Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/20/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/20/08


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At the hotel, Melanie flies over the side of the balcony and hangs onto the railing for dear life. Nick shouts her name.

Brady runs into Nicole at the gym and finds her lifting hand weights. He asks her if she thinks thatís a good idea, and she assumes he means being pregnant in general.

At the mansion, EJ types furiously on his PDA as Stefano asks about work. EJ says itís picking up, and Stefano notes that everything is. He has a new woman in his life, and a baby on the way. Stefano admits it looked bad for a little while, what with Nicoleís arrest. EJ tells Stefano not to worry, as Nicole has been released and will soon be cleared. Stefano isnít sure EJ should be so positive about everything, but EJ disagrees. He says he has to get back to work, and Stefano says he does, too. He needs more information about his heir. EJ tells him they are waiting to find out the sex of the baby, so he canít give Stefano a name. Stefano explains that he needs a name to put on some documents. He hands EJ a folder with some papers inside.

Nick shouts out for Melanie as she screams and loses her grip on the railing. Luckily, Bo is there and grabs her just as she is about to fall. Bo yells for Phillip, who is on the ground, to come up the fire escape and help. Stephanie says itís too dangerous, but Phillip says he has to help Melanie. He starts scaling the ladder. Nick tries to go out onto the balcony and help, but Hope calls for backup and coaxes him back inside, gun drawn, explaining that itís the best way to help Melanie. Outside, Melanie screams as Bo starts losing his grip on her. Phillip climbs the fire escape and nears the floor Melanie is on.

Abe concludes a press conference at the pub, and a woman named Donna approaches Lexie. She recognizes her from the local autism support group and asks why Lexie hasnít attended many meetings. Lexie explains that her schedule is very full and any time she gets free she likes to spend with Theo. Abe comes over just then and greets Donna. Lexie wonders how they know each other, and Abe explains sheís part of their team to promote environmental awareness. Lexie canít believe she finds the time to participate in both groups. Abe smiles, saying she also has four kids at home. Donna admits that her schedule is hectic but she manages. Lexie walks off sadly as Abe and Donna discuss how to recruit more volunteers.

Nicole chuckles, saying she knows what Brady meant. Actually, working out is good for the baby. Being pregnant is about being fit and eating right, not resting all the time. Brady says he has also heard alcohol isnít good for the baby. Nicole nods and shakes her bottle of water. Brady smiles and shakes his own, saying it looks like they are both on the same path--abstinence and avoiding all things that are bad for them. Nicole agrees but is hit with cramps and grimaces. Brady asks whatís wrong.

EJ looks over the papers and tells Stefano that none of this is his business. Stefano disagrees. He tells EJ that while he has grown fond of Nicole, she has a reputation. He doesnít think EJ is thinking with his head right now. EJ reads part of the document, which grants Stefano visitation rights in case of an estrangement, aloud. EJ says Stefano is crazy if he thinks he will sign his childís future over just like that. Stefano calls EJ a fool and says the document is in place to protect him a much as it is to protect Stefano. Surely he wouldnít want to keep Stefano from seeing his grandchild. EJ tells him to think again.

Melanie shrieks as Phillip positions himself below her on the fire escape. Bo tells her heís going to lower her down to Phillip, but she sobs, saying he isnít close enough to catch her. Stephanie frets from the ground. Hope goes out onto the balcony to see whatís going on, and Nick takes his chance to make a break for it. He heads out the door but remembers his pills and comes back for them. Hope catches him leaving the second time and draws her gun, telling him to freeze. Nick does so, and Hope arrests him for the murder of Trent Robbins. She handcuffs him.

Chelsea heads into the pub and greets Lexie, saying she is here to pick up an order for Kate. She hands Lexie a magazine with a good article about autism, and Lexie thanks her. Chelsea says she will see her and Theo in the morning, and heads off. Abe comes over, asking Lexie how she thinks the press conference went, and she says it went well. He wonders whatís wrong, and she tells him she was thinking of Donna and wondering how she has the time to head up so many committees with four children. She only has one and she canít find the time to do anything. She takes out her PDA and runs down her schedule for the next day. Abe canít believe she has so much on her plate, and Lexie sighs, saying she doesnít know how she is going to be able to do it all.

Nicole tells Brady that the baby is just moving around and has done that a lot lately. Brady thinks itís hard for a guy to imagine. Nicole chuckles, saying itís hard for a woman to imagine, too, until it actually happens. She starts to head off to take a shower, but Brady stops her, telling her he hopes he sees more of her around town. In fact, he wants her and EJ and him to have dinner together sometime. Nicole asks how long he will be in town, and Brady says he may be staying permanently. He says he hopes she doesnít have a problem with that. Nicole shrugs, asking him why she should care.

EJ tells Stefano that his child hasnít even been born yet. These papers are a bit premature. Stefano disagrees, saying that now is the perfect time to set out rules for the childís future. EJ refuses, saying he isnít going to bind his child to what could be a destructive relationship. He wonders if Stefano has considered the fact that all of his children try to keep him at armís length. Stefano claims that they are just ingrates, and EJ chuckles, agreeing sarcastically that Stefano has never done anything to make them not want him around. Stefano thinks Nicole should have a say in this, and EJ explains that he has discussed his feelings on Stefano with Nicole already. Stefano changes the subject, wondering when she will be home. EJ says she will be back for dinner, as they have reservations at Chez Rouge, but Stefano tells them to cancel them. Theyíre all going to have dinner together as a family.

Melanie shrieks as Phillip grabs her legs and pulls her to safety. Sirens wail in the distance as Melanie clings to Phillip and sobs. Bo heads back in the room where Hope is reading Nick his rights. Nick says that he has to know Melanie is ok. Bo tells him sheís fine, and that Phillip has her. Nick sighs with relief.

Brady is taken aback by Nicoleís indifference, and she apologizes, saying that she should make it clear she wishes him the best. She asks if he staying because of his father, and Brady says he isnít, really. He doesnít know if John will ever come around. He wonders if Nicole thinks her little talk with John would fix everything. Nicole shrugs and Brady chuckles, accusing her of thinking she is pretty powerful.

Stefano comes back from the kitchen and tells EJ that dinner is being prepared. He also wants EJ to let Nicole know that she has nothing to fear from him. EJ guesses Stefano plans on working his charm on Nicole since it didnít work on him. Stefano laughs, saying EJ knows him too well. He has been thinking about it and he wants to offer EJ a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity--he wants EJ to take the reigns of the family business and become his true heir.

Abe tries to comfort Lexie about her schedule, telling her sheís a doctor and she saves lives. Sheís important to the hospital. Lexie grumps, saying she isnít important to Theo, though. Abe guesses that this is about what happened at the park and explains that Theo is more likely to act around her since she is his mom. Lexie just doesnít understand why Theo doesnít like being around her and why Chelsea seems to have the Ďmagic touchí when it comes to him. Nearby, Chelsea gets a call from Stephanie, telling her they found Nick and that she needs to get down to the police station. Chelsea says she is on her way.

In Boís office, Nick admits to Bo and Hope that he did kill Trent but it was to protect Melanie. He thinks they can get his plea down to involuntary manslaughter so he doesnít have to serve time. Bo reminds him that innocent people were arrested for what he did. Nick says he feels bad about it but he knew they wouldnít understand after what happened with Willow. Hope asks him about the notes he sent Melanie. He claims to care for her, so why did he torture her that way? Nick explains that people were trying to run Melanie out of town and he needed her to stay by his side. He thought the notes were the best way to do that. Bo is exasperated, reminding Nick that he tried to force Melanie into marrying him by letting her think she killed her father. Nick says she could have since she went to the cemetery that night with a knife. Bo says he doesnít understand how Nick can claim to love Melanie one moment then throw her under the bus the next. Nick cries, asking Hope to help him since she is his family. Hope promises to do so, but reminds Nick that justice has to be served.

Nicole explains that she knows she isnít all-powerful but she racked up some bad karma while they were together. Now that she is going to be a mom, she wants to try doing some good, for the babyís sake. Brady assures her that she will be a great mom. Nicole thanks him and adds that while she knows he isnít crazy about EJ, she knows he is going to take care of her and the baby. Brady is glad to hear it and writes down his number, telling her that if she needs any help as far as abstinence goes, heís willing to help her find a support group or even sponsor her. Nicole thanks him and Brady heads off.

Stefano wants EJ to head up the DiMera shipping line, but EJ tells him to forget it. Stefano flies into a rage, telling him then he is on his own. He has been living here in the lap of luxury for months. He needs to learn that he will no longer get a free ride if he wonít contribute and pay his dues to the family. EJ sighs and relents, shaking Stefanoís hand and agreeing to his proposition. Stefano hugs him, delighted.

Stephanie talks to Phillip about Nick, wondering how they could have been so wrong about Melanie. Phillip hug her as Max comes in, looking for his sister. Phillip explains that the doctor is checking her out. Stephanie thinks Nick must have snapped. Max admits that he hasnít been the same since Willow died. Chelsea comes in behind him, saying that this is all her fault.

Donna and Abe enthusiastically discuss her plans to revamp the environmental committee. Lexie overhears them at a table while she reads the article Chelsea brought her. Tears roll down her cheeks.

Stefano, EJ, and Nicole finish dinner and head into the living room. Stefano tells Nicole he thinks she is glowing, and she thanks him. Stefano asks EJ if he can tell Nicole about what they were discussing earlier, and EJ tells him to go ahead. Stefano explains that EJ is going to be helping him run the family business. Nicole looks at EJ, clearly surprised.

Max tells Chelsea none of this her is her fault, but she disagrees. Nick never would have even met Willow or had anything to do with her if not for her. Max reminds Chelsea that what happened to Willow was an accident. This time it just looks like someone finally pushed Nick over the edge. Melanie comes in just then, and they all stare at her.

Nick asks Bo and Hope if he can make a phone call, and they tell him to go ahead and use the phone in the office. Nick cries and dials, greeting the person on the other end. Bo sighs and hugs Hope, apologizing to her for this being his first arrest as commissioner.

Abe comes over to Lexie, asking why she is crying. She tells him that the stories in the article about women getting out and making a difference in other peopleís life are inspiring. They arenít wallowing in self-pity like she has done lately. Just then, Donna comes over, asking if Lexie will volunteer for the environmental task force. Having a physician as a volunteer would be helpful. Lexie isnít sure at first, but finally agrees, telling Donna that she will also be at the next support group meeting for parents of children with autism.

EJ apologizes to Nicole for not checking with her first, but she says itís no big deal. It isnít as if they are married. Stefano is glad to hear Nicole being amenable and heads off for bed, wishing them both a good night. EJ thanks Nicole again for understanding and says she trusts him to take care of their family. EJ kisses her, saying he likes the sound of that.

Max hugs Melanie, asking if she is ok, and saying heís sorry for what happened to her. Phillip agrees. Melanie sobs, saying she is ok and just a little banged up. Stephanie and Chelsea glare at her, and she wonders what is going on. Stephanie wonders if she is going to even ask about Nick. He is probably going to go to jail for the rest of his life, and it is all her fault.

Nick asks Bo and Hope if he can see Melanie, and they say he canít right now. Besides, he needs to wait for his lawyer to get here. Nick says he didnít call his lawyer, exactly. Just then, Maggie rushes in in tears and hugs Nick. They both cry.

Abe gets a call and tells Lexie that Trentís murderer has been arrested. Lexie thinks that is great news--until Abe tells her the killer is Nick Fallon. Lexie gasps.

Nick and Maggie both sob, and he tells her how sorry he is. Maggie says she is sorry. She knew he was drinking and taking pills, and she should have been there for him. She asks what happens next, but Hope says that is up to a judge and jury. Maggie thinks it will be ok. Surely they will all see that Nick couldnít have been in his right mind. Bo doesnít think things look good, though. Maggie bawls.

Nicole suggests they take this upstairs, and EJ agrees. He asks what she is doing tomorrow, and Nicole jokes that they will have to check her schedule. EJ chuckles, saying he has a surprise but she wonít want it if she is that busy. Nicole thumps him on the arm, saying she was joking and asking about the surprise. He leads her upstairs, telling her she has to wait until tomorrow.

Max tells Stephanie and Chelsea to lay off. Melanie cries, saying Nick tortured her. She is the victim here. Chelsea laughs, saying that isnít true at all. She lied to the police and obstructed justice. Sheíll be fortunate if she isnít charged as well. Stephanie agrees, saying she doesnít know what Melanie did to Nick but she pushed him over the edge. Melanie cries. Chelsea tells her that Nick is a good person. Melanie never even loved him. She just used him, and now she has ruined his life.

Nick has his mug shots taken and later, Maggie assures him that Mickey is on his way. He sees Melanie and tears roll down his face as he tells her he loved her and did all of this for her. He apologizes to Max, saying he never meant to hurt Melanie. The police lead him away. Chelsea calls Melanie pathetic, wondering why she couldnít apologize and tell Nick she cared for him, too. She huffs off. Melanie sobs, hoping Max isnít mad at her, too. He hugs her. Hope takes Nick to his cell, and Chelsea watches him go. She sobs.


Nicole reads a note, ďYour bag has been packed for romance and sin. Go upstairs and your journey will begin.Ē She smiles, ďElvis Junior, what are you up to?Ē

Steve tells John, ďIím meeting somebody who says he can identify the mayorís killer.Ē he replies, ďWell, weíd better do it soon--before he strikes again.Ē

The camera pans in on Marlena. A man lurks in the shadows behind her.

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