Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/19/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/19/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In their hotel room, Nick grabs Melanie and they struggle. She screams, asking him if he is going to kill her like he killed her father.

Daniel heads into Kate’s room at the hospital and finds her sleeping. She wakes up and he greets her, smiling. She tells him he was smiling just like that in her dream. She thinks her dream is going to come true--he has saved her.

Chloe meets Lucas at the pub, asking what was so urgent. He explains that he has to decide on whether or not to make a commitment in relation to them. He hands her a folder, asking what she thinks. Chloe opens it and gapes.

At the station, Bo rubs Hope’s shoulders, asking if they are on the same page about the killer. Hope nods, saying they both know the killer is Nick, not Melanie. Bo tells her she can go home, since this involves her cousin, but Hope says that is the reason she has to stay.

At Maggie’s house, Stephanie’s phone rings. She sees it’s Nick and Phillip takes the phone, asking if Nick can hear him.

Back at the hotel, Nick’s phone lies open on the ground as Nick and Melanie argue. She accuses him of stabbing her dad, but he says she is delusional. She calls him a liar, saying that she remembers what happened that night, and it’s all coming back to her. She remember Nick yelling, and then stabbing Trent. Nick accuses her of trying to foist her guilt off on him, but Melanie says he is the guilty one. There’s no going back now, because she knows the truth. Nick says he is sorry she does. She will never know how sorry he is. Melanie quivers.

Phillip tells Stephanie that he can hear people yelling in the background, but can’t make out what they are saying. Stephanie comes over and they both listen as Nick and Melanie scream at one another.

Melanie sobs, asking if Nick is threatening her. Nick grabs her and clamps a hand over her mouth, insisting that she listen to him. If she refuses to do so, there really will be no hope for the future. Melanie’s eyes widen with fear.

Kate tells Daniel that in her dream, he gave her a miracle pill that made her healthy and strong with one dose. Daniel wishes there were a pill like that and sits down on Kate’s bed, taking her hand in his. Kate asks about the tests they are currently running, and Daniel explains that they will tell them how far she has progressed with her treatment. Once they nail down the size of the tumor, and how much it as shrunk, they can determine what their next course of action should be. Kate notes that the test will be able to tell her her chances of surviving as well, and asks when the results will be in. Daniel says they’ll have them within the hour. Kate sighs and lays her head on his shoulder.

Chloe looks at pictures of a house and asks Lucas what it all means. Lucas explains that he put a bid on the house, but wanted to check with her before he did anything final. Chloe says she loves the place, of course. Lucas is glad. He adds that Chloe has been a wonderful mother to Allie, and he wanted to make this move, since they have no clue how long Sami will be gone. He also wants to talk marriage, but has been thwarted by his mom’s illness, and the sense that Chloe was ambivalent about marrying him. Chloe doesn’t understand and Lucas says he thinks Chloe doesn’t think he is committed to her because of everything going on with him and Sami. His buying this house is his way of showing her that he is committed to their future. He chuckles, saying he knows he is a great friend, and great in bed and all, but he knows that being a husband is where he really shines. He thinks he would make a great husband for her. Chloe smiles sadly, saying that she truly believes that. Lucas gets the feeling she is going to tell him something he doesn’t want to hear. Chloe sighs and explains that she ran into Brady, who has been clean for a year and is back in town. Lucas asks if she plans on leaving him for Brady, and she says no. Seeing Brady actually made her realize how lucky she was to have Lucas.

Hope tells Bo that this is all her fault, but he says there was no way she could have seen this coming. Hope disagrees. She has been so wrapped up in trying to save Nick from Melanie that she never realized that he was suffering. She didn’t reach out to him--not once. Hope vows to be there for Nick now as Bo gets a call. He thanks someone and hangs up, telling Hope they may have a lead on where Nick and Melanie are.

Phillip and Stephanie hear a plane in the background through her cell phone and wonder where Nick and Melanie are at.

Nick hears the plane taking off as well, and tells Melanie that could be them. They could be flying to Vegas to get married right now. Melanie wonders how he could think she’d marry him after she learned what he did to her father. Nick explains that he did all of this for her and for their future. She screams that they have no future. She says she is leaving, and that he had better not try to stop her. Nick chases after her, stepping on his phone. Phillip and Stephanie lose the connection and exchange looks. Nick grabs Melanie and drags her back into the room, asking how she could do this to him after what he has done for her. She says that he has done horrible things to her, not for her, and that she hates him.

Daniel says he has to go check on Kate’s test results, and she apologizes for putting pressure on him with her dream. It isn’t fair for her to expect a miraculous cure from him. As she told her sons, she has to face with the hand she has been dealt. Daniel thinks she has every right to expect to get better, but Kate thinks she only has the right to expect Daniel to do his best to help her. She is prepared to die. Daniel tries to stop her, but Kate barrels on, saying that she has had a great life, and one that is full of love and happiness. She realizes now that that is the most important thing, and all she can ask for. She adds that she wants the same thing for Daniel--a life filled with love. Daniel caresses her face.

Chloe tells Lucas that if it hadn’t been for him, she would probably still be pining away for Brady and wondering how everything went wrong. Now she is so happy to be part of a family with Lucas and Allie. She chuckles, saying that Lucas has managed to domesticate her. Lucas grins, asking if that is a ‘yes’ on the house. Chloe nods excitedly and they kiss.

Stephanie tries to call Nick again, but Philip doesn’t think there’s much hope of him answering. Stephanie says they have to do something. They both heard Melanie screaming, and there could be something seriously wrong. Phillip gets an idea, saying he might know what hotel they are at. He asks Stephanie if she remembers hearing the plane. She says she does, and he heads off, telling her to follow him.

Nick can’t believe Melanie hates him. She reminds him angrily that he killed her father and terrorized her. She doesn’t care how he feels, or what he thinks. She just wants him to leave her the hell alone. Nick explains that he did all of this to make her life better. He never wanted to hurt her. Melanie cries, saying that she believes that. Perhaps she was too hard on him. She tells Nick that he is an amazing guy, and he has the chance to make all of this right. He asks how he can do that, and if she can ever forgive him, and she says she can--on one condition. He has to call the police and confess.

Lucas and Chloe head into Kate’s room and find her listening to David Bowie. She takes off her earphones and thanks them for coming by. They have both been very supportive, and Chloe’s advice to her really helped a lot. Chloe says she just reminded Kate of what she already knew--that she had to fight for her loved ones. Daniel comes in with the test results, and Kate asks him if the weeks of pain and nausea have been worth it-did the chemo work?

Hope and Bo get records from Nick’s credit card company, and learn he has paid for a room at a hotel near the airport. Phillip and Stephanie rush in just then, and tell Bo and Hope what they overheard when Nick’s phone dialed her number. They thank them for confirming, and head off, telling the two to go home. Stephanie wonders how they can do that, as Nick might need their help. Phillip agrees, saying they can’t go home.

Nick says he can’t confess. If he did, he would go to jail, and then he would never see her again. Melanie swears that she will come and visit him. Nick angrily swats the cell phone out of her hand and throws her on the couch. He accuses her of trying to play him like she tries to play everybody. She says that isn’t so, but he snatches her by the hair, telling her that she doesn’t care about what he did or what happens to him. All she cares about is saving herself. Nick vows that that won’t happen--not this time. Melanie bawls.

Daniel tells Kate, Chloe, and Lucas that Kate has responded well to the chemo--as good as he has ever seen before, in fact. He explains that the tumor has shrunk significantly. Lucas hugs Kate and congratulates her, and Chloe does the same. Kate thanks Daniel, but he says this was all due to Kate’s strength. Lucas asks what they do next, but Daniel says they will discuss it later. Right now, he thinks they all need to focus on celebrating. He heads off and goes outside, leaning against the wall and sighing.

Phillip heads over to Bo’s computer and tells Stephanie to shut the door. She does so, and Phillip gets the information about the hotel Nick got a room at. He gets the address, and tells Stephanie they have to lie low so Bo doesn’t know they’re interfering. Stephanie suggests they find an alleyway nearby and keep an eye out. Phillip agrees and they head off together.

Melanie tells Nick that he is right, and that she should have thought about what he was going through. He lets go of her hair and hugs her, telling her that stabbing Trent felt weird. He saw her and Trent arguing, and then Trent pushed her down on the ground. He thought Trent was crazy, and worried about what he might do next, so he just stabbed him. Nick flashes back to the murder, and tells Melanie that he should have done the right thing. He should have stayed put and called the police, but he loved her too much to do that. All he wanted was to be with her, and he killed Trent for her. If he had turned himself in, he would have lost her, and then everything he did would have been for nothing. Nick cries as Melanie carefully agrees that it wouldn’t have made much sense. Nick flops down in a chair and tears run down his face. He tells Melanie that it all makes sense, considering that he has done something like this before.

Lucas wants to talk about Kate’s next step, but Chloe tells him to just let Kate enjoy the good news for now. Kate thanks her, and Chloe says she is going to go shopping for some things for Allie. She offers to pick Kate something up, like a book or magazine, but Kate declines. Chloe heads off to give them some time alone, and Lucas tells Kate that he is glad the two of them seem to like each other. Kate says she isn’t sure she would go that far, but Chloe has very helpful in counseling her, since she went through a cancer battle herself. She thinks she and Chloe have definitely come a long way. Lucas tells her she is going to have to do better than that where Chloe is concerned.

Daniel walks in the park alone and sighs. Chloe comes over, asking if everything is ok. Daniel says he has just had a long day, but Chloe thinks it’s more than that. She doesn’t think he can be upset about Kate since the news about her tumor was so encouraging. Daniel sighs. Chloe asks if he was telling them the whole truth about Kate’s results.

Nick tells Melanie about Willow, and we get a flashback of Nick and Willow fighting over a hairbrush. Nick lets go of the brush and she hits her head on a log and dies. Nick comes back to the present and explains that Willow’s death was an accident, but he should have seen this coming. He tried to help Chelsea, and Willow died as a result. Now he is trying to help Melanie, and someone else died. Nick thinks he destroys lives every time he tries to help someone.

Kate knows that Lucas loves Chloe, and he wants Kate to love her, too, but she just isn’t at that point yet. Lucas says he understands, and whips out the picture of the house he is buying. Kate looks it over and says it looks nice, but doesn’t want Lucas to move too fast. What about Sami? Lucas says she is out and Chloe is in. In fact, he wants to marry her. More than that though, he wants Kate to attend the wedding, and dance and have a good time. He hugs her and Kate says she wants to be able to do that, too.

Daniel tells Chloe that he actually downplayed Kate’s results. They looked great, but he has been having trouble staying objective where Kate is concerned. He admits that he has always had trouble with humility, and feels he should be able to save the lives of all of his patients. Chloe doesn’t think he should be hard on himself for being passionate about his job. Daniel sighs, saying that it’s still hard for him when patients die. He should have learned better after his wife died, but he can’t seem to accept it. Chloe reminds him that he doesn’t need to be upset about Kate, since she is doing better. Daniel says she is, but she still has cancer. It kills him that he can’t cure her right away and send her home. Chloe says she understands what he is going through, and Daniel says he is glad. He has a huge favor to ask of her.

Stephanie and Phillip approach the back of the hotel, but the door is locked. Phillip frets, saying they can’t go through the front since Bo and Hope are already here. Stephanie says they should be more worried about Nick than getting in trouble with Bo, and Phillip agrees. He asks her for a paperclip, or something thin and long to jimmy the lock on the door. Stephanie hands him a hair clip out of her purse and Phillip goes to work on the lock.

Melanie tells Nick that she understands why he did what he did, and that she now wants to be with him. Nick thinks she is lying. Melanie claims that she isn’t, and that she will go anywhere he wants to. Nick says she is only saying that because she knows she can get away from him once they get out into public. He tells her they’re staying right where they are. She isn’t going anywhere. Melanie makes a break for the balcony as Bo and Hope rush to the door and start pounding on it. Nick grabs Melanie out on the balcony and she shrieks.

Kate tells Lucas that she will be at his wedding no matter who he marries. Lucas says he isn’t marrying ‘whoever.’ He is marrying Chloe, and he wants Kate to know that he loves her more than he has ever loved anyone. Kate smiles, admitting that that is what it’s all about--love. Lucas picks up on her disappointment and assures her that she will find love like that one day, too. In fact, he thinks she may find it sooner than she thinks.

Daniel asks Chloe not to tell Kate or Lucas what he just said. He doesn’t want Kate thinking he wasn’t being objective when it comes to her case. Chloe thinks Kate may already have an idea of that, but promises to keep her lips sealed. Daniel thanks her.

Phillip and Stephanie hear Melanie’s screams and look up to see her struggling with Nick on the balcony. Bo and Hope hear her as well and Bo starts to kick the door down. Nick yells at her not to jump off the balcony as Melanie shrieks at him to let her go. Nick tries to drag her back inside as Bo breaks the door down. Nick lets Melanie go and she flies over the balcony railing.


Stephanie shouts, “Phillip, be careful. Oh my God!” Melanie screams. Nick yells, “Melanie!”

Nicole asks Brady, “How long are you planning to stay in Salem?” He replies, “Maybe permanently.”

Chelsea asks Stephanie, “Where are you?” She replies, “Uh, the police station.” Chelsea gasps, “What?” Stephanie says, “You should come down here, Chels--now if you can.”

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