Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/21/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/21/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tells EJ she has a surprise for him. It involved handcuffs, but not on her. EJ grins and hold out his wrists, but Nicole hands him the paper instead. The headline screams that Nick Fallon has been charged with Trent’s murder. EJ says he can’t believe it. Nicole explains that this means she’s off the hook, and EJ agrees, saying that it will make his surprise all the sweeter. They kiss. Nicole breaks it off, wondering what EJ’s surprise is, but he doesn’t think he’s warmed her up enough for it. They kiss again.

In the hideout/loft, Sami sees the headline about Nick and begrudgingly admits that she’s glad Nicole didn’t do it. Rafe thinks she should be happy her son isn’t living with a murderer, but Sami reminds him that he is still living under Stefano’s roof. She grumbles about still being stuck in the loft, and asks Rafe why it is the police can solve Trent’s murder, but when it comes to someone important like the mayor, they’re totally clueless. Rafe tells her to be careful what she wishes for. What if they did catch the mayor’s killer and she could leave today? Where would she go, considering her condition?

John and Steve meet down by the docks. John hands Steve an envelope, asking him what he’s got. Steve tells John that he’s meeting with someone that says they can identify the mayor’s shooter. John says they better do it fast, before the shooter can strike again.

Inside Marlena’s place, a masked man talks on the phone, telling someone that he’s inside, but Marlena isn’t there. He plans on waiting until she returns. Just then, the lock clicks and the man rushes off to hide. Marlena comes in and rifles though her mail as the man lurks in the background.

Nicole and EJ kiss. She says she is all warmed up and ready to hear about her surprise. EJ wants her to guess. She thinks he might have gotten her a car or a credit card. EJ says those would have made good surprises, but his is even better. He hands her a rectangular velvet box. Nicole opens it.

Rafe tells Sami she ought to be happy about staying here, since it helps her keep her baby a secret from the evil DiMeras. Sami admits that it’s important EJ and Stefano never find out about her child, but she claims the air in here is stale. She begs Rafe to open a window, or at least let her stand outside for a moment. She vows not to try anything stupid. Rafe refuses. Sami complains, saying living here is like being in a tomb. She never even knows if it’s day or night, or what the weather is like. Rafe informs her that it’s daytime and sunny. Sami grumps about him getting to look outside and claims she is opening the drapes whether he likes it or not. Rafe grabs her by the shoulders, telling her that she is making him very angry right now. Is she sure she wants to do that?

John calls Marlena, telling her that his bounty hunter is hard at work, and that he should have some news for her soon about the shooter. Marlena wonders if he’d like to talk about Brady. The masked man picks up a poker from the fireplace set and stalks towards Marlena. John says he doesn’t have time to think about his son. They have to find the mayor’s killer before he can strike again.

Nicole opens the box and finds a note telling her to prepare for a journey of romance and sin. Nicole asks what it means, and EJ explains that they are going away together for a romantic weekend. He has a luxurious cabin at a resort all picked out, and he’s ready to leave whenever she is. Nicole squeals and kisses him. She rushes upstairs, saying she’ll be ready to go in five minutes. Stefano leans against the doorway as she heads out, telling EJ that he’s glad to see him so happy with Nicole. Unfortunately, he is going to have to put his weekend plans on hold. Something important has come up that requires EJ’s immediate attention. EJ groans.

Kayla finds Steve working on his laptop at the pub. He thought she had to go to work, and she says her shift starts in a little while. She asks if he is trying to get rid of her. He chuckles, saying he isn’t, of course. She asks what he is working on. Steve apologizes, saying he actually can’t tell her.

Sami tells Rafe to let her go. She doubts the killer is hanging around outside, waiting for her to show her face. Rafe doubts it, too, but say he can’t take any chances. Just then, his phone rings. He answers, thanks someone, and hangs up. Sami asks what’s going on, and Rafe explains that the lead the police got about the shooter went cold. Sami throws a fit, saying she wants to get out of here so she can see her kids and her family. Rafe tells her she has to calm down and get a grip. They might be stuck here together for a while, and she is going to have to accept that. Sami cries, saying at this rate, they’ll be stuck here together forever. She adds that the killer could be anywhere right now.

The masked man stalks Marlena with a fireplace poker as she tells John that she is fine, and just worried about Sami.

EJ throws his hands up angrily, wondering what could be so important to Stefano. Nicole comes down just then, and thanks EJ for packing her bag, saying he remembered everything. She sees Stefano and apologizes, saying she didn’t know he was here. She thanks him again for dinner the previous night. Stefano says he is pleased to see the two of them so happy, as he feels they are meant for each other, but unfortunately, he has to put the kibosh on them going away this weekend. He and his lawyer, EJ, have important business to attend to. EJ takes Nicole into the foyer to speak to her alone. Nicole asks if their weekend is really off, and EJ says it is only delayed. He hands her the envelop with the directions to the cabin and the confirmation number. He asks her to go up there ahead of him and he will meet her later. She asks him if he really plans on being there tonight, and EJ swears wild horses couldn’t keep him away. He kisses her, telling her that he wants this to be memorable weekend for both of them.

Sami says she isn’t sure how much longer she can take living here. Rafe tells her that she has to stop acting like a child and make the best of a bad situation. Besides, he thought Sami wanted to be here to keep her baby away from EJ. Besides, all she has to do here is kick back and relax. Many people would love being able to get away from the headache of their everyday life. Sami grumbles, saying she can’t view this as a vacation. This ‘hotel’ has no room service or amenities, and the ‘staff’ is rude and inconsiderate. Rafe reminds her there’s a color TV. Sami flies into a rage, screaming that the only thing that ever comes on is football because of him. Rafe turns it on, thanking Sami for reminding him there’s a game on he wants to watch. Sami huffs.

Marlena finishes going through her mail as the masked man attacks. He grabs Marlena and throws her up against the wall. She asks who he is and what he wants, and he explains that he wants to know where her daughter is. If she doesn’t tell him, then he will kill her.

Kayla apologizes for asking for details, and Steve says he just doesn’t want her to know anything for her own protection. He and John are trying to keep this case under wraps. Kayla wonders why John is involved, and Steve admits that he hired him to help find the mayor’s killer. Kayla freaks out, asking what he is thinking. Steve sighs, saying he knew he shouldn’t have said anything. Kayla says her not knowing wouldn’t make this any safer. Steve reminds her that this is his job. Maybe he shouldn’t be so defensive, but he can’t have her second-guessing him all the time. Kayla just wonders if he has considered the consequences. Steve thinks the consequences are that the killer will be arrested, and Sami can come back home. Kayla reminds him that it isn’t that simple. This man not only killed Marino in cold blood, but went after Sami because she knew too much. Has Steve even thought about what might happen to him? He sighs.

Sami paces in front of the TV, complaining that she never gets to watch anything she likes. Rafe chucks the remote in her direction, telling her to watch whatever she wants. He heads over to the table to read a newspaper and Sami follows. She explains that she just wants to go outside and feel the sun on her face. She knows Rafe can make that happen. He reminds her that it’s too dangerous, but Sami thinks the shooter may have given up on her, since he can’t find her. Rafe sighs, explaining that people like that never give up. They just get more determined and desperate as time goes by.

The shooter grabs Marlena by the throat and demands she tell him where Sami is. She says she doesn’t know. Sami left town and she hasn’t spoken to her since. The masked man doesn’t buy it and grips Marlena tighter by the throat. He tells her to give Sami up, or she is going to have to die.

Nicole heads into the cabin EJ rented for them. A bellhop follows and tell her about all the amenities the lodge has to offer. Nicole thanks him and tips him and he heads off. She searches through her bag and finds some lingerie EJ packed. She grins and tells the baby how lucky they are to have such a nice daddy. She spots some petits-fours on a table and rushes over, grinning. She sees a note from EJ that tells her to enjoy them, and that he will see her shortly. She sighs, wondering how she got so lucky.

EJ tries to call Nicole, but the signal is poor, and he is forced to leave he a voicemail, asking her to call and let him know she arrived safely. Stefano thinks he worries too much. EJ throws on his coat, and says he is leaving now. He must have been crazy to allow Nicole to go up there all by herself. He wonders what the hell is the matter with him. He had a wonderful romantic weekend planned, and then he let Stefano spoil it. Stefano thinks he needs to get his priorities straight. Perhaps he made a mistake offering EJ the position. EJ relents, saying that he does want the job, but he is frustrated right now. Stefano says he can see that. EJ sighs and asks what Stefano needs him to do. Stefano says he will fill EJ in on everything while they’re on the plane. EJ flips his lid, wondering where they are going. Stefano says they are going to Argentina.

Kayla tell Steve that she doesn’t want him involved with this. This killer went after Marino and her niece. There is not telling what he will do next. Steve figured she’d want the guy brought to justice, and Kayla says she does, but she’s worried as to why John would get him involved. All they know about John right now is that he was trained to be Stefano’s killer. Steve says that was a long time ago. Kayla says John is still a loose cannon, so she doesn’t feel better about the situation. Steve smiles, saying people used to say the same thing about him. Steve thinks John’s heart is in the right place. All he wants to do is help Sami and Marlena, and Steve wants to do the same. He asks Kayla if she will agree to back him up on this.

Sami asks if Rafe is saying the killer is going to wait until he finds her, however long that takes. Rafe nods, explaining that men that are hired to kill never give up. This guy won’t stop until he has eliminated his target. Sami reminds him that the mayor was the target, and he was killed. Rafe groans, reminding her that she saw the shooter kill Marino. He now knows that no other criminal will hire him until the witness, Sami, is eliminated. He’s desperate and will try to get rid of Sami at any cost.

Marlena asks the masked man why he is doing this. He chuckles, saying she knows why. Her kid can identify him as the mayor’s shooter, and he can’t have that. The question now is what Marlena is going to do about it. In response, Marlena knees him in the groin. The shooter doubles over and Marlena makes a break for the phone. She calls John and screams ‘Hello’ when he answers. The masked man stands up and wraps a wire around his hands menacingly. Marlena gasps. John asks if she is still there.

EJ wants to know why they have to go to Argentina. Stefano explains that he will tell him more on the plane, but for now, all he needs to know is that when his children get older, he’ll be happy Stefano kept most of his assets out of the country. EJ curses. Stefano shrugs, saying he’s sorry he offered EJ the job if he is going to be petulant and unprofessional. EJ sighs, agreeing to go with Stefano. Stefano says he will wait for EJ in the car, and EJ sighs, saying he has to call Nicole and tell her he won’t be coming.

Nicole sits around in the lingerie EJ packed and has a petit-four. She wonders where EJ is as the phone rings. She answers, and it’s EJ, who has bad news. He tells her about the business trip to Argentina. Nicole wonders why he can’t put it off until next week, and EJ apologizes, explaining that Stefano says it’s urgent. Nicole sighs, saying he better make it up to her. He promises to do so, and tells her to enjoy the cabin Nicole says it’s meant for two, and she’s actually just going to come home. Just then, EJ’s battery in his phone goes dead and he curses. Nicole hangs up and pouts, saying she was going to tell EJ she loved him. Just then, she’s hit with cramps. Nicole doubles over in pain.

Rafe hopes Sami understands why she has to stay here, and she says she does, as her leaving would put her and her family at risk. Rafe asks what she will do when she gets out of here. How will she continue to hide the baby from the DiMeras? Sami says she has no idea.

Steve guesses by Kayla’s silence that he will have to do this without her support. She apologizes, saying that she is still haunted by the years they spent apart. Every time she thinks he might be in danger again, she freaks out. Steve pulls her chair closer to his and apologizes, too. He should have never said he could do this without her support. His life is meaningless without her in it. He swears that if he finds the guy, he will call the police right away for backup. There is nothing for her to be afraid of. Kayla takes him up on that promise and asks what he is working on. Steve shows her the police sketch Sami helped make, and explains there’s a database on his computer that has a matching face in it. Now they just have to find it. Steve and Kayla get to work.

The shooter approaches Marlena with the wire. She tells him that killing her makes no sense, because then he will never learn where Sami is. The shooter tells her that if she won’t talk, then she is a dead end. He has to kill her. John walks in behind him, gun drawn, saying he’ll kill him before he gets the chance. The shooter grabs Marlena and chokes her. John calmly tell him to step away.

Sami tells Rafe that he is right, and she does need to make a plan. Perhaps if she could just get a glimpse of sunlight, she could think clearly and things wouldn’t seem so depressing. Rafe caves and agrees to let her look out the window. He checks to make sure the coast is clear and allows Sami to look outside. She spots a church spire in the distance and Rafe explains it’s a convent. The nuns used to run an orphanage there when he was a kid. Sami asks if they still do, but Rafe says no. There are just a few nuns left there now.

John tells the man to step away, and he might let him live, but the shooter isn’t interested in negotiating. John says he isn’t either and cocks the gun’s hammer. Marlena begs him not to shoot, but John says it’s too late. He aims and prepares to fire.

EJ tries to call Nicole on the land line, but Stefano rushes in, telling him they have to leave now. Calling Nicole will have to wait. EJ sighs and hangs up, heading off after Stefano.

Nicole, dressed in the outfit she came in, packs and tells the baby not to worry. She and their daddy have a whole lifetime of weekends together. Suddenly, she is hit by cramps again. She cries and shrieks, “OH NO! THE BABY!”


Hope tells Chelsea, “What he needs most is psychiatric help.” She replies, “He’s not crazy.” The camera pans in on a bearded, crying Nick.

Nicole sobs into the phone, “I need your help right now.” Brady replies, “I’ll be there, ok?” She bawls, “Hurry, please, Brady.”

Kate tells Daniel, “I’m being released. That’s a good thing.” He replies, “I can’t let you go.”

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