Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/24/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/24/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven
Proofread by Anoma

At Marlenaís place, John holds a gun to the mayorís killer while he throttles Marlena a few feet away. She begs him not to shoot. John cocks the gunís hammer, saying itís too late.

At the pub, Maggie sits with Chelsea, Hope, and Bo, and bawls. She talks about having to call Joshua and Jessica and tell them that Nick had been arrested for murder. Maggie sobs, saying that they trusted her to take care of their son and she let them down. Chelsea tries to assure her that Nick might still get off. She asks Bo if Nick can plead temporary insanity or self-defense since everyone knows what a monster Trent was. Hope isnít so sure. She thinks this all would have been a lot easier if Nick had come forward right away. Bo agrees. Chelsea asks if that means it doesnít look good. Maggie cries and shakes her head. Bo somberly shakes his, as well.

Nearby, Brady heads in and greets Chloe and Lucas. Chloe invites Brady to join them. Lucas gives her a look, but Brady accepts the invitation before he can say anything. Lucas said he heard about Bradyís good news in regards to being clean for a whole year. He congratulates him and asks if Chloe has told him their good news.

Kate is dressed and ready to leave in her room at the hospital. Daniel heads in, and she tells him not to look so serious, as she is being released today. Daniel explains that he canít let her go yet.

In the cabin E.J. rented, Nicole groans on the sofa and clutches her stomach. She tries to call the front desk, but no one answers. Nicole tries to calm down, telling herself everything will be ok, but the cramps hit her again. She sobs and curls up in a ball on the couch.

Marlena begs John not to shoot. She breaks free from the mayorís killer and launches herself at Johnís gun just as it goes off. Marlena crumples to the ground.

On a plane to Argentina, Stefano listens to some music as E.J. goes through some documents. He interrupts Stefano to ask what he is supposed to be doing on this trip. It seems the papers are boring and confusing, and E.J. isnít sure if he is supposed to be helping Stefano stay within the bounds of the law or flout it without being caught. Stefano chuckles, saying the former, of course. He wonders why E.J. took the job if he had questions about the morality involved in the position. E.J. snaps, saying Stefano knows perfectly well why he took the job--because of Nicole.

Nicole bawls and pleads with E.J. to answer his phone. He doesnít, and she cries, figuring he is on his way out of town. She wonders who else she can call and thinks of Chloe. She sits up and grimaces with pain as she rummages through her bag, looking for her phone with the number in it. She canít find her cell phone but finds a slip of paper with Bradyís number on it. She dials it.

Lucas takes Chloeís hand and explains to Brady that he bought a house for himself, Chloe and Allie to live in. Brady congratulates them, and Chloe adds that Kate will be meeting them soon for a different sort of celebration. She was just released from the hospital. Brady apologizes to Lucas, saying he had no idea Kate was sick. Lucas says itís no big deal, and besides, the first round of chemo was very successful, so theyíre all excited. Brady thinks it must be really helpful to have Chloe around as a cancer survivor. Just then, Bradyís phone rings, and he steps away to take the call. Itís Nicole, who is sobbing and barely coherent. She says sheís sorry to bother him but sheís all alone in the middle of nowhere. He asks where E.J. is, and she explains that heís on a plane flying to Argentina. She begs Brady to help her. He asks if this is about the baby, and Nicole chokes back her sobs, saying that thereís something wrong with the baby, and she isnít sure what. Brady asks where she is specifically, and Nicole tells him sheís at a mountain lodge north of Brookville. Brady says he knows where it is and is on his way. He tells her to calm down, and that heíll be there soon. She begs him to hurry. He hangs up and races out of the pub. Lucas shouts after him that it was nice of him to stop by. Lucas snorts, wondering what his problem is. Chloe laughs, saying he is the one with a problem. He was acting so ridiculously jealous and it was obvious. Lucas admits he might be a little jealous. Chloe kisses him, saying thereís nothing to worry about. Brady is her past, and Lucas is her future.

Chelsea tells Bo and Hope that she is going to visit Nick but they donít think itís such a good idea. Chelsea disagrees, saying that Nick needs his friends for support right now. Hope tells her that what Nick needs most right now is psychiatric help. Chelsea insists that Nick isnít crazy. Bo says that isnít what they are trying to say but she has to remember that Nick was obsessed with her before he was caught up with Melanie. Chelsea says that was different. She and Nick had a relationship, and he was her first love. Feelings like that donít ever really go away.

The shooter darts out the door as John shakes Marlena, asking if she is ok. She sits up in a daze, saying sheís alright, and John takes off after the shooter. He comes back a few moments later, telling Marlena that the killer is gone. He asks her what the hell she was thinking.

Chelsea explains that she hurt Nick really badly and she canít help but think that things might have turned out differently if she werenít so selfish. Maggie tells her that they all wish they could have done something, but itís too late. Chelsea thinks they have to do something now, and they all agree, but Bo thinks itís bad timing for her to visit Nick in jail right now. He reminds her that Kate was just released from the hospital and theyíre having a celebration tonight. He suggests Chelsea join in and try to forget about all of this. Chelsea begrudgingly agrees, and Bo assures her that Nick knows what a good friend she is. Chelsea heads off. Maggie smiles sadly, saying Chelsea has a good heart. She says she has to go visit Mickey and see about Nickís defense, and she heads off, as well. Hope puts her head in her hands, wondering how it all turned out like this.

Kate tells Daniel that she thought she was being released. He says she is but what he meant is that he canít let her go if she is going back to her old rigorous routine. She has to take it easy. Kate promises to do so--after the holidays. Daniel stops her, but Kate says she knows all about it. She understands that she isnít cured and that she will have to undergo further treatments, but she has heard of professional athletes still doing their jobs while undergoing cancer treatment, so she doesnít see why she canít. Besides, there is no way sheís going to hole up in her house and sit around in her pajamas. Daniel reminds her that they are dealing with a particularly aggressive form of cancer. The more she rests, the better off she will be for it. Kate informs him that she has booked a flight for Ibiza and is leaving later today. Sheíll have plenty of time to rest there. Daniel goes off on her for planning a trip that could compromise her immune system, but Kate doesnít want to hear it. He was the one that told her she shouldnít let this disease define her, and she isnít. She is going to travel and work and spend time with her kids--making sure she lives life to the fullest. She tells Daniel to back off. Instead, he grabs her and kisses her.

John lays into Marlena, saying that that man tried to kill her and she enabled him to get away. She says he didnít have a gun, but John reminds her she has no way of knowing that. He asks what the man wanted, and she explains that he was after Sami, of course. John doesnít understand, and Marlena explains that he was the man who shot the mayor. They were close to apprehending him, but now he has gotten away, thanks to John.

Brady shows up at the cabin, and Nicole meets him at the door. He asks about the pain, and she says it comes and goes but itís pretty bad. He wants to take her to the hospital right away, but she says she just needs to rest for a minute. She doesnít think she can sit in the car. She groans, worrying about E.J. and what he would think if he knew what was going on. She begs Brady to stay with her. He says he is sorry but he canít.

Daniel backs off, telling Kate that he will leave her alone if she wants but he is just worried about her. Of course, he respects her wishes when it comes to living her life to the fullest, but-- she interrupts him, telling not to bother qualifying it. She understands that he doesnít want to lose her, but she doesnít want to waste any time she might have left. Daniel says he understands. Kate caresses his face, saying that part of the way she wants to spend her time is by being with him. Daniel takes her into his arms.

E.J. tells Stefano that with Sami, he always felt the need to prove that he was moral and had scruples. The best thing about Nicole is that she accepts him unconditionally. She doesnít care who he is or how much money he makes. Stefano asks if he is sure, and E.J. says he is. All Nicole expects from him is loyalty--and of course, for him to be a good father. Stefano says that is part of the reason they are taking this trip. These assets Stefano has hidden in South America are going to benefit E.Jís children one day. E.J. says he understands and as long as he isnít asked to do anything immoral or illegal, heíll be more than happy to represent Stefano in Argentina or anywhere else in the world. He knows he was hesitant at first, but on behalf of his children, he is more than happy to accept the responsibility.

Brady tells Nicole that he meant that neither of them is staying here. They have to get her to the hospital. Her sitting here hoping things get better isnít going to help the baby. Nicole sobs as Brady helps her to her feet. He gasps when he sees the gigantic blood stain on the couch. Nicole sees it too and starts bawling. Brady wraps a blanket around her and picks her up, hauling her off to the car.

Bo and Hope are at Marlenaís place, and question John and Marlena about the shooter. John explains that he was wearing gloves, so there wonít be any prints. Hope asks Marlena if she saw his face, but she says he had a ski mask on. John grumbles, saying they could have gotten a great look at his face if Marlena had let him shoot the guy. Marlena lays into him, saying she doesnít care what he thinks. Thereís a madman out there trying to kill her daughter, so he had better give her a break. Bo asks why John was here, and he makes a sarcastic comment about selling Girl Scout cookies. Bo tells him to stop being a wise ass, and John explains that Marlena called him and hung up suddenly, so he came here to make sure she was ok. If he had been allowed to handle things his way, the guy would be dead. Bo reminds him that a dead guy couldnít tell them who he was working for, and Marlena agrees. Bo adds that the man that was here tonight might not have been the same person Sami saw. There could be multiple assassins at work. John shrugs, saying he just did what he was trained to do. Marlena wonders why John was aiming for the guys head, and he explains that he only shoots to kill. Everyone stares at him uncomfortably.

Chelsea, Chloe, and Lucas all greet Kate as she heads into the pub with Daniel. Chelsea hugs her tightly, saying she looks great. Chloe agrees, saying she is glad Kate is back and doing better. Kate thanks her.

Brady and Chloe head into the hospital in Brookville, and theyíre shown into a room. The nurse fusses over Nicole, putting on a blood pressure monitor, while Brady frets about how long the doctor will take. Nicole says she can probably get into the hospital in Salem more easily, but the nurse tells her to stay put. There are tests they need to run before the doctor can see her, anyway. The nurse checks Nicoleís babyís heart rate, and they all hear a steady pulse. Nicole asks if thatís a good thing. The nurse stares at her worriedly.

Bo tells Marlena that forensics will be here shortly and theyíll keep a watch on the hallway, but John says thereís no point. He wonders why Bo is even here. Shouldnít he be back at the station with his feet up on a desk? Bo replies that they can solve this case without Johnís input, but John disagrees, saying they canít seem to find the mayorís killer at all. Bo retorts that he finds it ironic that John would show up at the scene of the crime. John demands to know if Bo is accusing him of anything, but Marlena stops him, saying heís just incensing Bo even more. Hope thinks itís time to wrap things up, and Bo agrees, telling Marlena that theyíll post an officer at her door. John says that isnít good enough, but Bo doubts the guy will show back up and risk Johnís gun again. Marlena asks for a moment alone with John. Hope doesnít think itís such a good idea, but Marlena insists, and Bo and Hope head off, saying theyíll be right outside. Marlena lays into John, asking what would have happened had the twins been here tonight. John canít believe she is playing Ďwhat ifí with him, but Marlena doesnít care. She tells John he canít be around those babies until his behavior changes.

Stefano admits that he will always be a little disappointed that things didnít work out between E.J. and Sami. He wonders if E.J. still has feelings for her. E.J. admits that he does but doesnít want to talk about it. Stefano says that he just isnít sure Nicole is the woman who can make E.J. happy. Donít most fathers feel the same way about their sons? E.J. reminds Stefano that Nicole is pregnant with his child. Stefano says he just wants the best for E.J. E.J. tells him that he has to understand that Sami is in his past. Nicole and his child are his future now. Stefano sighs.

Brady tells Nicole that they should call E.J, but she says thereís no point, as heís on a plane. She is sure that whatever is going on will have passed by the time E.J. has landed. He asks what she was doing up at the lodge all alone, and she tells him about her and E.Jís romantic getaway that was thwarted at the last minute by Stefano and his business trip. Just then, the machines hooked up to Nicole start beeping wildly. She freaks out as a nurse rushes in. She tells Nicole to calm down and rushes off for the doctor. Nicole shrieks, asking if she is losing her baby. Brady gapes.

Kate, Daniel, Chloe, Lucas, and Chelsea all finish cake and talk about the wonderful meal they had. Kate wishes Allie could have been here, but Daniel reminds her that she has a cold. Kate huffs about Daniel worrying too much about her immune system. Chelsea rolls her eyes. Kate offers to come by the cabin and see Allie on the way to work tomorrow if she is feeling better. Chelsea gets a text message from Phillip saying that his plane has just taken off from Chicago. Since he will be another hour or so, Chelsea offers to get another round of drinks. Daniel follows to help her, and Lucas suggests Chloe go, as well. She rolls her eyes, saying Lucas is being pretty subtle and heads to the bar. Kate feels a lecture coming on, and Lucas agrees, laying into her for thinking of going back to work so soon. He insists that she needs to rest. Besides, he thought she offered him temporary control of the business because she trusted him. Kate says she does but she needs some things from the office. She canít just sit around doing nothing all day. Work distracts her, just like her sons. She says she canít tell him how glad she is to see them so happy.

At the bar, Daniel tells Chelsea that he heard about Nick and that heís sorry. Chelsea thinks itís ironic that she broke Nickís heart to be with Daniel, and he turned around and did the same thing to her. Daniel sighs, thinking they were past all that, but Chelsea says they arenít. She huffs off. Daniel finishes his drink in one gulp and sighs.

Dr. Baker (played by John Callahan, ex-Edmund, AMC) explains that Nicole is going into pre-term labor. They are going to give her an IV that should help stop the contractions. He warns her that there are side effects, but she doesnít care. She asks what will happen if this doesnít work and she gives birth today. Dr. Baker tells her that the fetus isnít yet viable outside the womb. Nicole chokes back sobs and asks what will happen if they have to choose between her life and the babyís. The doctor says it doesnít work that way, and Nicole bawls, saying she just wants whatís best for her baby. Baker heads off, telling Brady to try to calm Nicole down. Nicole hyperventilates, telling Brady that this canít be happening and that she has to stop the contractions. Brady tries to soothe her, telling her that the best thing she can do right now is breathe and think of how much she loves E.J. and this baby.

Outside the pub, Chloe tells Daniel not to worry about Chelsea, as she is just being a drama queen. Chloe adds that she should know since she used to be that way herself. Daniel bets she is just like that on stage, but she doesnít think he knows her very well. He admits that that is true and she assures him that they have plenty of time since theyíre practically family. Chloe heads back inside, and Daniel stares in at her and Lucas.

Kate asks Chelsea if she has been able to see Nick, but she says her dad and Hope donít think itís a good idea. Kate thanks her for coming tonight, and Chelsea says itís no big deal. She wants Kate to know that she cares for her and respects her a lot. Kate says she feels the same way about Chelsea. She knows that Chelsea has told her she has trouble forgiving people but as someone who loves her, she doesnít want Chelsea to think of herself that way anymore. She wants Chelsea to be able to let go of her anger because life is too short to do otherwise. Daniel comes in just then and Kate smiles.

Bo comes up to Hope outside Marlenaís door and sighs, saying John is right and theyíre wasting their time here. Hope thinks he needs a break after all that has happened in the last few days. Bo refuses, but Hope insists, reminding him he hasnít even had a healthy meal in a few days. He may be the boss at work, but she is still the boss at home, and theyíre going to have lunch. Bo sighs and follows her out.

John grumbles, saying that he is just trying to help Marlena and her daughter and this is the thanks he gets. Marlena thanks him, saying that she knows this is coming from the right place, but frankly, he frightens her. She thinks he needs help since he nearly killed a man today. John refuses, and she wonders what he is so afraid of. John claims he isnít afraid of anything. Marlena says she didnít want it to come to this but if he wonít get help, then he canít be a part of her life or her familyís life--now or ever.

Stefano offers E.J. a drink, wanting to call a truce, but E.J. explains he isnít drinking while Nicole is pregnant. Stefano chuckles, saying that E.J. really does care for her. He sighs, saying that he has already told Stefano that. Why does he refuse to believe it? Stefano agrees to stop questioning him. He adds that family is of the utmost importance and he has missed out on a lot of his children and grandchildrenís lives. With E.J. and Nicole, he has been granted another chance. He puts his headphones back on and thanks E.J. for a new beginning.

Nicole tells Brady that Chloe is planning a baby shower for her after the holidays. She registered at a couple of places, but sheís already bought half the stuff she asked for. Brady chuckles, and she asks for her purse. He hands it over, and she shows him her favorite thing, a locket in which she plans on putting the babyís first picture. She canít wait to deal with swimming lessons and field trips and car pools. She adds that her parents never did any of that for her, as the monitors attached to her go off wildly. She wonders whatís happening and faints. Brady begs her to stay with him. The doctor and nurse rush in as the camera pans in on Nicoleís limp hand, still holding the locket.


Melanie says, ďI have an hour to find a place to live and a way to pay for it.Ē

Nick tells Maggie, ďShe doesnít have any friends. She doesnít have any family. She doesnít have anybody.Ē Chelsea says, ďShe has Max.Ē Nick retorts, ďYou donít know the things that he said about her. She canít trust him.Ē

Nicole screams in pain. Dr. Baker tells Brady, ďIt would be best to get in touch with the father.Ē

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