Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/9/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/9/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the loft, Sami lays into Rafe for going to the DiMera mansion, saying he doesn’t know a thing about them if he thinks he can get away with this. Rafe smiles, saying she doesn’t know much about him, obviously. She tells him they have security systems and cameras hooked up, so Stefano will see his face and be looking for him. Rafe explains that he disabled the system. That calms Sami for a moment, but then she remembers that Nicole saw him, as well as whoever let him in the house. Stefano is going to be looking for him, and now his life is in danger--all because of her.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano and EJ argue over whether or not what happened at the pier had anything to do with the person that invaded the mansion and disabled the security equipment. Stefano thinks this kind of work is far too sophisticated for those hoodlums they dealt with at the docks, but EJ isn’t so sure it’s a coincidence. Stefano groans, wondering how EJ is ever going o take over the business, considering his penchant for idle treats. EJ claims not to know what he is talking about, and Stefano reminds him he said there would be hell to pay if his family came to any harm. He wonders how EJ plans to make the person who broke into their house pay.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Brady sees that Nicole has been looking up adoption on the internet and demands to know what is going on. Nicole says nothing is, but Brady doesn’t buy it. He was only supposed to have to keep her secret about the miscarriage for one day. Nicole says she needs him to keep it a little longer, but Brady manages to put two and two together and figures out that she doesn’t ever plan on telling EJ about her losing the baby. Nicole huffs, saying he has it all wrong. She knows she can never conceive again so she wants to give a child a good home, like the Bradys did with Max. Brady says he doesn’t buy it. He thinks Nicole plans on pretending the child she adopts is hers and EJ’s. He reminds her that she doesn’t want to mess with Stefano this way. When he finds out that she has put one over on him and his son, in regards to his heirs, he’s going to eliminate her. Does she want to end up dead?

At the docks, Lucas and Chloe stroll around. He tells her that he still can’t believe how unselfish she is being about donating marrow to his mother. Chloe says it’s no big deal. She understands what Kate is going through, and the same donation saved her life once, too. She wonders how Lucas will deal with both her and Kate being in the hospital, but he says he will be ok with it, since he has the both of them coming home to look forward too. Chloe is glad they told Kate about their engagement and they got Kate’s blessing. Chloe has enjoyed flaunting her beautiful diamond. Lucas reminds her that he needs to get it resized since it is a little tight. Chloe agrees and tries to pull it off, but can’t. She thinks she might need soap and water. She tugs on it some more and the ring flies off her finger into the water. She shrieks. Lucas takes off his shirt and prepares to dive in after the ring, but Chloe tries to stop him, reminding him the water is freezing. Lucas says he has to try and dives in, anyway. Chloe frets.

Sami tries to tell Rafe that she doesn’t care how qualified he is as an agent; the DiMeras are dangerous. They can send entire towns into a state of panic just by existing. Rafe listens to her rant, then calmly reminds her that if the DiMeras are so horrible, then why does she have two kids with one of them? Sami huffs, saying EJ was the biggest mistake of her life. She doesn’t want to get into how Johnny was conceived, and just tells Rafe that she is serious about how dangerous this family is. She knows he thinks she is overreacting because of her pregnancy and the hormones, but she isn’t. She confides in Rafe about Hilda bringing her pictures of the twins, and she says she thinks they were smiling. She bursts into tears, saying she knows this sounds selfish, but she doesn’t want her kids to be ok without her. She bawls.

Stefano wonders how EJ plans on protecting his children, and asks him to be a man of his word. EJ starts to storm off, saying he has to find Nicole, but Stefano stops him. He reminds him that EJ’s children are also his grandchildren, and he has the right to be worried about their well-being. EJ ignores him, leaving Nicole a message to call him back. Stefano switches tactics, wondering why EJ doesn’t make his relationship with Nicole legal. Supposedly he cares for her, even loves her, so he should do the honorable thing and marry her. That way, he will have an irrevocable bond to his child. EJ doesn’t answer, and Stefano assumes Sami must be standing in the way of him doing it.

Rafe promises Sami that she will be home with her kids soon, but figures out that she is also worried about the child she is pregnant with. Sami admits that she is, and Rafe tries to comfort her, assuring her that she will figure out what to do when the time is right. Sami wonders how she can, when he won’t even let her see Sister Teresa. Rafe asks what she has to do with this. Sami sweats.

Nicole tells Brady that he is underestimating her. She has been abused, abandoned, knocked down and beaten, but she has always gotten back up. She is tough and resilient, and besides, he is wrong about EJ. She thinks he loves her, and that he would never hurt her. Brady says that if that is true, then he won’t leave her just because she lost the baby. Besides, adoption is a serious issue, and one she and EJ need to decide on together. Nicole tells him he is right--it is her and EJ’s decision, so Brady needs to stay out of it. He apologizes, saying he can’t do that.

Chelsea heads into the Cheatin’ Heart and finds Max behind the bar with the box Trent left him. She asks if it’s a Christmas present, but Max explains that his dad bequeathed it to him. He can’t bring himself to open it, so he is just going to throw it away. Chelsea tells him that he can’t do that.

Nicole tells Brady that she is haunted by an empty feeling ever since she lost the baby. She never realized how important being a mother was until she got pregnant. Brady assures her that she isn’t alone. She has him and EJ to support her. Nicole says if that is true, then he will help her. Brady says he will help her, but not in the way that she wants. He’s going to tell EJ the truth.

Lucas comes back out of the river with the ring. Chloe can’t believe he found it, and he can’t either, admitting that the water was nasty. She tells him he has to get out of those wet clothes right away, but Lucas tells her not to worry, as he has a change of clothes in the car. He slips the ring back onto Chloe’s finger, and she vows never to take it off again. They head off to the car.

Nicole says she thinks Brady is so unhappy with his own life that he wants to make her miserable, too. Bray denies it, saying that he is in recovery, so he can continue lying for her. Nicole accuses him of trying to drive her back to drinking, and asks him if he really wants her to end up in the place she was before she got pregnant--going nowhere. Brady says he just wants her to do the right thing. Now will she tell EJ the truth herself, or is he going to have to do it?

Chelsea tell Max that she doesn’t think he should let whatever is inside the box go to waste. Besides, his father gave him life. Maybe he wanted to give him a better one, which is why he put Max up for adoption. Max grumbles, saying the bastard abandoned him. Chelsea says there might be money inside. Max doesn’t want it, but Chelsea says it could go to charity. Max shakes his head, saying he doesn’t care what’s inside. He refuses to open it and give Trent the last word. Chelsea say he doesn’t have to and urges him to come with her. Max grabs his jacket and they head off.

Brady tells Nicole that he doesn’t want to discuss this further and gets up to leave. Nicole follows him, begging him to stay and listen to what she has to say. They run into Chloe and Lucas and Nicole asks what happened to him. Chloe explains that Lucas was her hero and rescued her engagement ring from the river. Nicole squeals and congratulates her.

Sami explains to Rafe that she sees Sister Teresa as a sign of comfort. Being at the convent reminds her of the holidays and her family. Rafe accepts this explanation, and tells Sami he’s going to take a shower. He asks her not to try to sneak out this time and Sami grins slyly, saying she wouldn’t dream of it.

EJ wonders why Stefano is randomly bringing Sami up. Stefano doesn’t think it is random at all, but EJ does. He claims that he has nothing to do with Sami, and wants nothing further to do with her, either. Stefano thinks EJ is worried what Sami will say if she returns home and discovers that Nicole is Johnny’s new stepmother. EJ sighs, and tells Stefano he is tired of him interfering in his life. He asks Stefano to excuse him, as he has to speak with Nicole. Stefano chuckles and heads off. EJ sighs.

Nicole admires Chloe’s ring and suggests Lucas and Brady get them all some drinks. Lucas chuckles, reminding Nicole there are two former addicts at the table, along with a pregnant woman, and another one scheduled for surgery in the morning. Nicole scowls and tells him to bring some sodas then. Lucas and Brady head of to the bar, and Brady asks Lucas about Chloe donating marrow to Kate, wondering if it is safe. Lucas tells him that if he is considering bringing Chloe some get-well flowers in the hospital, he ought to rethink that decision.

Nicole thinks Chloe must be thrilled about her engagement, and she says he is. Chloe asks her how things are going with EJ and the baby, and Nicole says everything is great. Chloe doesn’t believe her.

Rafe comes out of the shower to find Sami baking cookies. He didn’t think she could cook, but she explains that while at the mansion, John had a butler that taught her how to bake all kinds of cookies. She admits that she misses his strudel. Rafe chuckles, reminding her that he thought he wasn’t even supposed to mention Christmas. Sami says that Hilda talked her out of all that and made her realize that she needs to make the best of things, especially since she will be with her family next Christmas. She decided it was time that she did something nice for Rafe. She hands him a gingerbread man and he thanks her.

EJ comes to see Roman at the police station, saying that he needs to speak with Sami. Roman asks if the kids are ok, and EJ says they are. Roman tells him to forget it, then. EJ thinks Roman can set up some kind of secure phone call, but Roman refuses. EJ sighs, saying he understands that Roman doesn’t want to do this for him. He begs him to do this for Sami.

Chelsea and Max head into his room above the pub, and Chelsea sets the box down on his desk, saying it will be there when he’s ready to open it, although it’s ok if he is never ready. She starts to head off, but Max stops her and asks her to stay. He takes the box and sits on the bed. He begins to unwrap it.

Chloe can tell something is wrong with Nicole, but she brushes off her concerns, saying that Brady can just be a downer sometimes. Chloe wonders what they were doing together, and Nicole assures her they just ran into each other and were talking. Chloe still thinks something is up, and asks if anything happened with them. Nicole wonders why she would even ask that.

Brady tells Lucas that he can stop marking his territory. If Chloe is happy with him, then he is happy for her. Lucas tells him to keep telling himself that and he might just believe it.

Chloe says she just wonders why Brady and Nicole are here, since neither of them drink. Nicole shrugs, guessing that it’s just a coincidence. Chloe frets, saying she just hopes Brady didn’t come here looking to score. She knows this place used to be kind of shady. Nicole hopes he isn’t here for that either, and glances at him and Lucas chatting at the bar. Chloe asks Nicole if she has been enjoying life without Sami in the picture, and Nicole admits she has. Chloe says it’s been like a dream. Allie misses Sami, of course, but she and Lucas have been really enjoying a life devoid of constant hysterical phone calls. She hopes that kids aside, Sami will soon just be a distant memory.

EJ tells Roman that what he has to say to Sami will profoundly affect her life and her future. Roman caves and agrees to set up a phone call, but tells EJ he will have to listen in on it. EJ refuses, and Roman tells him it’s not going to happen otherwise.

Brady and Lucas rejoin Chloe and Nicole and Chloe proposes a toast to their future happiness. They all toast their sodas. Nicole notices the bartender heading for the bathroom and excuses herself to the rest room. Brady tells Chloe how brave she is for donating marrow to Kate, and she brushes it off, saying it’s no big deal. Lucas divulges that has given up on trying to praise Chloe, since she won’t accept it. Chloe is just glad that all three of them are getting along and having a civilized conversation.

Nicole tells ‘Brick’ that she needs him to do her a favor, and wonders if he still deals with Rawlins. Brick says he does, and Nicole explains that she needs a couple of hits of cocaine. Brick glances at her stomach and she hastily explains that it’s for a friend. She holds out a wad of cash and he agrees to help her out if he can. Nicole thanks him, reminding him that she only wants the good stuff. Brick nods and heads off.

Sami finds a pickle ornament on the tree and asks Rafe if he put it there. He says it must have come from Hilda. She told him there’s a tradition in Germany where you hang a pickle ornament on the tree. The first person to find it has luck for a whole year. Sami scoffs, saying she doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff, but Rafe thinks she needs to buy into the magic of the pickle. Sami chuckles and then stops. She apologizes foe being so selfish. All they have talked about is her family, but she knows Rafe must be missing his as well. He tells Sami it‘s ok, but she doesn’t think it is. She asks if he has someone special back at home. He tell her not worry about it.

EJ tells Roman that the call is personal, but Roman says he can put it in his diary if it’s too personal to discuss in front of him. EJ groans and finally agrees to Roman’s terms, asking him to go ahead and call Sami.

Max opens the box and finds a small toy dog inside. He flashes back to lying in bed as a child and talking to his stuffed animal. Trent comes in and demands he hand the toy over, but Max refuses, saying it helps him sleep. Trent snatches the dog from him and tells him he has to learn to live without toys. Max cries. He comes back to the present and tells Chelsea about his stuffed dog, Charlie. Trent took it away from him, and he never thought he would see it again. Chelsea apologizes for making him open the box, but Max says it’s ok. He just wasn’t expecting Charlie to be inside. She looks at the box, telling Max there’s something else inside.

Roman isn’t sure letting EJ talk to Sami is a good idea. EJ reminds him that he is Johnny’s father. Plus, he saved Sami’s life from the hit man when he showed up at the cabin. Roman sighs, and agrees to let him speak with Sami, but if he says anything that sounds suspicious, Roman will cut him off immediately. EJ agrees.

Nicole brings a round of drinks back to the table, but Lucas and Chloe have to leave, as they promised to visit Kate some time tonight. Brady wishes Chloe luck on her operation, and Nicole does the same. Chloe thanks them both and promises to call Nicole later. She and Lucas head off. Nicole doubles over, telling Brady that Dr. Baker told her the cramps would continue for a little while. She asks him to get her some aspirin and he heads off. She grabs his drink and pulls a vial of white powder out of her purse. She dumps it into the drink and stirs.

Max finds a note from Trent in the box. He chokes up as he reads it. It simply says, “I’m sorry.” Chelsea hugs Max as he chokes back sobs.

Chloe and Lucas stroll in the park. She thanks him for convincing Daniel that she didn’t need to check into the hospital tonight. She reminds Lucas that they might not be able to do something for a while after her surgery. Lucas winks, pretending not to know what she means. He thinks she will have to show him. Chloe giggles, asking him if he wants her to show him in the park. Lucas doesn’t see anyone around, so he thinks it’s alright. Chloe tells him how bad he is and they kiss.

Sami reminds Rafe that he knows a lot about her and her family, but she knows practically nothing about him. Rafe says he is her bodyguard, so they need to keep it that way. Sami goes back to stringing popcorn strands and pricks her finger. Rafe takes a look at it, but thinks she will be ok. Just then, his phone rings. Rafe answers it to find Roman on the other line, asking to speak to Sami. He hands the phone over and Roman greets her, assuring her that the twins and Will are fine. He called because there’s someone that wants to speak with her. He hands EJ the phone and he greets Sami. She gasps.

Brady brings Nicole some aspirin and she thanks him, saying she’ll be ready to finally face the music soon. She reminds Brady that she paid for the soda, so they may as well drink up. She sips her drink and watches Brady as he picks up the glass she spiked with cocaine.


Sami tells EJ, “There’s something wrong. I can hear it in your voice.” He replies, “I’m calling to say goodbye.”

Chloe asks Daniel, “What’s the problem?” He replies, “Well, can you come by the hospital? We’ll talk about it when you get here.”

Sami tells Rafe, “Baby or not--this is Nicole we’re talking about and she is going to screw up his life!”

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