Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/18/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/18/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Stephanie hands Phillip a folder with some papers inside. She tells him to take a look at it, and then decide if he still wants to hire her.

At the DiMera mansion, John wonders why Nicole is concerned about him or Brady, and she admits that she cares for them both. John asks her if she thinks her caring gives her the right to run his life. Nicole huffs, saying she’d do a hell of a better job than he is doing right now.

At Marlena’s place, Brady tells EJ that he has no problem having a talk with him. He guesses that Nicole is the first item on the agenda.

At her house, Maggie asks Bo if he thinks Melanie killed her father. Bo isn’t sure, saying they don’t have enough evidence either way to tell. Hope comes downstairs, telling them both that they have a fugitive on their hands. Melanie and Nick’s stuff is gone, so Hope thinks Melanie has left town and taken Nick with her.

In a hotel room, Nick makes drinks for Melanie and himself as she turns her drink down. Nick insists that it’s a special occasion, as they are getting married, and starts to break up ice with a pick. Melanie flashes back to the night her father was murdered. She remembers waking up in time to see Nick stab her father in the back. Nick breaks up her reverie and offers a toast to their marriage. Melanie gapes. Nick chuckles, saying she looks like she has seen a ghost.

Bo and Hope stand alone in the kitchen and discuss the fact that Maggie is calling all of Nick’s friends. Bo isn’t sure it will do any good. If he is fleeing with Melanie, he wouldn’t tell anyone where he was going. Just then, Max and Chelsea show up, saying that Maggie called, asking them to come over. Bo explains that Melanie is gone. Max curses, assuming that Melanie is on the run, and that Bo thinks that makes her guilty of murder.

Melanie tells Nick that everything is wrong right now. Nick pats her back, saying he understands, but soon it will all be over. He gets up and pops a pill. Melanie isn’t sure he should mix those with alcohol and Nick replies that he hopes she won’t become a nagging wife. She recoils from him and he assures her he was kidding. She says she wants to go home. Nick shakes his head, saying there’s no turning back. They’ll stay here tonight and fly to Vegas to get married in the morning, and that’s that. Melanie sweats.

John tells Nicole that he doesn’t need another person trying to run his life. Nicole thinks John is as prickly as his son. She spoke with him earlier, and explained to Brady that his expectations of John were unrealistic. She reminds John that he doesn’t have many friends, so if he and Brady get to know one another, it could be beneficial for both of them. John doesn’t think Brady will be satisfied with a father that is just going through the motions. Nicole says she has been doing the same thing to try to be more responsible person. Sometimes going through the motions actually works. John isn’t sure Nicole is right about this, but she isn’t finished yet. She plays her trump card, telling John that Marlena would really love for him to try to get closer to Brady. John chuckles, guessing this is about emotional manipulation. Nicole laughs and nods. John does too, and promises Nicole to think it over.

Brady guesses that EJ wants him to stay away with Nicole. He understands that the DiMeras tend to be territorial. EJ doesn’t appreciate being judged in his last name by a stranger, and Brady quickly apologizes. EJ says that he is just protective of Nicole, and noticed that she seemed agitated by Brady’s visit. Brady says they were just talking, and that he won’t make a habit of it. He tells EJ that he’d like to meet Johnny sometime, but EJ doesn’t have time for small talk. He wants Brady to know that he knows that he has problems. He doesn’t want Brady coming to Nicole for solutions because she needs stability in her life right now. Brady chuckles, saying that EJ is lucky Sami is in witness protection. Having two children by two different mothers isn’t exactly a stable situation. EJ ignores this comment and adds that he is very close to John, so if he can do anything to help Brady in that regard, he’d be more than happy to. EJ says he has to be pressing on and gets up, welcoming Brady back to Salem. He leaves. Brady grimaces and mocks EJ’s accent, “Stay away from my woman. Let me help you with your dad.” Brady sighs, saying that EJ is a DiMera, alright.

Bo tells Max that they aren’t jumping to any conclusions yet. Max suggests that Melanie just went out for the night, but Hope tells him that her and Nick’s things are all gone. Bo assures Max that they just want to talk to Melanie, not persecute her. Does he have any idea where she might be? Max asks if they are sure the two went together. Hope thinks it’s reasonable assumption, and asks him if Melanie has told him something that would make him think differently. Max says she didn’t say anything to him, but he wonders about the logistics of them leaving together because of what he told her earlier this morning. Max explains that he told Melanie that Nick was in love with her, and it really weirded her out, so her going off somewhere with him doesn’t make any sense. Chelsea gapes.

Nick finishes his drink and starts on Melanie’s, since she isn’t drinking. Melanie explains that she feels dizzy, and thinks she may go for a walk. She starts to head off and opens the door, but Nick shuts it in her face, telling her that he’s sorry, but he can’t let her do that.

Phillip tells Stephanie that her resume is impressive, but there’s no point, since she already has the job. Stephanie explains that she wants to get the job based on her qualifications, not on her knowledge of the boss. Phillip tells her the resume still doesn’t matter. She’ll be evaluated on her performance, just like all of the other employees. If she can’t do the job, then she won’t keep it. He asks for the mustard, but Stephanie refuses to pass it over, telling him to try ketchup instead. Phillip agrees, and Stephanie apologizes, saying she is just nervous because he scared her. She hopes he won’t be mean to her if he has to fire her. Phillip puts his hand over hers, telling her that he has a knack for picking out good workers. Stephanie wonders if he is just saying all of this to get the mustard. Phillip chuckles, telling her she’ll never know.

Bo gets off the phone and tells everyone that Nick just got his prescription refilled. Maggie comes over, saying she could have told them that. Nick was so upset he dropped his pills on the ground earlier. She tries not to cry as she tells them all that she knew something was wrong with him, but she had to go to work, so she left him here alone. Bo asks her what’s wrong, and she hands Bo a piece of folded paper, explaining that it’s something he needs to see. She sniffles.

Nick locks the chain on the door, telling Melanie that the cops may already know they’ve fled, and her face could be all over the news. Desperate, Melanie suggests that Nick go move the car. Someone could spot his license plate. Nick chuckles, saying it’s already taken care of. She needs to get used to the idea that he can do the thinking for the both of them. Melanie thanks him, saying she is just a basket case right now. She decides to go take a bath and heads off with her purse. Nick wonders why she needs it, and she explains that her brush and makeup are in there. Nick grabs her arm as she heads for the bathroom, demanding that she hand over her phone. Melanie’s face falls.

John shows up at Marlena’s place and finds Brady alone. Brady explains that Marlena is at the hospital and John starts to head off, saying he’s sorry to bother him. Brady stops John, asking him if they can start over and try this again.

EJ comes back to the mansion and runs into Nicole, who was just getting ready to call him since Brady left. EJ says he knows, as he just saw him at Marlena’s place. Nicole wonders what he was doing there, but EJ doesn’t want to talk. They kiss passionately.

Bo reads the note and asks where Maggie found it. She explains that it was in the bathroom Nick and Melanie share. Chelsea asks what it says and Bo reads it aloud, “I saw you at the cemetery. I know what you did.”

Nick explains that he needs to check Melanie’s messages to see if anyone is trying to reach her, and then he has to disable her phone. The police could use it as a tracking device. He promises to buy her a new one in Vegas. Melanie whines, saying all of her numbers are in there. Nick reminds her that they are starting a new life together. It isn’t as if she is going to be calling home anymore. Melanie can’t understand why they can’t go home ever again. Nick tells her there is nothing there for them, but Melanie reminds him of Max. Nick groans, saying Max isn’t all he is cracked up to be. In fact, he isn’t even very loyal to her. She doesn’t even want to know what he said about her on her birthday, or the things Max thinks she is capable of. Melanie’s lip quivers and her eyes fill with tears. Nick curses, thinking he has scared her. She says it’s ok, but Nick doesn’t think it is. He is going to be her husband, and he has to try to make her happy. He promises to do so, caressing her face. She smacks his hand, telling him not to touch her.

Nicole and EJ kiss. She reminds him that they are still in the living room, and EJ picks her up and carries her upstairs. Nicole giggles, saying she loves a man of action.

Max can’t believe Melanie was being threatened and didn’t tell him. Bo thinks she didn’t because the note implies she’s guilty. Chelsea suggests that Melanie could have written the note herself to draw suspicion away from her. Maggie says that Chelsea might be right. She recognizes the stationary as her own. Hope says the stationary isn’t the issue, but the handwriting is. Hope hands the note over to Chelsea, asking if she recognizes it. Chelsea gasps, saying that it’s Nick’s handwriting. She’s sure of it.

Stephanie tells Phillip about the computer programs she is proficient in, then apologizes, saying that he is probably thinking of his mom, and doesn’t want to hear about it. Phillip says he welcomes any distraction from thinking about it, and Stephanie says she understands. She hopes her internship will keep her busy enough not to think about Max. Phillip thinks they have something in common. For instance, when she came up on him at the Cheatin’ Heart the other night, he didn’t really want to think about what he was feeling in relation to his mom and her cancer. Just then, Stephanie gets a call from Maggie, asking if she has seen Nick or Melanie. She says she hasn’t and hangs up, telling Phillip that it appears the two of them are missing.

Nick yells at Melanie, telling her to never talk to him that way again. She apologizes, saying she just feels ugly and dirty today. Nick stumbles towards her, telling her that she is beautiful. She helps him regain his balance, asking if he is alright. He says he is, but she thinks he needs to lie down while she takes her bath. Nick slurs his speech, telling her that there will be no bath. They have to stay together so he can protect her. Melanie walks him over to the couch and has him sit down, telling him she is worried about his shoulder. Nick says that he is fine, but she insists he have another drink and take another pill. He has to do all of the thinking tomorrow, so he needs his rest. Nick smiles, saying that all he needs is her. She offers to fix his drink for him and Nick moves in for a kiss, hoping she isn’t scared of him now. Melanie tries not to cry, saying that she isn’t scared. Nick kisses her neck as Melanie stares into space, clearly terrified.

John tells Brady that he doesn’t have much time, and Brady says he doesn’t either, as he has an addict meeting to attend. Brady explains that he spoke to Nicole, and he doesn’t want to push anything with John, but was hoping they could get to know one another. John isn’t so sure, saying that he doesn’t know Brady at all. If he’s going to be living here, he’ll just see him around town. Brady thinks he knows John well enough to know that he isn’t going to give up on Marlena. John isn’t sure that he appreciates Brady’s perceptiveness. He starts to head off, but Brady tells him he’ll be seeing him around a lot, as he is thinking of moving here permanently. John tells him not to base that decision on him. Sometimes you have to know when to cut your losses. John leaves. Brady sighs, saying that if John is sick, there’s no way in hell he is going anywhere.

Max tends bar at the Cheatin’ Heart while Chelsea has a drink. He wishes he could be out looking for Melanie, especially since the last time he saw her, he gave her hell about Nick. Chelsea reminds him that he has no idea where she could have gone. Max sighs, wishing she hadn’t run away. Doesn’t she realize that she is playing right into Bo’s hands? Chelsea reminds him that’s not unreasonable to assume Melanie is guilty because she ran away. She thinks that deep down, Max knows that is true, too. Max admits that she had motive and opportunity, sure, but he is mostly angry because of Trent. He was lucky to be raised by the Bradys, but Melanie was raised by Trent, and he screwed up her life. If she’s found guilty of his murder, then Trent will be allowed to screw up the rest of her life, too. Chelsea goes back to Nick, wondering why he would send Melanie threatening notes if he was in love with her. It doesn’t make sense. Max agrees--unless, it wasn’t Melanie’s idea to run away at all. Chelsea heads off for her phone, saying that they have to call Bo.

At the station, Bo tells another officer that Nick and Melanie need to be brought in for questioning, but aren’t considered suspects. Jenkins makes a joke about Bo being commissioner as Hope comes in, telling Bo that Chelsea called with some more insight into the case. She asks Bo about the threatening letters, and how it doesn’t make sense that Nick would send them if he was in love with Melanie. Bo isn’t so sure. If Nick is obsessed with her, he needs to keep her scared so he can control her. Hope says that isn’t like Nick at all and paces the floor. Finally, she admits that she can see it, after all. The pain medication Nick is on worries her, especially with his mother’s history. She asks if Bo has put out an APB on them, and he says he had to. Melanie could be in danger. Hope nods worriedly.

Nick kisses Melanie and backs off, admitting that he didn’t tell her the whole truth. He wants to marry her so he can’t testify against her, sure, but he is also in love with her. He wants to be married to her. Melanie isn’t sure what to say, but Nick understands. He realizes that she doesn’t love him yet, but thinks that she could, with time. Melanie thinks she could, and says she needs that drink now. She heads off to make them, telling Nick to relax. He smiles and flops on the sofa. Melanie clutches the ice pick and sobs.

EJ carries Nicole to his bed and lies her down on it. He tells her how beautiful she is and they kiss. Later, we get a montage of them undressing and making love.

Phillip hangs up with Maggie and tells Stephanie she must be going through the rolodex. Stephanie frets about Nick, and Phillip agrees, saying he can’t handle someone like Melanie. Stephanie says you need mace and a net to deal with her, and Nick is just nice and gullible. Phillip says he’s going to head over to Maggie’s to see if he can help, and Stephanie agrees to go with him. He asks if she has any idea where they might be. Stephanie doesn’t, but she is sure Nick is in trouble, wherever they are.

Melanie conceals the ice pick in her pocket as she finishes making the drinks. She heads over to Nick with them, wondering if he needs another pill to sleep. Nick isn’t sure he wants to sleep, but Melanie reminds him that they have a busy day tomorrow. Nick says it’s still early. Since they are getting married tomorrow, he suggests they throw their own bachelor party right now. He moves in for a kiss, but finds the ice pick in Melanie’s pocket. He pulls it out, demanding to know what the hell she is trying to do.

Bo rubs Hope’s shoulders, telling her that she doesn’t have to stay on this case now that Nick is involved, as he is her cousin. Hope says she has to, and suddenly gets an idea. She rereads the note Nick sent, and tells Bo that it doesn’t say “I saw what you did.” It says, “I know what happened.” Hope scrambles around, looking for the autopsy report on Trent.

Melanie sobs, telling Nick that this all moving too fast. Nick brandishes the ice pick and Melanie begs him to put it down. He throws it at her feet, saying she better have a good explanation. She hits Nick in the shoulder and he yells. She breaks a glass over his head and rushes for the door. Before she can get it open, Nick grabs her and slams the door closed. Melanie sobs as Nick tells her she has just made a huge mistake.

Nicole and EJ lie in bed, and he tells her what a wonderful afternoon he had with her. She wants to see about making the night just as wonderful. She rolls over and they begin to make love again.

Maggie looks at a picture Nick and leaves him a message. She cries and asks him to come home, as she is very worried about him being mixed up in Melanie’s problems. Stephanie and Phillip knock on the door, and Maggie rushes to answer it, thinking it is Nick. She bawls when she sees it isn’t, and asks them to come in, excusing herself for a moment. Phillip notes that she seems very upset, and Stephanie thinks it’s more than just Nick being gone. She thinks Maggie knows something horrible is going to happen.

Max tells Chelsea he has called six people, but no one has seen Nick in days. It’s as if his world shrunk to exclude everyone but Melanie. Chelsea still doesn’t understand the note Nick wrote, saying it doesn’t make any sense. Max sighs, saying that he told Melanie not to hurt Nick. He fears that he got it backwards, though.

Bo and Hope go over the autopsy report and learn that the angle of the wounds are consistent with an attacker over six foot tall. They surmise that Melanie must have been fighting with Trent. Maybe he pushed her down and she got knocked out. Nick saw everything, and decided to take care of the biggest problem in Melanie’s life--Trent. Bo groans, wondering if Melanie knows what Nick did. Hope says she prays not--for Melanie’s sake.

Melanie and Nick struggle. Nick’s phone falls to the floor, and he asks Melanie if she is crazy. Melanie steps on the phone accidentally, saying she thinks that’s funny coming from him. He snatches at her and screams, wondering what that is supposed to mean. She sobs and apologizes. She breaks free from Nick and rushes for the ice pick. Nick catches up to her and takes it away. She begs him not to hurt her.

Stephanie wonders if she should go comfort Maggie when she gets a call. Stephanie looks at her phone and sighs with relief, saying that it’s Nick.

Nick’s phone lies open on the floor as he and Melanie struggle. He tells her that she can’t leave and she screams at him, wondering if he is going to kill her like he killed her father.


Kate asks Daniel, “When do you get the results?” He replies, “Within an hour.”

Lucas tells Chloe, “I have to decide on whether or not to commit to something--for us.”

Nick grabs Melanie by the hair, “The only thing you care about is saving yourself. You don’t care about what I did or what I’m going through. Well, that’s not going to happen. Not this time.”

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