Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/17/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/17/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Phillip asks Melanie what news she has that’s going to change things between them. Stephanie hopes she got a bus ticket to Canada. Melanie glares, saying she just came from visiting Nick in jail, and he’s been productive. He fixed all the kinks in his energy project. Phillip doesn’t see that as news-worthy. It isn’t as if Nick can collect on the project and enjoy the money from jail. Melanie agrees, saying Nick signed the entire project over to her. She says Phillip would be a fool to ignore her now.

At his house, Bo talks to Hope over the phone, assuring her that Ciara went down for a nap and that he’s fine. She argues with him, and he reminds her he just bumped his head. He hangs up and glances over at the tree, catching sight of Theo’s present. He hears Theo screaming, but thinks it’s Ciara and bolts upstairs.

Chelsea walks with Theo near the docks, telling him the tree this year is even bigger than the one last year. She catches sight of Max standing near the water. He has the box his father left him in his hands and he’s lost in thought. Chelsea asks him if anything is wrong.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano talks to Dr. Heisman, telling him that he knows he canceled initially, but he has changed his mind. He wants the doctor to be the primary obstetrician for the mother of his heir. EJ comes in just then, overhearing the last. He demands that Stefano hang up the phone.

Nicole runs into Daniel at the hospital. He asks if she is here for a check-up, but she says she came to visit Chloe. Daniel explains that she will tied up with tests for a little while, and Nicole offers to come back. Daniel reminds her she has missed her last two prenatal appointments and asks why. Nicole says she just forgot, since she didn’t write them down. Daniel says he has time now, and wants to go ahead and examine Nicole. She sweats. She finally says she has to get Pookie to the groomers soon, so she would rather reschedule. Daniel thinks something else is going on. She knows how important these appointments are, so why is she acting so edgy and nervous? He demands to know what is wrong. Nicole says everything is.

Stephanie says that Nick would never do that. Melanie says he did, but Phillip doesn’t buy it, either. He reminds Melanie that Nick would need a lawyer to draw up the papers, and Mickey would never go along with this. Melanie says it’s funny, but it turns out that Mickey isn’t the only lawyer in Salem. Nick hired a new guy, and he has already drawn up the papers. They’re signed and sealed and she owns the right to the energy project. She thinks it’s exciting news that Nick’s project is finally paying off, but Stephanie isn’t excited that she is reaping the benefits. Melanie chides her, saying that’s no way to speak to her superior. Stephanie gapes. Melanie barrels on, saying she will have a big say in what goes on at Titan now that she is the sole owner of the project. She tells Phillip she wants a corner office and two assistants. She also thinks they should 86 the internship program. Stephanie insists Phillip do or say something. He leans back in his chair, clearly amused, as Melanie tells him he is stuck with her. Phillip chuckles, saying he doesn’t get stuck with anyone. As of right now, she is out on her ass.

Abe comes over to Bo’s house, saying he doesn’t like keeping secrets from Hope. Bo says it’s not a big deal, and that he just feels cooped up from having to sit at home when all that’s wrong with him is a little bump. Abe can tell something else is going on with Bo and asks what it is.

Stefano apologizes to Heisman, saying he son was talking to someone else. EJ marches over and hangs up the phone himself. Stefano stands up in a rage and flings the phone across the room ,telling EJ that he owns this house and this phone, and he will speak to whomever he wishes. EJ accuses him of being a control freak and a bully, and reminds him that he and Nicole have decided they don’t want to see his doctor. Stefano calls EJ a damned fool, saying that Heisman is the best. Doesn’t he want the best for his child? EJ says he does, but he also trusts Nicole to do what is best. Stefano is not the one having the baby, Nicole is, so he needs to mind his own business. If he wants to be a part of this child’s life, he has to back off.

Nicole tells Daniel that she isn’t really comfortable seeing him since he is Victor’s godson. She views that as a conflict of interest. Daniel says he can recommend some other doctors, but Nicole says she has already found one. She had a scare a couple of weeks ago, and he saved her baby’s life. Daniel asks his name so he can send her records over, but Nicole says she has to see him later anyway, so she will take the records to him herself. Daniel heads off to get them for her and she thanks him.

Melanie tells Phillip that she’d be more than happy to take the project to another company and let them benefit from the profits. She starts to leave, but Phillip stops her, asking how she manipulated Nick into signing the whole thing over to her. Stephanie thinks she probably laid it on thick with Nick, telling him she couldn’t wait for him to get out of jail so they could be together. Melanie says that isn’t true at all. Nick has already had the papers drawn up and made the decision before she even got there. They can ask him if they don’t believe her. Phillip says he intends on going to see Nick right now. He is going to expose Melanie as the liar she is, and get Nick to change his mind. He stomps off.

Chelsea tells Max she didn’t expect to see him here, and explains that she and Theo are going to Salem Place to see the tree lighting. She asks what Max is doing here with the box Trent left. She thought he had made peace with his father’s memory. Max says he thought he did, but he is thinking about throwing the whole thing in the water because it reminds him of Trent. He hopes Chelsea doesn’t give him a lecture about it. Chelsea says she isn’t one to pass judgment on Max. If he needs to get rid of the box to have peace of mind, she thinks he should do that.

Bo tells Abe that he is hesitant to tell him what is going on. Abe will think he’s crazy. Abe promises not to think so and asks Bo to explain. Bo tells him about looking at the tree earlier and hearing a kid screaming. He thought it was Ciara, but she was sound asleep. Abe suggests it might have been the TV, but Bo says it hasn’t been on all day. The worrisome part is that the kid yelling sounded like they were in danger--like their life was at stake.

Back at Titan, Melanie tells Stephanie about the improvements she wants made to the office, and tells Stephanie to get her a temporary assistant. Stephanie ignores her and starts stapling papers. Melanie thinks she should be writing this down, but Stephanie doesn’t see the point, as it will all be over for Melanie in a blink of an eye, and she’ll be back on the streets looking for the next guy she can seduce and manipulate. Melanie doesn’t think she has room to talk since she was making out with her boss. Stephanie says it wasn’t like that at all. Melanie ignores her, saying Phillip is too smart to fall for her act. Stephanie agrees that Phillip is smart. He’s also cute and successful, and that explains why Melanie is so jealous that they get along.

Phillip comes to see Nick, and he assumes Phillip is here about Melanie and the fuel project. Phillip agrees, saying signing over the rights to her was a big mistake. With her involved, the project may never even get off the ground. Phillip thinks he ought to consider signing the rights over to his family, or even a worthy charity, but he doesn’t owe Melanie anything. Nick disagrees, saying that this was the right thing to do. Phillip grumbles, saying she’s nothing but a succubus. Nick says many people will benefit from his project, not just Melanie. Phillip thinks no one will benefit with her at the helm. All she has done is use Nick, and he is too smart for that. He can’t let his obsession with Melanie ruin everyone else’s lives.

Nicole waits in a room at the clinic. Dr. Baker comes in, surprised to see her. She hands him her medical records, and he asks what he is supposed to do with them. Nicole wants him to pretend to be her obstetrician, but Baker refuses. He has already compromised his ethics by lying to the father of her baby, and he refuses to keep lying. Nicole reminds him that she offered to help him out with his alimony payments and child support, but Baker says she never followed through. Nicole says that is why she is back today. Baker shakes his head, saying he doesn’t want to lie to other doctors by pretending to be hers. Nicole says she is willing to sweeten the pot if he agrees.

Stefano tells EJ that he appreciates his assertiveness, and that he trusts him to raise his grandchild. He promises EJ to try to stay out of his affairs. He doesn’t know if he will succeed, but he will try. He and EJ hug.

Nick tells Phillip that he knows what he is doing. He is off the drugs, and his head is clear. He did this because he owes it to Melanie. Phillip doesn’t think Nick owes her anything. He owned up to what he did, and now he is facing the consequences. Nick says he should have told the truth the night he killed Trent. Instead, he let other people take the blame so he could get closer to Melanie. He tells Phillip he may as well leave, because there is nothing he can say to get him to change his mind about signing the project over to Melanie.

Melanie says she has nothing to be jealous of. She suggests Stephanie wake up and figure out the truth about Phillip before she makes more of an ass out of herself. Stephanie can’t believe how jealous of her Melanie is. She guesses it’s because Phillip cares about her as a person, and doesn’t give a damn about Melanie. Melanie doesn’t think Stephanie would be saying that if she knew about the night she and Phillip spent together in her bedroom. She had been accused of her dad’s murder, and he was there to comfort her. She will never forget it. Stephanie accuses her of lying, but Melanie says she would never lie about anything so important. She giggles and walks off. Stephanie glares.

Abe asks Bo if he has heard the scream before. Bo admits he did, once, after he came home from the hospital .Hope was in the kitchen, and she didn’t hear anything. He admits that he didn’t confide in her, and that Abe is the first person he has told. He asks if Abe thinks he is losing his mind. Abe says no, but he thinks Bo needs to go back to the hospital. Maybe when he fell, he got more than just a concussion.

EJ finds Daniel at the hospital, and asks if he has seen Nicole. Daniel says she was here, but left. EJ explains that he needs to warn her about his father and the obstetrician he wants her to see, but assumes Daniel knows all about it since he is her doctor. Daniel says that actually, he isn’t. Nicole spoke with him and told him she was seeing someone else. EJ asks who it is, but Daniel isn’t sure. Nicole just called him a miracle worker because he saved her baby. Daniel wishes him luck finding her and heads off.

Baker tells Nicole that he thought about it, and as tempting as it is to have all of his money woes disappear, he can’t keep lying. It’s wrong. Nicole tells him that if EJ finds out the truth, Baker will be in a lot more trouble than she will, because he lied to him. In fact, he will probably lose his license. But that’s nothing compared to what Stefano DiMera will do to him. Baker turns pale and thinks. Finally, he tells Nicole he will continue to lie for her--on one condition.

Phillip is back at Titan, explaining to Stephanie that he tried everything, but Nick wouldn’t budge. He is determined to let Melanie have all the rights to his project. Stephanie says Phillip will have to figure out a way to work around her and gives him his messages, as well as some papers to sign. Phillip thanks her, and Stephanie asks him if he slept with Melanie. Phillip gapes.

Max kneels down and tells Theo about how exciting the Christmas tree lighting will be. He hands him a candy cane and Theo takes it. He heads off to bench a few feet away and examines his candy. Chelsea thanks Max, saying that he is really good with Theo. Max thinks she is, too, and says she will make a great mother. Chelsea’s face falls and Max apologizes immediately, saying he forgot about her infection. Chelsea says it’s fine, and it’s no big deal. She’s not the only woman who can’t conceive, and besides, she can always adopt, just like Caroline and Shawn did. Max smiles, telling her that any kid would be lucky to be adopted by her.

EJ calls the clinic to find out if Nicole is there. When he learns she is, he hangs up and heads off.

Baker tells Nicole that he wants 750,000 dollars in cash. Nicole tells him she doesn’t have that kind of money, but he knows the DiMeras do. She scoffs, saying she’ll just go home and dig it out of the couch cushions, but Baker says he is serious. She says she can’t get it, and he tells her he can’t help her, then.

Chelsea tells Max that she has to get a guy before she can adopt, but that shouldn’t be a problem since they’re banging her door down. She laughs and Max admits that he knows how she feels. Having to face his relatives who are going to ask if he has someone special in his life is going to be hard. Chelsea says Theo is her main man for now, and thinks she might just get a dog instead of a guy. She asks Max what he is going to do with his own toy dog, Charlie. He opens the box and looks at Charlie, saying he isn’t sure. He hates to get rid of him, but he also doesn’t want to deal with the memories it brings up. Just then, Theo points from the bench at the toy dog. He yells, “Charlie!” Chelsea and Max smile.

Bo puts on his shirt in an examination room, and Daniel tells him his MRI came back looking fine. Bo asks what the problem could be and Daniel asks if he is under pressure at work. Bo admits it’s pretty much constantly pressuring, and Daniel tell him stress is the problem here.

Phillip tells Stephanie that he didn’t sleep with Melanie and asks if she told her that. Stephanie says she implied it , but she should have known she was lying. Stephanie apologizes for asking. She guesses she is still a little insecure around him. Phillip thinks he can fix that and moves in for a kiss. Melanie interrupts, saying that they need to cool it with the office romance. If they’re going to have problems maintaining their professionalism, then she thinks Stephanie should be her intern, not Phillip’s.

Theo comes over to Max and holds his hand out. Chelsea can’t believe he said Charlie’s name, and Max kneels down, telling Theo he is looking for a new home. He hands Charlie to Theo, telling him that he’s his now. Theo grabs Charlie and kisses him. Max and Chelsea grin.

Daniel tells Bo that he knows he can’t cut back on his hours, but suggest Bo try to relax on the weekends, exercise, and limit his caffeine and alcohol intake. Bo thanks him for the advice and Daniel heads off. Just then, Bo gets a premonition of a nurse leaning over a gurney, telling a doctor that the child isn’t breathing. Bo gasps.

Phillip asks Melanie why she thinks she owns the place when she has only been here a week. Melanie knows Phillip’s talk with Nick didn’t go well and demands a corner office and asks Stephanie to go get her a list. Phillip tells her not to speak to Stephanie that way and Melanie nastily asks if the office slut has special privileges. Stephanie wonders how she can speak to her that way when she lied about sleeping with Phillip. Phillip agrees, saying it never happened. He would rather stick his hand in a garbage disposal. He tells Melanie to take her project and leave. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with it or her.

Nicole begs Baker to reconsider, like maybe letting her pay on an installment plan. Baker says that he can’t help her if she can’t get them money. He heads off and Nicole chases him out into the hallway, asking if there is any other option. Just then, EJ walks up, asking Nicole what she is doing here.


Rafe tells Sami, “My identity has been comprised.” She asks, “You’re stuck in here with me through Christmas?” He replies, “That means it’s time to get you a new guard.”

Marlena asks John, “Everything alright?” He replies, “I need your help, Blondie.”

Nicole tells EJ, “You’re clearly a DiMera and DiMeras should be feared.”

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