Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/5/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 12/5/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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Nicole paces around her room at the DiMera mansion. She frets, wondering how she can ever tell EJ the truth. She’s done something horrible, and now she can’t get out of it.

At the hideout/loft, Sami yells at Rafe, who is in the shower, that she found a ballet for them to watch on TV. She warns him not to use all the hot water and heads over to the bed. She grabs the paper she took from the church, along with her coat and purse. She sneaks off towards the door and flings it open. Rafe is standing outside and yells, ‘Boo.’ Sami shrieks.

Lucas and Chloe head into Kate’s room at the hospital with a gift. Kate jokes about Chloe having to come by so she doesn’t miss all the fun. Chloe insists that she wanted to come by, and Kate takes her hand, telling Chloe that she knows she would help her if she could. Chloe thanks her for saying so, and Kate asks them if they have seen Daniel. Lucas says he hasn’t, and asks if he has been around. Kate says no. She thinks Daniel is having trouble facing her after giving her the bad news last night.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Daniel types furiously on his laptop, telling himself that he must have missed something. He thinks there’s got to be a way.

Nicole heads down to the living room, where Stefano is waiting for her. He offers her a drink, but she motions towards her belly, saying she can’t. Stefano applauds her for being such a devoted mother. She asks him what EJ wanted and where he is, but Stefano says he was the one that wanted to talk to her, not Elvis. Nicole wonders why he wanted to speak with her, and he says it’s about her pregnancy. He thinks it’s about time they both put their cards on the table.

Sami lays into Rafe for scaring her. He says he was just trying to make a point that she can’t be trusted. Sami grumps that he can’t be either, as she thought he was taking a shower. Rafe explains that he can get out the bathroom window, and looks at Sami’s belly, saying he doesn’t think she can manage it. She says that she hates him as Rafe begins to take his shirt off. She asks him what he thinks he’s doing, and he tells her he’s getting changed to go out. He heads into the bathroom and Sami tries to sneak out again. Just as she reaches the door, Rafe tells her that there’s a big surprise waiting for her outside the door. Sami scowls and sits on the couch as Rafe comes back out, buttoning his shirt. He thought she was watching a ballet and Sami bursts into tears, saying that she should be watching Christmas movies with her mom and her kids. Rafe tries to comfort her, telling her that he’s sorry, and he was being truthful when he said there was a surprise outside for her. He thinks she’ll like it, and begs her to stop crying.

Stefano tells Nicole that it’s time to be honest about her pregnancy, as he knows what happened at the clinic. Nicole gapes as EJ comes in, asking Nicole if Stefano is giving her the third degree. She says he is, and he insists that Stefano apologize. He does so, explaining that he is only worried about his grandchild and thrilled another one is on the way. EJ breaks in, saying that Stefano just wants the best for her and the baby. Stefano agrees, saying that is why he has flown in the one of the best obstetricians in the world. He will examine Nicole later this evening, and they will know exactly how the baby is. Nicole outright refuses.

Kate opens her gift to find an art project Will did as a young child. She cries, thanking Lucas, but adding that this should be at home on the mantle. Lucas says she can put it there herself when she returns home, and hangs it near her IV for now. Kate tells Chloe that there was a time when she and Lucas didn’t get along because she was so domineering, but she always knew when he was hiding something. She also knows that he is doing the same now. She tells Lucas to ‘fess up. He admits that he and Chloe are engaged. Kate nods, saying she thought it was something like that. Lucas asks her to say something. Chloe bursts into tears and rushes out of the room. Lucas sighs.

Rafe apologizes to Sami, saying that he has been acting like a real jerk. She lays into him, telling him that she has always been better at being happy than sad. She needs him to keep annoying her and acting like a jerk so she won’t be reminded that he’s human, and she won’t have to think about her kids or Christmas. She warns him not to even mention the holiday as a knock sounds on the door. Rafe tells her he has to go get rid of her surprise, then, but Sami wants to see it. She flings the door open to find someone with a Christmas tree. They start caroling and Sami whirls on Rafe furiously. She screams at him, wondering how he could do this to her.

Nicole asks Stefano who the hell he thinks he is. EJ tries to tell her they were just worried about her, but she whirls on him, telling him angrily not to discuss things about her with his father behind her back. She turns back to Stefano, telling him that he will not be selecting some strange doctor to examine her without her permission. Besides, this is the 21st century, and she is not some weak-willed woman. Stefano chuckles, saying he thought concern for her child would trump her hysterical feminism. Nicole lays into Stefano, saying she thought he was a good negotiator. If he plans on playing hardball with her, he better make damn sure she isn’t willing to walk away with nothing. Stefano gapes, asking if she is really willing to do that. Nicole flies into a rage, saying EJ is only in this child’s life because she allowed him to be. They have no legal agreement, and if they persist on doing anything like this ever again, she will rethink EJ’s involvement in her baby’s life.

Sami sobs as Hilda sets up the Christmas tree. Rafe offers to get rid of it, but Sami refuses, saying she doesn’t want it thrown in some dark alley somewhere. Hilda tells Rafe that he better get a move on and puts on his coat. Sami looks at his outfit, which includes a shirt from the cable company. She accuses him of going undercover and insists Hilda stop him. Rafe thinks she must be worried about him, but she says she is actually worried about herself. He has no idea how dangerous Stefano DiMera is.

Stefano apologizes to Nicole for overstepping his bounds. He asks her not to be angry with EJ, as Stefano did this all on his own, and never even asked EJ about it. Mary comes in, saying the call Stefano expected has come through, and he heads off. EJ also apologizes to Nicole, explaining that he and Stefano were just being guys, and they never considered Nicole’s feelings. Frankly, the clinic scared him, and he didn’t like the idea of Nicole having to go back there. Had a doctor been called in from Europe specially for him, he would have been thrilled, but he understands why she is upset. He adds that he is very impressed with the way Nicole stood up to his father. She really has some fire in her, and he knows no harm will come to their child, because she won’t let it. Nicole fidgets.

Chloe comes back into Kate’s room, and she explains that Chloe misconstrued her feelings on her engagement. Chloe tells her she doesn’t pretend to be happy about this for her sake, and Kate says he isn’t. She has come to realize that she can’t micromanage her son’s lives, and she realizes that Chloe makes Lucas happy. She accepts that, and knows Chloe will do her best to continue to please Lucas. Chloe agrees and Lucas thinks the may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Just then, Daniel comes in, saying he has good news. He thinks he has found a way to get Kate the bone marrow she needs.

Sami knows that Rafe is going to spy on Stefano, as her case is the only one he is working on. Rafe admits that’s so, and says he is going to check things out at the mansion, in disguise as a cable guy. He reminds Sami that people will forget he’s there and say all kinds of things in front of him. Sami doesn’t think anyone is going to admit they killed the mayor, but Rafe says he has to take a chance on finding some evidence that will help Sami get out of here an back to her family. She gives in, telling him to scuff up his shoes so he actually looks like a laborer. Rafe agrees and heads off, telling Hilda to be nice to Sami so she isn’t a basket case when he returns. He heads off. Sami worriedly asks Hilda if she thinks Rafe will be alright. Hilda scoffs, saying that for two people who can’t stand each other, they sure do worry a lot.

Nicole asks EJ if he will tell Stefano that she wont see the doctor, and he agrees, apologizing again for blindsiding her. He hopes shed didn’t mean it when she said she might have to rethink their relationship. He doesn’t know what he would do if her ever lost her or the baby. Just then, Stefano comes in, saying they have to leave on important business. EJ asks Nicole if it’s ok, and she says it is. He kisses her and the two head off. Nicole sighs, saying she can’t keep doing this to EJ, but she knows if she tells him the truth, it will kill him--and their relationship. Later, Nicole puts on her coat and heads off, telling Mary that she’ll be out shopping. As she reaches the door, she realizes her fake belly is slipping around, so she heads upstairs to change. Just then, Rafe rings the bell and Mary answers. He tells her he came by to fix the TV problems they’ve been having.

Sami frets about Rafe, telling Hilda that she is worried about everything right now. Hilda asks if that includes her baby, and Sami whirls on her, telling her that he must never tell anyone about her pregnancy. Hilda agrees, saying there’s no one to tell and asks Sami to sit down, as she has a surprise for her. Sami is suspicious at first, but Hilda pulls out several pictures of Allie and Johnny. Sami bursts into tears and thanks her profusely.

Daniel tells Kate, Chloe and Lucas that he thinks he ha found a way for Chloe to be Kate’s donor. Lucas is confused, saying he thought Chloe couldn’t donate because she had cancer. Daniel explains that he is working with a colleague from Harvard who is a hematologist and has done considerable research in the field. He may have a way to treat Chloe’s marrow and blood so that Kate can receive it. He just has to make sure they both want to go through with the procedure. Chloe asks why they wouldn’t, and he explains that there is considerable risk to Chloe. She and Kate exchange glances. Chloe asks about the risk, but Kate says it doesn’t matter, because she isn’t doing it. Chloe has had cancer, and she refuses to risk her health over this. Lucas wants her to think of the time she has left, but Kate says she is thinking of the time Lucas and Chloe have together, not her own. She insists they all leave, as she is tired. Chloe tells her that she understands Kate can choose not to accept the donation, but she can’t force Chloe not to donate her marrow.

Stefano and EJ shiver near the pier. EJ asks what they are doing there, and Stefano explains that his business associates from Argentina are meeting them there. EJ thought they were done doing business with Argentina, but Stefano explains he only pretended to force their hand. He tells EJ the name of the man they are meeting and EJ recognizes him as a huge importer of stolen diamonds from Africa. Stefano nods, telling EJ that this business deal will decide once and for all if EJ is ready to help tackle the family business.

Mary asks who called Rafe, but he avoids the question, saying he can find the TV on his own. He winks, telling her he’s bonded, and she can pat him down before he leaves. She grins, saying it will be the highlight of her evening. She answers the phone and tells someone she’ll take care of it right away. She heads off and Rafe sneaks upstairs. He approaches Nicole’s’ room as she stands in front of the mirror, adjusting her fake belly. Rafe comes up outside the door.

Hilda tells Sami how beautiful her children are, and Sami thanks her again for bringing the pictures. Hilda says she understand what it’s like to be separated from her kids--she was separated from her son when he was about Sami’s twins’ age. When she came back, though, he hadn’t forgotten her, and everything was back to normal. Sami admits that her greatest fear is that her children won’t remember her. She hasn’t even had the chance to buy them presents for Christmas. Hilda tells her they don’t wants presents. All they want is her.

Kate tells Chloe that it’s too dangerous, but she says getting up in the morning and crossing the street can be dangerous, too. Kate asks her to think of Lucas and Chloe grins, saying she is only thinking of herself and the pull she will have with both of them when she saves Kate’s life. Daniel interrupts, telling Kate they are still looking for another match, but he wants Chloe there as a backup in case it falls through. He thinks they all need to let Kate go to sleep for the night, and she asks to speak to Lucas alone. Chloe and Daniel head off to talk about her donation, and Kate asks Lucas to promise her that he won’t let Chloe do this.

Rafe listens outside Nicole’s room as she adjusts her fake belly.

EJ and Stefano meet with Ramon Fortin and his son, Juan. Stefano is ready to look at the product they’ve brought him, and Ramon takes out a black box filled with glittering diamonds, saying he brought only the best for Stefano. Stefano admires them, saying it’s too bad so many lives had to be lost to get them here. EJ frowns.

Hilda asks Sami not to tell Rafe that she brought the pictures. Sami accuses her of not wanting anyone to know she was nice, and Hilda winks, saying if Sami blows her cover, she’ll pay for it. Sami looks at the tree and sighs, saying it looks sad all bare and undecorated. She hates the thought of having to do it herself. She adds that she can’t stand missing this Christmas with her twins, even thought they don’t really understand the holiday yet. She never knew how hard going into witness protection was going to be until now.

Lucas refuses to do that to Kate. She thinks this is too dangerous for Chloe and she doesn’t want to be responsible for compromising her immune system. Lucas thinks Daniel knows all the risks, and he wouldn’t put Chloe in any danger unless he thought everything would be alright. They can’t miss this shot to make Kate well, and if they are going to trust Daniel with Kate’s life, then they should be able to trust him with Chloe’s.

Daniel advises Chloe to speak with her oncologist before she makes a decision, and she says she will, but she has already made up her mind. If they can’t find another donor, she is going to do this for Kate.

Stefano admires the diamonds and tells Ramon that he will take them. He instructs EJ to hand over the money and EJ hands Juan a briefcase. He asks Ramon if he will count it, but he says it isn’t necessary. He and Juan pull guns on EJ and Stefano, instructing Stefano to give him the diamonds. Stefano hands them over and Ramon laughs, thanking Stefano. He says doing business with the DiMeras is always profitable.

Rafe heads into Nicole’s room and starts sifting through her drawers. She comes out of her closet with the belly in her hand and gapes.


Brady asks John, “Why don’t you go tell Marlena and Chloe and Nicole that I’m a drug addict?”

Max tells Nicole, “I owe you an apology.”

Ramon holds a gun on Stefano, “Any last words, old friend?” EJ hisses, “Father!”

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