanie cleans out her desk as Phillip and Stephanie head into Phillip’s office. Melanie dumps the candy dish in her purse and starts to head off, but gets an idea. She makes a phone call and asks for Mr. Kiriakis. When she learns where he is, she claims to be Chelsea, and says she will see ‘grandpa’ later. Melanie grins and practically skips out the door.

John asks Marlena why Charlotte keeps freezing him out, and she suggests she may be fearful of transference. Many patients become too empathetic towards their doctors when too much personal information is exchanged. John groans, saying he is tired of hearing the psychobabble. She asks if he is going to continue therapy and he asks her if she wants him to quit. She say she doesn’t, of course, and wonders why he would even ask her that. John thinks Charlotte might leave Marlena a little cold, too.

EJ tells Nicole that she shouldn’t be afraid, but he is being accusatory because she is sneaking around behind his back and keeping him in the dark. He’s worried about the health of their child. Nicole apologizes, saying she knows she was wrong, an she just isn’t used to being open and honest with someone. She explains that she came back to see baker because he saved their baby’s life. EJ thinks anyone could have done that, but Nicole says he wasn’t here. She was terrified she was going to lose everything. She adds that she doesn’t plan on having the baby in this dump. Dr. Baker is certified to work at other hospitals, but chooses to work here to help out people that are less-privileged. EJ accepts this and tells her that he just wants her to be comfortable. She thanks him and hugs him, promising him that everything is going to be alright.

Stephanie and Phillip staple papers and talk about Melanie. Stephanie jokingly asks Phillip if he will miss her, and Phillip wonders what there is to miss. She hardly did any work, and her voice was grating. Phillip leans in, adding that she was always around to interrupt them. Stephanie admits that is true. It seems like every time they got close to kissing, Melanie would be there. Phillip smiles, saying having Melanie gone is a good thing.

Marlena tells John that she feels Charlotte is a competent physician, and she wants him to stay in therapy. John sighs and agrees, guessing there are worse things in life than talking about yourself for forty minutes every week. Marlena thanks him and adds that she will be alone for Christmas. Eric is in Colorado, Sami is God-knows-where, and Will has decided to stay in Switzerland. Since the twins will be with their fathers, she was hoping she and John could spend the holiday together.

Sami lays into Rafe, saying she is tired of him acting like she is obsessed with EJ. She just brought him up because she was talking about the people in her life that she has managed to drive away. Rafe says he is just upset because he doesn’t want his guarding her to go to waste. He worries about her safety after he has to leave. Sami promises to try to stay out of trouble, and Rafe thanks her. He takes the gift she finished wrapping over to the tree and finds a small box underneath. He picks it up and asks Sami what it is.

Nicole apologizes for being so dramatic and blames it on the hormones. EJ apologizes also for being so grumpy. She says he made her feel like some errant child by tracking her down, kind of like how his father made her feel when he demanded she see the obstetrician he picked out. EJ assures her that he put Stefano on notice, and that she won’t have any problems when it comes to him. Nicole worries that Stefano may overstep his bounds again and reminds EJ that she doesn’t have a ring or anything to secure her future with EJ. She needs to know that her child will b taken care of. She sighs, saying she hopes she doesn’t sound needy or pitiful. EJ says she doesn’t, and assures her that he will take care of their baby.

Stephanie tells Phillip that she thinks they will get more work done now that Melanie is gone. Just then, the lights go out. Stephanie frets, but Phillip tells her it’s just part of Titan’s new efforts to be more ‘green.’ The lights turn off automatically at eight. Stephanie says he didn’t realize it was so late and starts to head off, but Phillip stops her, telling her they have done enough work for the day. He moves in for a kiss.

At the pub, Melanie talks to Caroline as Victor stands nearby, chatting on his cell phone. Melanie says she has been trying to work up the courage to come apologize to Caroline. If she had told the truth about what happened with her father that night in the cemetery, Caroline never would have been accused of his murder. Caroline tells her it’s ok. She lost her father, and she knows that Melanie had to put up with a lot from Trent when he was alive. She thinks Melanie is the one that paid the price, not her. Melanie thanks her for forgiving her as Victor walks over. Melanie introduces herself, and Victor says he had heard Phillip hired her. Melanie says he did, but he actually just fired her today. Victor asks what happened, and Melanie says she was going to make his company millions of dollars, but she guesses they don’t need it since they are already loaded. Victor checks his watch, saying he was going to go visit Phillip’s mother, but since visiting hours aren’t over for a while, he wants to sit down with Melanie and hear about her idea to make them millions. They head off to a table together.

John tells Marlena he will have to check with Charlotte to make sure it’s ok he spends the holiday with Marlena. He wouldn’t want to set back his therapy. He tells Marlena to have a good day and heads off.

Nicole tells EJ his word doesn’t mean much without actions to back it up. She worries about her child’s future because of her own past. EJ says he understands and tells her he ought to tell her something. To ensure their child has a bright future, EJ has set up a trust fund for him or her in the amount of a million dollars. Nicole’s eyes light up and she throws her arms around his neck, thanking him profusely.

Phillip and Stephanie make out. Stephanie says she never knew this ‘green’ plan could be so much fun. Phillip agrees and dives in for more. Just then, Victor walks in and turns on the lights. The two back away form each other and Victor apologizes for interrupting. He asks for a moment alone with his son and Stephanie heads off. Phillip calls after her to meet him at the pub and asks Victor what’s going on. Victor says he would like to know the same thing.

Marlena is on her way out and runs into Charlotte, who is looking for something on the receptionist’s desk. Marlena asks if she can help her, but Charlotte says she has already done too much. Marlena stops to head off, but Charlotte stops her. She tells her how nice it is to work with her and how much her father admired Marlena. Marlena thinks she must miss him and Charlotte admits that she does. She is having trouble working through her grief, and she has a desire to make things right, but maybe she is just looking for her dad’s approval. Marlena asks what her wish is, and Charlotte admits that she wants to bring John and Marlena back to each other.

Rafe sees that the present is from Santa and for him. He smiles and Sami says it’s too bad he won’t be here for Christmas to open it himself. She thinks she’ll just give it to the next person that guards her. Rafe thinks that would be a shame and Sami asks about his stitches. He needs to get them looked at anyway, and he can do that when he goes home for Christmas. Sami asks if he has family here, and he says he doesn’t. He adds that he had sixty-odd vacation days saved up. Sami applauds his dedication not to get that many days and heads off to bed.

Nicole thanks EJ for trusting her enough to give her a blank check, and EJ says he doesn’t think trust means what she thinks it means. It means she can’t touch the money at all, at least for a while. Nicole back off of him quickly, pouting and saying that he doesn’t trust her, then. EJ thinks that she is the one hat doesn’t trust him. He asks if it is his family name. Nicole tells EJ that it’s true. She doesn’t trust him at all.

John comes back to the office and greets Charlotte, asking her if he should spend the holidays alone or with family. She thinks he should do what is most comfortable. He admits that he and Marlena were talking about her earlier, and he thinks Marlena is put off by her. Charlotte assures him that she doesn’t want to come between him and Marlena. In fact, her goal is for them to reconcile. It’s actually their goal--hers and his.

Stephanie enjoys a bowl of chicken soup and chats with Caroline about how they write books about the stuff, it’s so good. Just then, Melanie comes over, and Stephanie groans, telling Caroline that speaking of souls, here comes someone without one. Caroline chuckles as Melanie asks Stephanie if she is eating alone. She says Phillip is on his way, and Melanie tells her it will take a while. Stephanie doesn’t get it and Melanie tells her to figure it out. Stephanie gapes, asking if she went to Victor and complained about being fired. Melanie says she did, of course. Stephanie thinks she has some nerve. Melanie agrees.

Phillip says he made the right decision, but Victor reminds him he turned down a lucrative project. Phillip says he’s using his head instead of operating based on greed. Melanie is a conniving bitch, and he won’t deal with her. Victor thinks he is making this personal, which is not what he taught him. Philip says Victor doesn’t understand. Having Melanie attached to the project just makes it problematic. Victor lays into him for hiring Melanie and firing her immediately. It makes him and the company look bad. Phillip says that it’s simple--either Victor trusts him to run the company, or he doesn’t.

Sami comes out of the bathroom and overhears Rafe speaking with his supervisor. He explains that Hilda should take the holidays off. He doesn’t think its safe for him to leave, since the killer could track him down and that would put the witness at risk. Sami beams.

EJ asks Nicole if she would trust him if he took the money out of trust. Nicole thinks it would be a step towards showing that he knows she’ll do what’s right for the baby. EJ suggests giving her an allowance instead. Nicole pouts, saying she is a person, not an incubator for his kid. Baker comes back by, asking if they have come to a decision. EJ says Nicole wants him to be her obstetrician. He heads off. Nicole tells him she’ll make her next appointment, and Baker tells her to make it soon.

Stephanie asks Melanie what she hopes to gain by stabbing Phillip in the back. Melanie says she was just telling the truth, but Stephanie doesn’t think she’s going to win by going to Phillip’s dad instead of competitors. She doesn’t think Victor will choose money over his own son. Melanie isn’t so sure. After all, money makes the world go round.

Phillip thought Victor could trust him to run the company. He accuses Victor of still wanting control. Victor says that isn’t it, and Phillip shouldn’t pretend that he is some doddering fool. He would trust Phillip to run the company if he used his head. Phillip says he wanted to make Victor proud. He thought this was the right job for him, but now he sees that Victor just wanted him to fail the whole time. Phillip thinks he gets a perverse pleasure out of seeing him struggle. Victor asks if he is done, and Phillip says he is--with him and the job. He says he quits and storms off.

Sami closes the bathroom door as Rafe finishes his phone call. She collapses on the bathroom floor. Rafe hears the crash and hobbles over to the door, calling her name.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole puts on a bathrobe as EJ knocks at her door. He apologizes if he hasn’t been clear, but she and the baby mean the world to him. He hands her a rose, telling her that he is fed up with them sleeping in different bedrooms. He wants to hold her all night long. Nicole grips her fake stomach and sweats.


Chloe opens the door in a skimpy nighty-- “I hope you’re ready to unwrap your--” Daniel gapes.

Stephanie tells Melanie, “Phillip tried to help you and all you did was turn your back on him.” Melanie grins, “‘Tis the season, bitch.”

Nicole tells EJ, “Okay, I am not sharing my bed or my life with you--not until this issue is resolved.”

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