Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/3/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 12/3/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the church, Sami and Rafe talk about how years ago, Sister Agnes was able to help Rafe turn his life around. Sister Teresa comes over, greeting Sami and calling her ‘Colleen.’ Sami introduces Rafe as ‘Ryan’ and asks the sister if they can continue their conversation from the day before in private. Rafe stops her, saying that he refuses to leave her side even for one moment.

Marlena heads into the pub and Kayla greets her, asking her if she is here to meet someone. Marlena explains that she was looking for John, who should be with an older man. Kayla says she hasn’t seen him and Marlena sighs. Kayla tells Marlena that since she is John’s doctor, she’d like to know if there are any changes in his condition. Marlena explains that he has agreed to speak with one of her old colleagues. Kayla thinks that’s great news, but Marlena isn’t so sure. It all depends on if John decides to follow through with the treatment.

At the park, Dr. Charlotte Taylor wonders why John preferred having their meeting here, as opposed to the pub. John ignores her, telling her that his appointment was with Dr. Kenneth Taylor, and she doesn’t look like a ‘Kenneth’ to him. Charlotte explains that that was her father, and he passed away about a month ago. Since she is taking on his case load, John will have to see her instead.

At the clinic, Nicole tries to tell EJ that seeing Dr. Baker is pointless, since she told him everything already. Just then Baker walks over, and EJ explains that he wants to hear details on what happened to Nicole up at the lodge. Baker asks Nicole if that is alright, and she nods, telling him to go ahead and tell EJ everything. Baker heads off to get her chart and asks her and EJ to wait in an exam room. EJ thanks her, knowing that she thinks this is unnecessary. He explains that he just wants to know she and the baby are fine, and that hearing it form the doctor will give him some peace of mind. Once inside the exam room, Nicole paces and EJ notes that she looks nervous. She explains that she hates doctors, and can’t even watch television programs about them. EJ assures her everything will be fine, and they can leave as soon as he hears everything is alright with the baby. Nicole sighs, saying that actually, everything is far from ok.

John asks Charlotte if she is the only psychiatrist in Salem, and she laughs, saying she isn’t, of course. He asks if her old man died suddenly, but she says he was in declining health for a couple of years. John wonders why Marlena still thought he was alive and Charlotte explains that her father was private. He didn’t even want a funeral or obituary. John nods, saying funerals are overrated. He had one himself just last year. Charlotte apologizes for not calling him and explaining the situation, adding that things are really chaotic right now. She sits down on a bench and tells John that she’d like to get started, since she has familiarized herself with his case. Just then, John spots Steve and heads over, asking if he has any leads in relation to the mayor’s killer. Steve says they’ve all turned out to be dead ends, unfortunately. John sighs, saying that that means Sami is still a target.

Sami asks Teresa to excuse her and Rafe and she pulls him aside to yell at him. She says that she needs to speak with the nun in private, as she is a practicing catholic. Rafe scoffs, telling her that he isn’t leaving her side, no matter what. Fake names or no, he has a job to do. Sami tries to convince him to just wait outside while she speaks with the nun, but Rafe refuses. Sami begs, saying how important it is to her. She tries another tactic, saying that if Rafe butts in to her conversation, the nun will be suspicious, since she knows Sami wants to talk to her in private. Rafe heads over to Teresa as Sami tries to stop him. He tells the sister that he heard about Sami coming by to see her the other day, and explains that it means so much for him to be here right now. Sami groans.

Nicole tells EJ that it’s hard for her to be here, since it brings up bad memories. EJ says he understands, and apologizes for not being here with her. She tells him that she has something important to tell him, but EJ barrels over her, insisting that what he has to say is important. He should have told his father ‘no’ and not gone on that pointless business trip. He should have been there for her and he promises not to leave her alone anymore. He hugs her, saying he can’t imagine how scared she must have been. Nicole flashes back to Brady carrying her out of the lodge as she pleads with him to help her save her baby. Nicole comes back to the present and groans, saying she hates that lodge and wishes she had never set foot in it.

Marlena tells Kayla that she insisted John get help after she was attacked at her apartment. She knows he saved her life, but the way he went about it was frightening. Plus, he has been nothing but detached when it comes to Brady. Kayla wonders if Marlena thinks therapy will really help him. Marlena is sure that if anyone can help John, it’s Dr. Taylor.

Steve tells John that he has one contact to follow up with, but it doesn’t look good. John hands him an envelope, telling him to keep tying. He made Marlena a promise, and he will do whatever it takes to keep it. Steve asks him who the woman is, but John ignores him, telling him to keep him posted. Steve heads off. John takes a seat by Charlotte, who asks if he is ready to begin. He wonders why she hasn’t asked him what his talking to Steve was all about.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano looks through some papers as Mary comes in, handing him a note left for him. He looks at it and asks where Elvis is. She isn’t sure and he asks her to check upstairs. Mary heads off.

EJ asks Nicole why she hates the lodge so much. He actually planned on making reservations there for them again sometime soon. Nicole shakes her head, saying she can never go back there because it ruined everything. They were supposed to have a romantic weekend together and make love, but then she had the scare with the baby, and everything is different now. They can’t even make love until after the baby comes. EJ tells Nicole that he has no problem being patient. Nicole sighs, saying she has feelings for EJ that she has never felt before, and she wants to be able to express them. EJ says they can express them in other ways, assuring her that waiting will make their love-making all the sweeter when it actually happens. He hugs her as Baker comes in, saying he is ready to get started. Nicole says he can’t.

Rafe explains to Sister Teresa that he was here years ago and knew Sister Agnes. Teresa remembers her as her predecessor and explains that she came to replace her from Dubuque. She reminds Rafe the place was still an orphanage back then and tells him she and Sami were just discussing the orphanage the last time she came. Sami hastily tried to change the subject, asking Teresa if she ever visited the riverboat casinos in Dubuque. Just then, a man with a hood comes in. Rafe rushes over to him, asking him who the hell he is. The man struggles and tells Rafe to let him go. Teresa rushes over to stop Rafe, telling him that this man is a friend. She takes him over to one of the pews and sternly tells Rafe that that behavior won’t be tolerated in this place. He apologizes for overreacting and Sami does too, saying he was just trying to protect her. Rafe thinks it’s time to go and Teresa agrees. Sami protests, but he insists. She huffs off, grabbing a sheet of paper with some information about the church before she goes.

Nicole tells Baker that she thought he would do a follow-up exam first. Baker is confused, saying he thought they took care of that earlier. Just then, EJ gets a call from Stefano. He answers angrily, asking what he wants. Stefano flies into a rage, asking how he dare talk like that to his father. Nicole encourages EJ to take the call outside, as she is going to have a check-up and will be self-conscious. EJ reluctantly agrees and heads off. Baker asks Nicole what is going on. She unbuttons her coat and shows him her huge belly. She explains that she didn’t tell EJ about the miscarriage, and he can’t either.

EJ tells Stefano that he as in the middle of something, but Stefano doesn’t care. He needs to discuss their business in Argentina. EJ wants to talk about it when he gets home, but Stefano refuses, saying that they have to talk about it now.

Baker asks Nicole if she wants him to lie for her. She explains that she plans on telling EJ the truth, but she needs some time. The news of the miscarriage will crush him, and she needs to be stronger before she can face telling him what happened. It’s even worse because she knows this is her fault. She has done some terrible things in the past and now it is all coming back to catch up with her. Baker tries to explain that his was random, and nothing she did in the past affects her baby, but Nicole disagrees. She already lost her baby, and when she tells EJ the truth, she will lose the man she loves, too. Can’t he understand that? Baker says he does, but he can’t help her.

Outside the pub, Steve gets off the phone with someone who doesn’t have information about the mayor’s killer. Steve sighs and heads inside to find Kayla. She hushes him, saying she just got Joe to sleep. Steve sees the two glasses of wine and thinks that probably helped. Kayla laughs, saying one of them is Marlena’s. They were talking about John. Steve says that he just saw him in the park.

Charlotte tries to get John to talk about his case, but he wonders why she isn’t curious about the shady guy with the eye patch. Charlotte doesn’t care who he was talking to if it doesn’t relate to his case. John thought all shrinks were nosy, but Charlotte says she is the exception. She gets back to the case, asking John if he agrees with Dr. Evan’s assessment that his problems stem from a lab experiment done against his will. John says he isn’t the man he used to be and that’s true, but if Dr. Evans is trying to say there is something wrong with him, he whole-heartedly disagrees. Charlotte agrees that there’s nothing wrong with him.

Sami and Rafe go back to the loft and he tells her that going to the church was a huge mistake. She says she knows that he was just trying to protect her, and promises to go back to the church tomorrow and explain what happened to Sister Teresa. She is sure she will understand what Rafe had to do. Rafe tells her that that won’t happen. She is not to return to the church ever again, at least while she is under his protection. Sami huffs.

Steve tells Kayla that he spoke to John about the mayor’s shooter, but the leads aren’t panning out. He asks her not to say anything to Marlena just as she returns. She tells Steve what an angel Joe has been and reminisces about what a handful Belle was. Just then, Joe fusses. Kayla heads off for a diaper change and Steve talks to Marlena about John, saying he heard about the divorce. Marlena thinks it is for the best, since it seems to be motivating him to get treatment. Steve guesses Marlena told him they couldn’t get back together until he got some help and she agrees, saying that John seems to be interested in getting treatment now that they aren’t together. Actually, he’s getting some help even as they speak.

Charlotte tells John again that there’s nothing wrong with him. It isn’t uncommon for someone who has gone through the trauma John has to change their personality. It’s also common for loved ones not to accept the new personality, and to grieve for the person they felt they lost. John asks about getting his old personality back, and Charlotte says it won’t be possible unless he wants it to happen. It’s a lost cause for his family to push him to change if he doesn’t want to. John asks her if she is saying she isn’t going to push him to become his old self. Charlotte shrugs, saying it’s his life. He can be whoever he wants to be. John grins.

Stefano explains to EJ that anything going on his personal life doesn’t compare to the urgent business they have at hand. EJ disagrees, telling Stefano that he is at the hospital with Nicole, and there have been some complications with the pregnancy. Stefano hopes everything is alright. EJ fumes, saying he might know something more if Stefano hadn’t interrupted him. He hangs up on him angrily.

Nicole tries to talk Baker into lying for her until she bring herself to tell EJ the truth, but he says he can’t. Besides, EJ is the father of her baby, and he has a right to know what happened. Nicole sighs, saying she hoped it wouldn’t come to this. She explains that she had a friend do some checking on Dr. Baker, and she learned that he has a lot of ex-wives and children in private school. She is also aware that he has amassed a lot of debt. Baker asks if she is trying to blackmail him, but she says no, as that would be unethical. She just wants him to know that she can take care of all of his debts if he just agrees to help her. Just then, EJ comes in, asking if they are all finished. Nicole says they are and EJ asks Baker about their baby. Is everything going to be alright? Nicole fidgets.

Kayla comes back with the baby as Steve shouts at a game on TV. She hushes him, as Joe has gone back to sleep, and wonders where Marlena is. Steve explain she had to take a call from a patient, and Kayla thinks she’s amazing, as this is her day off. Steve thinks Kayla is pretty amazing, too. He suggests they go home, put Joe down, and then get her all liquored up and put on some Barry White. Kayla giggles and they kiss.

Sami lays into Rafe for not letting her go back to the church, saying that what happened was all his fault. Rafe laughs, reminding her that a minute ago, she understood that he was trying to protect her and it was all a misunderstanding .Sami fumes, saying this is all unfair. Rafe mocks her tears and her need to go back to the church and pray. He thinks it was a mistake ever letting her out of here, and he won’t make the same mistake again. Sami huffs, saying she has to go back and see the nun, as it’s important. Rafe wonders why Sister Teresa is so important to Sami.

Baker tells EJ that the baby is fine as a nurse rushes in to tell him about a boy brought in that had a snowmobile accident. He rushes off, and Nicole tells EJ that she’s ready to get out of here. EJ asks her to stop hiding the truth from him. Nicole gapes.

Charlotte and John head into the pub, and he tells her he’s looking forward to his next session. She just hopes he can keep an open mind, and he says his mind is open, if nothing else. Marlena comes over and introduces herself. Charlotte says it’s great to finally meet her and introduces herself as Dr. Taylor. Marlena thinks that is impossible.

Sami tells Rafe that the reason seeing the nun is so important to her stems from her childhood. She was really troubled, and some of the nuns in her community really helped her out. Once, when she was supposed to be punished, Sister Bridget made Sami help her decorate the altar for Christmas. She loved it so much she kept doing it every year. So being at church is important to her, because it’s the only familiar thing she has in her life right now. Rafe thinks it’s a touching story, but her reunion will Teresa will have to wait until they catch the killer. She calls him a jerk as he heads into the bathroom. Sami takes out the sheet she took from the church about the charity drive, saying her reunion with Teresa will happen soon, whether Rafe likes it or not.

EJ tells Nicole that he can tell something is wrong. She says that she just hates this place and wants to leave, but EJ think it is more than that. She is clearly concerned about the welfare of their baby, and he is glad, but he thinks she needs to lighten up after hearing what Baker said. Nicole tries to smile and EJ coaxes a bigger one out of her. He hugs her and reminds her that this is a blessing. Nicole agrees.

Stefano makes a call, telling a doctor that he has a plane en route to Zurich to pick him up. He will be well-compensated, as the health of Stefano’s heir is more important than anything else. He promises to arrange an examination with the patient--the mother of his son’s child--as soon as he arrives.


Lucas asks Chloe, “You sure you’re happy?” She replies, “Yes, I really am.” They kiss.

Kate tells Daniel, “I think you’re putting too much pressure on yourself.” He replies, “This is only about you.”

Stephanie tells Phillip, “I got tested. I know it’s probably a long shot, but you never know.” He smiles and agrees, “You never know.”

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