Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/25/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/25/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In her hospital bed, Nicole tells Brady about the locket she bought to put the baby’s first picture in. She is really looking forward to participating in all the activities that her parents never cared about when she was a kid. Suddenly, the machines hooked up to Nicole beep wildly and she faints. Brady yells for the doctor just as he and the nurse rush in. They tell Brady to step aside as they tend to Nicole.

At the pub, Phillip reads the paper, which headline screams that Nick has been arrested for Trent’s murder. Pete comes over, asking if they spelled Phillip’s name right. He jokes, saying they never do, but Pete doesn’t think it matters. He’s still the hero of the story. Phillip mumbles to himself that he’s the hero that got everything wrong up until the last moment.

Chelsea heads into Bo’s office and finds Nick sitting inside. A cop stops her, but she hands him a card, saying she has permission from the commissioner. She asks Nick how he is, and he says that he has a headache. She puts an arm around him, saying how sorry she is.

At the hotel, Melanie gets call from the front desk, asking her to vacate the room. She huffs, reminding them that she almost fell off their balcony, and was told she could stay here long enough to rest and get her bearings. They tell her she can stay one more hour and she hangs up. She sighs, saying she has an hour to find a place to live and a way to pay for it.

At Marlena’s place, John asks if she is saying he has to see a shrink or deal with never seeing her again. Marlena nods. He accuses her of blackmailing him, but she doesn’t care. John reminds her that he saved her life. He’s sorry if the way he did it was too macho for her liking. She says it’s more than that--this also has to do with Brady. She fears she made a classic egotistical mistake thinking that she could help him. John wonders how it will help him to lose the only person in his life he is capable of caring for, and Marlena says it will get his attention. She thinks she is enabling him, and if he doesn’t get help, he is out of her life for good.

Dr. Baker tells the nurse that if they want to save this baby, they have to stabilize Nicole right away. Nicole lies on her bed unconscious.

On a plane, a stewardess comes by, telling EJ they’ll be landing soon and asking if he needs anything. EJ says he doesn’t. He advises her to stay away from Stefano, since he is in the back speaking with the contact from Argentina who screwed everything up. She smiles, saying EJ doesn’t seem displeased the trip was cancelled. He says he isn’t, since it allows him to see his family all the sooner. She asks if they will be waiting for him at the airport, but he says his return is a surprise.

Nicole mumbles about EJ and her baby as Brady rushes in, asking Baker if Nicole is ok. The doctor says she will probably be fine, but the baby is another story. If they can’t stop these contractions, Nicole will lose it. Brady sighs, saying that will kill her. Baker suggests he wait in the corridor, and adds that it would be a good idea to get in touch with the father. Brady rushes off as Nicole wakes up. She begs the doctor to save her baby.

Chelsea takes a seat by Nick, and he wonders how she could be sorry for the things he did. Chelsea explains that she knows him, and she knows what kind of person he is. Nick thinks they have all the empirical proof they need as to what kind of a person he is. He has now killed two people. Doesn’t she think it’s time that he faced facts? Besides, neither her or Melanie wanted him. Chelsea says that isn’t true, and that she loved him. Nick says she might have for a little while, but he wants to be in love forever. He thinks things work out better for him before a girl gets to know him. Chelsea says that isn’t true, but Nick thinks it is. He tries to do nice things for girls and to take care of them so they’ll like him, but they don’t. Chelsea thinks he might care a little too much. Nick says it’s also because he does things that are wrong. Sending that note to Melanie really scared her, but all he meant was for her to need him so he could take care of her. Chelsea asks if she knows that, but Nick avoids the question. He says it’s a good thing he is going away, because now he won’t be able to hurt anyone else. Chelsea thinks it sounds like he is giving up, but Nick isn’t sure what else to do. He is in love with Melanie, and she never wants to see him again. Maggie comes in just then and hugs Nick, asking if he is alright. Nick says everything will be ok if she agrees to help him. She promises to do anything she can, and he tells her that this is about Melanie.

Melanie sees a job online for an administrative assistant at Titan. She decides to apply for the position.

Dr. Baker and the nurse are able to stabilize Nicole’s blood pressure, and she frets about the baby, asking if it is ok. Baker says everything is much better than before, and that they are working on keeping her from going into preterm labor. He tells Nicole that she needs to stay calm and relax, so she won’t endanger the baby by going into labor again. She nods and agrees. Just then, her machines go crazy again. Nicole shrieks that she is having another contraction and she can’t stop it.

Marlena starts to tell John that she has agonized over this, but stops, saying that she refuses to justify herself or discuss this until she knows a professional is monitoring his progress. Marlena adds that one of her thesis advisors, Kenneth Taylor, has a lot of experience working with patients with abnormal brain patters like John’s. John notes that he doctor can’t make him talk about his childhood, because he doesn’t remember it. Marlena tells him that psychiatry is a legitimate field, and he is only condescending towards it to make himself feel better. John sighs, saying he will think about it, but Marlena says she has already sent John’s files to Dr. Taylor. John huffs that that is an invasion of his privacy, but Marlena ignores him and hands him the psychiatrist’s card, telling him to see Dr. Taylor or risk losing her forever.

Nick explains to Maggie that Melanie doesn’t have anyone to take care of her. She has no friends or family. Maggie tries to tell Nick through her tears that Melanie will be ok, but Nick says she won’t. Chelsea reminds him that she has Max. Nick says that she doesn’t know what Max said about Melanie--she can’t trust him. Chelsea disagrees, saying that Max cares for her very much. Nick ignores her, telling Maggie that he scared Melanie, and that’s why Maggie has to let Melanie live with her. He has to know Melanie is ok. He isn’t even sure he can live with the fact that she hates him. Maggie hushes him and Nick insists that she let Melanie stay with her. She has to do this for him.

Nicole groans and screams, telling the nurse to call EJ right away. She bursts into tears as the nurse heads out into the hallway. She tells Brady that Nicole is looking for the father, but Brady says he doesn’t know his number. He’ll have to find Nicole’s cell phone to get it. Just then, Nicole screams in pain. The nurse rushes back in as Nicole cries that she can’t stop the contractions. She sobs hysterically as the doctor tries to soothe her.

John thinks Marlena has crossed a line, but she disagrees, saying this is about saving his life, not having a discussion on ethics. She reminds him that his headaches are getting worse. There’s alarm bells going off in his head, and if he chooses to ignore them, then that is up to him. John accuses her of trying to run his life, but she says that on the contrary, she wants him to run his own life. She tells him he can take the card and leave, or leave without it, but either way, it’s over. Just then, someone knocks on the door. John opens it to find Maggie. Marlena tells her that it isn’t a good time, but she begs Marlena to help her. It’s about Nick.

Chelsea tells Nick that she understands why he feels so guilty, but not all of this is his fault. He was on pain medication. Nick tells her not to say it’s Melanie’s fault. People think they know her, but they don’t. Chelsea understands that Nick think he is in love with her, but he will get over it and love again. Nick disagrees, saying that he won’t. He accuses Chelsea of thinking that he’s crazy. Nick says it doesn’t matter anyway, as Melanie never wants to see him again. Chelsea asks him if he even cares about what is going to happen to him, or is he just concerned with how Melanie feels about him? Nick admits that it’s true. He’s going to go to prison, and that is what he deserves, but it isn’t nearly as bad as knowing Melanie hates him. He isn’t sure how long he can stand knowing that.

Melanie rushes into the pub and over to Phillip, whose face is hidden by the newspaper. She tells him she is the answer to all of his prayers, but falters when he lowers the paper and she sees who she is talking to. Phillip smiles, saying they will see about that.

EJ heads into the mansion with flowers and asks Mary, the maid, where Nicole is. Mary says she isn’t sure. Nicole never came home. EJ stares at her worriedly.

Baker tells the nurse that they can’t stop the contractions. Nicole sobs and says it’s too soon.

Marlena tells Maggie that she can talk, as John was just leaving. He agrees to give them some time alone and heads into the kitchen to have some coffee and clean his gun. Marlena invites Maggie to sit down and apologizes, saying she saw what happened to Nick when she read the paper. Maggie explains that she has just come from visiting him, and she’s worried that he might do something to himself. Marlena assures her that Roman and Bo are doing all they can to make sure Nick is being watched. She wants to give Maggie the names of some colleagues that she is sure can help Nick professionally. Maggie sobs, saying she feels like this is all her fault. Marlena thinks she needs to seek help, too, but isn’t sure she can help her. Maggie says she just wants some advice. Nick has asked her to let Melanie live with her, but she doesn’t like the girl. She knows she shouldn’t blame the victim, but she can’t help it. Marlena suggests she allow Melanie to live with her temporarily, but to let her know that she needs to be looking for another place to live. Maggie thanks her, saying she knew Marlena would know what to do. She wishes her luck with John and heads off. Marlena calls out for John, saying that Maggie is gone, and now it’s his turn.

Melanie can’t believe Phillip still works when he owns Titan. Phillip looks over her resume, saying there’s a lot he doesn’t know about her, like the fact that she supposedly graduated from the Sorbonne. Melanie grumps, saying someone she knows wasn’t supposed to see that. She starts to leave, but Phillip stops her, saying that he wanted to let her know that she knows she is going through a rough time, and he helped cause that. He really hopes things get better for her. Melanie suggests he put his money where his mouth is and give her a job. Phillip says that he can’t do that.

EJ calls Nicole’s phone and leaves her a voicemail, asking where she is.

Nicole wakes up and the nurse hands her her baby, telling her that she has a perfect baby girl. Nicole sobs and holds the baby, saying she has her daddy’s nose. She thinks she is so beautiful. The baby opens her eyes and Nicole cries even harder, telling her how much she loves her.

Dr. Baker heads out into the hallway to find Brady on the phone. He hangs up and asks how Nicole and the baby are. Baker says that Nicole is fine, and is finally stabilized. The baby didn’t make it, though.

Nicole wakes up again and thanks the nurse for saving her baby. The nurse sponges her forehead and sighs.

Chelsea tells Nick that she tried to get some aspirin for him, but he can’t have any until he sees the doctor. Nick says only one thing could make him happy right now and that isn’t possible. Chelsea sighs, guessing he means Melanie. Nick says that he never meant to hurt her or scare her. He jut wanted to make her happy. Chelsea suggests that Melanie might change her mind with some time to think about it. Nick tells Chelsea that when Melanie tried to get away, he went crazy. All he could think about was making sure she couldn’t get away from him. Then she looked at him, and he saw himself through her eyes. He wasn’t a human being anymore--he was an animal. Chelsea tells them that everyone--even Melanie--knows that wasn’t him in that room. It must have been the pills. Nick disagrees, saying that no one really knows who he is, except Melanie, who has now seen him for who he really is. He tells Chelsea to leave. She refuses to lave him all alone, but he insists. He knows she feels badly for him, but he isn’t some stray dog. If she needs to take care of someone, she should focus on her grandma. At least she isn’t a totally lost cause. The cop in the room thinks Chelsea needs to leave, too, as Nick is getting too worked up. She agrees, but promises to be back tomorrow. Nick tells her not to bother. Chelsea bursts into tears, asking the cop if she can at least hug Nick. Nick tells her she can’t. If he stands up, his pants fall off. Chelsea gapes as Nick explains that they took his belt.

Melanie reminds Phillip that he owns the company. He tells her that they don’t get along. There’s no way they could work together. He thinks he might be able to do something else for her, but she tells him not to bother. She has been put through hell by a psycho, but she’s ok, and she still likes herself better than Phillip and all of his snotty friends. She stomps off as Phillip begs her to wait. She runs into Maggie on the way out, who asks her to stop. She nastily asks if some of her silverware is missing, and Maggie says she wanted to let Melanie know she can stay at their place if she is till looking for a place to live. Melanie asks if she means it, and Maggie says she does--but only on one condition. Melanie smirks.

EJ calls the lodge and asks about Nicole and if she checked in or out earlier today.

Brady tells Dr. Baker that he found Nicole’s cell phone, so he can call EJ, but he isn’t sure how to give him the news. Baker tells him that Nicole has been in and out of consciousness and still doesn’t know she lost the baby. He is supposed to tell her, but thinks the news might be easier coming form someone she knows. Brady sighs as the doctor adds that the baby was a girl. Brady says under his breath that he doesn’t wan to do this as the nurse comes out, telling them both that Nicole is waking up. Brady heads into her room and Nicole tells him she dreamed she had the baby, but then she woke up. She asks if she has been born, but Brady shakes his head, saying she hasn’t. Nicole asks about the doctor, and Brady quietly explains that she lost the baby. Nicole shrieks and sobs hysterically as Brady hugs her and tries to soothe her.

Maggie tells Melanie that Mickey is handling Nick’s case, so it could become a conflict of interest that she is living with them. That is why she must look for a more permanent place to live immediately. Melanie knows she is trying to be nice, but tells Maggie to cut the crap, as she knows her and everyone else blames her for leading Nick astray. Maggie says there are actually two more conditions. She is not to ever mention Nick or the case, and she is to stay away from Nick. Melanie scoffs, saying that won’t be a problem. Maggie hands her the key and Melanie thanks her. She heads off and runs into Chelsea on the way out, saying that it’s her turn. Chelsea strides over to Melanie, saying that she has been looking for her everywhere. They need to talk about Nick.

The front desk at the lodge tells EJ that Nicole checked out with a young man a couple of hours ago, but that’s all they know. EJ hangs up and looks around in confusion.

Nicole sobs and asks Brady if she had a boy or a girl. Brady tells her she had a girl, and Nicole cries, saying she had a feeling that was so. She says she would have done anything for this baby, but she couldn’t help her, no matter how hard she tried. Brady tries to soothe her as the nurse comes in, giving Nicole some medication for the pain. She tells her to make an appointment with her gynecologist, but say there was no permanent damage. Nicole shouldn’t have any problems conceiving in the future. She heads off. Nicole goes into hysterics, telling Brady that this was a miracle baby. Miracles don’t happen twice. Brady hugs her as she bawls.

Marlena tells John that she doesn’t like having to threaten him with exile to get him to get some help. She explains that she just can’t live with the specter of something horrible happening to him. John tells her not to worry about it, as he has decided to see the doctor she recommended. She thanks him, but he says he has two conditions. He won’t see him at the hospital, and he will only see him once. Then they’ll take it from there. Marlena tells him this isn’t speed dating. He reminds her that she won, and that she ought to be nice now. Marlena isn’t so sure that she won. She thinks he might be thinking of using this as a stall tactic to see this doctor once and then blow him off. If he intends on doing that, then they are back to square one, and he is out of her life.

Melanie tells Chelsea that she isn’t interested in talking about Nick. Chelsea quietly explains that everyone is worried he might kill himself. All he can think about is her. Melanie scoffs, saying he wasn’t thinking of her when he killed her father, told her she did it, sent her nasty notes, and locked her in room. When it comes down to it, she doesn’t give a damn about Nick or what happens to him. Chelsea insists that the real Nick would never do those things. Melanie says she gets it. He was already crazy, and then Chelsea came along and used him up. She’s like the training wheels to his craziness. Chelsea understands that she is upset, but reminds her that Nick took a bullet for her. Doesn’t she have any compassion? Melanie starts to huff off, but stops to tell Chelsea that she hates everyone in this town. Bo threatened her for weeks over something she didn’t do, and now Chelsea, a child-killer, is lecturing her about compassion. Chelsea thinks she was stupid for ever thinking Melanie could put someone else above herself. Melanie bum-rushes her, telling her to shut up or she’ll make her. She slams Chelsea into a table. Chelsea gets up and rushes after Melanie, pushing her down. They both shriek and roll around on the floor fighting.

Nicole gets ready to leave and asks Brady what she is going to do. Just then, her phone rings. She sees it’s EJ and starts crying again. EJ paces around the mansion, biting his nails and waiting for her to answer her phone.


Hilda asks, “Where exactly are you going, Agent Hernandez?” He replies, “A little fact-checking mission.” Rafe looks at EJ’s picture.

Brady tells Nicole, “I’ll talk to him if you want me to.” She shrieks, “No! You can’t!”

Melanie tells Phillip, “Somebody needed to put that dumb girl in her place.” He replies, “Watch your mouth.” She retorts, “Are you going to tell me what to say now? Save your CEO crap for someone who cares.”

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