Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/12/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/12/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole calls Brady and asks him to meet her at the Cheatin’ Heart. She tells him she thinks she’s found the answer to all her prayers.

Locked in the vault at Titan, Stephanie and Phillip move in for a kiss. Just then, the door pops open and Melanie comes in. Stephanie and Phillip back away from each other quickly. Melanie snidely says that she thought they could use some fresh air.

Down at the docks, Stefano gives one of his men instructions to back off if necessary, and not to think for himself. The man heads off as Tony walks over, telling Stefano that he’s been looking for him. Stefano says he doesn’t have time for him right now, but Tony barrels on anyway. He tells Stefano that he knows all about the deal with the Argentineans. He wants to know why he wasn’t a part of it.

Rafe heads into the loft. Sami throws herself in his arms, saying she’s so glad he’s back and that he’s alright.

Nicole tells Brady that he has no idea what she just found out as EJ walks up behind her. She hangs up quickly and asks EJ what’s going on. He thinks he ought to ask her the same question.

Rafe tells Sami that he’s ok and she smacks him on the arm, chiding him for leaving her alone. He asks where Hilda is just as she comes out of the bathroom. Rafe lays into her for leaving Sami alone and Hilda rolls her eyes. Sami huffs, wondering why he doesn’t trust her to be by herself, and tells him that that makes it hard for her to confide in him. Rafe doesn’t seem to care, but Sami explains that she has a problem and that she needs his help.

Bo comes home and greets Hope, who says he is late. He apologizes, saying his sixth meeting of the day ran over. She says that what she has to tell him will be all the more difficult, then. They have work to do, so he has another meeting. Bo groans.

Stefano tells Tony that he wasn’t part of the deal because he didn’t want him to be. Tony complains, saying EJ had a art of it, so why didn’t he? Stefano reminds Tony that he wanted no part of he family business. He even went off on his own, so the family has to move on without him. Tony grumbles, saying EJ has also gone out on his own--he works for Mickey Horton, for heaven’s sake. Stefano says that EJ has skills to bring to the table that Tony doesn’t. That is why he was included. Tony chuckles.

Nicole jokes that she was just talking to one of her boyfriends, but EJ asks her to be honest. She tells him that people make secretive plans around Christmas time so they can surprise their loved ones. That’s all she was doing. EJ accepts this and tells her he has surprise for her also. He takes her into the living room and hands her a gift-wrapped box, telling her it’s for the baby.

Melanie asks Stephanie if she is alright, as she looks really pale and out of breath. Stephanie glares, saying she’s fine. Phillip tells Stephanie to take the day off and stops Melanie as she tries to head back to her desk. He says he needs to have a word with her, and he thinks she knows what it’s about.

Sami explains to Rafe that she is worried that Nicole is going to use her situation to her advantage to make Sami’s son forget about her. She admits that she wants to do some Christmas shopping. Rafe says she can’t leave, so thusly, she can’t do any shopping. Sami says she was hoping Rafe would do it for her.

Nicole sighs and EJ asks if anything is wrong. She thinks about it for a moment, but finally admits that nothing is. EJ says he was really excited to start shopping for the baby. Nicole practically cries, asking him what he bought. He asks her again what the matter is, but Tony comes in just then and interrupts. Nicole says she has to leave anyway and heads off. Tony tells EJ that he heard their father was grooming him to take over the family business. EJ asks if Tony came by to congratulate him, but he says he actually came by to tell EJ that he is making a huge mistake.

Phillip tells Melanie that he needs her to prepare the notes for the presentation later, but she says it is already finished. Stephanie says there’s no way she completed all of that work, but Melanie says she did, and that she put the notes on Phillip’s desk. She adds that she takes this job seriously, despite what Stephanie may think. Phillip congratulates her on a productive first day and suggests she take the rest of the day off as well. Melanie thanks him and heads off. Stephanie tells Phillip to be careful when it comes to Melanie. In fact, she wouldn’t be surprised if Melanie was the one that locked them in the vault. Phillip smiles and moves in on Stephanie, telling her he thinks he ought to give Melanie a raise if that is the case.

Stefano shows up at the hospital and greets Lexie, asking her if he can take her out to lunch to talk about her and Theo. Lexie refuses, saying that she knows that he is keeping tabs on them, but it doesn’t mean he cares; it’s just how he operates. Stefano insists that he does care, but Lexie doesn’t buy it. She threatens to call security if he doesn’t leave her alone. Stefano chuckles, wonders what they would do, since he owns half the hospital.

Hope reminds Bo that they’re having a meeting at the house tonight for a Christmas fundraiser. Bo thinks whoever scheduled that is an idiot and Hope agrees. Bo sighs, getting that he must have scheduled it. He groans. Hope explains that the tree isn’t even decorated yet, and they need to get it done so people will get in the Christmas mood and start donating funds. Bo grumps about how hard he has been working. Hope says she understands, and thinks they need to start talking about one of them quitting their job. Bo gapes.

Nicole comes into the Cheatin’ Heart and greets Brady, who is already there. She takes some papers out of her purse with pictures of babies on them and hands it over to Brady. She explains that like she said on the phone, she thinks this is the answer to all of her prayers.

In Max’s room above the pub, Melanie tells Max that Stephanie is making a play for Phillip. She tells him all about them getting locked in the vault together, and that the door opened just as Stephanie was getting ready to score. Max puts his head in his hands, wondering why Melanie is even telling him this. She thought he would be devastated and want to do something about it, but Max knows what she really wants. He knows that she hates Stephanie and wants to destroy her life, but he refuses to be a part of it. He tells her to leave him out of this from now on.

Stephanie doesn’t think Phillip should be letting Melanie undermine other workers, but he doesn’t want to talk about her. He wants to talk about what happened in the vault. Stephanie agrees that they need someone from the security company to come in and go over the vault procedures, and Phillip wonders if she is purposely being obtuse. She says she doesn’t want to bring up something he wasn’t thinking of and look like a fool. Phillip says he was talking about what nearly happened between them in there. Stephanie says they will probably never know what might have happened, but Phillip thinks that is solely up to them.

Rafe refuses to go shopping for Sami, saying he is her guard, and not her concierge. Sami threatens to cry and does so on cue. She bawls, saying it’s hard to think of all those days leading up to Christmas and her kids, and how they won’t have anything under the tree form her. Hilda thinks Sami is a good actress. Rafe says he knows it’s fake and he isn’t buying it. Sami cries harder, telling him to think of all the tissues he will have to hand her. Rafe caves and Sami’s tears dry up instantly. She tells him she needs a laughing penguin doll for the twins. Rafe agrees to get it and Sami promises to try not to cry anymore. He heads off, grumbling that he just wants to be alone for Christmas. Hilda wonders why Sami didn’t tell him that doll is sold out everywhere, and that the last time a store got a shipment, they had to call in the riot squad. Sami grins, saying that the FBI’s motto is ‘they always get their penguin.’

EJ thanks Tony for his concern, but says it’s not necessary. Besides, why should he trust him? Tony says he doesn’t need to worry about trusting him, as he isn’t the one leading EJ down the garden path; Stefano is. He thinks Stefano is setting something up to turn them against each other. Perhaps he just wants them both distracted until he can concoct some nefarious plan. EJ thinks Tony is playing right into his hands by coming here. Perhaps Tony just wants him to back off so he can claim the spoils for himself. Tony huffs, saying he should have thought EJ would suspect he was just jealous. He tells EJ that he needs to head into any deal with Stefano with his eyes wide-open. He doesn’t want EJ to think that Stefano will treat him any differently from anyone else just because he is his son.

Brady sarcastically tells Nicole that her plan to buy a baby off the internet instead of telling EJ the truth is fool-proof. Nicole sighs, saying this isn’t just about fooling EJ. It’s about providing a child with a loving home. Just then, she gets a phone call and she tells someone that she’s very interested in meeting with them. She looks at Brady, saying they both are interested, actually.

Bo flips out, telling Hope that the solution to them not having decorations up in time isn’t to quit their jobs. Besides, he doesn’t have time to discuss this, as he has to start decorating. He stomps upstairs and Hope yells that she can see he’s handling the stress of his new job well. She adds that she needs him to find a box of ornaments for her up in the closet. Just as she warns him to be careful, as they’re fragile, a crash comes from upstairs. Hope groans.

Tony tells EJ that thinking he can trust Stefano is one of the biggest mistakes he could ever make. EJ thinks Stefano is just showing him the ropes for him to eventually take over, but Tony say Stefano never intends on dying or letting anyone take over. He probably just needs a fall guy, which is why he asked EJ to help him. EJ thinks Tony has crossed a line. Stefano might not be a stand-up guy, but he does care for his family. Tony sarcastically says that he cares so much that he has shut Tony out completely. EJ says that was Tony’s choice. Tony tells him to talk to Lexie if he thinks he is biased. Lexie let her guard down for one moment, and Stefano has used that to worm his way back into her life. Now he has her right where he wants her.

Lexie asks Stefano what he wants, and he explains that he doesn’t want her to be alone with her guilt. She doesn’t know what he is talking about and he reminds her of their little conversation about Mayor Marino. If that conversation were to be spun in the right way, she and Abe could look like the next Macbeths. Lexie gasps, asking if he threatening her. Stefano says he would never do that to her or her family and Lexie storms off. Stefano chuckles, telling himself that she’ll be back.

Nicole tells Brady that she has made an appointment with a young woman looking to give her child up for adoption. Nicole is excited to meet her, but Brady thinks she needs to think things through. After all, she is sill grieving. Nicole huffs, telling him that if he thinks she’s going to give up the opportunity to give this child a perfect home, then he is crazy. She says she won’t ask anything further of him except to keep quiet. She huffs off, saying she doesn’t need anymore of his rehab mumbo jumbo. Brady sighs and gets up to follow her.

The mayor’s shooter holds a picture of Rafe and asks someone over the phone if they have him in their sights. It appears they do, because he then asks the person to keep an eye on Rafe until he can get there. He hangs up and chuckles, saying to himself that it will be nice to meet the man up close and personal. Then Rafe will lead him to that Brady bitch and it will be ‘hasta la vista,’ Sami.

Brady catches up with Nicole at the docks and asks her to think about this. She warns him that she is meeting the girl here and that he better not blow it for her. Just then, a young girl comes over, greeting Nicole as ‘Cindy.’ Nicole tells Kelly that it’s nice to meet her.

Melanie thought that Max might still have feelings for Stephanie and would want to stop her from getting with Phillip. Max thinks she is doing this for herself. After all, Phillip is rich and single, and Melanie is poor and single, so she’s probably annoyed that Stephanie might take him off the market. Melanie huffs, saying she wouldn’t want to be with Phillip if he were the last man on earth. Max is glad, because he worried Melanie might make a play for him, and he knows Phillip would never want to be with her. He asks her to just leave Phillip and Stephanie alone. Melanie thinks Max is a jerk, and just for that, she refuses to leave Phillip alone.

Stephanie thinks she should get back to work but Phillip reminds her he gave her the day off. Sasha comes in just then with something for Phillip to sign. She tells Stephanie about a huge shoe sale, but Stephanie says she can’t go. Sasha winks knowingly, saying she must have other plans. She heads off. Stephanie tells Phillip that Sasha clearly thinks something happened between them, so it will probably be all over the office tomorrow. Phillip grins, suggesting they really give everyone something to talk about.

Hilda compliments Sami on her cookie recipe. Sami slyly tells her that she learned how to make them at camp. Hilda starts to wonder what kind of camp you make cookies at, but then she’s hit with severe cramps. She groans and waddles off to the bathroom. Sami grins, saying Becky wasn’t kidding when she told her they took out eleven counselors with those cookies. She gets on the phone and calls the convent. Sister Teresa answers, and Sami tells her she wants to meet with her as soon as possible.

Rafe strolls through the park, grumbling about the laughing penguin Sami wants. He can’t seem to find it. He overhears another woman chiding her son over the same toy. It appears he isn’t interested and hasn’t even taken it out of the shopping bag. Rafe asks where he can get one, but the woman says he can’t. She has a connection at the manufacturer, and that is how she got hers. She and her son head off and Rafe sighs. He makes a phone call, asking someone to do him a huge favor. The mayor’s shooter spies on him from around a tree.

Tony tells EJ about Lexie coming to Stefano about the mayor, and then he ended up dead on the front stoop. EJ thinks Stefano is far too savvy to have someone murdered at his own house, but Tony says this isn’t about the murder; it’s about Lexie. Now that Stefano has something on her that she doesn’t want others to know, he is using it to play her. Tony fears he will do the same thing to EJ. All he has to do is gather evidence that could get EJ’s license to practice law revoked, or evidence to get him put away, and Stefano can get EJ and all of his loved ones under his complete control. Tony tells EJ he isn’t jealous of him; in fact, he feels sorry for him.

Bo and Hope finish decorating the tree and Bo apologizes for being so grumpy. Hope also apologizes for springing the job thing on him and they kiss and make up. Bo wants to do more than just kiss, but Hope reminds him they still have to put the star on the tree. Plus they have people coming over. Bo thinks they should let Ciara do it when she comes home, but Hope says she will put the star on the tree herself. Bo goes off to get the ladder and Hope calls after him that he needs to think of a way to make it up to her after their fight.

Kelly tells Nicole and Brady that she recently lost her job and had to rent a room since the dorms are closing for the holidays. She has had trouble making it to her doctor’s appointments because of money. Brady thought the hospital provided free care, but Kelly is worried they may contact her parents. They’re really religious and would disown her if they knew she was pregnant. Nicole hands some money to her, telling her that all she has to do now is worry about caring for her baby, not money. Kelly is hesitant to take it, but Nicole insists. Kelly tells Nicole that the baby will be beautiful. She shows Nicole and Brady a picture of the father, saying he helps out when he can, but he can’t do much. Brady stares at the picture in surprise. Kelly thanks Nicole, saying she has to go to a doctor’s appointment, and adds that Brady is lucky to have such a nice wife. She leaves. Brady tells Nicole he has to go, too. He tucks the picture of the baby’s father in his pocket and says he has a meeting to get to. He leaves, but Nicole doesn’t believe him, so she follows him.

Phillip tell Stephanie that he needs to stop beating around the bush. He explains that his life is crazy right now, especially considering what has happened with his mom, but he wants to take Stephanie out on a date. She says she’d love to, but can’t yet. There’s something she needs to do first.

Max tells Melanie that he needs to talk to her about Nick before she leaves. She isn’t interested, but Max explains that Nick wrote him and that he needs to speak with her about something financial. He hands Melanie a letter from Nick and she flashes back to Nick telling her about her share in his energy project. Max brings her back to the present, suggesting she write Nick back, but Melanie would rather go visit him instead.

Lexie sneaks into the mansion to drop off some presents, and EJ greets her. She says she has to go, as Abe and Theo are waiting in the car, but EJ wants to talk to her about Tony. He says Tony came by to warn him about Stefano and used her as a example, saying she asked Stefano to ‘handle’ the mayor shortly before he died. Lexie denies that that happened. EJ asks if she is really denying it, or if she just doesn’t want anyone to know about it. Lexie says she did speak to Stefano, but she never intended on anyone getting hurt. EJ chuckles. He reminds her that she came to Stefano and told him that the mayor was practically threatening his daughter. What did she expect him to do?

Bo balances on the ladder, trying to get the star straight. Hope warns him to be careful, just as two of the rungs break. Hope shrieks as Bo tumbles to the floor, hitting his head on an end table.

Brady follows Kelly to the Cheatin’ Heart as Nicole comes in behind him. He catches Kelly smoking and having a drink at the bar. He tells her that not only is she a two-bit con, she’s also stupid. Nicole gapes.

Hilda comes out of the bathroom, warning Sami to stay out of it. She agrees, saying something must have been wrong with the cookies. She threw them away. Hilda is tired and is ready to leave. Sami wonders where Rafe is. She assumes he must have gotten stuck shopping.

At the docks, the killer brandishes a knife and hides behind a box. Rafe meets up with a guy who has gotten a penguin for him, and he thanks him profusely. The man heads off and the killer pops out from behind the box, stabbing Rafe in the stomach. Rafe crumples to the ground as the killer holds the knife to his throat.


Nicole lays into Brady, “I don’t know why I thought I could trust you. What made me think you were my friend, because you’re not.”

EJ tells Lexie, “You chose your husband’s career over your conscience. You crossed that line.”

Sami says, “Rafe, what is taking you so long?” Rafe lies on the ground as the killer attacks.

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