Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/13/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/13/08


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Lexie and Theo take a stroll in the park. She asks what he would like to do today, and Theo throws his truck on the ground and sulks. Lexie asks him if something upset him. Theo shrieks and starts head-butting Lexie in the chest. Lexie begs him to stop as Chelsea comes over, asking if she can help. Theo quiets down and rushes into Chelseaís arms. Lexie looks on sadly.

In Mickey and Maggieís kitchen, Nick picks up his empty pill bottle and starts dialing a number. Maggie comes in and he hangs up, hastily hiding the bottle. He asks about her conference and, she says it went well and that Mickey is on business in New York. Nick thinks she should have gone with him, as she may have had fun, but Maggie says she has to get back to work. Nick echoes that sentiment and starts to head off, but Maggie says they have to talk. Melanie approaches outside the door and listens in as Maggie tells Nick she didnít expect Melanie to still be here. Nick asks if that is a problem, and Maggie says it is.

John shows up at Marlenaís place, telling her that he has hired a private investigator to help find the man that shot at Sami. Once he is found, she wonít have to be in witness protection anymore. Marlena beams, and John asks if there is a problem. Marlena says there isnít, itís just that he almost sounded like- just then, a knock interrupts them. John assumes itís the investigator and opens the door to find Brady standing there (played by Eric Martsolf, ex-Ethan, Passions). Marlena rushes over to Brady and hugs him, wondering how he has been.

Max finds Kayla at the hospital and asks if she has a minute to talk. He assumes Stephanie has told her about their break-up, and Kayla nods, wondering if that is what he wants to talk about. Max says it isnít and that he actually wants to talk about his family and the way he has been treating all of them. He apologizes to Kayla.

Marlena explains to John that his son is home, but John doesnít seem to care, saying he remembers speaking to him on the phone not that long ago. Brady adds that he went by the hotel to see John first but learned he had just left. John tells him that he has interrupted an important conversation. Brady offers to come back later, but Marlena tells him to stay, reminding John they can talk anytime. John shrugs. Marlena reminds him again that this is a big deal. His son has finally returned to Salem.

Theo shrieks as Chelsea tries singing ďThe Farmer in the Dell.Ē Theo calms down after that, and Chelsea takes him back over to Lexie, where he plays quietly with his truck. Chelsea explains that she recently learned that autistic children are sensitive to music, so sheís been trying singing to calm Theo down. Lexie admits she had read that as well but never thought to apply it. She thinks Theo is lucky to work with someone like Chelsea. Chelsea insists that she is the lucky one. Lexie asks Theo to show Chelsea his truck, but he starts screaming ĎNo!í, over and over again. He throws himself into Chelseaís arms.

Kayla doesnít understand why Max is apologizing, and he reminds her of the conversation they had before he left for France. He realizes that he has hurt a lot of people during his search for his sister. Kayla tells him there is no need to apologize. The only reason she and Caroline were ambivalent about Melanie was because they feared he would get hurt. She just wishes the whole situation could have turned out better for him, thatís all. Max shrugs, saying that maybe this is all for the best. Itís time for him to move on--both in life and in love.

Maggie thought Melanie was only staying for a couple of days, and Nick admits that that was the original plan. Now sheís broke and has no friends or a place to stay. Maggie understands all that but worries because trouble seems to follow Melanie wherever she goes. Just then, Melanie walks in and greets Maggie, asking about her trip. She thanks her profusely for letting her stay, saying her home is very cozy and welcoming. Maggie thanks her, and Nick says he has to go run an errand but will be back shortly. After he leaves, Melanie starts to head off, but Maggie stops her, saying they have to get a few things straight if she is going to be living here.

Outside, Nick calls about his prescription, but the nurse on the other end of the line refuses to refill it for him. Nick claims he is in a lot of pain from his gunshot wound, but the nurse still refuses to refill it. Nick hangs up furiously, saying he will find someone else to phone it in for him.

Brady and Marlena talk about his treatment while in rehab. He explains that he has been in an outpatient program for the last six months, working on a farm near Vienna. He had a lot of time to think about the people he has hurt--not just Chloe, but the rest of his family. He knew he had to come home once he completed treatment. Marlena asks John to join them, but he says he has to go meet with the private investigator and set something else up. He heads off. Marlena apologizes to Brady, saying that John just needs time to warm up to new people. Brady sighs, saying he is glad John is ok physically, but he couldnít help but hope that John had improved since the last time they spoke. Marlena tells Brady that she has to tell him something- she thinks John is ill.

Nick rushes up to his doctor in the hospital, asking him to refill his prescription. The doctor wonders why and asks Nick if the pain is bad. Nick says it has been unbearable. He tried to tough it out but he just canít. The doctor is reluctant to write another prescription without examining Nick first, but a nurse rushes up, saying he is needed in Trauma. The doctor sighs and agrees to write Nick a prescription for half the bottle, but he canít get any more until he sees Nick for another exam. Nick thanks him and starts to hurry off, but Kayla stops him, asking if anything is wrong.

Melanie asks Maggie what the problem is, and she tells Melanie she was surprised to hear she was moving in with them. Melanie assures her that nothing is going on between her and Nick and they are just friends. He even gave her a ring to prove it, and it means a lot to her since she doesnít have any friends. Maggie tells her that Nick has a big heart, and not that long ago, he befriended a young girl much like Melanie, with no friends. But she only took advantage of Nick, so sometimes he helps people to his own detriment. Melanie says she doesnít understand and never heard about Willow. She asks Maggie what happened to her. Maggie flatly tells her that Willow died.

Chelsea assures Theo that no one is trying to take his truck and gets him to sit on the ground and play quietly. Lexie sighs, wondering what she is doing wrong. Chelsea thinks Lexie is being too hard on herself. Kids always act out more around their parents because, instinctively, they know their mom and dad will love them no matter what they do. Lexie seems to agree, and Chelsea offers to take Theo off of Lexieís hands for a little while if she needs some time to herself. Lexie thinks she will go to the pub since Theo seems to prefer being around Chelsea. Chelsea tries to reassure her that Lexie is the most important person in the world to Theo. Lexie thanks her for saying so and hunkers down next to Theo, explaining that Chelsea is going to take him to the playground. Lexie tries to get Theo to look at her, but he refuses. Lexie tries to hold back her tears as Chelsea tells her to call as soon as she is ready to pick Theo up. He and Chelsea head off. Lexie sighs.

Maggie explains to Melanie that Willow fell and hit her head. It was an accident, but Nick got burned by it because he was always riding to her rescue. Maggie doesnít want to see that happen to him again. Melanie says she has no intention of hurting Nick. Maggie is glad because if she does, Melanie will have to answer to her.

Nick tells Kayla that his old Ďwar woundí is acting up, so he got a prescription for a few more painkillers. Kayla takes a look at the prescription, hoping Nick is being careful, as these pills can become addictive very quickly. Nick says he is fine and only takes them every once in a while. Kayla hopes so, since she heard form Stephanie that Nick has been acting strangely ever since Melanie came to town. Nick chuckles, saying thatís crazy. Heís the same old Nick, itís just that everyone else has changed. He winks and heads off. Kayla stares after him suspiciously.

Marlena tells Brady about the tests run on Johnís brain and the abnormal results they got back. They need to run more tests, but John refuses. Brady guesses that his time in Stefanoís lab has made him fearful of treatment, and Marlena agrees. She says she tried to convince him to get help, but he wouldnít even do it for her, so she fled for divorce. She explains that John isnít the man she married and she canít be with him anymore. Brady begs her not to give up on John. Marlena says she wonít but she canít keep fighting for him all by herself. Brady tells her that he will do anything to help John and her if she will only allow him to do so.

Max finds Melanie deep in thought in the park. He asks her if her living arrangement has gone sour, and she says it hasnít. In fact, Nick has treated her more like family than Max ever has. He is a real friend to her. Max chuckles, saying itís way more than that. Nick told him flat out that he is in love with Melanie.

Nick comes back home and Maggie tells him she wants to speak with him about Melanie before she leaves for work. He wonders whatís up and she explains that she put Melanie on notice not to hurt Nick. He explodes, insisting that he isnít a five-year-old. Melanie isnít going to hurt him because she is a good person. Maggie gets a phone call and heads off to take it. Nick quickly takes a pill from his bottle. Maggie comes back into the kitchen, and he tries to slip the bottle in his pocket but drops it on the floor instead. Maggie gets to it first and hangs up the phone, demanding to know what he is doing with these pills.

Lexie heads into the pub and finds Kayla there with Joe. She greets them both and tells Kayla she canít stay long, as Theo is with Chelsea. She tells Kayla about his meltdown, and how she canít seem to calm him down. She should be grateful to Chelsea for being able to do so, but a part of her just feels like Theo would rather be with anyone except her. Perhaps he is picking up on her anxiety and guilt over his condition. Kayla tries to assure Lexie that none of this is her fault and that she and Abe are doing an admirable job with Theo. Lexie disagrees, saying that motherhood isnít coming naturally to her. In fact, she thinks she is selfish and terrible at it.

Melanie tells Max that she had no idea Nick was in love with her. She just thought he had a crush and thatís all. Max notices her ring and assumes Nick gave it to her. Melanie doesnít think itís a big deal, and Max sarcastically notes that he gives all his buddies rings on their birthdays. Max tells her that she has to give the ring back and leave Nick alone. She isnít in love with him and it isnít fair to lead him on. Melanie whines, wondering why everyone thinks sheís a selfish bitch. Max just warns her again not to hurt Nick. She rolls her eyes and agrees, heading off.

Nick explains that the pills are for his gunshot wound, but Maggie reminds him that he was shot months ago. He shouldnít still be taking these. Nick says he is in a lot of pain, and Maggie accuses him of being on them when he was arrested for drunk driving. She fears he may have an addiction to them. Nick lays into her, saying he is sick of her meddling in his life. He says he knows what he is doing and itís none of her business. Heís so sick of hearing her sob story about how she used to be an alcoholic, so she knows what he is going through. Maggie chokes back tears, saying that she was just trying to look out for him. Nick apologizes to her, saying that he is just in pain, and he gets angry sometimes. Maggie says she has to go to work but that theyíll talk about this later. She heads off. Nick says to himself that they wonít because he and Melanie are getting the hell out of here and going on a little trip. Melanie comes in just then, asking where they are going.

Lexie thinks Theo needs patience and she just doesnít seem to have much of it. Kayla tells her that when Stephanie was a baby, she was colicky and cried all the time. The only person that could comfort her was Caroline, and that made Kayla feel really inept. As she got older though, Stephanie calmed down, and Kayla felt like she was a better mother. She is sure that deep down, Theo knows how much his happiness and well-being mean to Lexie and that there is a lot of love deep down in his heart for her.

Chelsea and Theo run into Max at the park, and she thanks Max for their little talk the night before. He and Theo both have helped a lot in lifting her spirits. Max explains that he ran into Melanie earlier, and Chelsea asks if she is still living with Nick. Max says she is, but he thinks itís a mistake. Nick is so wrapped up in her he canít see straight. Chelsea understands, saying that she knows what itís going to lead to- Melanie is going to end up breaking Nickís heart even worse than she did.

Nick tells Melanie that he thought now would be a great time for them to get away since Maggie is back home. He says heíd like to take her up to the Green Mountain Lodge, but Melanie refuses, saying that it isnít a good idea. Nick storms off for some fresh air, yelling that heís sorry for suggesting it. Melanie sighs, telling herself sheís pushing away her only friend.

Marlena tells Brady that she thinks it will help if Brady tries to spend more time with John. He isnít sure it will work, as John couldnít wait to get away from him before. Marlena assures him that that will change with time and insists that he go back to the hotel and get his things. She wants him to move in with her, and besides, it might help with John accepting him as family. Just then, John knocks on the door, and Marlena opens it. He tells her his private investigator is working on the case and says he is surprised to see Brady still there. Brady tells him to get used to it because he isnít going anywhere. John says he doesnít care either way. Marlena suggests they go to lunch and get reacquainted, but John says he is too busy. He leaves. Marlena asks Brady if he is alright, and he says he is fine but a part of him hoped John would recognize him once he saw his face. Marlena tells him that will come with time. For now, he is still a part of her family, too, and she is thrilled that he is here. She is sure that John is going to recognize him one of these days. She swears it will and hugs Brady.

Kayla tells Lexie that thereís no way to be a perfect mother but thereís a million ways to be a great one. Lexie says she likes that idea and admits that no matter how often she is frustrated by Theo and feels he rejects her, there are other times that she looks into his eyes and knows he loves her. Kayla tells her Theo is lucky to have her as a mom, but she thinks he is the lucky one. She thanks Kayla for her help.

Max doesnít think Chelsea really broke Nickís heart. She gives him a look, and he says maybe she did but this isnít her fault. Chelsea thinks it is and that she basically pushed Nick into falling for someone thatís going to hurt him even more than she did. Max tells Chelsea about the ring Nick gave Melanie, and Chelsea tells him that if this is what makes Nick happy, then she wishes him the best of luck. Max agrees, saying that Nick is going to need it.

Melanie starts to head off after Nick, but his phone rings, and she answers it. Itís Maggie, and she asks Melanie to have Nick call her ASAP. Melanie agrees to write a message down for him and hangs up. She heads over to a drawer to get a piece of paper, but when she pulls it out, she flashes back to receiving the note saying someone knows what she did at the cemetery. She finds the note in her purse and compares it to the blank paper, noticing that the paper is one and the same. Melanie gasps.


Daniel asks Nicole, ďDo you have any questions?Ē She says, ďActually, I do.Ē Daniel smiles, saying ďShoot.Ē Nicole grins sheepishly, ďSex.Ē

Sami asks Rafe, ďAre you keeping something from me?Ē

Brady says, ďThis should cover it.Ē Chloe whirls around, saying ďBrady.Ē

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