Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/28/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/28/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Behind the pub, Bob grabs Melanie and shakes her, asking if she thinks he’s just another one of his marks. She hands him his wallet and tells him to let her go, but he threatens to teach her a lesson first.

Daniel and Kate show up at the pub and run into Lucas and Chloe. She wonders what they are doing there, since they were supposed to have dinner with Chloe’s family. Lucas stammers around and finally reminds Daniel that he told him to show up in twenty minutes. Daniel insists he said ten and Kate demands to know what is going on. Chloe shrugs, saying it’s ruined anyway. She, Lucas, and Daniel all yell ‘surprise’. Kate laughs.

Victor greets Brady at the Kiriakis mansion. They both exchange compliments on their appearance since the last time they saw one another, and Victor asks Brady how he has found Salem since his return. Brady flashes back to having to tell Nicole that she lost her baby. He comes back to the present and tells Victor that it hasn’t been what he expected.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ comes into Nicole’s room with Johnny and tells her that heard she had been crying, according to Mary. He asks if everything is alright and Nicole says it isn’t. EJ asks what’s wrong and she sobs, telling him it’s the baby.

Bob grabs Melanie by her collar, demanding to know if she is some kind of grifter. She has to learn that there are consequences. Melanie squeals that she gave him what he wanted. She begs him to let her go. Bob slides his hand up her skirt, saying he isn’t finished with her yet. Just then, Phillip swoops in and snatches Bob off of Melanie. He pushes him up against some garbage cans, asking what the hell he thought he was doing.

EJ hands Johnny off to the maid and asks what is wrong with Nicole. Why was she looking at Johnny so strangely. What does he have to do with this? Nicole sulks, saying he has everything to do with it. She pulls the blankets up to her chin.

Lucas admits that they are having a party for her at Victor’s house. Chloe and Lucas joke around about Daniel showing up early and ruining the surprise, and she shrugs, telling them to keep blaming the doctor here. They all laugh and Kate thanks them very much for surprising her with a party. Chloe and Lucas suggest they all head over to Victor’s and they leave. Kate stops Daniel from following them, sincerely thanking him for everything he has done for her, and saying she’s glad he’s in her life. She hugs him.

Victor tells Brady how glad he is recovery is working well for him, and tells him that Kate is having a party here tonight. Brady is looking forward to seeing her, but Victor doesn’t think it’s such a good idea, since Lucas and Chloe are seeing each other. Brady says they’re ok again, actually, admitting that he and Chloe spoke and put the past behind them. He also smoothed things over with Nicole. He tries to explain that mending fences is an important part of his treatment, but Victor doesn’t care. He reminds Brady that those two women nearly ruined his life, and that he needs to stay away from them. Brady reminds Victor that what happened between him and Nicole was a long time ago, and that he should try a little forgiveness himself. Victor tells Brady that Nicole was married to another man the whole time they were together, and practically stole from him for years. He tells Brady that he can’t trust her. No one can.

EJ tries to get Nicole to talk about what’s bothering her, but she reminds him that it’s Johnny’s bedtime. EJ heads off to tuck him in, telling Nicole that he’ll be right back. He heads off into the hallway, where the maid meets him with Johnny. From her bed, Nicole can hear EJ singing him a lullaby. She bawls hysterically.

Phillip asks Bob if he got his wallet back. Bob wonders why Phillip is defending a thief, but admits he got his money back. Phillip insists he leave before he gets hurt. Bob walks off, telling Philip that that bimbo isn’t worth defending. Phillip asks if she is alright, and when she says she is, he lays into her for trying to lift the guy’s wallet. She wonders why he’s here, and Phillip admits to following her. Melanie says it’s creepy, but Phillip thinks it’s a good thing he did. She tells him he’s saved her life twice now, but she wants this to be the last time. She thinks Phillip ought to try getting his kicks elsewhere. He agrees to stop coming to her rescue, and suggests they just never speak again. Melanie goes into a tirade about no one in town trusts her, and how it wasn’t her fault Nick killed her dad. Phillip tells her she needs to make better choices, and that he thought she would have learned a lesson considering all the hell she has already raised. Melanie laughs, saying she was scamming people in Europe too, What did he think, she’d come here and apply for food stamps? She pouts that he wouldn’t even give her a job. Phillip tells her there are plenty of opportunities, and that she just wants a hand-out. She tells him he’s clueless. He asks if she means about her, but she meant about himself.

Chelsea greets Brady enthusiastically, and he thanks her for keeping in touch. The bell rings and Brady heads off to answer it. Victor asks Chelsea how she is doing, and she says she blamed herself for Trent’s death for a while, but now she realizes it was all Melanie’s fault. Victor doesn’t understand and Chelsea explains that Melanie drove Nick crazy. She says she thinks that she is destructive as Brady comes back with Daniel, Kate, Lucas, and Chloe. Chelsea hugs Kat and Brady takes Daniel off to talk about how the hospital managed to get him away from the beach. Victor glares at Chloe as she walks off towards the bar.

Kate thanks Chelsea for coming and asks her if she has seen Nick. Chelsea says she did, and it shook her up, but then she Max and he was able to make her feel a lot better.

Victor heads over to Chloe and she asks him what’s new. He huffs, saying he wouldn’t tell her anyway, and suggests she make herself scarce. She asks if he wants her to leave, and he says he just wants her out of his sight.

Brady and Daniel make small talk about recovery and Daniel’s surfing, and Daniel heads off to get a drink. Brady calls Nicole, who answers, but says she can’t talk, as EJ is home. He comes into her room just then and asks who she was talking to. She says it doesn’t matter, but EJ says it does, especially if it’s the person she was at the lodge with earlier. She asks what he is talking about and EJ tells her he knows all about it. He knows what she did. Nicole’s eyes widen.

Melanie lays into Phillip, insisting that he is spoiled and pampered, and has everything in life handed to him. Phillip scoffs, telling her sarcastically that he has never been unhappy or depressed a day in his life. She must have been a CIA operative to know so much about him. She tells him that he has money and friends, and some people will never have those things. Like her, for instance. She’s glad that he’s happy in in his mansion, but some people have to live in the real world. Phillip sighs.

Chloe thinks Victor hates to see her happy, but he says he just hates having her in his presence. The only reason she is here is because Lucas insisted, and this was important to Kate. Chloe huffs, telling him that he came over to her. He needs to try forgiveness anyway, as it’s good for the heart. Victor warns her that there will be hell to pay if she makes one false move and Daniel comes over to break it up. Chloe stomps off and Victor tells Daniel that Chloe is a sadistic slut. Everyone stops and overhears as Victor yells to Daniel about how bad of a person Chloe is. Daniel stops him, saying that if he knew what Chloe had done for Kate, he would probably cut her some slack. Just then, he gets a call and hangs up, telling Victor that he has to go, but will be back soon. He rushes off, asking Victor to make an excuse for him.

Nicole says she doesn’t understand, and EJ explains that an employee at the lodge saw her leaving with another man. He tried calling her several times, but she never answered. EJ asks who she was with. Nicole explains that why she wasn’t alone is far more important than who she was with EJ doesn’t understand. Nicole says something happened, and EJ asks worriedly if something happened to their baby. Nicole sobs and says yes.

Daniel rushes into the hospital to meet a nurse. She hands him some test results, and he takes a look, asking her if she is sure they are correct. She says they are and Daniel panics.

Lucas thanks Victor for having them over and Chloe thanks him sarcastically for all of his generosity. Chelsea looks on worriedly as Chloe asks Victor if he’d like another drink, or if ten is his limit. Victor nastily says that isn’t drinking, as he doesn’t wish to say something he regrets later. Chloe say it’s too late for that and stomps off.

Kate and Brady talk about her recovery, and she thanks him for being here, and says that she is glad to see him again. She admits that he doesn’t seem to be here completely, and wonders what’s on his mind.

Chloe pours a drink as Chelsea tries to soothe her, telling her not to let Victor get to her, as she knows he can be tightly wound. Chloe says she feels downright scorned and tosses back her cocktail.

Kate says she knows it must have been hard for Brady to see his dad again. Brady agrees, saying that John doesn’t even recognize him. He doesn’t want to talk about that, though, and tells Kate that he is just glad that she is well again and celebrating with her children and family. He reminds her that not everyone gets to live the life she does.

Nicole tells EJ that after he called and told her he couldn’t make it to the lodge, she got her things and left. When she got out to parking lot, she felt this horrible twinge--more like a cramp-- and she was terrified. There was a guy in the parking lot and she asked him to take her to the emergency room, so he did. EJ asks if everything is alright with the baby, but Nicole says it isn’t.

Melanie shows up at Mickey and Maggie’s place, and Maggie asks if she can make her something to eat. Melanie says he isn’t hungry, but does have a question. She asks Maggie if she is going to let her stay here, or if she wants her gone like everything else. Maggie say the one has nothing to do with the other. What she wants, and what she does for family are two different things, so Melanie can stay. She thanks Maggie, saying she has had a terrible day. Maggie stops her, saying she wants to be clear. After what happened with Nick, she can’t hear about anything Melanie is going through or her problems.

Phillip shows up at Kate’s party and Chelsea asks why he is so late. He asks how she is since the last time he saw her, she had a tuft of Melanie’s hair in her hand. Chelsea doesn’t want to talk about her. Just then, Kate comes over to greet Phillip, and notices Daniel is gone. Victor explains that he got a call from a patient and had to leave. Kate tries to hide her disappointment.

The nurse asks Daniel is everything is alright, or if he need anything retested. Daniel says no and sighs.

Nicole tells EJ that she saw a doctor there named Dr. Baker, and that he treated her for a small hemorrhage. EJ gasps and reaches out to comfort her, but she shrinks away from him, asking him not to touch her. She bursts into tears. She explains that the doctor told her she couldn’t be touched or moved and that given her history, and what happened at the lodge, she has to be very careful for the next few hours. EJ says he understands and she apologizes for yelling at her. He smiles ,saying he isn’t offended. He just needs to know that their baby is alright.

Victor and Phillip tell Kate how wonderful she looks and they congratulate her on completing her first round of chemotherapy successfully. She says she isn’t through battling the cancer just yet, but she admits that she hasn’t felt this well in a long time. She heads off for a drink and Phillip follows her, telling her that he’s sorry for giving her such a hard time about Daniel. He promises not to stand in her way of he is what makes her happy. They hug.

Lucas tries to calm Chloe down as she lays into him about Victor is treating her. She thinks it’s easy for him to remain calm because no one is making him feel like a low-life intruder. He tells her that he loves her and that is all that matters. Chloe isn’t so convinced, but Lucas talks her into agreeing with him.

Daniel comes back and Chelsea watches as he goes to talk to Kate. She thought he had left without saying goodbye, but he claims he would never do that to her. He fidgets as Kate explains that this party is as much for him as it is for her. She is happy and well, and she has him to thank for it. Just then, Phillip comes over with a gift for Daniel. He says he can’t take it, but Phillip insists. Daniel opens it to find a watch. Phillip says it’s just a small token of his appreciation for helping his mother to get well. Her health is all that matters. Daniel hands the watch back, telling Phillip that he can’t accept it.

Nicole tells EJ that their baby is fine, and that she just has to rest now to make sure she and the baby are ok. EJ agrees to leave her alone, telling her how important she and the baby are to him. He kisses her forehead and leaves. Nicole sobs.

Melanie counts her money and sighs after she realizes she only has thirteen dollars. Maggie comes in with groceries and Melanie helps her by grabbing a few bags. She hands Melanie a message from Phillip, saying that he wants to offer her the job at Titan. Melanie is surprised, seeing as how she thought Phillip turned her down. Maggie admits that she is shocked, as well.

Daniel explains to Phillip that while treating Kate has been a privilege, it is also his job. He can’t accept gifts. He excuses himself and Phillip tells Kate that he feels like an idiot. He just wanted to do something nice. Kate is sure Daniel didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. Phillip decides to make a toast to Kate and gets everyone’s attention, toasting to Kate’s future health and happiness. Kate stares at Daniel as he sulks nearby.

Nicole cries and clutches her stomach, owing to make this somehow come true. She will give herself and EJ a baby one day.

Downstairs, EJ calls the clinic and asks to speak with Dr. Baker. He gets him on the phone and explains that he is calling about Nicole. He is her baby’s father, and wants to know exactly what happened.


Lucas tells Chloe, “How about we act like it’s Christmas? Okay? We pretend--you think you can handle that?”

John asks Marlena, “Would you like to broadcast my life to the rest of my family-- EJ and my old man Stefano?” Brady interrupts, “What are you talking about, ‘old man Stefano’?”

Nicole tells Dr. Baker, “I need you to give me something no one else can--my life depends on it.”

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