Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/26/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/26/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Max flips through an autographed copy of one of Trent’s books on physics. The inscription inside says that he hopes the book inspires the reader. Max grumps sarcastically about the fine example Trent set.

At the pub, Melanie and Chelsea go at it. Melanie doesn’t want to hear any of Chelsea’s self-righteous crap, and Chelsea accuses Melanie of being just like her father. Melanie goes after Chelsea again and snatches her by the head. She yells at her not to talk about her father. They both shriek.

Outside, Phillip assures someone over the phone that the shareholders will be well taken care of. He hears glass breaking inside and looks through the window to see Chelsea and Melanie fighting.

At the hideout/loft, Rafe lets Hilda in and thanks her for coming by. She grumbles about how she swore never to come back here, and says she just got back from a twenty-four stakeout of a mobster Plus, her allergies are acting up. Rafe offers her some medicine, but she explains she brought her own--non-drowsy this time. Rafe shushes her and points to Sami, who is sleeping on the bed nearby. He explains that she might not wake up until he returns and starts to head off. Hilda stops him, asking where he is going, and Rafe explains that he’s going on a fact-finding errand. He heads out, thanking her again, and she huffs that she didn’t have a choice. Outside the door, Rafe takes a picture of EJ out of his pocket, looks at it, and walks off.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ calls Nicole’s cell phone and urges her to answer.

At the hospital, Nicole sniffles and looks at her caller ID, telling Brady that EJ is calling. She wonders what she is supposed to tell him. Brady offers to talk to EJ for her, but she snaps, saying he can’t.

Hilda looks at the bottle of medicine she bought and realizes she didn’t bring the non-drowsy stuff. She shrugs, thinking that it can’t make her that sleepy, and she downs about half the bottle. She sits on the couch, checking to make sure Sami is still asleep. She is, so Hilda settles in to watch TV.

Nicole begs Brady not to tell anyone, as she needs to tell EJ the news in person, not over the phone. Brady agrees not to do anything she doesn’t want him to. Nicole cries, saying it’s strange not to feel her baby moving around and kicking anymore. She knows her little girl was only around a few months, but she really felt like she had known her forever. Nicole says she shouldn’t have let herself care so much, and then she wouldn’t be hurting so much now. Brady tries to soothe her as Nicole bawls. She says this isn’t fair to EJ either. After everything that happened with Sami and Johnny, this was supposed to be EJ’s chance to participate the whole way through and now it’s over. She cries hysterically as Brady hugs her.

Mary, the maid, tells EJ an urgent message was just left for him. He assumes it was from Nicole, but it’s from Roman, who wanted him to know that Marlena was attacked in her apartment EJ frets about Johnny being there and throws on his coat. The maid tells him that Roman told her Johnny was at the park with Hope and Ciara. EJ rushes off to get him.

Phillip tries to wrap up his call as he watches Chelsea and Melanie go at it in the pub.

The two girls roll around on the floor. Melanie accuses Chelsea of being the one to blame for Nick’s behavior. A waitress gets ready to break it up, but a drunk at the bar stops her, telling her this is better than pay-per-view. The two get up and Melanie continues to berate Chelsea over all the horrible things she has done to Nick. Chelsea tells her she doesn’t now what she’s talking about and tries to leave, but Melanie won’t let her. She thinks Chelsea is stuck-up because of her last name, and reminds her of her poor brother that she ran over. Chelsea rushes her again. Phillip tells the person that he’s on the phone with that he has to go and rushes inside to break things up. He holds Melanie back as Chelsea tries to catches her breath.

Julie runs into Hope at the park and they exchange greetings. Hope explains that she picked Johnny up from daycare after what happened to Marlena and Julie says she heard. Hope sighs, saying she doesn’t think it ever ends. Julie says she went to see Nick and she thinks he is awfully confused. He can barely string a sentence together. That isn’t the Nick she knows. Hope agrees and Julie adds that she knows it’s all Melanie’s fault. Hope tries to stop her, but Julie doesn’t want to hear it. The first time she laid eyes on that girl she knew she was trouble.

Phillip asks Melanie and Chelsea what’s going on, and Chelsea advises he ask Melanie, since she started it. She huffs off, giving Melanie a little shove as she goes out. Melanie shrieks at her to get back there as Chelsea leaves. Stephanie is coming up to the pub just then and tries to stop Chelsea, but she hurries off.

Phillip asks Melanie if she is satisfied, and she says she is. Someone had to put that dumb girl in her place. Phillip tells her to watch his mouth, but she retorts that he ought to save that CEO crap for someone who cares. He isn’t her boss. She storms off.

Hilda watches football and shrieks at the TV. Suddenly, her speech starts slurring and she passes out. Shortly afterwards, Sami wakes up and complains when she sees Rafe has left her with Hilda. She spies the cold medicine and groans, telling Hilda she’s going to get blamed for this. Hilda snores in response. Sami heads over to the window and looks out. She suggests to her baby that they go outside and get some fresh air. Sami grabs her purse and heads off.

Brady asks Nicole if he can do anything for her, and she tells him that she just wants to get out of there. Brady thinks Dr. Baker will want to give her a checkup, but Nicole doesn’t care. She just wants to leave. She starts crying again and Brady caves. They head off together.

Chelsea heads into the Cheatin’ Heart, and when Max yells from under the bar that they’re closed, she says she isn’t there for a drink. He notices she’s been crying and says he heard about her fight with Melanie. Chelsea sighs, saying Melanie was right. It is her fault that Nick snapped and killed their dad.

Phillip comes out of the pub and Stephanie asks him what’s going on. Chelsea flew out of here like a bat out of hell. Phillip tells Stephanie about the fight, and she wonders why he didn’t break it up right away. She wishes she had gotten here sooner. Phillip asks if she wishes that happened so she and Chelsea could have teamed up on Melanie. Stephanie nods, saying she would have pummeled her into the ground. Phillip chuckles, telling her that sounds sexy and Stephanie grins. She tells Phillip that the next time her best friend gets in a fight and he stands by and watches, he’s going to have to deal with her.

Melanie heads over to the bar in the pub and asks if they serve drinks on credit. The waitress shakes her head and Melanie orders a water. The drunk from earlier congratulates her on her performance, calling her a spitfire. Melanie grins, saying she can be one when she wants to be. She thinks to herself that she can get this old man to give her some money without him even knowing it.

Julie tells Hope that when she first saw Melanie at Chez Rouge, she told Doug, Mickey, and Maggie that she was going to cause trouble. EJ interrupts them just then and thanks Hope for watching Johnny for him. Julie heads over to play with the children as Hope and EJ exchange pleasantries. Rafe hides behind a nearby tree listens to their conversation with an amplifier in his ear. EJ tells Hope he heard about Marlena and that he’s sorry. He asks if they are any close to finding the mayor’s shooter, but Hope says the trail went cold. EJ tells her to call him if she can think of anything he can do to help, and she says there actually is something he can do.

Sami heads into a church and crosses herself. She kneels in front of the altar and sobs. A nun comes over and puts her hand on her shoulder, asking Sami if she is alright. Sami says she isn’t.

Hope asks EJ if Stefano had anything to do with the mayor’s shooting, but he says he doesn’t. After what happened to Marlena today, he now realizes that his whole family could be at risk. He tries to excuse himself to collect Johnny, but hope warns him first that he needs to think of Johnny and Allie’s safety above everything else. Does he really want to put their lives at risk? Rafe listens in curiously.

The sister tells Sami her name is Teresa and notices that she is expecting. Sami says she is, which is part of the problem. Teresa offers to counsel her about it, but Sami says she would probably kick her out if she knew the truth. Teresa says she would never do that. She isn’t here to judge, just to help.

Brady takes Nicole back to DiMera mansion. He helps her sit down in the living room and she admits the pain is easing up. Brady offers to get her some water an she asks or something a little stronger. Brady pours the water, shaking his head and telling Nicole that booze isn’t going to help anything. She reluctantly agrees, saying she just wasn’t thinking. She thanks Brady for being there for her earlier, saying she wouldn’t have known what to do if he hadn’t been there. She’s just thankful EJ is out of town so she can think of what to say to him ahead of time. She cries, saying just a few hours ago, she and her baby were heading off for a romantic weekend with EJ. She sobs as Brady offers to stay the night on the floor if it will help. She thanks him, bur says she is just going to try to get some rest and be alone right now. She tries to get up but starts crying hysterically again, blaming herself for miscarrying. She should have known that her life wasn’t changing and that it would fall apart again. She heads upstairs and sobs some more. Brady looks after her worriedly.

Max tells Chelsea that she has to let go of this guilt, but she says she can’t. They have to face facts that if she had never broken up with Nick, then Trent would still be alive. He never would have gotten involved with Melanie, either. She can’t believe she did this to Nick, and all so she could date some stupid doctor. She can’t believe she broke Nick’s heart and ruined his life over a crush. She sighs, saying that everything she touches she destroys. Max reminds her of all of the good work she does for the kids at the hospital. She can’t let one random fight with Melanie bring her down about herself. Max says if she doesn’t stop talking about herself that way, he’ll fight her himself. Chelsea asks him not to make jokes. Max puts up his fist jokingly, saying he’s serious. Chelsea grins.

Phillip asks Stephanie what brings her down here, and she says she wanted to bring him the plans for the green intuitive along the riverfront. She hands Phillip a folder and he flips through it. She says she came down here for another reason; she wanted to ask him who he is interviewing for the administrative assistant position. Phillip is reluctant to say, but Stephanie talks him into admitting that he is actually considering Melanie for the position. She scoffs, wondering how Melanie could possibly be qualified, and Phillip tells her that she’d be surprised.

The drunk introduces himself as Bob and Melanie introduces himself as well. He asks if he can get her a drink, and she asks for a diet soda, joking that she likes to walk on the wild side. He orders her a drink and she asks what his story is. He says it’s a long one, asking if she has time to hear it. She says she’s all his.

Sami asks Teresa about the orphanage, saying a friend that grew up in the neighborhood told her about it. Teresa explains that they used to have dozens of children. Sami asks if they still take any in, and she explains that they do every once in a while ,but only if there is a real need. She asks Sami what her name is and Sami says it’s Colleen. Teresa tells Sami that she wants to know her real name.

Rafe listens in as EJ wonders if Hope is trying to provoke him. Of course he would never let anything bad happen to the twins. Hope says she just wants the truth, but EJ says she already has it. His father had nothing to do with the mayor’s murder. He is especially worried about Johnny, so he plans on taking him home and putting him under lock and key. He suggests Hope call Lucas and tell him to do the same with Allie. He wishes her a happy thanksgiving and heads off to get Johnny. Julie comes back over, crowing about how cute the kids are, and asks Hope how it went with EJ. She guesses that he said his dear papa had nothing to do with what happened with Marlena. Hope nods, and Julie says she thinks Stefano must be behind it. Rafe listens in as Hope tells her that as usual, Sami is caught in the middle.

Nicole sits on her bed in her room. The maid comes in with some towels and Nicole flips out, screaming at her to get out. Mary runs off, startled. Nicole bawls.

Max asks Chelsea if she will let up a little bit on herself, but she still thinks she is to blame. Max disagrees, telling her that Nick did what he did because he lost it. He killed Trent and that was his decision, not Melanie or Chelsea’s. Besides, Nick had been taking pills and drinking for months. Chelsea nods, and Max also reminds her that Nick’s mom is unstable. Chelsea asks if he is saying Nick was destined to flip out and commit murder. Max says no, but he is saying that Chelsea has to stop blaming herself and accept that this isn’t her fault. He asks if she can do that.

Bob asks Melanie if he can get her something besides a soda, like maybe a martini, but she says she needs to turn in. There’s no rest for the unemployed. He reminds her that the night is young, and she looks him up and down, saying it isn’t young enough. She heads off, and he tells her not to be rude. She says goodbye, saying sarcastically that she hopes that she didn’t hurt his feelings. Bob gulps his drink as Melanie leaves.

Stephanie wonders what Melanie’s qualifications are, and Phillip explains that she has experience in web design. Stephanie scoffs, asking if he thinks she’s tech-savvy because ran a blog. Phillip shrugs, saying it wasn’t her resume that blew it for her. He just knows she’s a troublemaker, and he doesn’t need that at Titan. Melanie comes out just then and overhears him, huffing that she wouldn’t take his job anyway. She stomps off. Stephanie calls after that that’s a bad attitude for a broke person to have.

Rafe listens in as Julie tells Hope that she feels sorry for Sami having to spend the holidays away from her family. She bets EJ is pleased as punch that Sami is stuck in witness protection. Hope thinks that might be so, and Julie reminds her the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Hope agrees, saying that with Sami gone ,EJ can raise Johnny however he wants. Julie worries that as long as Stefano is in the picture, Johnny will be raised as a detestable DiMera. Hope sighs.

Sami insists that her name is Colleen, and says she should leave. Teresa stops her, wanting to ask her a person question. Is the father of her baby still around? Sami doesn’t want to say, and Teresa understands. She just wants Sami to know that if she ever needs help, she will be there for her.

EJ comes into the mansion with Johnny and notices Nicole’s bag, glad to see that she is home. He suggests to Johnny that they go surprise Nicole, but Mary comes in, reminding EJ that he asked her to keep an eye on Nicole. She says there is something he needs to know.

Nicole lies on her bed staring into space. EJ knocks and she tells him to go away. EJ says it’s him and Johnny and asks her to open up. Nicole bursts into tears.

Chelsea thanks Max for being here for her, and he says it’s nothing. She says she’s serious and that she would have had a nervous breakdown without him around. She says he has to go to her grandmother’s welcome home party, but promises to give Kate Max’s best. Max stops her, telling her that he will always be there for her if she wants to talk, and that she better not keep being so hard on herself. He won’t stand for it. Chelsea grins.

Phillip thanks Stephanie for stopping by and promises to break it up if there’s another curfuffle involving Chelsea. Stephanie asks what he means by that word and Phillip claims it’s an old prohibition word. Stephanie thinks that’s interesting, and Phillip winks, telling her to stick with him, as he is always fascinating. She grins and heads off.

Melanie heads out back behind the pub an pulls out a wallet. She grins and says she’s sorry for Bob, but she has to get money somehow since Phillip won’t help her. Bob comes up behind her and grabs her as she counts his money. He calls her a bitch and shakes her by the arm. He demands to know if she thinks she can rip him off.

Teresa says she understands that Sami doesn’t want to talk and gives her a medal of St. Anne, the patron saint of women in labor, as well as grandmothers and housewives. Sami thanks her, promising to treasure it forever. Teresa hopes she comes back to the convent one day, even if it is just to hear the choir. Sami says she has a feeling she will be back soon.

Rafe continues to spy on Hope and Julie as they talk about EJ and Sami. Julie wonders if they will ever get back together, but Hope just isn’t sure. Julie thinks they might, if only on Johnny’s behalf. She thinks he’s adorable. Hope agrees, saying that he’s a good kid, too. Julie thinks EJ might have changed some since the twins were born, but he’s still a pompous ass. Hope laughs, saying she wouldn’t go that far and Julie reminds her that her greatest fault is always giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Julie thinks the one thing EJ and Stefano definitely have in common is their family loyalty. Hope agrees, saying no one can stand in the way of EJ being with Johnny--not even Sami.

EJ comes into Nicole’s room, telling her he brought Johnny to see her. Nicole cries. He asks what is wrong, telling her that Mary said she was crying earlier, too. Is she alright? Nicole bawls, saying she isn’t alright at all.


Victor shouts, “Those two women almost destroyed your life. The best thing to do is just stay away from them.” Brady asks, “Is that an order?”

Daniel asks a nurse in a panic, “You’re sure that these are correct--that there’s no mix-up at all?”

Nicole tells EJ, “I don’t know what you’re talking about” He replies, “I know all about it. I know what you did.”

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