Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/10/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/10/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Nicole flashes back to drugging Brady’s drink with cocaine. Just then, he comes back with her aspirin. She lamely tries to joke about needing a whole bottle when she tells EJ the truth, and explains that she thinks Brady is right about her not keeping her secret anymore. Brady starts to sip from his drink, but gets a call from Marlena and excuses himself to take it. Nicole huffs to herself that Brady deserves this. She scowls and mocks him for saying that she has to tell EJ the truth. She refuses to accept his new ‘honesty’ policy and says that EJ will never find out what happened to their baby.

In the park, Chloe tells her parents she’ll call them tomorrow and hangs up angrily. She complains to Lucas, wondering why her parents only support her when she’s doing what they want her to do. Lucas thinks they are probably just worried about her bone marrow transplant in the morning. He wonders if Chloe is having second thoughts about going through with it.

Daniel comes into Kate’s hospital room and tells her not to worry, as he will be with her every step of the way. A nurse comes in with some files for him to look at and he heads outside. He takes a look over Chloe’s pre-operative charts and groans, saying that something isn’t right.

Chloe tells Lucas that she plans on going through with the surgery, but she is just angry with her parents for overreacting. Lucas again tries to assure her that they are just worried about her health. He adds that what she is doing is very special and brave, and he can’t thank her enough for giving his mom a second chance. Just then, Daniel calls Chloe and tells her that there was a problem with her white blood cell count. He needs her to come down to the hospital to talk with him about it.

In a building somewhere, the mayor’s killer does pushups as a photo of Sami sits on a table nearby. He gets a call from someone and listens carefully. Finally he nods, saying that if the information brings him to that little bitch, he’ll be there.

In the loft, Sami talks to EJ over the phone as Rafe and Roman listen in, asking him what is going on. She thought the twins were fine. He says they both are, but Sami can tell something is wrong, just by hearing his voice. EJ admits that he called to tell her goodbye.

Brady comes back from talking to Marlena, telling Nicole they need to finish up here quickly so she can go home and tell EJ the truth. Nicole says she can’t, as it will ruin her life. Brady picks up his drink, telling Nicole that her life is going to be ruined only if she keeps lying. He prepares to take a sip but Nicole screams that she can’t do it. She knocks the drink out of Brady’s hand and it crashes to the floor. She rushes off in tears.

EJ tells Sami that he and Nicole have been living together and are expecting a child. He didn’t want to tell her this on the phone, but he felt he had to be honest, so he is calling to let her know that he and Nicole plan on having a future together. Sami asks if that future includes the rest of their lives. EJ says it does. She asks him if he is in love with Nicole.

Brady chases Nicole down the pier and catches up with her, grabbing her arm and asking why she ran out on him like that. Nicole explains that she couldn’t go through with it. Brady assumes she means telling EJ the truth, but she says this is about him. She pulls the vial of cocaine out of her purse and tells Brady she laced his drink with it.

Chloe explains to Lucas that some of the counts on her pre-op tests are off, so she has to go down to the hospital and speak with Daniel about it. Lucas frets, thinking that it isn’t good news. Chloe tries to reassure him that she is fine, and that she is in remission. Lucas reminds her that she isn’t the ideal choice for this transplant. Chloe says he is right--she is the only choice. She is going through with this transplant no matter what anyone says.

Sami asks EJ again if he loves Nicole, and he says he has feelings for her. Sami says she asked if he loved her and EJ admits that he does. She wonders why he felt the need to call her to tell her this. She is already miserable not being able to see her friends or family. EJ explains that his father suggested that part of the reason he was having trouble connecting with Nicole was because of his feelings for Sami. She asks if that is true, and EJ reminds her that it doesn’t matter. She has made it clear time and time again that they do not belong together. Sami calls Nicole the town slut and reminds EJ of how they conceived their child together. EJ warns her not to speak of Nicole that way. Sami tells him that she clearly trapped him and got pregnant on purpose. EJ sighs and rolls his yes, saying it didn’t happen that way and she knows it. Sami launches into a lecture on how EJ can go tell his trashy girlfriend that he got the green light from her to continue their relationship. She suggests he go celebrate with champagne since he has now ruined his life.

Brady asks Nicole how she could do this to him. She explains that she’s a selfish sociopath. She couldn’t handle him telling EJ the truth, so she figured if she got him hooked on drugs, it would discredit anything he told anyone about the baby. Brady whirls on her furiously, asking if she knows how hard it has been for him to get clean and stay clean. He can’t imagine how she could do this to him. He tells her that she is up to her old tricks again, and he isn’t going to have any part of it. He storms off.

Lucas and Chloe meet Daniel at the hospital, and he explains that he is going to run a few tests to make sure Chloe’s blood counts are where they should be. He tells Chloe that he will be examining her, and she says that’s fine. Lucas offers to come in with her, but she tells him she will be ok and suggests he go visit Kate. Lucas heads off.

Sami rails at EJ, telling him that she doesn’t want Nicole to be a part of her son’s life. EJ says he won’t warn her again about saying nasty things about Nicole. She had a tough life, but she has changed. He is very compatible with her and they both want the same things in life. For example, they are both anxious to start a family. Sami asks if he is talking about the same family he wanted to start with her. EJ sighs.

Nicole chases Brady down, telling him they aren’t through here. She tries to explain that she loves EJ, and that she thinks he loves her too. This is the first time in a long time that she has been happy. Brady asks her if she planned on winning EJ by destroying the one guy who is trying to help her. Nicole reminds him she stopped him from drinking the cocaine-laced drink. Brady sarcastically sys that he is forever in her debt and asks her if she really knows what love is. It’s not about lying or keeping secrets; it’s about trust and honesty. Nicole cries, explaining that she knows that, but for the first time, she is with someone that isn’t using her as a means to an end. EJ actually likes her for who she is. Doesn’t she finally deserve that in a relationship? Brady says she doesn’t, actually.

Lucas comes to see Kate and finds her asleep. He sits by her bed and tells her how proud he is of both her and Chloe. He explains that she is giving them all a second chance as a family by giving Kate some of her marrow.

Daniel finishes Chloe’s blood work and takes her blood pressure. He talks about the big sacrifice she is making, and she explains that she sees this as paying it forward. Her sister gave her the marrow she needed, so she feels the need to do the same for Kate. Daniel thinks she is very brave, and she asks if they are finished. He says he still needs to check her lymph nodes and does so, moving his hands from her neck to her armpits. The two nearly kiss, but Chloe turns her face away at the last moment.

EJ says he did at one time want a family with Sami. She goes off on him again, wondering why he has chosen to do so with a slut like Nicole. EJ sighs and tells her goodbye, but Sami isn’t finished. She wonders why he is trying to destroy his life. EJ thinks she can’t stand the fact that he isn’t at home pining away over her. He mocks her, reminding her of all the times she said she loved him, then Lucas, then him, then Lucas. He thinks that in actuality, she really just loves herself. Sami asks why he is trying to hurt her, but he says he is just being honest. He realizes that she wants him to grow old and gray, sitting around wondering why it didn’t work out with her, but it’s not going to happen. Sami thinks he is doing this just to spite her. EJ chuckles, saying she hasn’t listened to a word he said. He will always care for her as the mother of his son, but that’s all. Sami again goes into a tirade about Nicole, saying she understands hat Johnny needs to bond with his new sibling, but she doesn’t want Nicole raising him. EJ huffs, saying he came down to speak to her as a courtesy. He had hopes it wouldn’t devolve into this kind of argument, but it has, so he is saying goodbye. EJ hangs up. Sami tells him to wait, but it’s too late. EJ sighs, telling Roman that he tried to do the right thing. Roman says he knows he did, and the two shake hands. EJ heads off. Rafe asks Sami how it went. She throws the phone against the wall. Rafe asks if really went that well.

Nicole understands that Brady is skeptical, because her plan will be hard to carry out. Brady reminds her that’s it’s just plain crazy. She’s going to try to pass another baby off as her own. Nicole says she has no other choice, but Brady thinks she can tell the truth. After all, the saying goes that the truth will set her free. Nicole cries, saying it will set her free from EJ and a life of happiness. She lost her baby, and the only thing keeping her going is the hope that she might conceive again in the future. She can’t give up on that now. She sobs, saying she understands if Brady doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. She says that having a child is so important to her that she doesn’t know how she can carry on if that hope is gone. She bawls and tries to walk off, but Brady stops her, saying he never realized how important being a mother had become to her. He promises not to tell EJ about the miscarriage, saying it’s her life and her decision. Nicole sobs and hugs him, thanking him.

Sami goes into a rage, saying she can’t believe the first call she got was from EJ, telling her he’s moving on with knocked-up Barbie. She tries to throw a lamp, but Rafe stops her. He thought she didn’t want to be with EJ, anyway. He guesses Sami hoped he’d be around waiting for her on the sidelines when she returned. Sami says this about Nicole, and not her. She figured that EJ would have learned what a skank she is by now. Rafe reminds her that Nicole is pregnant with EJ’s child, and told him the truth about it, unlike Sami. She fumes, saying baby or no baby, Nicole is going to ruin EJ’s life.

Nicole heads into the DiMera mansion and flops on the couch. She sighs and gets up, heading over to the liquor. She opens the vodka just as EJ comes in, asking her what she is doing.

Rafe thinks Sami needs to let this go, but she refuses. Does he really think those two are going to live happily ever after? Rafe says he doesn’t know them, but it’s possible. Sami says it isn’t, and even if it was possible for them to be happy, she is going to make sure that they aren’t.

Nicole tells EJ that she was looking for the grenadine to make a ‘Kiddie’ cosmo. EJ says he tried to call her earlier, but couldn’t reach her, and she explains she went to go see Chloe to wish her luck on her operation. EJ tells her that they need to talk. His father suggested that there may be a hurdle in the way of him fully committing to Nicole, and that he needs to take care of that hurdle. Nicole asks what it is, and EJ says it’s Sami. Nicole huffs.

Rafe thinks Sami still has a thing for EJ, but she says that isn’t it at all. She only cares for him because he’s the father of her child. Rafe says that’s funny, because she completely trashed the place just a few minutes ago. He wants the truth out of her. If she is really over EJ, then why does she care if he moves on with someone else?

Chloe asks Daniel if they are through and they share an uncomfortable moment. He says they are, and leaves so she can get dressed. Outside, he groans and puts his head in his heads. Lucas comes over, asking what’s wrong and where Chloe is. In the exam room, Chloe gets dressed and flashes back to her near-kiss with Daniel. She sighs.

Nicole sighs, saying sarcastically that it’s no a big surprise that Sami is the issue here. EJ explains that Stefano thinks Sami is keeping him from committing to Nicole and Nicole ask him if he agrees. He says he does and she gets up angrily, saying she is staying at the Salem Inn tonight. She’ll be back for the rest of her things in the morning. She stomps off as EJ tries to stop her.

Sami insists that this is about Nicole. What if she turns Sami’s son against her? Rafe is sure she will think of something if that happens, but Sami says she can’t do anything while she is trapped here. She has to come up with a way to get home. Rafe asks her if she plans on doing that before or after her baby is born.

Daniel tells Lucas that Chloe is fine, and that she can go home. They’ll call if they need to tell her anything about the blood work. Daniel asks if Lucas got to see Kate, and he said he did as Chloe comes out of the exam room. She asks Lucas if he is ready. He offers to pull the car around, but she says she needs some fresh air. Daniel heads off, telling Lucas that he’ll se them in the morning and to make sure Chloe gets her rest. Lucas asks Chloe if she is ok, as she seems nervous. She says she is fine.

Sami says she doesn’t get to pick when she leaves this place. Rafe just figured she would be conflicted about leaving, since no one knows she is pregnant. Sami says he was until EJ called to give her the news about Nicole. Rafe said he saw EJ, and he doesn’t think he’s the monster Sami makes him out to be. Sami says Stefano is the monster, and the one she is terrified of. She is sure he is thrilled that she is out of the way so he can raise her son as he wishes. Rafe says that won’t happen. A lot of people care about what happens to her and her family, including Rafe.

Nicole packs and looks for Pookie as EJ knocks on her door, begging her to let him explain. Nicole refuses, but opens the door searching for Pookie. EJ comes in and says he needs to tell her what happened. He spoke with Sami earlier. Nicole wonders why he feels the need to tell her this, and he says that he had Roman arrange a call to Sami to get closure. He told her it was over, and that he is moving on with Nicole. She isn’t sure what to say. EJ goes on to tell her that something Sami said made him realize what he has been feeling for a long time now. He loves her. Nicole smiles and they kiss.

Daniel sits by Kate’s bedside and holds her hand as Chloe and Lucas watch through the window. Lucas says it will all be over by this time tomorrow, and Kate can move on with her life. Chloe says she wants to leave and Lucas heads off. She pauses and stares through the window at Daniel. He stares back.

Sami apologizes to Rafe for being mean, saying she knows this situation is only temporary. Her having to deal with the DiMeras is going to last forever, though, and that scares the hell out of her. Rafe says that for now, he is protecting her, and he won’t let anyone lay a finger on her. She admits that she feels safe with him.

At the police station, Roman looks at a sketch of the killer and talks to someone over the phone, saying they have to catch this guy. Roman vows not to let him harm his daughter ever again.

The killer meets a man at the docks and give him some cash for some pictures. The man explains that he doesn’t know where this guy has Sami locked away, but he is sure he will lead him straight to her. The killer looks at a picture of Rafe and smiles.


Chloe yells at Daniel, “I don’t want any special treatment! I’ll wait for a nurse, ok?” Lucas comes in and asks, “Everything ok in here?”

Melanie tells Stephanie, “Let me get one itty-bitty thing straight--I don’t take orders from you.”

Kate tells Daniel, “You literally gave me life. Thank you for making it so worth living.”

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