Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/12/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/12/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Marlena takes a stroll in the park. A man grabs her shoulder from behind and she yells, struggling to get free.

Chelsea heads into the Cheatin’ Heart to meet Phillip. She asks why they didn’t meet at the hospital and freaks out at Phillip’s grim look. She says she has to see Kate, especially if she has taken a turn for the worse. Phillip tells her they can’t.

Max cleans up at the Brady pub. He hears someone walk in and says they’re closed, but it’s Stephanie, who says she came to see him, not to eat.

Nicole heads into the living room of the mansion as EJ asks how her bath was. She says it was great, as she didn’t get one in prison. Now she just wants to snuggle up in front of the TV, but EJ would rather go out on their first date. Nicole tells him she doesn’t think they should go on a date at all.

At the hideout/loft, Rafe calls his supervisor as Sami begs him to reconsider. He thinks this is for her own good, but Sami disagrees. She begs him to make sure EJ and the rest of her family doesn’t find out she’s pregnant. Rafe apologizes, saying its out of his hands. Sami doubles over in pain. Rafe hangs up, saying he will have to call the person back, and asks if Sami is ok. She says she isn’t, and Rafe prepares to dial 911.

Marlena whirls around to find John, and lays into him for almost giving her a heart attack. He didn’t realize she was back from Colorado and asks how Erin was. Marlena corrects him, saying she saw Eric. John says he would have picked her up from the airport, but she says Maggie did. He wonders if she planned on telling him she was back in town, and she says she has just been busy catching up on work. John tells her that he got the final divorce papers and asks Marlena if this is really what she wants. She says it isn’t, but it has to be this way. He wonders if these papers really mean it’s over, and Marlena nods, saying that’s exactly what they mean.

Stephanie asks Max if he has had a busy night, and he says he has a load of dishes to do. She promises not to keep him, saying she was doing laundry and found one of his shirts. She hands it to him, and Max flashes back to Stephanie wearing it and nothing else. She comes toward him to hug him. He come back to the present and sighs, asking Stephanie not to do this.

Chelsea bawls, wondering why no one called her. She needs to be there for Kate. Phillip slams his hand on the table, telling her to stop. Kate is hanging in there and she’s ok right now. Chelsea lays into him for scaring her, and wonders why he told her she couldn’t see Kate. Phillip explains that Daniel has ordered Kate not to have any more visitors because her condition is too fragile right now. Phillip says it’s killing him not to see her, especially since the chemo is so aggressive. It’s helping get rid of the cancer, but it’s also causing a lot of other problems. Chelsea asks if chemo is the only treatment that can save her, and Phillip nods. Chelsea can’t believe that Kate was fine just two moths ago. She can’t even imagine what Phillip must be going through. Phillip tells her that Kate is being brave, and so do they, for her sake. They have to be strong for her.

EJ doesn’t understand, and Nicole tells him she thinks they should leave well enough alone. EJ reminds her that she accused him of being emotionally distant earlier, but now she is the one acting that way. Nicole tells him that she just doesn’t want anything to go wrong. The last time they tried to be intimate, the mayor was shot on his front doorstep. EJ says he can’t keep reassuring her just to have her become insecure the next minute. Nicole sighs, saying she just means that the date is unnecessary. They’re already living together, so they’re well past the getting-to-know-you stage. EJ reminds her that this has all happened very quickly. He really doesn’t know anything about her at all. Nicole thinks that might be a good thing.

Sami tells Rafe to put down the phone. She explains that the baby was just kicking and cries as it kicks again. Rafe doesn’t understand why it makes her sad. Sami sobs, saying it’s because she has to experience this all alone.

Nicole reminds EJ of the whole saying about familiarity breeding contempt, and EJ suggests a non-date instead. They can discuss politics and religion and avoid the topic of their relationship. Nicole thinks that sounds fantastic and EJ heads over to the bar, whipping up some ‘kiddie’ cosmos for him and Nicole--non-alcoholic, of course. He adds that he also plans on abstaining, since it isn’t fair that she’s the only one making sacrifices. Nicole takes a sip and thanks him, then gasps as she feels the baby kick. EJ asks if he can feel it too, and Nicole agrees. They both smile as EJ puts his hands on her stomach.

Rafe thinks Sami’s excuses are a little convenient, since he was on the phone with his boss. She grabs his hand and presses it on her stomach, saying that he should still be able to feel the baby moving. Rafe and Sami both grin as the baby continues his acrobatics.

EJ says he doesn’t feel anything, and Nicole tells him to try another spot. Finally, he feels the baby kicking and grins. He leans down to talk to it as Nicole laughs.

Rafe guesses he felt the baby kick. It could have been Sami’s stomach growling. Anyway, it was weird, and he isn’t used to dealing with pregnant women. Sami guesses as much, since as soon as he found out she was having a baby he freaked out and wanted to call in the national guard. Rafe tells her that he was just worried about her child, and Sami says that is her first concern as well. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be begging to be stuck here alone with him.

Max begs Stephanie not to do this, saying he has a ton of shirts like it. She can keep it. Stephanie glares, saying she doesn’t want it. She should have learned her lesson after they broke up the first time. Max knows that as his fault, and Stephanie agrees, saying she was devastated. She left her friends and family behind, and she won’t let that happen again. She’s stronger now. Max says he is glad, and hopes they can be friends some day. Stephanie hopes so too and heads off.

Phillip tells Chelsea that they might be able to see Kate tomorrow if she stabilizes. Chelsea hopes so, because she has a lot to tell Kate, like how much she means to her. Kate is pretty much all she has now. Phillip jokingly asks about himself and Chelsea hugs him, saying that he knew what she meant. Phillip says he does.

John tells Marlena that it’s inappropriate for him to be worried about her or speaking to her since they are getting divorced. Marlena disagrees, saying they can still be friends, and asks if he has had any more episodes or been to see a doctor. John says he knows doctors can’t help him--in fact, he doesn’t think anyone can. Marlena disagrees, reminding him that he said the same thing to her when they first met almost twenty years ago. She doesn’t think it’s inappropriate for her, as a doctor, and his friend, to try to help him She wishes that he would let her do that.

Nicole and EJ feels the baby kick together and he asks her if she wants a boy or a girl. Nicole says she doesn’t care--she just wants to make sure her kid has the wonderful childhood she never had. She just hopes she doesn’t go to jail for Trent’s murder. EJ vows that he will protect her, and she apologizes for putting a damper on the evening. EJ insists that she could never do that and they kiss. Just then, Johnny wails through the baby monitor. They both laugh and EJ heads off to tend to him.

Rafe didn’t realize Sami liked spending time with him, and she says she was trying to prove a point about protecting her baby. She launches into a rant about Stefano DiMera and how evil he is. She complains about her son living under his roof with Nicole, who may or may not be in jail for murder. Sami rails on Rafe, saying she could find out for sure if he would let her make a phone call. It kills her that she had to sacrifice two of her kids to protect her new baby. Rafe wonders what she will do if she ever gets out of here. Eventually the father is going to discover that she is pregnant with his child. Does she want to tell him the truth, or should Rafe? He offers Sami the phone.

Phillip tells Chelsea that Kate is being strong, so they have to be, too. Chelsea agrees and thanks him for the update, saying she has to leave to write a paper for school. She heads off and Phillip leaves as well. He heads outside the bar and despondently kicks something on the ground. Stephanie comes up behind him and greets him.

Marlena accuses John of not wanting her to get involved because he doesn’t want to see her get hurt. She wonders if he really cares that much about her. Just then, John crumples to the ground. Marlena catches him and holds him, asking what is wrong.

EJ comes downstairs, telling Nicole that Johnny is asleep. She apologizes for being so excited about the baby. EJ has done all this before, so it’s probably no big deal, but it is to her. EJ say it is a big deal. This is the first time he’s ever known about a pregnancy from the beginning, so he’s glad to be a part of his child’s life, and hopefully hers, too.

Sami tells Rafe that she isn’t going to tell EJ about this pregnancy until she is good and ready. Rafe says he is going to find out sooner rather than later. Sami tells him that’s why she’s hiding here. Rafe thought she was hiding from the killer. Sami says there are several reasons, but Rafe reminds her that she keeps trying to sneak out. He thinks a part of her is dying for EJ to know that she’s pregnant. Sami practically spits, saying that he had better never say that to her again.

Chelsea heads into the pub in tears. Max comes out, yelling that they’re closed, but catches sight of her and rushes over to hug her, asking what is wrong. Chelsea bawls.

Stephanie tells Phillip that her mom told her about Kate and she apologizes. Philip says she is hanging in there, and thanks Stephanie for her concern, saying he has to go. Stephanie stops him, reminding him that he was there for her the other night when she was going through a rough time. Now it’s her turn to support him. She offers to buy him a drink.

Sami tells Rafe that he doesn’t know anything about her and EJ’s relationship. Rafe says he’s glad to see she admits they have one. Sami blows up and tells him to stop twisting her words. She isn’t sure what is worse, having a hit man after her, or having to keep another one of her children from being handed over the DiMeras. She hands Rafe the phone, saying he doesn’t know what she is going through, but he can feel free to call and sell her up the river. She knows he wants his old job back, but he’ll have to live with handing an innocent child over to the DiMeras.

Nicole looks in the mirror and groans, thinking she looks like a linebacker. EJ assures her that she is beautiful and kisses her neck. She agrees to try not to worry about what she looks like and to enjoy these next few months. EJ agrees to enjoy them with her and they kiss. Just then, his phone rings. Nicole laughs and mock screams, telling EJ to go ahead and answer it.

Max and Chelsea have tea and he apologizes for what’s going on with Kate. She says she’s sorry for bothering him, and that she should go, but Max insists she stay. She agrees, but wants to change the subject, so she asks about him and Stephanie. He says they are broken up, but Chelsea reminds him they do that all the time. Max says it’s for real this time.

Stephanie and Phillip have a drink, and she hopes she wasn’t too stupid the other night. He thought is was kind of cute, but Stephanie promises she’s sticking to soda. She has a busy time ahead of her, as he has to look for an internship. Her old one just ended. Phillip remembers she said she’d never work for him in a million years, but tells her the offer still stands if she wants an internship with Titan.

John has come to and is sitting on a bench. Marlena asks if he is alright, and wants to know what he was thinking just before he passed out so she can understand what is going on. John insists he doesn’t remember. Marlena wants to make sure he gets home ok, but John was thinking of walking her to her door instead. He refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer.

EJ tells a client not to answer the phone if his ex-wife calls and hangs up. He explains to Nicole that the man is going through a bitter divorce, and is glad they didn’t have a date since there have been so many interruptions. He moves in for a kiss, wondering where they were before.

Rafe tells Sami that he does want his old job back ,but his first priority is protecting her. He is a guard, not a doctor. Sami insists that she is no different from anyone else he has watched in the past. She knows he wants to protect her, but part of doing that is helping her keep her child away from the DiMeras. She begs him not to make that call. Rafe sighs, saying she has a point about the DiMeras and agrees to sleep on it. Sami thanks him.

Chelsea admits to Max that she used to be really jealous of him and Stephanie. It’s weirder now that they are best friends. Max says he could tell, and Chelsea reminisces, saying that even though they had fun, she was bad for him and everyone else she met. Max tells her not to say that. Just then, Chelsea spills tea all over the shirt Stephanie brought back. She offers to buy him a new one, apologizing profusely, but Max says it’s just an old rag.

Phillip admits that he will be a tough boss, but she will also learn a lot more than just how to fetch coffee and answer phones. Stephanie thinks they should have a real interview first, instead of a chat over beer nuts, but Phillip thinks he has seen enough, and asks Stephanie to come work for him. She agrees and they shake hands. Phillip welcomes her to Titan.

John tells Marlena that she seems different, and she says it’s hard to come home to an empty house. Her kids are scattered all over the place, and she isn’t even sure when she will see Sami again. John doesn’t understand, and she tells him about Sami going into the witness protection program. John says he didn’t know, and Marlena admits she wishes she could find a way to help Sami. John tells her he has an idea.

Sami tells Rafe she’s exhausted and has to go to bed, and Rafe agrees to let her change in the bathroom with the door closed, as long as she doesn’t try anything funny. Sami agrees and thanks him for not making the call. She head into the bathroom as Rafe stares at his phone.

Nicole dozes on the couch in EJ’s arms. He hopes he hasn’t put her to sleep, but she says the pregnancy is exhausting her. EJ thinks it might be the sugar crash from all those cosmos he made, and offers to tuck Nicole into bed. She snuggles up to him, saying she is comfortable right here. EJ puts his hand over her belly and smiles.

Sami sleeps in bed as Rafe calls her name. She doesn’t respond. Satisfied that she’s asleep, he pulls out his phone and starts dialing.


John tells Marlena, “I selected some private investigators. They’re going to help us track down whoever killed the mayor and shot at Samantha.”

Kayla tells Nick, “Stephanie told me that she hasn’t seen much of you lately and that you haven’t really been yourself since Melanie came to town.” Nick chuckles.

Melanie tells Maggie, “Well, Nick didn’t tell me about any Willow. What happened to her?” Maggie replies, “She died.”

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