Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/2/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 12/2/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven
Proofread by Anoma

Bo comes by the Cheatin’ Heart to see Max. Bo jokes that it’s too early for a beer and explains he came by to give Max something. He pulls out the box Trent left for Max. Max sighs, saying he isn’t interested in what Trent left him. Bo reminds him that Trent is his dad. It’s about time he found out what’s in the box.

At the pub, Stephanie grumbles about having to give some bad financial news to Phillip. She makes a call, asking if Phillip is in the office yet. She listens for a moment and gapes, asking where he went.

Phillip shows up at Maggie’s place, and Melanie lets him in, thanking him again for taking a chance on her and offering her a job. Phillip just hopes she can learn quickly. Melanie says she can and is looking forward to starting first thing tomorrow. Phillip says there’s been a change of plans. She’s starting today.

At the hideout/loft, Sami tells Rafe that she’s glad he’s back and thanks him sarcastically for leaving her with Hilda. Rafe is just glad she behaved herself, and she asks why he had to leave. He cryptically explains that he had business to take care of. Sami says that she has a right to know what he was doing if it involves her case. Rafe admits that he went on a fact-finding mission and got some information about her baby’s daddy. Sami gapes, asking if he went to see E.J.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tells Brady that she can’t tell E.J. the truth about her miscarriage yet. She begs Brady to keep her secret until she can bear to tell the truth. Brady agrees and hugs her just as E.J. comes in asking what is going on. Nicole says nothing, but E.J. can tell she is upset. He heads over to her, looking at her stomach and asking if something is wrong with the baby. Nicole fidgets.

Sami can’t believe Rafe went to see E.J. and demands to know if he thought she was lying when she told him what kind of a person E.J. was and why the DiMeras can never find out about her baby. Rafe says he just had to check and verify that all of that was true. Sami reminds Rafe that E.J. is a DiMera. What more does he need to know? Rafe explains that he was undercover, so he observed E.J. from a distance. Sami doesn’t think he learned squat, but Rafe disagrees, saying that he learned one important thing about E.J.--that he would do anything for his kids--come hell or high-water.

Nicole tells E.J. that nothing is wrong with baby and that she would tell him if there was. She goes on to explain that Brady was just comforting her and telling her that despite her hormonal paranoia, everything will be alright. E.J. asks Brady what he wanted, and Nicole explains that he came by to speak with her about his dad, John. E.J. says he understands but tells Brady that Nicole needs her rest, so he will have to leave. Brady agrees but says he has something to tell E.J. first. Nicole sweats.

Bo tries to talk Max into taking the box, but he refuses. Max says that Bo, of all people, should know that biology doesn’t mean anything. Shawn is his real father, and unlike Victor’s feelings for Bo, Trent never did anything for him but ruin his life. He tells Bo to either keep the box or throw it away but he doesn’t want anything to do with it. Bo sighs as Max stomps off.

Melanie complains to Phillip, saying she had things to do today, but Phillip reminds her that she needs the job. He hands her a USB stick filled with 2 GB of information. He needs her to familiarize herself with Titan’s holdings before tomorrow. Melanie gulps as Phillip explains that he is taking a big chance on her. He needs her up to speed. She asks if he is afraid she’ll embarrass him, but Phillip is more concerned that she might embarrass herself. He tells Melanie to learn the information on the USB stick and starts to head off. Stephanie comes in just then and chuckles, saying she can’t believe Phillip actually hired Melanie.

Sami asks Rafe what he could possibly need to know about E.J. She reminds him that E.J. got a shady court order forcing her to keep her son in the mansion. Rafe thinks he probably just did that because he was afraid of losing Sami; besides, she has all but admitted she has feelings for the guy and wants to get back together with him. Sami flies off the handle, saying she never admitted any such thing and besides, E.J. is with Nicole now, and they are having a baby. Rafe nods. Sami adds that if E.J. knew she was deceiving him like this, he would never forgive her.

E.J. asks Brady what he has to tell him, and Brady explains that he just found out that John and Stefano are half-brothers, so he has DiMera blood running through his veins. E.J. sarcastically asks if he is traumatized. Brady gives Nicole a knowing look, saying he is just in denial. Just then, E.J. gets a call from Stefano and excuses himself to take it. Nicole tells Brady that she feared he was going to tell E.J. about the baby. Brady says he won’t but Nicole has to. She tells him she can’t. She has already lost her baby, and she refuses to lose her future and the man that she loves along with it.

Bo tells Max that he’s sorry for putting pressure on him but Max has to get rid of the box himself since it belongs to him. Max agrees, and Bo tells him that he understands this family stuff is hard. Even though Trent is dead, he and Melanie can’t stop hurting that easily. He adds that Hope wants to have Max over for dinner sometime soon and heads off. Max looks at the box thoughtfully.

Brady lays into Nicole, saying he thought she was going to tell E.J. the truth as soon as he got home. Nicole says she planned to but then he was so concerned about the baby she couldn’t. The next thing she knew, she was lying to him. Brady tells Nicole that she has to tell the truth eventually and he thinks the time to do it is now. Nicole tears up.

Sami tells Rafe that E.J. can never find out about this baby. He wonders what she is going to do when the killer is caught and she is free to go home, but Sami is tired of talking about that and the DiMeras. She just wants to read her book in peace. She snatches it and huffs off, dropping the medallion the nun gave her last week. Rafe picks it up off the floor and asks about it. Sami claims to have brought it with her, but Rafe notices the church’s name engraved on the medallion. He accuses her of sneaking out while he was gone. Sami says she didn’t, and Rafe yells at her, telling her to stop lying to him.

Phillip asks Stephanie if she has a problem with him hiring Melanie, and she says she doesn’t. She just thought Phillip was going to hire someone qualified for the administrative assistant position. She says she came by to give Phillip some figures in relation to the new green committee, and he thanks her. Melanie asks if she will be quizzed on the information Phillip gave her, and he says she might be. She swears to stay up and study all night if she has to. Phillip and Stephanie leave.

Sami explains to Rafe that Hilda was knocked out from the cold medicine she took so she snuck out to the church. Rafe wonders why she did that, and Sami launches into a long explanation about how the holidays are coming up and she’s depressed about not being with her kids so she wanted to go there and pray. Rafe wonders why she couldn’t pray here, and Sami adds that if she had, she wouldn’t have met the wonderful nun who gave her the medallion. Rafe flips out that she let someone see her, but Sami assures him the nun doesn’t even know her real name. She was very comforting, and she was hoping Rafe would take her back to the church sometime. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Sami begs him to go with her. Finally he relents, knowing she’ll find a way to sneak out if he doesn’t agree. He warns her that they have to do this his way to keep her safe. Sami cries and throws her arms around his neck, thanking him and telling him he has no idea how much this means to her.

Nicole tells Brady that she has no intention of wearing the fake belly for long. She just needs it temporarily until she can figure out what to say to E.J. Brady hopes she knows what she’s doing. The DiMeras are not the kind of people she wants to mess with--not like this, anyway. He heads off. Nicole sighs.

Max heads into Maggie’s house and greets Melanie, who is working at her computer. She tells him about the job Phillip offered her but says she is just a glorified gopher that will be taking lunch orders. She also tells Max about all the information Phillip is forcing her to learn and wonders why she has to do it. She wishes the job were in graphic design or something she could be more interested in. Max warns her not to cut corners studying up on her new job. There’s no way she can fool a guy like Phillip.

Stephanie and Phillip stroll in the park as Phillip finishes up a phone call, telling Stephanie everything will be ok once the market stabilizes. She’s glad to hear it, but says she has a question. He assumes it’s about Melanie, and Stephanie says he’s right. She has spent a lot of time around Melanie and can’t understand why Phillip offered her the job, especially since he turned her down flat a few days ago. Phillip says he reconsidered and had a change of heart, especially after considering Melanie’s circumstances.

Sami and Rafe head into the church. Another nun greets them, and Sami asks for Sister Teresa. The nun explains she is busy, but will be out in a moment if they want to wait. Sami and Rafe take a seat, and Sami notes that the place seems very familiar to Rafe .Rafe admits that it is and that he spent a lot of time here as a kid. If it weren’t for one of the sisters, Agnes, he probably wouldn’t be alive today.

E.J. comes back into the living room, saying he’s sorry for his father being so demanding with his new job. He asks where Brady is, and Nicole explains that he left, especially as E.J. didn’t make him very welcome. E.J. grumps, wondering why Brady even came by. Doesn’t he have any other friends in town? Nicole asks him if he is jealous of his cousin, and E.J. kisses her, saying he is insanely jealous. They sit on the sofa, and E.J. pats her belly, saying he wants to focus on her and the baby right now.

Rafe explains to Sami that he was in a lot of trouble as a kid. He spent time in and out of street gangs until Agnes straightened him out. She explained that he could keep messing up, or he could try to make something of his life, so he did. Sami smiles, saying now he’s a hot shot FBI agent. He says he enjoys his job most of the time. She asks if he does these days, and he grins, saying not so much. Sami huffs.

Brady heads into the pub and runs into Bo. They exchange small talk about all that has happened since they last saw one another, including Brady’s stint in rehab and Bo and Victor’s life-threatening illnesses. Bo asks if he has seen Victor and Chloe, and Brady says he has, adding that he has seen Nicole, too. Bo warns him to stay away from her. She hasn’t changed, and she’s even more dangerous now that she is involved with the DiMeras.

E.J. reminds Nicole that she still hasn’t told her why she is so upset, and Nicole admits that she went to the clinic earlier today. Dr. Baker told her that she and E.J. could no longer be intimate during her pregnancy. E.J. fumes, saying he knew what happened at the lodge was more serious than she let on. He insists that the two of them go to see Dr. Baker right now. He went by there earlier, but the doctor couldn’t give him any information without Nicole’s consent. She stalls, saying she is tired and needs to rest, but E.J. insists they go, saying she can rest later. Nicole reluctantly agrees, and E.J. heads off to make a phone call before they leave. Nicole makes a phone call of her own, telling someone that she needs some information sent to her phone--fast.

Stephanie can’t believe Phillip let Melanie get to him. He explains that what she said about him really hit home. Compared to her life, he has had it easy. Stephanie reminds him he was in the war and he had to work hard to get control of Titan. It isn’t as if Victor just handed the company over. Phillip still thinks his life has been a cakewalk compared to Melanie. He had two loving parents, and all she had was a mother who wasn’t around and a father who abused her. He thinks someone had to step in and do the right thing before Melanie wrecked her whole life.

Max lectures Melanie, telling her not to screw this opportunity up. She promises not to and says she has to get back to studying. Max tells her that he actually came by to give her something. He takes out the box, which Melanie recognizes. She thought Bo was going to give it to him. Max says he did, but he doesn’t want it. That’s why he’s giving it to her.

Sami asks Rafe why he doesn’t like his job, and he admits watching her has been difficult. At least they are finally getting used to one another now. Sam is sorry he hasn’t yet been replaced, and Rafe shrugs, explaining that their department is understaffed. He thinks things would be a lot easier if she would just grow up and start following the rules, but Sami says she doesn’t work that way. Rafe chuckles, saying that if Sister Agnes were around today, she’d kick Sami’s butt six ways from Sunday.

Brady wonders how much Bo really knows about Nicole, and Bo reminds him of what happened with Victor. Besides, her behavior during the Robbins’ murder investigation doesn’t speak too highly of her. Brady thinks Nicole has the chance to turn her life around but whether she will or not remains to be seen. Bo asks him if he knows something about Nicole the rest of them don’t, but Brady says he doesn’t. He asks Bo about E.J. and what he thinks of him--is he just like Stefano? Bo thinks that’s a loaded question.

Nicole and E.J. head into the clinic. Nicole wants to leave, saying she’d rather schedule an appointment with her regular doctor, but E.J. wants to speak with the one that treated her after what happened at the lodge. He tells the nurse that he and Nicole are here to see Dr. Baker, and she heads off to let him know. Nicole whines, asking why he doesn’t trust her. E.J. says he does but she isn’t a doctor. She can’t explain to him what is going on with their child.

Sami apologizes to Rafe for sneaking out. She just saw the church and felt compelled to visit. He apologizes for being so hard on her, and they both promise to work harder to get along in the future. Sami thinks he is a good guy and this church must be pretty special if that was what helped him turn his life around. She would hope that if her child needed help, this place could be there for them, too. In fact, she would consider it a blessing.

Melanie tells max that while she was once curious as to what was inside the box, it is his and she can’t take it. Besides, she just wants to forget about her dad and what happened. Max says he understands and starts to head off. Melanie suggests they open the box together, but Max says he isn’t ready for that. He isn’t sure he ever will be.

Phillip tells Stephanie that part of the reason he is doing this is his conscience. He feels so guilty knowing he has everything while others have nothing. Stephanie tells him what a great guy he is and kisses him on the cheek. She says she hopes Melanie realizes how lucky she is. Stephanie heads off as Phillip stares after her.

Bo explains that he isn’t sure what to think of E.J. He has tried to turn his life around, but he has a lot of sins to atone for. Brady doesn’t understand, and Bo tells him about E.J. going against Stefano and telling everyone about John being locked up in the lab. That being said, Bo isn’t so sure he has made a complete turn-around. They both know how dangerous Nicole can be, but the worst thing she can do is try to pull one over on Elvis. Bo adds that hell hath no fury like a DiMera scorned.

Nicole tells E.J. that the doctor is just gong to tell him everything he already told her. Baker comes over just then, and E.J. greets him, saying that now that Nicole is here, he wants to hear everything about her little scare the other day. Baker asks Nicole if it is alright to tell E.J. the details, and she nods sadly, telling him to tell E.J. everything.


Steve tells Kayla, “Let's get out of here, get you all liquored up. Put on some Barry White. What do you say, baby?” Kayla giggles.

Marlena says, “I'm Dr. Marlena Evans.” Dr. Taylor replies, “I'm Dr. Taylor.” Marlena retorts, “No, that's impossible.”

Sami tells Rafe, “I'm not going to try anything.” He asks, “Why is this so important to you?” She replies, “It just is.” Rafe shakes his head, “No.”

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