Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/14/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/14/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Nicole rushes downstairs at he mansion, hunting for her keys. EJ comes out of the living room and bumps into her, asking if she is going somewhere in a hurry.

At the hideout/loft, Sami wakes up to the smell of coffee and asks Rafe how long he has been awake. He says he’s been up for a few hours, as he has a lot on his mind. He hands her a cup and she thanks him, saying she probably shouldn’t have any because of the baby. She also thanks him for not telling his boss she’s pregnant. That’s the only reason she could sleep last night. Rafe is quiet. She asks if he is keeping something from her, and he admits that he talked to his boss about her the night before.

At the pub, Pete completes Chloe’s order and she rummages in her purse, looking for her money. Brady comes up behind her and hands Pete a bill, saying that should cover it. Chloe whirls around in shock as Brady greets her.

In Maggie’s kitchen, Melanie hunts around for a piece of paper to copy down a phone message for Nick. She thinks the paper looks familiar and flashes back to receiving the threatening note under her door. She takes the note out of her purse and compares it to the blank piece of paper. They appear to be one and the same. Melanie gasps. She shoves both pieces of paper in her purse as Nick opens the kitchen door and stares at her.

In Bo’s office, we pan in on a board where Bo has written down details and suspects in connection to Trent’s murder. Hope tells Bo that she can’t stop thinking about the man Nicole said she saw at the cemetery. Bo agrees, telling Hope that they have to find him soon.

Melanie catches sight of Nick and accuses him of scaring her. Nick says she looked really focused just now. He asks her what she was looking at. Melanie sweats.

Sami lays into Rafe, saying she should have slept with an eye open to ensure he didn’t rat her out. She yells at him, calling him agent ‘backstabber.’ Rafe tries to calm her down, telling her that while he did call his boss, he didn’t give up her secret. Sami asks why he called then, and Rafe explains that he was checking on her story, to see if she told him the truth. Sami throws a fit, telling him that she was honest with him last night. If he won’t believe her, then she refuses to speak to him. She sits down on the couch in a huff. Rafe says he has something to tell her--Nicole has been released on bail and is living at the DiMera mansion. Sami blows a gasket.

Nicole thought EJ was at work, and he explains that he forgot his briefcase. She tells him that she is leaving to go to her pre-natal check-up, and EJ wants to come with her, if that is ok. She thought he had work to do, but EJ thinks this is more important. They head off together.

Chloe tells Brady that she didn’t know he was back, and asks if he has seen John and Marlena. Brady says he has, and she asks how he is doing. Brady admits that he has been clean for just about a year now, and Chloe congratulates him. She thought he wasn’t interested in coming back to Salem, but Brady says he has changed his mind now that he has completed his treatment. Chloe asks if there is any reason why, and he admits that he came back to town to see her.

Melanie tells Nick that she doesn’t care for his tone. He just wants to know what she was looking at, but Melanie claims that she was day-dreaming, that’s all. She gives him the message from Maggie and asks him to call her, adding that she has a headache and is going to go lie down. She starts to head off, but Nick stops her and hands her her purse. He grabs her arm and tells her that he can tell something is wrong. He asks her what’s going on.

Nicole and EJ wait in a hospital room as Daniel comes in. He asks Nicole how she is feeling and if she has felt any flutters from the baby. Nicole explains that he or she has been kicking up a storm, and that she has felt some morning sickness. Daniel thinks everything looks great and asks EJ and Nicole if they’d like to hear their baby’s heartbeat. They both excitedly answer that they do.

Melanie laughs, telling Nick that her life is wonderful. Nothing is wrong other than the fact that she’s living with an insane person that wants to ruin her. Nick doesn’t understand and Melanie snatches the blank piece of paper and waves it in front of Nick’s face, asking if it looks familiar. He doesn’t answer. She pulls out the note she received and holds the two up side by side, telling Nick the stationary is a perfect match. She practically cries, telling Nick that she thought he was her friend. Nick says he is, but Melanie doesn’t buy it. She moved in with him, and now she finds out he has been the one terrorizing her all along. She demands that he admit that he was the one making the threatening calls and sending the notes.

Hope makes a call and asks someone to check on something at the cemetery for her. She hangs up and tells Bo that she thinks Nicole’s story might just pan out.

Melanie reminds Nick that he told her he wanted to care for her. Is this his idea of caring--scaring her and giving her nightmares? She asks again if Nick was the one sending the notes, and he admits that he was. Melanie bursts into tears.

Chloe doesn’t buy that Brady came all the way back here to see her, and Brady chuckles, admitting that it’s true. He only said all of that to make her feel better. Chloe scowls and says she has to get her food home and starts to head off. Brady stops her, saying that he was joking. Sure, he returned to Salem to see his family, but he also wanted to see her and sort out what happened between them. Chloe says she already has. She was too focused on her career and he got into drugs. It’s not a big mystery. Brady thinks it’s a shame, and Chloe agrees, but now she has come to terms with it. They just weren’t meant to be. Brady doesn’t want to leave things that way, but Chloe says she has gotten over being angry. Brady says he hasn’t gotten over his guilt, though. When he married her, he promised to do everything he could to make her happy, and he failed miserably. He can’t forgive himself for that. He was hoping that she could, though.

Sami freaks out about Nicole being released on bail and insists on calling her mom so she can get Johnny out of the mansion. Rafe tries to calms her down, explaining that his source at the Salem P.D. informed him that Nicole is no longer the prime suspect in the murder investigation. Sami says she has to go protect her son, but Rafe reminds her that she’s in witness protection. She isn’t going anywhere. Sami says that the police might be wrong. What if they are, and her son is living with a murderer?

Daniel tells Nicole and EJ that the baby’s heartbeat is strong, and that everything looks normal. Nicole thanks him, saying she’s glad to hear it, and Daniel tells them that Nicole’s next appointment will include an ultrasound. At that time, thy can probably tell them the sex of the baby, if they’re interested in knowing. Nicole nods excitedly.

Hope gets off the phone and tells Bo that Nicole was right about a man being at the cemetery. She spoke with one of her snitches, and it appears one of the caretakers, Ray Jackson, was there on his night off. It seems that he has been stealing headstones and selling the marble on the black market. Bo agrees to put out on APB on Ray and Hope heads off to pull their car around.

Melanie can’t believe Nick would do this to her. He insists that he cares for her, but she doesn’t buy it. She remembers him asking her if she knew who was sending the letters and is angry that he acted so concerned about it when he was behind the notes the whole time. Nick tries to explain, but she cuts him off, saying she knows the truth--that he is in love with her. Her brother told her all about it. She sobs, asking if he was trying to scare her into loving him back. Nick says that isn’t it at all. He did all of this to protect her.

EJ and Nicole ask each other at them same time if they want to know the sex of the baby. Nicole says she does, if only from a practical standpoint. If she knows if she’s having a boy or girl, she can start buying clothes and decorating in the right color. Daniel comes back in, asking if they have made a decision. EJ says he doesn’t want to know and would rather be surprised. Nicole caves and agrees to wait, since that is what EJ wants to do. He heads off to take a call, and Daniel asks Nicole if she has any questions. She says she does. After the scare she had last week, she was wondering about sex. Is it ok to have it while she is pregnant?

Chloe takes a seat at a table and sighs, telling Brady that he doesn’t need to apologize. Brady says he certainly doesn’t think Chloe had it coming, so he does need to say he’s sorry. Chloe disagrees, saying she did have it coming in a way. The break-up of their marriage was partly her fault, too. She was very selfish and only cared about her career. She neglected him. Brady think he should have supported her ambition, and he didn’t. Chloe thinks its strange that they have so much perspective now that their marriage s over. Brady agrees, saying their timing is a little off, though. He reminds Chloe that he is the one responsible for his addiction. He realizes that he hurt her, and that through that, he lost the one person who he loved more than anyone else in the world. Chloe still insists that she shares responsibility for what happened. She could have tried to help him, but she didn’t. Brady thinks it’s funny they’re both accepting responsibility for this, and thinks the next step is forgiving each other. Chloe chuckles, saying she isn’t sure she is that mature. Then she puts her hand over his and tell him sincerely that she forgives him for giving up on their marriage. She understands now that he only did it because he lost himself at that time. She hopes he can forgive her for not trying hard enough and for abandoning him when he needed her most. Brady says he does forgive her. They hug. Chloe bawls.

Melanie throws a fit, yelling at Nick and wondering how he was protecting her. She tells him that she was waking up in the middle of the night practically hyperventilating from fear. Nick explains that what he wrote in the notes was true. He did see her in the cemetery that night, and he knows what really happened to her father. She tells him that if he really loves her, he will tell her the truth. Did he kill her father? Nick flashes back to stabbing Trent and smiles. He says he didn’t kill Trent. In fact, she did.

Sami says that living with Stefano is bad enough, but now Johnny has to live down the hall from a murderer. Rafe reminds her that she told him EJ was a good father. He wouldn’t let anything happen to their son. Sami says that may be, but Nicole has him wrapped around her little finger. Rafe thinks that Nicole might have been falsely accused. Sami is probably making a big deal out of nothing. Sami accuses him of sticking up for Nicole, but Rafe reminds her that he doesn’t even know the woman. Sami grumps, telling him to consider himself lucky.

Daniel tells Nicole that the amniotic fluid will keep the baby well-protected, so as long as she doesn’t have any further complications, she can resume her normal sexual activity. Just then, EJ comes in, asking what’s going on and Nicole blushes, telling him they were just talking about the baby’s health. Daniel excuses himself and EJ follows, saying he also has a question. He hems and haws about Nicole’s and the baby’s health, and Daniel tells him to get to the point. EJ was wondering if he and Nicole could safely have sex. Daniel chuckles.

Bo and Hope head into the Cheatin’ Heart and find Ray sitting by the bar. Hope notes that he is tall, so that is probably who Nicole saw that night. They head over, telling Ray they need to ask him some questions about the night Trent Robbins died. Ray reminds them that they already asked him about that, and Bo snatches him by the collar, telling him they want the truth this time. He and Hope haul Ray off.

Melanie bawls, saying she can’t believe she killed her father. She sits down in a chair as Nick tells her he’s sorry, but he saw everything. She sobs, asking him to tell her the whole story. Nick flashes back to stabbing Trent himself, but tells Melanie he followed her to the cemetery that night. He heard her and Trent arguing and then saw her stab him. After that, she fell and hit her head. Melanie sobs, saying she can’t believe she killed her dad.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s glad he’s back in Salem, and asks how long he plans on staying. He says he isn’t sure, and asks Chloe about Sami. He heard she was in witness protection. Chloe says she is, and it’s really sad that she can’t be around her kids, not that her heart is breaking for Sami or anything. Brady asks about her and Lucas, and Chloe apologizes for not telling him about their relationship sooner, saying uncomfortably that they get along well. Brady changes the subject quickly, and tells her he saw John. Chloe says it must be pretty weird, and says she thinks his demeanor has changed a lot. The last time she saw him, he was with Nicole, and he wasn’t himself. Brady didn’t know she was back in town also, and Chloe says she is, and that they have actually become friends. Nicole has changed a lot, and she’s really cool and sweet these days. Brady says he can’t believe it, and that a lot must have changed around here. Chloe nods, saying more has changed than he’ll ever know.

Melanie bawls, wondering what kind of person kills their own flesh and blood. Nick asks her not to be so hard on herself, but Melanie says she can’t help it. She’s a murderer. In fact, she needs to go to the police right away. Nick grabs her arm, saying that she can’t.

Bo and Hope sit at a table with Ray, and explain that they know all about his little side business selling stolen tombstones. Bo says he can start talking, or they can haul him down to the station and arrest him. Ray admits that he may have borrowed a couple of tombstones, but Hope doesn’t want to hear about that right now. She wants to know if he saw anyone in the cemetery that night. Ray says he did.

Nick tells Melanie that she can’t go to the police. He knows that she killed Trent in self-defense, but he cops won’t believe that. Everyone in town knew what Trent did to her and how she felt about him. If she tells the police the truth, she could go to jail for life. Melanie wonders what she should do. The police are going to figure out what happened eventually. Nick agrees, saying that is why they have to be long gone when the cops find out the truth. Melanie asks what he means, and he tells her to pack her bags. They’re leaving Salem tonight.

Chloe runs into Daniel at the hospital and asks about Kate. He says she is stable, but he still isn’t allowing her any visitors. He adds that Kate told him about Chloe’s pep talk the other day, and he thanks her for encouraging Kate to fight. She wasn’t the only one doing that, but it meant a lot more coming from someone who had been through what Kate is going through now. Chloe says it’s no big deal as Daniel gets a page. He has to go, but thanks Chloe again for speaking with Kate. What she did was pretty miraculous.

Sami does the dishes and complains loudly about EJ being with Nicole. He’s a smart attractive guy, and he could get any woman he wanted. Why is he so interested in Nicole? Rafe says he understands what’s going on, ad why Sami has been so difficult to deal with. He accuses her of having feelings for EJ.

Nicole and EJ come back to the mansion and talk about hearing the baby’s heartbeat. EJ kisses her, telling her that they have a lot to look forward to. EJ says they had better stop, or he won’t be able to, but Nicole sees no reason why they have to. They kiss again, and EJ wants to take her upstairs. She tells him to go ahead, and she’ll be up after him shortly. He heads off, and he doorbell rings. Nicole answers it and finds Brady outside.

Hope and Bo show Ray a series of photos so he can point out who he saw. He rifles through a few and finally stops at a picture of Nick and Melanie. He points at Nick, saying he remembers him from that night. Bo and Hope can’t believe it. Ray shrugs, saying he saw that kid at the cemetery. He’s sure of it.

Melanie isn’t sure leaving town is a good idea, because she will look even more guilty. Nick tells her that Hope basically told him that Melanie is their prime suspect once again. They released Nicole on bail. Melanie tells Nick she isn’t afraid of Bo and Hope, and that she can fool them. Nick says that may be, but he doesn’t think he can lie as convincingly as she can. Does she really want Bo and Hope questioning him, when he is the only one that knows the truth about her killing her father? She asks if he is going to rat her out, and he says he wouldn’t on purpose, of course, but he’s afraid Bo and Hope will see right through him. Melanie wants time to think about this, but Nick says they haven’t any. He urges her to go pack so they can get out of here before it’s too late. Melanie rushes off in tears.


Melanie sobs, “What I did was so wrong my mind won’t even let me remember it.” Nick replies, “We got to get out of here.”

EJ lies in bed and sighs, “Now all I need is a girl. Where are you Nicole?”

Brady tells Nicole, “I’m here because I want to start over.”

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