Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/15/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/15/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven
Proofread by Anoma

At their house, Hope counsels Bo to be careful on the ladder. He teeters above her head, trying to straighten the star on the Christmas tree. Suddenly, two of the rungs break, and Bo comes crashing to the floor. He hits his head on a table and lies on the floor motionless. Hope begs him to wake up.

At the Cheatiní Heart, Brady follows Kelly, the mother of the baby Nicole wants to adopt, and finds her smoking and drinking at the bar. Nicole comes in just in time to hear him call Kelly a skanky, stupid, two-bit con. Nicole lays into him for saying those things to Kelly. She says she gets the kind of game Brady is trying to play and she isnít going to fall for it. She says she thinks the only fraud around here is him.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. asks Lexie what she expected when she asked Stefano for help. Lexie explains that she never intended for anyone to get hurt. She says all she did was ask her father to stop supporting the mayorís campaign because he was dragging her family through the mud. She says she had to stop it. E.J. tells her he thinks she did that pretty well, and Lexie turns on her heel, telling E.J. to go to hell. She starts to head off, but E.J. stops her, reminding her that she chose her husbandís career over her conscience and that that hat was her decision and no one elseís.

Sami paces around the loft and asks Hilda what time it is. She tells Sami that itís five minutes later than the last time she asked, and wonders why she is so worried about Rafe. Sami says she just sent him out to buy one thing and asks what could be taking him so long.

At the docks, the mayorís killer holds a knife to Rafeís throat, as he clutches his stomach wound. Rafe suddenly jumps off and goes after the killer. They struggle for the knife for a few moments, and then the killer pushes Rafe back down onto the ground.

Sami frets about Rafe, and Hilda reminds her that he is probably still looking for that penguin. He knows Sami will cry and throw a fit if he comes back without it. Sami grumps, saying she just wants nice presents for her kids. She thinks Rafe might have stopped for a beer or to see a movie. That seems to calm her down until Hilda bursts her bubble, saying that that isnít like Rafe at all. Sami says she knows nothing about him and he wonít tell her about his personal life, so how is she supposed to know how he will behave? Hilda says he doesnít have a personal life. Sami begs her to tell her more about Rafe, and Hilda mocks her, saying sheís curious about Rafe.

The killer demands Rafe tell him where Sami is. Rafe claims not to know what he is talking about. The killer tells him not to bother lying as he knows who Rafe is. Rafe claims he has the wrong guy. He pushes the killer off of him, as sirens approach. The killer snarls, telling Rafe that this isnít over. He runs off.

Lexie asks E.J. not to kick her when sheís down, but E.J. reminds her sheís the mayorís wife, so sheís hardly Ďdown.í Lexie says she is. Not a second goes by that she doesnít feel guilty about what happened to the mayor and Sami. E.J. saw what the mayor was saying about her son. She couldnít stand by and do nothing. E.J. says itís politics and she shouldnít have gotten involved if she couldnít handle it. E.J. wonders why she even came to Stefano for help and says he knew he was the only one powerful enough to control Marino. E.J. chuckles, wondering if Lexie thought Stefano would just send Marino on a cruise somewhere. He suggests she go back out to the car where Abe and Theo are waiting. Lexie starts to go, then whirls on E.J., reminding him that his own son is living here, along with the woman that is carrying E.J.ís child. How asks how he can be so high and mighty about how dangerous Stefano is.

Nicole accuses Brady of pretending to go along with her adoption idea just so he could chase Kelly away. Brady tries to explain, but Nicole goes off on him, saying that he is trying to ruin this for her and she wonít let him. She tells him she wants this girlís baby and nothing he says or does is going to change her mind. She starts to leave, wondering why she ever thought she could trust him. Brady grabs her arm, telling her that she needs a dose of reality. He tells her this girl is lying to her and he can prove it.

E.J. says he is actually staying here to protect his family. The more he knows about Stefanoís business dealings, the better able he is to ensure his family is safe. Lexie laughs, saying if she gets involved with Stefano, itís selfish, but when E.J. does it, itís heroic. E.J. says that isnít it at all but he is able to separate business from his personal life, unlike Lexie. He says he has never asked Stefano to take a hit out on one of his enemies. Lexie glares, saying she refuses to stand here and listen to this. E.J. thinks she must have known what Stefano would do to the mayor, but Lexie claims she had no idea. Besides, he might not even have killed the mayor. E.J. must think he didnít, or he wouldnít be living here. She adds that Abe and Roman found no reason to believe Stefano was even involved. E.J. tells her to think whatever she wants if that makes her feel like she is leading an exemplary life. Abe and Theo come in, and Abe asks them what is going on.

At the hospital, Kayla examines Bo and tells him jokingly that he has come down with a case of ďChristmatitis Stupitidis.Ē She claims that it commonly afflicts men around the holidays who insist on using rickety ladders to hang lights. Bo grumbles, saying her jokes are terrible. Hope says she would be laughing if she werenít so worried. She tells Kayla that she tried to tell Bo to get off the ladder but he wouldnít listen. Kayla tells them both that Bo just has a mild concussion and he just needs to ice the bump on his head and drink plenty of fluids.

Nicole asks Kelly if what Brady is saying is true. Brady doesnít give her time to answer, asking for the photo of her babyís father. Kelly hands it over, and Brady tells Nicole that the guy looks familiar to him. Then it hits him--the picture is from one of the journals he received at rehab. The guy in the photo is one of the counselors there. Kelly huffs, saying itís a snapshot, not a magazine photo. Nicole agrees that it does look like a snapshot, but Brady claims itís been photoshopped to look that way. He tells Nicole that if Kelly has this picture, then it means sheís been to rehab, too.

Sami begs Hilda to tell her about Rafe and if he has kids or a family. Hilda asks why it matters, and Sami explains that it would make Rafe seem more human to her. Just then, Rafe comes in, limping. He hands Sami the bag, saying he was able to find the penguin she wanted. She thanks him profusely. Hilda comes over, asking if he is ok, and Rafe says he is fine. Sami hands her her bag and shoos her out the door. Rafe says he is going to take a shower but groans and holds his stomach. Sami asks whatís wrong, and spies the blood on his shirt. She gasps, saying he is bleeding. She asks what happened to him.

Abe thought Lexie was just dropping gifts off, but she says she and E.J. were just talking. E.J. kneels down and asks Theo what he wants from Santa for Christmas. Theo is silent. Lexie repeats the question for Theo, but Theo turns around and buries his head in Abeís leg. Lexie sighs.

Brady threatens to call all of the rehab facilities to see if Kelly has been there. He thinks she is still using. She claims she doesnít do drugs, but Brady doesnít buy it. Suddenly, she lifts up her shirt and pulls out some padding, saying heís right, and that she was scamming Nicole for money. Nicole gapes, and Kelly tells her to wipe that look off of her face. Itís hard to get a job nowadays. She rushes off. Nicole wonders how she could do this to her and fake a pregnancy, and Brady asks if she is serious. Nicole sighs, saying she isnít lying about her baby for money. She just loves E.J. Brady wonders what is going on with her. She never would have fallen for this con a few years ago. It seems now that she is running on emotion instead of using her head.

Sami examines Rafeís wound and gapes, saying he has been stabbed. She wants to call an ambulance, but Rafe says she canít. She asks why, and he explains that it wasnít a random mugging. The guy knew who she was and knew about them. Sami freaks out, worrying that he might have followed Rafe, but Rafe says he made sure he didnít. Sami asks how he will deal with his wound, and he explains that she has to stitch it up herself. Thereís no other way.

Theo and Abe head off to the kitchen for ice cream, and E.J. apologizes to Lexie for being so hard on her about Stefano. He had no right to say anything to her about it. She says it is ok and that she is just worried about Theo right now. She thought he might care about Christmas this year but now she fears it will just pass him by. She sees other parents at stores visibly annoyed with the demands their kids are making, but Lexie wishes Theo were that way. She would give anything to have him care about Christmas.

Nicole canít believe she fell for Kellyís act. Brady says she is too smart for all of this. Nicole sighs, saying she wasnít smart enough to figure out she can survive without E.J. Brady asks what sheíll do if she canít find a baby. She has to give up this act because it isnít going to work. Nicole says heíll be out of E.J.ís life for good if it doesnít. Brady reminds her again that E.J. is a DiMera but she doesnít seem to get that. She says she has to tell him the truth before somebody else does, or God knows what the consequences will be.

E.J. tells Lexie that Theo is a good kid. She agrees, but says itís still hard for her to see other people with their kids. They seem to take it for granted, but she and Abe never will. E.J. apologizes again for earlier, admitting that he was a hypocrite for judging her relationship with their father, when he himself is living under his roof. He feels guilty and thinks he took that out on Lexie. She says itís ok and admits that they both have reason to want to believe the best in their father. E.J. wishes he could see the best in herself. The love she has for her son and the urgent need she has for him to fulfil his full potential is going to get him a long way. Lexie hopes he is right. E.J. puts his arm around her. She sniffles.

Sami brings over a needle and some whiskey, saying that itís the only alcohol in the house. Rafe thinks itís fine, but Sami is having doubts. She says she really hates needles and she might pass out before she finishes. Rafe insists she will be fine and winces in pain as he pours alcohol over his wound. He swigs from the bottle, as Sami asks him if it will disinfect the wound. Rafe hopes so. Sami balks again, saying she has never sewn anything in her life. She says she used a needle stringing popcorn and stabbed herself. Rafe says she has to play Florence Nightingale here or theyíre both going to die. Sami moves in hesitantly, and the camera pans to Rafeís face, as he yelps in pain.

Kayla and Hope head out into the hallway to talk, and Kayla says men do this all the time. Just last week, Steve tried to rewire some faulty wiring himself instead of calling an electrician. He could have been electrocuted. Kayla thinks her biggest mistake was telling him not to. Hope smiles, saying next time, sheíll tell Bo that cleaning out the garage is way too dangerous for him to attempt. Suddenly, she tears up, confiding to Kayla that she was really scared. Kayla says she knows she was but Bo is fine. She says she just needs to get rid of that ladder. They hug.

Bo gets off the examination table and puts on his coat. Suddenly, he flashes to an image of the star from the top of the tree lying on a present, under the tree.

Back at home, Hope asks Bo how he is feeling, and he says the headache is gone. She tells him that heís banned form putting the star on the tree for the next hundred years, and Bo chuckles, saying she canít keep him off ladders forever. He says itís tradition for him to put the star up there. Hope asks where it is, and Bo immediately says itís on a present, behind the tree. Hope picks it up, asking how he knew it was there. He couldnít have seen it after the fall. Bo shrugs, saying it couldnít be anywhere else.

Sami finishes up Rafeís stitches, and he finishes the bottle of whiskey. Sheís glad he didnít scream and adds that he is going to have an ugly scar. She puts the bandage on it, as Rafe drunkenly tells her it will be a souvenir of his wonderful time with her. He wonders why a girl like her is in love with a guy that doesnít want her. Sami assumes he is talking about E.J. and says she doesnít want to speak about him. Rafe barrels on, saying that Elvis has left the building. He says itís over between them, so why doesnít she move on. Sami again says she doesnít want to discuss her personal life. Rafe says that he knows Sami loves E.J. He can tell by the way she is mooning over him.

Nicole looks at the present E.J. bought for the baby and sighs. She puts it back under the tree just as E.J. comes in. She asks him if he meant it when he said he loved her. He says he did, and Nicole asks him if he really called Sami and told her it was over. E.J. says he did. He told her that he was moving on and that he was going to spend the rest of his life with the woman who made him happy. He hopes she knows that that woman is her. Nicole confides in E.J., saying she is afraid she wonít be a good mother. E.J. says he is sure she will make a wonderful mother. He says it will be stressful at first but he will be there to help her along every step of the way. He reaches out for her stomach, and Nicole jumps up in tears, telling him not to touch her.

Bo and Hope sit together on the couch, and Bo chides Hope for buying presents for the whole state. She chuckles, saying itís just for the whole city. She adds that she is especially excited about Theoís gift. She heads off to the kitchen to make hot chocolate. Bo looks at Theoís present and smiles. Suddenly, he hears Theo shrieking. Bo stands up, startled.

Lexie, Abe, and Theo all sit in the pub, and Lexie tries to get Theo to eat. Heís resistant, and Abe asks what happened between her and E.J. Lexie admits that E.J. faulted her for the mayorís murder and accused her of setting off a chain reaction by going to Stefano. She admits that he did apologize. Abe is glad as this isnít her fault at all. She doesnít need any more guilt than she already feels anyway. Suddenly, Theo sees a woman with a brightly wrapped Christmas present. He yells that he wants it. Lexie beams, asking Abe if he heard what Theo said. He wants something.

Sami ask Rafe if he has ever been in love. He thinks love is for idiots. Sami says she would rather be an idiot than never feel anything for anyone. Rafe says he canít discuss his personal life. He says his job is to protect her and care for her, not talk about himself. Sami thinks she was just taking care of him. Rafe points at her drunkenly, telling her she needs to take care of herself. E.J. is no good for her. He doesnít love her, and he has moved on. She needs to do the same.

E.J. asks Nicole why he canít touch his own child, and Nicole explains that when he touches her, heís so cute that she canít control herself. E.J. says he can show a little self-control, but Nicole isnít sure she can. She says she is sorry but heís going to have to put up with a lot until this baby is born. E.J. smiles and kisses her, saying itís ok. He heads off to make a business call. Nicole calls Brady and tells him she is getting a baby, with or without his help. She will find an unwanted one and give it all the love and care it needs and deserves. Then everything will be good and happy, and no one will get hurt.


Daniel tells Chloe, ďYou are engaged to be married. I do not need you to freak out right now.Ē

Chelsea tells Max, ďI know that you still love Stephanie.Ē He replies, ďYou donít know anything. I donít love her. Iím never going to love anyone again!Ē

Melanie tells Phillip and Stephanie, ďThings between us are about to change.Ē

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