Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/8/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/8/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Down at the pier, Stefano examines the diamonds Ramon brought and agrees to buy them. He has EJ hand over a briefcase full of money. Ramon takes it and he and Juan pull guns on EJ and Stefano, demanding that they hand the diamonds back over. Stefano does so and Ramon chuckles, saying it is always profitable doing business with the DiMeras.

Brady sits down in the park and catches sight of a vial on the ground with some white powder inside. He picks it up and looks it over.

At the loft, Hilda shows Sami a star she made for the top of the tree. Sami grumbles, saying she doesn’t want to decorate the tree or even think about Christmas. Hilda thinks the tree will be depressing with no decorations on it and Sami finally agrees. She thanks Hilda for making the star and starts to put it on the tree, but Hilda stops her, saying it’s traditional in her family to make a wish on the star. Sami immediately wishes she could spend Christmas with the twins. She hopes Rafe has dug up something useful at the DiMera mansion.

In her room at the DiMera mansion, Nicole comes out of the closet, fake belly in hand and sees Rafe. She gapes and disappears back into the closet. Rafe hears her shut the door and stops looking through her desk, asking who is there.

John catches Brady with the vial and says he guesses the old saying is true--once an addict, always an addict.

Nicole comes back out of the closet with a high-heeled shoe and goes after Rafe. He tells her he’s from the cable company and just doing his job, but Nicole says he doesn’t belong in her bedroom. She picks up the phone, saying she’s calling the police.

One of Ramon’s associates forces EJ and Stefano to kneel on the ground. Stefano clucks at him for choosing to do business this way and Ramon ignores him, asking if he has any last words. Stefano yells, “ATTACK!” and several of his men swoop in and disarm Juan and Ramon. EJ holds one of their guns on them as Stefano laughs, saying it’s now time to ask Ramon if he has any last words.

Hilda shows Sami a boxful of ornaments she made and Sami exults over them, saying she can’t believe they’re homemade. Hilda explains she does this every year. She usually sells them for charity, but this year, they’re all Sami’s. Sami thanks her and they start to decorate the tree together. Sami takes one of the ornaments, sits down on the couch and cries. Hilda promises her she will be able to be home for next Christmas and reminds her it will be her new baby’s first one.

Rafe tries to convince Nicole he is from the cable company as Mary comes in, explaining that she assumed Nicole or EJ called the cable company, so she let the man in. Nicole frowns, saying the cable is working just fine. Rafe says he has a work order and pulls it out. Nicole snatches it from him and tells him he has the wrong address. Rafe smiles goofily, saying he gets those numbers mixed up sometimes. Nicole gets a call from Brandon, and shoos Mary and Rafe away. He listens outside the door as Nicole tells her brother all about her pregnancy and how excited she is to have a baby.

John asks Brady if he has cocaine, but Brady says he doesn’t know. H just found the vial and was getting ready to destroy it when John surprised him. John grins and says “whatever,” but Brady won’t take that for an answer. To prove his intentions, he throws the vial on the ground and crushes it underfoot. John sarcastically tells him that he’s convinced now, and Brady lays into him, asking him why he is such an uncaring bastard. He has been through hell the past few months, and the father he knew wouldn’t have acted this way. John wonders how he should feel, and Brady sighs, saying he once heard that if you have something, you wont miss it when it is gone. He used to have a loving, caring father who had faith in him. Now he no longer does, and he misses his dad.

Ramon begs Stefano not to kill him as he and EJ take the money and the diamonds. Stefano twills him that he has a heart, and he will let him go and allow him to spend Christmas with his family. However, he does need to teach Ramon a lesson about people that conspire against him. He nods to his men and they start mercilessly punching Ramon’s associate. EJ winces.

Rafe messes with some wires in a box outside and heads back into the mansion. Nicole comes downstairs, asking what he is still doing there. Rafe tells her he’s waiting on Mary to bring him a glass of water, and Nicole asks to see his business card. Rafe shows her one, and she says it’s ok if he waits on the water. She fixes her hair in the mirror as Rafe asks her all kinds of questions about her pregnancy. Nicole wonders why he even cares. Mary brings his water as he explains that his sister just had a baby, and he can’t get enough of her. Nicole tells him to see himself out and Rafe leaves. Nicole puts her coat on and sighs, wondering what she is going to do. She heads off, yelling to Mary that she needs some fresh air.

Stefano’s men drag Ramon and Juan away as Stefano explains to EJ that one must always be prepared for these types of situations. EJ starts to storm off angrily, saying that he can’t believe Stefano got involved with people like this. He adds that he isn’t interested in leaving the safety of his home to be held at gunpoint. Stefano lays into EJ, telling him is spoiled and has been since he was a child. It’s time for him to build some character, or he will never be ready to take over the family business. EJ says he just wants to make sure his family is kept far away from this kind of activity, and Stefano vows that he will protect them, just as he has always protected those in his family. He warns EJ not to ever doubt him as he heads off.

Brady tells John that if he doesn’t have anything to say, he can leave. He tells him to go tell Chloe and Marlena that he is still an addict and using drugs. He’d rather have to deal with that than standing here trying to make John care about something. John reminds Brady that he and Marlena wanted him to see a shrink. Brady nods, saying he doesn’t get what that has to do with anything. John tells him that he is seeing one.

Rafe heads into the loft and Hilda tells him he’s late. She’s going to be late for her next assignment now. Sami pretends to be angry with her for being so cold-hearted right around Christmas. Hilda winks at her and heads off. Sami complains to Rafe about how mean Hilda is and asks how it went at the mansion. Did he see EJ? He says no, and she sighs, saying the whole effort was wasted. Rafe isn’t so sure, saying that he saw the other one--Nicole.

Nicole heads into the Cheatin’ Heart. The bartender recognizes her, but she only vaguely remembers him. He tells her that he is finally back in town and ready to party. He asks her what she wants to drink, telling her it’s on the house.

Sami complains about Nicole’s mean-looking face and asks Rafe all about her, guessing she must be lording it over in everyone in town now that she is pregnant with EJ’s baby. Sami never would have believed it if she hadn’t seen her baby bump herself. Rafe says that he overheard her speaking to her brother, and she seemed pleased she was pregnant, but he really didn’t get the feeling she was all that excited about it.

Nicole tells the bartender she’s not drinking, as she is pregnant. She asks for a Shirley Temple, but he sees some other women motioning to him from across the room and heads over to speak with them. Nicole sighs as Max comes over, congratulating her on the pregnancy. He tells her that he is glad he ran into her, as he wanted to apologize. Nicole doesn’t understand, as they barely know one another. Max tells her to wait until she hears what he did.

Stefano and EJ head into the mansion and run into Mary, who explains that Nicole went out. She also tells them about the mix-up with the cable company. Stefano asks if the man left a card, but Mary doesn’t think he did. Stefano dismisses her for the evening and tells EJ that it looks like they have had a visitor.

Brady thought John cancelled the appointment with the psychiatrist, but he explains that he changed his mind. He tells Brady all about Charlotte, and how he was supposed to meet with her father, but he died. He goes on to say that he likes Charlotte because she doesn’t judge him. Brady says he hopes John continues seeing her and that she helps him. John says that he suggested earlier that Brady wasn’t clean, and he is sorry for that. He believe that he is, and in his own way, he is happy for Brady. He adds that he is proud of him as well and heads off. Brady gapes with astonishment.

Sami complains about Nicole, saying that she’s a bad person and she can’t understand why EJ fell for her lies. She thinks maybe Nicole quitting drinking has helped her maintain control of the situation. Rafe sighs, saying that he is looking at Nicole and other people involved in this case solely as an objective observer. Sami wants to know if he noticed anything about Nicole, and Rafe admits that Nicole seemed very sad, and like she was hiding something.

Nicole says she is the one usually apologizing to people, and Max chuckles, saying it’s his turns now. When he heard she had been arrested for Trent’s murder, he was relieved because it meant that his sister was innocent. Now that he knows Nicole was innocent, too, he feels badly for being happy about her being jailed. Nicole says it is no big deal, as she has moved on, and asks Max how things are going with his sister. He sighs, saying there is a lot more to family than just biology. Nicole agrees, saying you could never tell Max was adopted. He looks and acts just like a Brady. No one could tell he wasn’t blood related to them. Max sighs and agrees that no one can ever tell.

Sami doubts that Nicole was sad, as she is too mean and insensitive to have feelings. Rafe is sorry he ought it up, but Sami wants to know more, like where he saw Nicole and how he was able to listen in on her conversation with Brandon. Rafe explains that he saw Nicole in her bedroom. Sami groans, telling Rafe that he blew it.

Stefano rails at EZJ about the cable guy, but EJ thinks it was just an innocent mistake. Stefano tells him he’s an idiot and that he needs to start using his head. There are never innocent mistakes when it comes to their family. EJ wonders what he should do about it and takes out his phone to call Nicole. Stefano snatches it from him and throws it across the room, telling EJ to get the surveillance DVD so they can find out what’s going on.

Nicole asks Max about hi adoption and if the other kids were mean to him because he wasn’t a ‘real’ Brady. Max says no, and that adoption worked out great for him, especially considering who his father was. He wonders why she is so curious, but Nicole says she is just being friendly. Max heads off to check on something, and Nicole ask if he has a computer she can use. He brings her his laptop and heads off. Nicole thanks Max under her breath for a great idea.

Sami rails at Rafe, calling him crazy for going into the house. The DiMeras have surveillance cameras everywhere. He says he isn’t worried, and she thinks that shows how little he really knows about the DiMeras. Rafe smirks, saying tt shows how little she knows about him.

Stefano and EJ fret as they learn the ‘cable’ guy disconnected their security system. Stefano flies into a rage, saying they need a new security company. They can’t allow their security to be compromised this way ever again. EJ agrees, saying that with Johnny in the house and a new baby on the way, they have to be extra-careful. He says there will be hell to pay if anything happens to his family.

Nicole looks up adoption on the internet as Brady comes up behind her, asking her what the hell she is doing.


Sami tells Rafe, “Don't you see? Your life is still in danger and it's all because of me.”

Stefano tells EJ, “If you love her as much as you say you love her, marry her and be a family.”

Brady tells Nicole, “When he finds out -- and he will find out -- that you've been trying to put one over, he's going to eliminate you.”

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