Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/11/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/11/08


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In Kate’s hospital room, Lucas sits by her bedside as she asks him to go be with Chloe. He agrees to leave, but before he goes, he tells her that it really means a lot to both him and Chloe that Kate has given them her blessing in regards to their engagement. Kate says it’s actually fitting that after all of the horrible things she said to Chloe, she will now owe her her life.

Daniel comes into Chloe’s room at the hospital and asks her how she is doing. She coldly informs him that she is fine, and asks him to hand over the forms she needs to sign. Daniel does so and tells her where to initial and sign. Chloe snatches the clipboard from his hand, saying she can read. She wants to get this over with so he will leave her alone. Daniel is taken aback.

At Titan, Phillip comes in, telling someone over the phone not to send flowers to his mom until her immune system has improved. Melanie hurries over to her desk as Stephanie comes in. Melanie looks at her watch and wishes Stephanie a good morning. Stephanie tells her she has class Thursday mornings, so she comes in this late. She grumbles that it isn’t any of Melanie’s business anyway. Melanie gives Phillip his messages and tells him someone named Marie called in sick. Phillip groans, telling Stephanie that she has his notes for the presentation. Stephanie admits that they aren’t very far along on it. Melanie offers to help, but Phillip says she doesn’t have the training. He wants Stephanie to help her, and she agrees that they’ll get it done together. Phillip thanks her and heads into his office. Melanie tells Stephanie they need to get one thing straight--she doesn’t take orders from her. Besides, she is sure Stephanie would just try to get her fired anyway. Stephanie says she has far too much pride in her work to screw up anything for Phillip just to get Melanie fired. She’s a team-player, and Melanie better learn to be one too or she won’t keep the job. Phillip comes out of his office, asking Stephanie about the files for Nick’s energy project. Melanie says they’ve been put on the backburner, but she can retrieve them from the archives. Philip compliments her on doing her homework and Melanie admits she’ll do anything to keep this job. She asks Phillip about paychecks, but Phillip says it will take about a month for payroll to process her paperwork. Melanie’s face falls. Kayla comes in to greet Stephanie, who left her wallet behind. Stephanie thanks her for bringing it, and Kayla makes small talk with Phillip, telling him his mom is doing remarkably well considering what is going on. Phillip takes the two of them off to talk, and Kayla leaves Stephanie’s wallet on Melanie’s desk. Melanie stares at it.

At the hospital, Marlena comes into her office to find Charlotte, who explains that they will be sharing a reception area since their offices are right next to each other. She gushes about how proud her father would be to know that she is working with one of his favorite students. Marlena asks if she needs any help and when she starts seeing patients. Charlotte admits she will need all the help she can get, and adds that she is scheduled to see her first patient any moment now. Just then, John comes in. He sees Charlotte and Marlena talking and grins. Later, Marlena apologizes to her receptionist after the two head into Charlotte’s office. She starts to apologize for this being sprung on her last minute, but she gets side-tracked when she hears John and Charlotte laughing in her office. The receptionist asks if everything is ok. Marlena tries to put on a brave face.

Melanie stares at Stephanie’s wallet and tells herself not take it. Phillip worries about Kate not wanting Austin or Billie to fly in, and Kayla advises him to do what Kate wants for now. If the time comes when the rest of her family needs to gather around her, Kayla will let him know. He thanks her, and she and Stephanie head off to get coffee. Stephanie grabs her wallet on the way out and looks at Melanie suspiciously. Another girl comes by to ask Melanie how her first day is going, and she whines about her help leaving to have coffee with mommy. Phillip storms over and the other girl scampers off. Phillip lays into her for talking about Stephanie that way, saying she is unpaid and goes above and beyond in her work for the company. She has made an effort to be nice to Melanie, and he expects Melanie to do the same. He warns her that he won’t tell her this again. Melanie sighs, promising to be on her best behavior. Stephanie and Kayla come back with coffee and Kayla asks her how it is going working with Melanie. Stephanie admits that she hates her, but she is trying to act like an adult and deal with it. She adds that she has been swamped with work lately, and wonders how Kayla manages to run the hospital and handle Joe. Kayla says having a supportive family helps, and Stephanie agrees. When she thinks of Phillip and what he is going through with his mom, she realizes how lucky she is to have Kayla’s support. They hug and tell one another they love each other.

Lucas tries to convince Kate that it is important to Chloe to do this for her since her own sister saved her life in the same way. Kate frets, wondering if Chloe has had any reservations about the surgery. He says she hasn’t, but Kate can tell that he isn’t being truthful by the look on his face. He admits that Chloe had a pre-operative exam with Daniel and acted a little strangely afterwards. Kate groans, sure that Chloe is nervous and rethinking her decision. Lucas says she isn’t, and that he would know if she was. Kate tells him she doesn’t want to go through with this transplant unless Chloe is a hundred percent sure she wants to do this.

Daniel asks Chloe if there is a problem, and she says he knows what her problem is. He assumes this about her exam yesterday and asks if she wants to talk about it. She flashes back to her near-kiss with Daniel, then comes back to the present, saying nothing happened. Daniel agrees. Chloe says she is just frustrated from not having eaten, and she’s been waiting an hour for a nurse to bring her another blanket. Daniel offers to go get it for her, but Chloe explodes, yelling that she doesn’t want special treatment, and that she will just wait for the nurse. Lucas comes in just then, asking if everything is alright.

Melanie comes back to the office with a tray of lunches. Phillip comes out to get his and makes a face since he didn’t want mayonnaise. Melanie offers to take it back, but Phillip refuses and heads into his office. She gives Stephanie her coffee. When she asks if its non-fat, Melanie rolls her eyes, saying it definitely is. Stephanie asks her how the presentation is coming along, and asks if she can help, but Melanie says she has to copy it herself since the machine is broken. Plus there is only one color copier, so she can’t really help. Stephanie reminds her that this needs to get done today, and Melanie says she is doing her best. Just then, Phillip comes out, wanting to go over some third quarter numbers with Stephanie. She heads into his office and Melanie mocks him, wondering if that is what he is calling what they do in his office.

Marlena escorts a patient out of her office, asking her to make a follow-up appointment with Cynthia, the receptionist. John and Charlotte exit her office just then, and John prepares to make another appointment. Marlena is glad to see him continuing his therapy and assumes he enjoyed his session. John says he did, as much as one can enjoy being ‘shrunk.’ He caresses her face and heads off. Marlena sighs.

Chloe says everything is fine, but Lucas says it doesn’t sound that way. Daniel thinks Chloe is a little edgy about the surgery, and she goes off on him, saying she isn’t edgy at all. She just wants to get this over with. Daniel asks her to calm down, as her blood pressure is rising rapidly. Chloe yells that she is trying. Daniel advises she try a little harder. If they can’t get her blood pressure down, they’ll have to call the whole thing off. Chloe says they aren’t calling anything off. Lucas heads over and rubs her back, which seems to help with the blood pressure. She thanks him, saying he is the best medicine. Daniel offers to go check on Kate, and tells Chloe to page him if she needs anything. She huffs, saying she has all she needs right here. Daniel leaves. Luca says now that they are alone, he wants the truth. Is she sure about going through with this? Chloe huffs angrily, wondering why everyone keeps asking her that.

Daniel heads into Kate’s room and she puts on a brave face, telling him she doesn’t plan on complaining about he nausea or fatigue. She is just sorry that she can’t touch him or be with him right now. Daniel tries to soothe her, but she stops him. She explains that she wants to thank him. He literally gave her life, and she appreciates that he has made her life worth living, too.

Kayla comes into Marlena’s office, saying she needs to ask her something. Marlena assumes it’s about her and Charlotte sharing a receptionist, and Marlena says it’s fine, and they’ve already worked it out. Kayla apologizes, sayings didn’t think Charlotte was starting until the next day. They make small talk and Kayla asks about John and his therapy. Marlena tells her that the colleague she recommended for him died, but his daughter has taken over the practice, so she is seeing John. She admits that the person is Charlotte. Kayla is surprised at the coincidence and Marlena says she was, too. Kayla asks Marlena what she is like, and Marlena tells her she’s skilled and energetic. She’s also good looking. Kayla asks if she has a problem with Charlotte treating John, but Marlena can’t put her finger on what the problem is, exactly. Kayla hates to say this, but she thinks Marlena might be a little jealous.

Melanie and Stephanie head into the vault talking about what they’re working on for the rest of the afternoon. Stephanie explains that she has to get some files from the vault, and will be with Phillip the rest of the afternoon. Melanie heads outside and says under her breath that she doesn’t think so. She shuts the vault door, locking Stephanie in. Stephanie pounds on the door, calling for help.

Marlena says she isn’t jealous of Charlotte at all. She and John always had a mature relationship, not one that a couple of high-school students would have. Kayla rephrases her question, asking if Marlena is upset that she isn’t the one helping John. Marlena sees what she means and admits that she would like to be the one helping John. He can’t even tell her what his sessions entail. Kayla reminds her she wouldn’t want John telling everyone about their sessions if she were the doctor in question, and Marlena admits that that is true. It’s just that she was able to save John’s life before, and he did the same for her. It’s upsetting that she is being shut out when his life is at stake once again.

John sits down in the park and puts his head in his hands. Charlotte comes up behind him, asking if everything is alright.

Chelsea heads into Titan and asks Melanie to tell Phillip that she is here. She refuses, but Chelsea explains that they are supposed to go to the hospital to see his mom, who is having a bone marrow transplant. Melanie huffs and says she will let him know. Chelsea sits down and asks her how she likes her new cushy job. She wonders if she even cares that Nick is about to stand trial for murder. Melanie says she really doesn’t care, seeing as how he did kill someone. Chelsea claims that she doesn’t feel sorry for her and head off to tattle to Phillip about how Melanie is treating her. Phillip isn’t in his office, and she asks Melanie if she knows where he is. Melanie says she hasn’t seen him in a while.

Stephanie bangs on the vault door. Philip comes up behind her, telling her she cant open it from the inside. Stephanie groans, asking if he knows the combination. Phillip says he cant use it from the inside, either. She starts pounding again, but he tells her it’s also sound-proof. Stephanie sighs.

Daniel tells Kate that she is giving him too much credit. It isn’t as if he invented this procedure. Kate says she knows that but he did call in specialists and find her donor. She owes her life to both him and Chloe. Kate asks if he has seen Chloe today, and adds she thought Chloe might be having some reservations. Daniel says she is adamant about doing the surgery, and has had no second thoughts as far as he knows. Kate is glad, but she asks Daniel to be sure Chloe will be fine. If something were to happen to her, Kate could never forgive herself.

Chloe and Lucas kiss. A nurse knocks and heads in, asking Chloe if she is ready for her IV. She asks her to remove her jewelry as well, and Chloe takes off her engagement ring, asking Lucas to keep it safe for her. He jokes about her claim that she would never take it off again and she smiles, telling him she doesn’t need a ring to remind her how much she loves him.

Chelsea asks Melanie if she knows where Stephanie is, but she says she is too busy to play at being Chelsea’s personal assistant. The girl from earlier walks by and Chelsea asks her if she has seen Phillip. Sasha says she saw him heading into the vault a few minutes ago. Melanie gulps.

Stephanie paces worriedly, saying she is stupid for letting the vault shut behind her. Phillip tells her to stop worrying, as it will eventually open, but Stephanie frets, reminding him they have a million things to do. How can he be so calm? Phillip moves in and puts his hands on her shoulders, telling her there’s no point in panicking.

Chelsea, Stephanie and Sasha head over to the vault and Chelsea starts banging on it when she notices it’s locked. Sasha tells her not to bother, as they can’t hear her. Chelsea groans, saying she can’t believe Stephanie and Phillip are locked in there together. Melanie agrees. Chelsea asks how they get them out, but Sasha says they can’t. Chelsea heads off to get some help.

Phillip backs off from Stephanie and loosens his tie, saying it’s getting hot.

John tells Charlotte that he has a headache coming on. She offers him some aspirin, but he say they can’t touch his headaches. She explains that she wants to focus on some feedback at his next session and focus on the chronic pain he is experiencing. She adds that he did really well today, he thanks her and says the same of her. She asks when she is going to see him again, but he tells her he probably won’t be making another appointment. He isn’t sure that he can come back.

Melanie, Sasha, and Chelsea try to find the combination for the safe, but all they can find is that it will open at a pre-set time. Sasha adds that this has happened a couple of times before, and no one was locked in there for more than few hours. Chelsea asks Sasha to tell Phillip she had to go to the hospital without him and heads off. Melanie sighs, saying she can’t believe Stephanie and Phillip are all alone in the vault. Sasha grins, saying they’re together, not alone.

Stephanie frets about the presentation being late, saying she wanted to make a good impression. Phillip jokes that she has already made an impression on him by locking him in here. Stephanie claims it was an accident, but Phillip jokingly says he isn’t so sure. Stephanie laughs, saying she can’t believe he thinks she would do this on purpose. She accuses him of enjoying every minute of this.

Marlena worries that John’s issues may be physiological. Therapy might not help him. Kayla assures her that if that is the case, Charlotte will recommend him to a neurologist. Marlena just isn’t sure she is up to the challenge of dealing with John, since he doesn’t even really want therapy. Kayla asks her if she really likes Charlotte at all. Marlena says she does, but maybe Kayla is right. Maybe she is so frustrated by not being able to help John herself that she is taking it out on Charlotte.

John tells Charlotte that frankly, he is afraid. He is afraid that the therapy might work too well. Charlotte can’t understand why John wouldn’t want his old life back, and he says he thinks the guy he sued to be was a jerk .Charlotte doesn’t think so, and reminds him that many people liked him. John says he doesn’t care about them--all he cares about is Marlena. He wants her in his life, even if he can’t reclaim his old self. That is why he is in therapy--because of her. He asks Charlotte if she can help him. She promises to try.

Lucas brings Chloe in to see Kate and Kate tries to find out if she is really sure about going through with the transplant. Chloe says she is, and hopes it happens before someone else can ask her that. Kate chuckles, ad promises not to ask again. Chloe tells her that after she has her marrow transplant, it will be like having a new birthday. Today is the first day of the rest of her life. Kate says she is looking forward to it ,and the two wish each other luck. Lucas wheels Chloe off, promising her he will be back soon.

Stephanie tells Phillip not to push her buttons, since she just got out of an intense relationship with a bad ending. Phillip chuckles, saying pushing buttons is what he does best. She wonders what he is going to do about his board meeting he missed, and he says he’ll just reschedule. Everyone will understand that he was locked in the vault with a beautiful woman and couldn’t leave. Stephanie asks him if he really thinks that. Phillip moves in for a kiss. The door unlocks just then and Melanie walks in, catching them.


Nicole tells Brady, “I found this on the internet and like I said on the phone, it’s the answer to my prayers.”

Melanie tells Max, “She is making a major play for Phillip and she’s already gained significant yardage.” Max groans, “Oh, God.”

Phillip asks Stephanie, “What would have happened if that door hadn’t opened?” She replies, “Now we’ll never know, will we?”

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