Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/17/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/17/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Upstairs at the DiMera mansion, EJ takes off his shirt and leaps into bed. He sighs, saying that all he needs now is a girl. He wonders where Nicole is.

Downstairs, Nicole greets Brady at the door, asking what he is doing here. He explains that he has come back. Nicole says she can see that, but wondered why he came to the mansion specifically. Brady shrugs, saying it’s because she was here. Nicole gapes.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Bo and Hope show Ray, the cemetery caretaker, a picture of Nick and Melanie. He points Nick out immediately, saying he saw him at the cemetery the night of the murder. He’s sure of it. Bo shakes his head, saying he never saw that one coming.

At Mickey and Maggie’s house, Melanie wheels her suitcase into the kitchen and bawls, telling Nick that she put a picture of her dad in her suitcase. She wonders how she could have killed him. Nick flashes back to stabbing Trent in the back himself and tries to soothe Melanie, promising that everything will be alright.

Hope asks Ray if he is sure he saw Nick and he nods, saying he has no reason to lie about it. He remembers Nick because he was wondering what a nice-looking guy would be doing at he cemetery that late at night. Ray hopes that Hope will tell the D.A. he cooperated. Hope rolls her eyes, saying he only did so when they had something on him. She heads across the room over to Bo who is on the phone. He hangs up angrily and tells Hope he doesn’t like this. Nick has already taken a bullet for that little witch. Hope agrees, but says she believes Ray. She worries about what Nick might have gotten himself into this time.

Nick assures Melanie that Trent was an evil person that deserved to die. She shouldn’t blame herself. Melanie sobs, saying she is so confused. Nick apologizes, saying he never should have sent her those notes, as it made things worse. He insists that he was just trying to protect her, and begs her to let him do that for her now. Melanie wishes she could think she didn’t do anything wrong, but she did. In fact, it was so horrible that her mind won’t even let her remember it. Nick tells her they have to get out of here. Melanie disagrees, saying that she has to do the right thing for once. She has to turn herself into the police.

John and Marlena run into one another at the police station, and Marlena asks how John is feeling, though she is sure he wouldn’t tell her the truth if he were feeling badly. John changes the subject, and explains that he is working with a bounty hunter to track down the mayor’s killer. He thought he would let the police know so it can appear they’re all working together. Marlena thinks that’s evolved of him, and says she wants a minute of his time to discuss Brady. She thinks it must be difficult for him not to be able to recognize his own son. That being said, she wasn’t pleased with his response to Brady. John guesses she thought he was rude and insensitive. Actually, Marlena says she thought he was dumb.

Brady tells Nicole that this is harder than he thought. He would have called her first, but he really needs to talk to her. He asks if she has a minute. Nicole hesitates, glancing upstairs.

EJ sits up in bed, thinking this is a bad time for Nicole to get a craving. He heads off.

Nicole and Brady sit in the living room, and Nicole wonders how she is supposed to treat Brad--like an old friend that has just stopped by? He says he knows this is weird, but asks for the opportunity to get a few things off of his chest. He explains that he finished rehab, and one of the things he has to do is make amends. He didn’t like how he left things with Nicole. She sighs, reminding him that she did terrible things to both him and Chloe. It never occurred to her to make amends, and besides, this whole conversation is making her uncomfortable. Bray apologizes, promising to wrap this up quickly. He came back here because he wants to start over.

John tells Marlena that she rarely, if ever, uses words like dumb. Marlena says she was just trying to get his attention, since appealing to his emotions is a waste of time. John says he doesn’t remember Brady, so he doesn’t care about him, but Marlena thinks it’s more than that. She thinks John is afraid that Brady will evoke feelings in him, or that he will help him discover the man he used to be. Pushing him away for that reason is dumb. John sighs, saying he just walked away because Brady is a stranger to him. He knows people want him to have feelings and emotions that he doesn’t have, but that is just not possible. Marlena thinks John has it all figured out. It’s a pity he’s wrong. She heads off.

Brady tells Nicole that he wants to make a fresh start, and that maybe the two of them could even become friends. They both agree not to discuss the past. Brady asks her what she is doing living with the DiMeras, and Nicole explains that she’s having a baby. Brady thought she couldn’t, but Nicole explains she is pregnant anyway. EJ is the father, and they live here together now. Brady asks if it is the same EJ that screwed up Sami’s life and wonders what Nicole is thinking. She reminds him that she is in no position to judge people based on what they did in the past. Brady asks if EJ is nice to her, and Nicole says he is, so Brady tells her he’s glad that she is happy. He congratulates her and hugs her, just as EJ comes in, asking if Nicole got lost.

Bo curses, saying he should have been keeping an eye on Nick this whole time, since Melanie has been playing him like a fiddle. He asks Hope for Nick’s number, but she doesn’t think they should warn him before speaking with him this time. Bo agrees, and Hope wonders if he saw the murder go down. At first, Bo says he thinks Nick would have told them the truth, but then backtracks, saying he can believe that Melanie manipulated Nick into lying for her. Bo and Hope head off to speak with Nick.

Nick tells Melanie that she can’t turn herself in, but she says this isn’t his decision. For years, she hated her father, but still wanted him to love her. There was a constant war with herself, and above all, she dreaded becoming like her father. That is what will happen if she runs away now. She has to turn herself in so she can have some peace for once. Nick says he understands, but asks her to give him a minute to process this, as he is scared. Melanie doesn’t understand, and Nick explains that he will be arrested, too.

John heads into Bo’s office and finds Roman working. He explains that he came by to tell Roman that he has hired a private investigator to help find the mayor’s killer. Roman throws his hands up, sarcastically noting that he can just take the rest of the day off, since John has the case covered. John assures Roman that he isn’t trying to one-up him, and that he just wants to help. Roman thinks it’s more than that--he thinks John wants to find the killer and save Marlena’s daughter so she will go running back into John’s arms.

Nicole introduces EJ and Brady, apologizing for keeping EJ waiting. Brady says he was just about to leave, but EJ tells him to stay, as he has to go run some errands. He takes Nicole into the foyer, and she hopes he isn’t angry. She explains that Brady just showed up trying to put his life back together, and she felt she had to talk to him since she has done some horrible things to him. EJ says he understands completely, and that they will have plenty of afternoons alone in the future. They kiss, and Nicole swears that by the time he gets home, she’ll be upstairs waiting for him and won’t answer the door for anyone. EJ thanks her and kisses her again, telling her to go back and see Brady. She heads off for the living room, where Brady apologizes for interrupting her. EJ gets his coat from the maid and leaves, asking her to keep an eye on Nicole and her guest.

Melanie doesn’t understand why Nick would be arrested, since he didn’t do anything wrong. He explains that he lied to Hope when she questioned him the other evening, and they’re going to know he did so to protect Melanie. He is now her accomplice, so they need to go down to the police station and deal with this together. Melanie bawls, saying that it isn’t fair. Nick has done so much for her, and she has done nothing good for him. She thinks she ruins everyone’s life. Nick says this is all Trent’s fault, not hers. He is still making her feel guilty even thought he deserved what happened to him. He thinks they need to go away together, where he can protect her and they will both be happy. Nicole and Caroline are free, so the only person she is hurting by turning herself in is herself. Melanie thinks she will hurt him too, so she agrees to go away with Nick, to wherever he thinks is best. Nick kisses her forehead, swearing that she won’t regret this. Nick puts on his coat as Melanie bawls.

Later, Bo and Hope show up and Maggie answers the door. They say they’re there on official business, and Maggie guesses they want to speak to Melanie. She says that neither her or Nick are here, and that Nick’s car is gone. Hope questions her as to why she let Melanie move in with her, and Maggie admits that it was because of Nick. He has been so agitated lately, and she thought allowing Melanie to live here where Nick knew she was safe would make things better. Hope asks about Nick’s recent agitation, and Maggie admits she thought he might be acting that way because of the pain pills he has been taking since he was shot. Hope remembers that pills were what set Nick’s mother off so many years ago, but Maggie reminds her Jessica had split personality disorder as well. Hope says that Nick is especially sensitive when it comes to Melanie, though. Maggie asks what they think Melanie has done to Nick.

Melanie and Nick head into a hotel room, and she complains about how quiet he has been. Besides, she thought they were going to a lodge in the mountains. Nick apologizes, saying that when he has an idea, he has a one-track mind. He tells her he has a plan to make sure they’re both safe, and explains that they’ll stay here tonight and fly to Vegas in the morning. Melanie asks why they would go there, and Nick tells her that they have to get married. Melanie gapes.

Roman warns John that Marlena is smart and will see right through this. She left him because she didn’t want to deal with him anymore, and bringing Sami home isn’t going to change that. John tells Roman that Marlena just wants her daughter back, even if that means going to lengths beyond prescribed channels. John would have thought Roman would take all the help he can get, especially since his daughter’s life is at stake. Roman asks John to let him take care of his own daughter. John needs to focus on his son.

The maid brings cookies and coffee, and Nicole serves some to Brady. She tells him he looks good, and is glad he completed rehab. Brady nods, saying the alternative was a lot worse, and adds that Nicole looks good herself. She laughs, saying she has a pretty big incentive to take care of herself. She asks what he wanted to talk about, and he tells her about seeing his dad. She thinks that must have been hard, and Brady agrees. Knowing that John doesn’t remember him at all is disconcerting. The main reason he came back to town was because of his dad. Chloe told him that Nicole is friendly with the man his father has become, and he was hoping she’d help him get through to John.

EJ shows up at Marlena’s, wanting to talk about Brady. He explains that he and Nicole are at the mansion, having a private conversation. Marlena doesn’t see what that has to do with her, but EJ says he needs to know if he should be worried about Nicole.

Nicole says she would be more than happy to help Brady, but she lets him know that she likes John the way he is. If Brady wants to get to know that guy, then she will be more than happy to help make that happen. She is not going to help him change John back into the man he was, though. She explains that Brady might come to like John if he just gets the chance to know him. Brady refuses, saying that will never happen.

John guesses that Roman found out about Brady being in town, and wants to lecture him abut his son. He tells Roman that this is none of his business. Roman tells John that he and Brady used to have an incredible relationship. John walks out, telling Roman over his shoulder that he will leave him to deal with more important things-- like catching an assassin.

Brady tells Nicole that John looked right through him. It was as if he wasn’t even there. Nicole jumps to John’s defense, reminding Brady that it can’t be easy to have everyone around you wishing you were someone else--someone you don’t even know. She thinks he ought to take a chance on getting to know the new John, and even though he doesn’t remember Brady, Brady can help him out a lot by being there for him without trying to make him into something he isn’t. Brady thanks her for her advice, but says he can’t give up on his dad that easily. He leaves. Nicole tries to convince herself not to get involved but picks up the phone and makes a call, asking the person on the other end of the line if they could come over.

Marlena asks EJ if he has a problem with Nicole and Brady spending time together, and EJ says that isn’t it exactly, but it is strange that he just showed up without calling, especially since they had a rocky relationship. He says Nicole seemed uncomfortable and he doesn’t want her under any stress. Marlena think he just need to have faith in Nicole. EJ says he does, but he isn’t sure he trusts Brady. Marlena chuckles, accuses him of being smitten with Nicole.

Maggie freaks out, wondering what she has done to Nick by allowing Melanie to stay here. Bo and Hope try to calm her down, saying they just need to speak with Nick and wonder where he has gone. Maggie worries about the painkillers and Nick driving, saying they may have gone to the bar. Bo and Hope say they have just come from there, and not there. Maggie frets, worrying that Nick and Melanie may have run away. Hope wants to search their rooms, but Bo says they haven’t got a warrant, and Maggie can’t give them permission to search. Hope decides she has to use the bathroom and hopes she can remember where it is. She winks and heads off. Bo assures Maggie not to worry, and that they will find Nick.

Melanie doesn’t understand why they would get married, and Nick explains that when he spoke to Hope, she implied that she would force Nick to tell the police what he knew about Melanie and the murder. If they get married, no one can make them testify against each other. Melanie isn’t so sure, but Nick tells her he has it all figured out. He asks her to take a bath and get ready for bed while he buys plane tickets and figures out what to do next. He hugs her, vowing to protect her at any cost.

John heads into the mansion, and Nicole thanks him for coming over, explaining that she just spoke with Brady. John sighs, telling her to get in line if she plans on telling him how to deal with his son. Nicole says she just wanted to tell him what Brady said. He is upset a what happened between them this morning. She told him not to try to change John, but she does think John ought to try to have a relationship with Brady. He just got out of rehab, and he could really use the support. John wonders why Nicole cares so much.

EJ admits he may have been a little jealous of Nicole and Brady, and Marlena thinks he should just be honest with Nicole and ask her about her feelings for Brady. They are having a baby together, after all. EJ chuckles, saying he isn’t sure being honest will work out, but he will certainly try. Marlena says she has to go, just as Brady knocks on the door, luggage in hand. Marlena is glad he is there, and tells him she has to run out for a bit but will be right back. She heads off, and Brady thanks EJ for allowing him to speak with Nicole. EJ says he wants to get a few things straight with Brady.

Maggie asks Bo if he really thinks Melanie killed her father, but Bo says he isn’t sure. Hope comes downstairs and tells Bo they have a fugitive on their hands. Melanie’s things are gone, and so are Nick’s. She has gone on the run, and taken Nick with her. Bo groans.

Nick makes drinks as Melanie says she doesn’t want one. Nick thinks they need to toast to getting married. It’s a special occasion. He breaks up some ice with a pick and Melanie flashes back to struggling with Trent and hitting her head. In the flashback, she comes to in time to see Nick stabbing Trent. She gasps and comes back to the present as Nick hands her a drink, wanting to toast to his new wife. Melanie sweats.


Stephanie tells Phillip, “I want you to look at this and then tell me if you still want to hire me.”

Brady tells EJ, “Let me guess the first item on the agenda--Nicole.”

Melanie tells Nick, “I’m just going to go for a little walk.” He slams the door in her face, “Sorry, Melanie. I just can’t let you do that.”

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