Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/4/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 12/4/08


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Chelsea comes into the Cheatin’ Heart to find Max grumbling under the bar. He adjusts something with a tool and laughs, saying he finally got it. He stands up and sees the look on Chelsea’s face, asking what’s wrong. She says it’s about her grandma, and it’s really bad.

In the park, Lucas talks on the phone while Chloe waits nearby. He hangs up and tells her that Austin and Will’s results are being sent over, and Billie is getting tested later on today. Chloe thinks that’s good and that the odds are getting better. Lucas frets, saying he read that seventy percent of patients don’t find a bone marrow match within their family. Chloe tries to look on the bright side of things, telling him that that means thirty percent do. Besides, he can’t show Kate how scared he is. Lucas says he can’t help but be afraid, but right now, he just wants to enjoy being with Chloe. They kiss.

At Maggie’s house, Melanie sits at the computer and grumbles about Phillip making her learn an encyclopedia’s worth of information. She thinks she needs a break, as she’s been at it for over half an hour. She leaves Maggie a note, asking her not to touch the project she’s working on, even though it is Maggie’s laptop. Melanie heads out the door.

At the hospital, Phillip sits with Kate in her room. She tells him that he can leave, and that she doesn’t need someone to hold her hand. Phillip says he is just there for support, but Kate won’t have it. She tells him that he doesn’t have to worry about her fighting. She plans on fighting like hell, and she told Lucas the same thing. Phillip says he isn’t worried about that, but she isn’t going to fight this thing alone. Daniel comes in just then, agreeing that Kate won’t be alone.

At the pub, Marlena apologizes to John, saying that there has been a mistake. The Dr. Taylor she referred him to is a much older man. Charlotte explains that he was her father. She has taken over his caseload. Marlena wonders why she didn’t feel the need to notify her, since the referral was specifically for her father. John tells Marlena not to start a fuss, especially since things are going so well. Marlena whirls around and glares at him.

Daniel tells Kate about her family members being tested to donate, but she says she doesn’t want Will to be considered, as he is too young. Phillip thinks he should be given the chance to save his grandma’s life. Kate fusses, telling Daniel that she doesn’t want any more visitors, especially smartasses like Phillip. Just then, she doubles over in pain. Daniel wants to give her more morphine, but Kate refuses, saying that she wants to feel alive as long as she can. She asks Phillip to leave again, but he refuses. She sighs, saying that she has to know that he will respect her wishes. If she doesn’t find a donor, and the treatment gets too bad, she has to know that he will abide by whatever she decides. Kate cries as Phillip strokes her face. She asks him if he will able to do that.

Maggie runs into Melanie at the pier, and she tells her that she’s taking a break from studying. She explains all the information Phillip wants her to know for the job is overwhelming, and she wonders if he only offered her the job to prove that he isn’t as mean and stuck-up as she thinks he is. Maggie says he isn’t like that, but Melanie wonders why he won’t return her calls. Maggie explains that he has a lot of things on his mind right now. His mom is back in the hospital. Melanie says she feels badly for him, and wishes she could do something to help. Maggie thinks she can and explains that the hospital is trying to find a bone marrow match for Kate. After they check her family members, they’ll have to expand their search outside the family. Melanie’s eyes widen and she squeals excitedly, saying that this is her chance to do something nice for someone else.

Marlena reminds John that he was angry when she handed his case over to someone without asking him. She wonders why he isn’t bothered that a person other than the one she gave the case to started treating him. Charlotte quickly explains that she never treated John, and that they just had a consultation. Marlena huffs, saying that she still should have been notified. Charlotte tells her she left her several messages at her office. Marlena sighs, saying a temp is working, so that is probably why she didn’t receive them. Charlotte goes on to explain that her father thought highly of Marlena, and so that is why she was eager to take the case on after his death. Marlena apologizes, saying she hadn’t heard, and Charlotte tells her that she thinks Marlena is right about John’s case--it does have to do with the research her father immersed himself in. She says she is sure she can help John, but there is one thing that bothers her about the case--John and Marlena’s relationship.

Lucas and Chloe lie in bed. He apologizes to her, saying she should be able to celebrate her engagement. Chloe says it’s fine. For once she has a happy secret to keep instead of a sad one, and besides, she knows Kate doesn’t need anything else to think about right now. Lucas wishes he knew how she always manages to stay positive. Chloe thinks she has a lot to be happy about .She has a wedding to plan, bridesmaids to select, and the prospect of moving into a new, lovely home with Lucas. But most of all, she’s thrilled to know that she and Lucas will be facing the future together--through good times and bad. They kiss passionately.

Max brings Chelsea a drink, asking if she wants anything to eat. Chelsea says she is just numb. She can’t believe they were just having a party for Kate, and now she is back in the hospital. Max tries to remind her how strong Kate is, but Chelsea doesn’t want to hear it. Max says he understands she is tried of hearing clichés, and apologizes. Chelsea sighs, telling Max that everyone in the family is being tested as donors for Kate except for her. She feels completely useless.

Kate tells Phillip that she plans on fighting this, and taking any chances for a cure that she can. But if and when all those chances are gone, she wants Phillip to try to understand that, and to also try to make everyone else in the family understand it, too. Phillip promises to try. Kate cries, saying she is only asking this of him because she thinks he has turned into an amazing man. She asks him to leave, as she has to talk to Daniel, and Phillip kisses her. She reminds him they won’t speak about this again and he heads off. She asks Daniel if he thinks she was too hard on Phillip, but he says no, and that she had to take care of it at some point. However, he doesn’t even want her to think of the future in that way anymore. She has much more important things to concentrate on.

Outside, Stephanie comes up to Phillip with some papers to sign from Titan. He signs them and thanks her. She says she understands that he probably doesn’t want to talk right now but she is here for him if he needs her. They hug just as Melanie comes around the corner. She stops short and spies on them. Phillip tells Stephanie that they’re hoping for good news later on as the test results from the potential donors come in. Stephanie tells him that she also got tested. She knows it’s a long shot, but you never know. Phillip agrees, and asks he to tell his secretary he will be here all night. He adds that he wants Stephanie to take the rest of the day off. She thanks him and heads off. Melanie comes over as Phillip slumps in a chair with a sigh. He asks her what she is doing here.

Charlotte explains to Marlena that since she and John are divorced, but she was still handling his treatment, she thinks the professional and personal lines are blurred. John agrees, saying he appreciates that he and Charlotte were able to meet in the park. Marlena whirls on Charlotte, reminding her that John’s treatment should be medically-based, as he needs a battery of neurological tests. Charlotte tells Marlena this was just what she was talking about. She isn’t sure Marlena will be able to step back and respect the confidentiality of her and John’s relationship. Marlena thinks she should ask John what he wants. He tells her that he does want to continue seeing Charlotte--as long as Marlena agrees to back off for his sake. Marlena gapes.

Daniel hovers over Kate, taking notes. She wonders why he is still waiting around for test results, as a nurse could do that. Besides, she is sure he hasn’t eaten yet. Daniel jokes about her being a nag and Kate bursts into tears, saying she’s scared. She’s scared that he is becoming too personally involved in her case. Daniel says she doesn’t have to worry about that. He cares for her, and he is going to do everything in his power to ensure that she recovers. Kate still thinks he is putting too much pressure on himself, especially considering what happened to his wife. Daniel says this isn’t about him or his wife, it’s about her. Kate smiles through her tears, calling him a liar.

Max tells Chelsea that she is starting to piss him off. She can’t donate to Kate because she already donated part of her pancreas to save Bo. It’s isn’t as if she is the only one with working body parts, and it’s time to give someone else a chance to save a life. He stops himself and apologizes, but Chelsea tells him not to bother. She came here to talk to someone that wouldn’t let her whine or feel sorry for herself, although she wishes Max could have done that without yelling at her. She smiles through her tears, saying that this whole situation is a bitch. Max hugs her.

Lucas and Chloe make love.

Phillip lays into Melanie, asking if she understands the concept of privacy. She apologizes, saying she just came down to get tested as a donor for Kate, but she’ll leave. Phillip stops her, and she says she knows what he is going through, since she acted oddly after her father died. Phillip snaps that his mother isn’t going to die. Melanie apologizes again and heads off, saying she’ll leave him alone, ad that she just wanted him to understand that she knows what he’s going through. Phillip sighs.

John hopes Marlena will back off so he can continue his treatment. He heads off to take phone call, telling Charlotte and Marlena that they must have a lot to talk about. They take a seat at a table, and Marlena hopes she knows this is all a big game to John. Charlotte says she does, and that she had to manipulate his feelings for Marlena just to get John to agree to more treatment. She and Marlena talk about her father and his academic research, and Charlotte says she is more like Marlena than her father. If research doesn’t have practical human applications, then she isn’t interested. She goes on to explain that she has left her father’s hospital, and will now be affiliated with the one Marlena works at.

Melanie and Maggie run back into each other at the docks, and Melanie tells her she went to the hospital, but she didn’t seem to have help Phillip at all. She complains that she never says the right thing, even though she knows what he is going through. Stephanie on the other hand, has no clue, and she seems to always say the right thing. Maggie tells her that she has to start doing the right thing for the sake of doing it and not to score points. Melanie swears that she really wanted to help and wasn’t thinking of scoring points. Maggie believes her, but reminds her Phillip is going through a difficult time right now. It might be best just to leave him alone.

Stephanie runs into Steve and Kayla in the park. She drops her coffee and curses, practically crying. Steve asks her what the matter is.

Daniel brings Kate a Christmas ornament and sets it by her bed. She laughs, saying it’s hideous, and Daniel agrees, saying he just wanted to get her into the Christmas spirit. Kate sighs, saying she has taken a lot of holidays for granted, and she hopes she gets the chance to make up for that this year. Daniel vows that she will live to see many more Christmases than just this one. A nurse comes in just then and hands Daniel a slip of paper. He tells Kate that the test results are in. She sighs, saying she knows exactly what she wants for Christmas. Phillip rushes in, asking if there is any news. Daniel tells him all the results are in, and he is heading off to the lab to pick them up. Kate asks Phillip to call Lucas, and he agrees, assuring her that everything is going to work out. He and Daniel head off. Kate cries, saying she hopes so.

Phillip calls Lucas to tell him the results are in. He and Chloe get ready to head to the hospital.

Phillip also calls Chelsea, who says she is on her way. Max wishes her luck, and she thanks him, saying they’ll need it.

Daniel looks at the test results, saying that they weren’t what he expected.

Marlena and Charlotte talk about her new job at University hospital. Marlena offers to help her in any way she can, but Charlotte thinks she might regret it, as she is going to have a million questions. John comes back over ,saying he knew they’d have plenty to talk about. Marlena tells him about Charlotte working at the hospital and Charlotte adds that her office is right next to Marlena’s. John grins.

Melanie agrees to leave Phillip alone for now, but she vows to do well at her job and show Phillip she’s capable of handling the position. Maggie is sure she is and offers to walk home with her. She heads off and Melanie mutters to herself that she plans on doing her job as well as Stephanie’s.

Stephanie tell Steve and Kayla about Phillip and Kate going back into the hospital. She says he is a really great guy and that she’s worried about him. He even gave her the day off, which is crazy, considering he’s thinking of someone besides himself and his mom right now. She bursts into tears and Steve and Kayla try to comfort her.

Lucas and Chloe head into Kate’s room and Chelsea and Max approach outside. She thanks him for coming with her, but says she can handle being alone now that she is with her family. She also heads into Kate’s room. They all fret and wonder where Daniel is. He rushes in and Lucas asks if they have a match. Daniel says they do, but first they need to know it isn’t a family member. He also had the database run a test of previous patients for matches, and they came up with one. Kate asks who it is and Daniel says it’s Chloe. She gapes.


Chloe tells Phillip, “I wish you didn’t know--hell, I wish I didn’t know I was a match.”

Rafe tells Sami, “Everything is going to be fine.” She retorts, “You have no idea how dangerous Stefano DiMera is!”

Stefano tells Nicole, “It’s not EJ that wants to talk to you--I do.” She asks, “About what?” He replies, “I think it’s time that we both put our cards on the table, don’t you?”

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