Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/1/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 12/1/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole hears a baby crying. She heads downstairs and opens the front door. The wind billows her long night gown around her as the baby screams more intensely. She heads into the living room and find EJ with a baby. She walks over to take it, but he holds the blanket out to her with a glare. It’s empty. Nicole screams. Just then, she wakes up with a start in a waiting room and clutches her stomach.

At the park, Lucas and Chloe talk about how thankful they are. Lucas says he is so thankful for her, that he just can’t wait anymore. He asks her if she can pretend it’s Christmas, and pulls out a small jewelry box. Chloe gasps as Lucas suddenly changes his mind, saying they ought to wait until Christmas. Chloe begs him to spoil the surprise and give her her gift now.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate is out by the pool putting her jewelry on. Daniel walks in, asking how she slept, and she admits she went out like a light after the party. He invites her to come in, but she stops him, saying she knows he went to back to the hospital last night to check on her test results. She asks him where they should go from here. Daniel fidgets.

Brady meets Marlena at the pub, explaining that he just went for a long run. He takes a seat and notices another place setting, asking if they are expecting someone. Marlena says that John will be joining them, but Brady isn’t so sure about it. Marlena explains that John made a promise to her last night--and it may be the key to getting his old self back.

EJ heads into the living room of the mansion, asking Mary if she has seen Nicole. She explains that she hasn’t, but thinks she heard her slipping out of the house earlier this morning. EJ doesn’t understand how she heard her and Mary explains that Nicole was crying.

Dr. Baker shows Nicole into a room at the clinic, asking her if the pain has subsided, and if she has scheduled an appointment with her obstetrician. Nicole says she hasn’t, and Baker reminds her how important it is to be checked out after a miscarriage. Nicole snaps, saying that she didn’t have a miscarriage. Baker is confused as Nicole goes off on him, railing at him that she had a beautiful baby girl that was taken from her too soon. A miscarriage makes it sound like some stupid medical mishap. Baker apologizes and tries to comfort Nicole as she cries about losing her baby. Finally, he asks why she came to see him, and she explains that he is the only one that can help her. Her life depends on it.

Lucas tells Chloe that it would be better for her to wait until Christmas. Doesn’t she want to wake up Christmas morning and find this gift under the tree? Chloe says she doesn’t care about tradition. She tells Lucas to hand over her gift or she’ll kill him. Lucas hands her the box and Chloe opens it. She gapes.

Daniel tells Kate that they will have to move forward with a more aggressive treatment. Kate thought that her tumor was shrinking. Daniel explains that it is, but now her cancer has metastasized and has moved into her lymph nodes and bone marrow. Kate sighs, recognizing those symptoms as stage four cancer. She asks Daniel how much time she has left as tears roll down her cheeks.

Nicole tells Baker that she needs him to give her hope. She wants to know if she and EJ could conceive a child in the future. Baker explains that she can’t. He had her medical records faxed over, and he’s sure she can’t have another child. Nicole goes off on him, telling him that he’s ignorant and that she was told she couldn’t have children before. She got pregnant anyway, and besides, there are all kinds of treatments for women who have problems conceiving. Baker shrugs, telling her that she can feel free to see any specialist she likes, but no responsible physician will tell her anything different. She thinks having a baby is meant to be for her and EJ since they conceived the first time they were together. Baker sighs, saying it’s possible that she could get pregnant again, but the scarring will prevent her from carrying the baby to term, just like it did this time. Nicole bursts into tears, saying he is wrong and she can prove it.

EJ asks Mary why Nicole was crying, but she isn’t sure. She explains that ever since Nicole returned home with Mr. Black the day before she hasn’t been herself. EJ assumes she means John, but Mary shakes her head. EJ sighs, guessing she must be talking about Brady.

Marlena tells Brady that she and John came to an agreement after the incident at her place the other day. Brady reminds her she was nearly killed and John saved her life. Marlena admits that that is true, but he was in mercenary mode, and wouldn’t allow the police to handle the situation. She told him she wasn’t comfortable having him around her family unless he got professional help. She apologizes for speaking for Brady, but he says it is ok, as he agrees with her. Marlena goes on to explain that John agreed to an informal session with her colleague Dr. Taylor. John walks up just then, saying maybe he didn’t agree to that at all. He lays into Marlena for discussing his business with Brady. Marlena reminds him that Brady is his son, and she just wanted to give him a little hope. John smirks, saying there are probably a lot of people Marlena can’t wait to give a little hope to and run her mouth off to about him and his personal business. Brady tries to stop him, but Jon barrels on, telling Marlena their deal is off. She explains that she was just trying to comfort Brady, as he is a member of their family, but John won’t have it. He wonders if she will send a mass email out next, including Tony, EJ, and old man Stefano. Brady asks what he means by ‘old man Stefano.’ John chuckles, wondering why no one filled him in. He is a DiMera now, and so is Brady. Brady gapes.

Mary apologizes to EJ, saying she would have told him about Brady before if she had known it was important. EJ tells her it’s fine and asks her to leave him alone. She heads off and EJ looks at his watch, noting it’s almost time to meet Dr. Baker. He heads out the door.

Nicole tries on clothes in a dressing room at a store. A woman shows her some dresses, asking how far along she is. Nicole says twenty weeks, and the woman compliments her on how great she looks. She heads off to get something and comes back with a fake belly, saying Nicole can put it on to guess how she might look in the clothes as her pregnancy progresses. She encourages Nicole to touch it and she admits that it feels real. She isn’t so sure about putting it on, but the woman insists, strapping it around Nicole’s stomach. Nicole touches the belly sadly.

Chloe finds a key inside the box and Lucas guesses she is disappointed. She claims she isn’t, but she doesn’t understand what it goes to. Lucas tells her it’s a key to their dream house. He signed the papers, and the house is his. He already has construction underway. She hugs him and congratulates him on getting the house. Lucas talks up the amenities, from the hot tub, to the fireplace in the bedroom. He pulls out another small box, telling Chloe there’s one more upgrade to this gift. She wonders what it could be, and Lucas opens the box to reveal a gigantic engagement ring. He gets down on one knee, telling Chloe how amazing the last few months have been and how much he loves her. He asks her to marry him.

Daniel tells Kate that there is no way of knowing how much time she has left. As she well knows, many cancer patients are told they only have few months or weeks to live, and then their cancer goes into remission and they survive for years. Kate cries, saying that this is her bad karma coming back to get her. Daniel insists that they are going to fight this and that she can’t dare blame herself or start giving up now.

EJ heads into the clinic and greets Dr. Baker. He tells him that he is here in reference to Nicole, and explains that he is the father of her baby. She told him she was treated fro a small hemorrhage here. Baker agrees that that is correct. EJ asks for the prognosis for the baby’s future health, and Baker pulls out his chart, noting that since EJ is the father, he can tell him everything.

Nicole tries the dress on over the belly and tells the saleswoman that she loves it. She adds that she wants to buy the belly, too. The woman doesn’t understand, but Nicole smiles and pats the belly, saying she doesn’t even need a bag. She plans on wearing it home.

Brady can’t believe that he is a DiMera. John tries to tell him he’s lucky, but Brady doesn’t feel the same way at all. He demands to know why no one told him about this before. Marlena explains that they were waiting for the right time, since he had just returned to town and was trying to get his life together. Bray thinks he could have handled it and accuses them both of not caring enough to tell him the truth. John tells Brady to be a man. This was the hand he was dealt, so he needs to learn to play it. Brady goes off on John, calling him a pathetic robot who walks around feeling superior to everyone else. He thinks John needs to try to get better for his family and stop acting like a damned coward. He stomps off and out the door. John grins.

Baker flips through the charts, asking EJ what his wife told him. EJ explains that Nicole told him she felt a twinge and came here. He wonders what Baker is looking for, and he explains that Nicole is listed as a single woman. He needs a HIPPA form, and there isn’t one here. EJ asks what that means, and Baker tells him he was mistaken when he said he could tell him what is going on. EJ reminds him that he is the father of the child in question but Baker shrugs, saying that as Nicole’s doctor, he has to protect her privacy. He wishes EJ a good day and heads off.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Mary tells Nicole that she hopes she is feeling better. Nicole pats her fake belly and say she is. Mary explains that she used to cry all the time when she was pregnant. It can be an emotional time She asks if she can get Nicole anything to drink, but she says no. Mary heads off. Nicole sighs and walks around the room. She finds a nativity scene on the piano and picks up the baby Jesus. She sobs.

Kate tells Daniel that she needs to be left alone. The last thing she needs to hear from him is that she needs to be strong and fight. Daniel says he won’t tolerate her talking about her bad karma and how she might have brought this ion herself. He reminds her that many people fight the good fight against cancer and they die anyway. As for her next phase of treatment, he wants her to pack her bags and get ready to go back to the hospital. She bursts into tears, saying that sounds like a good idea, but wants Daniel to promise one thing--that if she checks into the hospital, she will be able to check back out one day. Daniel takes her hand in his and promises that she will make it.

Lucas takes the ring out the box and asks if Chloe is ready. She excitedly says she is and he slips the ring onto her finger. Just then, Lucas’ phone rings. He sees that it is Kate and Chloe tells him to take the call. He answers, listens for a moment and flips out, saying he will be right there. He hangs up and tells Chloe that Kate’s cancer has spread, and she’s going back to the hospital.

Marlena reminds John that they had an agreement, but he thinks she broke that by talking to Brady. Marlena huffs, reminding him that if there was shred of the old John left, he’d want to participate in this session. John groans and then caves to her request, agreeing to see Dr. Taylor once as long as she stops shooting off her mouth about him getting his feelings evaluated. Marlena promises and apologizes for telling Brady, explaining that she only did so because they both love him so much. She also promises to leave John alone if he goes to one session and it doesn’t help. John is sure it won’t. Marlena gets up to leave, asking him to take it one step at a time. She heads off.

EJ follows Baker out of the room, telling him he doesn’t care if Nicole told him she was single. He is the father if this child and he has a right to know the truth. Baker reminds EJ that he took an oath, but EJ doesn’t care. He threatens to get a court injunction against Baker. Baker suggests he talk to Nicole himself instead of going to all that trouble. He heads off.

The doorbell rings and Nicole gets up to answer it. Brady is at the door and she hides behind it, asking what he wants. He wanted to come by to see how she is and she says she is fine, and that he shouldn’t be here. Brady explains that he just found out he’s a DiMera, so they are practically family. He wants to come inside and wait for EJ, but Nicole tells him he can’t. Brady says he is sorry, but he is coming in whether she likes it or not. He catches sight of her belly and gapes.

Kate unpacks her things in her room at the hospital and Daniel offers to give her some privacy. He heads outside and finds Chloe and Lucas waiting. Lucas says he thought Kate’s cancer was receding, and Daniel explains that while the tumor responded favorably to the chemo, the cancer is still spreading in other parts of her body. Lucas asks what they do now and Daniel tells him the they have to kill Kate’s immune system and rebuild it from scratch. He hasn’t explained this to Kate yet, but she is going to need a bone marrow transplant.

Brady asks Nicole what she has under her shirt and groans, guessing she hasn’t told EJ about the miscarriage. She warns him to keep his voice down and that this is none of his business. Brady disagrees, since she called him to take her to the hospital. Nicole snaps that she only did that because she couldn’t get hold of EJ. Brady tells her he thinks she’s in denial right now, but Nicole blows up, saying she is painfully aware of what she lost. If Baker had given her better news about her chances to conceive in the future, she could have told EJ, but Baker explained she could never have children of her own. Brady apologizes, and Nicole adds that EJ only allowed to her move in and be with him because of her pregnancy. She doesn’t think she can stand to lose both the baby and EJ right now. She hopes Brady understands that.

In the park, Marlena calls Dr. Taylor and gets his voicemail. She leaves a message, explaining that she knows he is treating John, and asks him to call her after the session and let her know if John plans on continuing the treatment.

John pays the bill at the pub and starts to head off, but runs into another woman with an armful of files. They scatter all over the floor and John helps her pick them up, noticing one of them has his name on it. He demands to know where she got it, saying that he never gave Dr. Taylor permission to give his files to anyone else. She holds out her hand and introduces herself, saying she is Dr. Taylor--Dr. Charlotte Taylor.

Daniel runs into Chloe outsides Kate’s room and she explains that she wanted to give Lucas some time alone with his mother. Daniel notices her engagement ring and Chloe explains Lucas proposed a few seconds before Kate called him. Daniel thinks they should tell Kate, as it might brighten her day, but Chloe doesn’t want to take the chance. She asks Daniel to keep her secret for now, and he agrees, saying she did the same for him when he wasn’t feeling so positively about Kate’s progress. Chloe thanks him.

Kate explains to Lucas that she told him the truth about what was going on first because they have already gone through some rough times together. She says she needs Lucas to promise her something, and he agrees to do anything. She explains that she needs to know that he will be alright in case she doesn’t make it. Lucas bursts into tears, asking her not to talk that way, but Kate says she has to. She has to know that he will be ok when she is no longer around. They hug and cry.

Brady tell Nicole that EJ isn’t going to leave her because she lost her baby. She says he might not today, but he will eventually. Brady reminds her hat she can’t keep this up forever, and that she will have to tell the truth eventually. Nicole promises to do so, but says she can’t right now. This is her choice, and she asks Brady to respect her decision and keep quiet about her secret. Brady nods and hugs her, just as EJ strolls in. He asks them what the devil is going on.


Phillip says, “I’m taking a big chance on you, Melanie, and I need you up to speed.” She asks, “So I don’t embarrass you?” He replies, “So you don’t embarrass yourself.”

Nicole tells Brady, “Let me handle this my own way.” He replies, “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

Sami says, “Rafe, if it has to do with my case, I’m entitled to know.” He replies, “I went on a little fact-finding mission. I found out some information about your baby’s daddy.”

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