Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/16/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/16/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the loft, Rafe lies in bed and groans. He wakes up to see Sami sitting by the bed.

Melanie comes to see Nick at the police station. She tells him she couldn’t stay away any longer.

Stephanie shows up at the Cheatin’ Heart and tells Max they need to talk. Max says he already knows all about it. She has moved on, and when she moves on, she doesn’t kid around. In fact, she’s basically peeled out as fast as she could.

At the pub, Phillip flashes back to his near-kiss with Stephanie. Pete brings his coffee, and he starts to head off, but runs into Lucas on the way out. They talk about Kate’s marrow transplant being successful, and Phillip says he was on his way back to the hospital to see if she is awake. He apologizes, saying he forgot to congratulate Lucas on his engagement. Lucas thanks him, admitting he’s lucky to have Chloe. Not only did she donate the marrow, but she refuses to take credit for saving Kate’s life. Phillip says she was always that way, even back when they were dating. Lucas huffs, thanking Phillip sarcastically for reminding him he used to date Chloe.

Daniel heads into Chloe’s room at the hospital and asks how she is feeling. She says she is ok, and asks why he is here. Daniel says he needs to do a follow-up exam. Chloe makes a face, asking if someone else can do it instead.

Rafe struggles to sit up as Sami warns him to be careful of his stitches. She asks if she should look at them as Rafe pulls out his phone. He tells her he has to call someone to make sure it’s still safe to stay here. Sami says she doesn’t want to leave, but Rafe says it isn’t her decision. Sami snags the phone out of his hand and asks him what’s going on. She thought he said the killer couldn’t have followed him here. Rafe says he didn’t, but their security has still been breached. Sami wonders if he followed Hilda, but Rafe says that couldn’t be. The killer would have just came here and taken care of her. She hands the phone back and Rafe says he has to call the only other person that knows she’s here to find out if they need to move. Sami takes the phone again and tells him that he’s acting strangely, and she wants some answers. Rafe says she doesn’t know him well enough to know when he is acting strangely, but Sami disagrees. She knows a lot more about him today than she did yesterday, that’s for sure.

Stephanie doesn’t know what Max is talking about. He lays into her, saying she has obviously had feelings for Phillip for a while. Making out with him in the vault was a new low, though. She may as well have taped it and put it on the internet. He adds that they’d get a million hits and stomps off. Stephanie throws her hands up and groans, “Melanie!”

Nick thought he would never see Melanie again. He had written her several letters, but she never wrote back. Melanie blames that on Maggie, saying she didn’t want her to open or read Nick’s letters. She thought it best if Melanie cut off all contact with Nick, but she just wasn’t able to do that. Nick is glad, because he has a gift for her--something that will really help her out.

Phillip apologizes, and Lucas grumbles about how Phillip wouldn’t want to hear another man going on and on about how wonderful his fiancée was. Phillip thinks Lucas should be happy. Good women are hard to come by these days, and he nearly gave up on finding one himself. Lucas asks him if he found one, and Phillip admits he might have. She kind of just fell in his lap. Lucas asks if he knows her, but Phillip jokes that he is keeping it under wraps so Lucas doesn’t go after her. Lucas says he is happy with who he has. Phillip asks if Chloe is the right one for him, but Lucas thinks that isn’t the right word. Chloe is just perfect, that’s all.

Chloe thinks Daniel is tense, but he denies it. He begins to examine her, but she still thinks something is wrong, noting that he won’t even look her in the eyes. Daniel glares at her, telling her they need to get something straight. She is engaged to b married, and just donated her marrow to her fiancés mother. Life and death situations can cause people to freak out and imagine things, and the last thing he needs is Chloe imagining that something is going on between them. Nothing weird is going on here.

Rafe hangs up with his superior and tells Sami they aren’t moving. She is glad, and adds that she isn’t sure Rafe should be going anywhere anyway. He warns her not to say anything to anyone about what happened--not even Hilda. Clearly, the killer has a contact inside the FBI. Sami promises not to do so, and adds that the contact might give themselves away by knowing about the attack on Rafe. She heads off to get him some water, and Rafe thinks he needs to change his bandage. Sami rushes back over and tells him to leave it alone. She’ll look at his stitches herself. She leans in and peeks under the bandage.

Nick says before he gives Melanie her gift, he needs to know that she forgives him. She says she does, and that she actually blames a lot of what happened to him on herself. Nick is suspicious, saying she seems to be taking this too lightly. They’ve both played some serous mind games with one another over the past few months, so it is hard to tell when she is being honest. Melanie grumps, saying that she came here to be nice, and didn’t expect to get the third degree just to get a present. She tells Nick ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and huffs off.

Stephanie asks Max if he got his information from Melanie, and he says he did. She told him that when the vault was opened, Stephanie was getting ready to score. Stephanie says she is lying and wonders how Max couldn’t see right through it. She and Phillip never even kissed. It’s true that she is attracted to him, but she isn’t sure if he feels the same way. Besides, Max is the one that dumped her, so this is really none of his concern. Max grumbles about her moving on from him at the speed of light, and they get into an argument about why they broke up. Stephanie blames it on Melanie, but Max thinks it was because they weren’t able to trust one another. He is tired of Stephanie blaming everything on Melanie and acting as if she is totally innocent. Stephanie doesn’t think any of them are innocent, not Melanie, her, or even Max. Chelsea walks in behind her just then.

Daniel checks Chloe’s blood pressure and finishes up her exam. She apologizes for being rude to him and asks him to look at her. He does so, and she immediately flashes back to nearly kissing him. She sighs and comes back to the present, telling Daniel that she is glad he, Lucas, her and Kate can all be friends. Daniel asks her if that is really possible.

Nick stops Melanie from leaving and apologizes for doubting her. He explains that he hates himself. He feels a lot of guilt and remorse, so it’s hard for him to believe that Melanie really came to see him because she cares. She sits back down, saying she is sorry that he hates himself. Nick tells her that they need to talk about his project. She thought it wasn’t viable, but Nick says he has had a lot of time to work out the kinks, and someone will pick it up if Titan doesn’t. He knows she was to have a share of the profits, but now that his life is effectively over, he wants her to have all of the profits. Melanie says his uncle would never go for that, and Nick agrees. That’s why he hired a new lawyer. He pushes a folder over to her, telling her that the papers are already drawn up. All she has to do is sign.

Chelsea asks Stephanie and Max what’s going on and Stephanie advises she ask Max. She huffs off. Chelsea says she came by to thank Max for his help getting her head on straight about Nick and Melanie, but she sees he could use some advice, too. Max doesn’t want to talk about it, but Chelsea urges him to do so. He finally admits that he and Stephanie were arguing about her and Phillip, and tells her about their encounter at Titan. Chelsea is surprised, but asks Max to let her help him the way he helped her.

Sami finishes bandaging Rafe’s wound and says she is surprised at her stitches, as they aren’t that crooked. She makes a joke about having to see Rafe’s insurance card, and says she is glad he got drunk. Rafe demands to know what he said, and Sami assures him he didn’t make a fool out of himself. He just told her to stay away from EJ. Rafe groans, saying it’s not any of his business, but Sami says it’s ok. It’s nice to know that he cares about her and what happens to her.

Chloe asks Daniel why they can’t be friends. He reminds her that she is creating some made-up drama between them. Maybe because she’s bored with her life; he really doesn’t know, but he doesn’t want any part of it. Chloe claims not to know what he is talking about and says her focus here is on Kate’s recovery and her future with Lucas. Phillip comes in just then, asking if everything is alright.

Max says he doesn’t want to talk about Stephanie, but Chelsea thinks he should. She is best friends with her, and she knows Stephanie still loves Max. Max doesn’t care, because he doesn’t love Stephanie anymore. Chelsea doesn’t buy it. She thinks he does. Max flies into a rage telling her that she doesn’t, and that he is never going to love anyone again. Chelsea laughs, saying that that sounds like something straight out of a cheesy romance novel. Not only that, but it’s also a lie, and he knows it.

Rafe tells Sami that he cares about all the people he guards. So much so that he went off to get Sami those damn penguins. Doers she know how many stores he had to go to to find one? She apologizes, saying she knew they were a hot-ticket item, and that she felt really guilty and worried when he took so long to return. Rafe says it is alright, and tries to head off for the shower. Sami wants to help him. He gets up off the couch with her help, and nearly stumbles and falls. Sami helps him get back up, insisting that he let her help him.

Daniel asks Phillip if he got any sleep, and he admits he didn’t get much. Daniel heads off to check on Kate, and Phillip asks Chloe why it’s tense between the two of them. She says it’s partly because of their worry over Kate, but Daniel also tends to hover, and she likes her space. Phillip says he heard from Lucas that Chloe doesn’t like the attention she’s been getting because of the transplant, but he wants her to know that she is a hero. She thinks Kate is the hero, and Phillip agrees, but he doesn’t want her to undermine herself. Not only has she saved his mother’s life, but she has also made his brother a very happy man.

Lucas approaches Daniel out in the hallway and asks how Chloe and Kate are. Daniel distractedly tell him Chloe is fine, and Kate hasn’t woken up yet from surgery, but she appears to be ok so far. Lucas asks if everything is alright with him, but Daniel just says he has had a long night. He rushes off.

Melanie tell Nick that his uncle will probably be able to put a stop to these papers. What about his mental health? Nick says he has had several evaluations, and has been deemed fit to understand the consequences of his actions. There is nothing Mickey can do. Melanie still isn’t sure, saying Nick might change his mind tomorrow. Nick says he won’t. Every day is the same in here, and he won’t be able to sleep until Melanie signs the papers. He slides them over to her. She frets.

Phillip and Stephanie run into one another at the pub, and she asks about Kate. Phillip says they can’t see her yet, but everyone is optimistic. He tells Stephanie that she kind of left him hanging yesterday. She says she knows, and adds that she is sorry, but she doesn’t have to do that anymore.

Daniel heads into the on-call room and flops on the bed. He tells someone over the phone they’ll know more tomorrow and tells them to take it easy. He hangs up and closes his eyes, saying he intends on doing the same.

Lucas comes in to see Chloe, and she thanks him for coming by, but adds that he doesn’t need to keep a vigil over her. He tells her he came to give her a surprise. He pulls her engagement ring out of his pocket and tells her had it sized based on some rings from her jewelry box. She slips it on and thanks him, telling him it fits perfectly.

Max tells Chelsea that he wants to be left alone, but she says that is too bad. She is here to tell him he will find love again and again--provided that it’s with the right person, of course. He chuckles, telling Chelsea how clever she is.

Stephanie tells Phillip that she held off yesterday because she had to speak with Max. It’s over between them, but she felt he had the right to know what happened, Unfortunately, Melanie beat him to the punch. Phillip groans, but Stephanie doesn’t want to talk about her. She just wanted him to know that what she and Max had is finally over, and that feels good. Phillip leans in for a kiss, asking how this feels. Melanie walks in behind them and interrupts them, telling them that she needs to discuss something with both of them. Stephanie can’t imagine what she would have to talk to them about, and suggests she run off and tattle to Max about her and Phillip being here together. Melanie glares, saying her loyalties are to Max, and he had every right to know what happened between them. Stephanie tells her to take her cheap mascara and get out of here, but Melanie says she needs to talk to them both about her new position at Titan. Phillip chuckles, saying there’s nothing she can tell him about her position in his company. Melanie begs to differ, saying things between the three of them are about to change.

Lucas kisses Chloe and gives her a hug. She thanks him, telling him that she loves him and that they’re going to have a perfect life together.

Daniel dreams about finding Chloe in the hospital and kissing her. He picks her up and takes her into a room, where they begin to make love. Daniel wakes up sweating.

Rafe comes out of the shower and Sami jokes about him using up the hot water for the whole building. Rafe smiles and thanks her for helping him.


Stephanie tells Melanie, “Phillip actually cares for me as a person and he could give a damn about you.” Melanie replies, “Well, you wouldn’t be saying that if you saw us a couple of weeks ago in my bedroom.”

Chelsea asks, “Max, are you ok?”

Daniel tells Nicole, “You’re already here and I’ve got some time, so why don’t I check you out right now?”

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