Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/11/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/11/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hideout/loft, Rafe stares at Sami’s shirt and asks what’s going on. She explains that she had to wear one of his since he stole her clothes. Rafe thinks it’s a little snug and Sami sits on the couch in a huff, hiding her belly with a pillow. Rafe’s eyes widen as he realizes that Sami is pregnant. He calls her out on it and wonders why she didn’t tell him. He asks if she has told anyone yet.

In her cell, Nicole says she usually doesn’t care if people trust her, but it seems important to her with him. EJ just wishes he could get her out of there. Nicole agrees, saying that it’s a nightmare. EJ says the nightmare is just beginning for whoever actually killed Trent.

In Mickey and Maggie’s kitchen, Nick wields a knife and flashes back to killing Trent in the cemetery. He comes back to the present as Melanie asks him if he’s going to cut the cake. She asks what he was thinking about, but he says it isn’t important. She reminds him that close friends don’t keep secrets, and Nick agrees to tell the truth--that he was thinking about how rough things have been for her. Melanie reminds him this is supposed to be a happy day and thanks Nick again for the impromptu birthday party. Nick says he still has another present for her--it’s a ring with her birthstone in it. He slides it onto her finger and tells her he wants her to think of it as a friendship ring. The reason he told her he’d do anything for her is because they’re great friends, and they will be forever. Melanie squirms uncomfortably.

Phillip and Lucas rush into the hospital and find Chloe and Daniel outside Kate’s room. Daniel explains that the chemo has been hard on Kate’s system, and she’s become anemic. She wanted to see both of them. They rush into her room and find Kate asleep. Phillip asks in a panic why she wanted to see them so badly and Daniel says it’s a critical time. Phillip insists that he stop the chemo. Daniel takes Phillip and Lucas back outside as Lucas tries to calm Phillip down. He doesn’t like seeing Kate like this either, but it’s something they should have expected. Phillip says he never expected this. He tells Daniel that there’s no point in his mother suffering this way if she doesn’t have much time left. Daniel flies into a rage, telling Phillip not to ask him to give up on Kate just because this is hard on him. Stopping the chemo will make her better for a day or two, sure, but then the cancer will come back even more aggressively, and then she’ll have zero chance of surviving. Is that really what he wants? Phillip says no, but he worries Kate won’t be able to fight when she is this weak. Is it possible to pause the treatment, just so she can get her strength back? Daniel says this isn’t up to him, and it isn’t his decision.

Sami can’t believe Rafe is insulting her after all he has put her through. Rafe chuckles, saying she’s clearly pregnant. Sami heads over to the refrigerator for a jar of pickles, saying that being pregnant is a blessing. She’d be excited and talking about it if she were really having a baby. Rafe apologizes for being so hard on her lately, especially considering her condition. Sami denies being pregnant, but Rafe says he isn’t stupid. He asks her to stop lying to him. They would have done things differently had anyone known she was pregnant. Sami says that she told her dad, and he respects her need for privacy. She wants Rafe to do the same. He sighs, exasperated. If Sami isn’t drugging someone or sneaking out, she’s lying instead. She huffs, saying she thought he was going to be nice to her. Rafe says he changed his mind. She tells him to watch out, because she feels like strangling him. He asks her to be honest with him, just this once.

Nicole tells EJ that she doesn’t care who killed Trent, as long as she doesn’t have to go to prison for them. Everything she cares about is right in front of her, anyway. She smiles at EJ. Just then, Bo and Hope come in, telling Nicole they’ve made progress on her case. Bo has asked the judge and D.A. to release Nicole and to set a reasonable bail. She thanks them, but Bo warns her that the charges aren’t being dropped. Nicole doesn’t care; she just wants to get out of there. EJ promises to make the arrangements, saying that he’ll have Nicole out within the hour. Bo and Hope head off and EJ hugs Nicole and kisses her through the bars. She squeals with excitement.

Melanie tells Nick that she doesn’t know what to say. He is already letting her stay with him, and now with the party, and the ring, it’s all a little too much. It’s almost as if he is being too nice. Nick isn’t sure there is such a thing. He just wants Melanie to know how amazing he thinks she is. Nick adds that this is all nothing--he would do a lot more for her if he had to. In fact, he already has. She asks what he means and he explains that he has alienated almost all of his friends defending her. Melanie says she feels badly about it, but Nick says it really doesn’t matter. Just then, Hope knocks on the door and Nick opens it and lets her inside. She notices the cake, and when Melanie tells her it’s her birthday, Hope says she hopes she had a happy one. Melanie says she has so far, and Hope tells Nick that she needs to speak with him. Melanie asks what about, but Hope says it’s between her and Nick.

Lucas tries to soothe Phillip as Daniel explains that this is Kate’s decision, not Phillip’s. He wonders if this is the wrong choice. Daniel says again that he has no options but to advocate for Kate and her right to accept or refuse treatment. Lucas asks if they can consider backing off on the chemo, at least a little, and Daniel says they will discuss it as soon as Kate wakes up. Daniel heads off, saying he has work to do and Phillip storms off in the other direction for some air. Chloe begs Lucas to talk to her, but he says he can’t right now and heads off for coffee. Chloe heads into Kate’s room and sits by her bedside.

Sami tells Rafe that she already told her dad the truth, and he agreed with her that it was best to keep her pregnancy a secret, even from her guards. Rafe wants to call Roman to confirm her story and get the details, but Sami says he can’t. He would be angry with her for telling Rafe. Rafe laughs, telling Sami that Roman is going to be upset because she never told him about her pregnancy. In fact, Rafe is pretty sure that Sami didn’t tell anyone. He gets ready to call Roman, telling her it wouldn’t have to be like this if she weren’t so impossible. He dials Roman’s number, and Sami begs him not to call her dad. She swears she will come clean.

Melanie says she’ll go for a walk and leaves Nick and Hope alone. Hope apologizes for crashing the party, and tells Nick she wanted to see how he was getting along with the family out of town. Nick guesses she wanted to check on him and Melanie and freaks out, telling Hope that Melanie is innocent. He reminds her that Nicole has been arrested for Trent’s murder, so she needs to lay off. Hope is taken aback by Nick’s attitude, but divulges that he shouldn’t count on the charges against Nicole sticking.

Chloe tells Kate that she has two wonderful sons, a testament to how good of a job she has done as a mother. She explains that Lucas and Phillip want to stop the treatment, but she knows she is a fighter. She encourages Kate not to give up on the chemo and to keep fighting to save her life. Kate continues to sleep.

Melanie runs into Phillip outside and groans, saying he’s the last person she wanted to see. She asks what has him so down, and guesses he hasn’t thought of a way to ruin her life today. Phillip says she doesn’t need his help doing that, and that this has nothing to do with her. He doesn’t care about her at all. Melanie folds her arms, telling Phillip that whatever happened to him, she’s glad, because he deserves it. Phillip whirls on her, snapping that his mother is dying. Is she happy now? Melanie gapes.

Sami admits to Rafe that she is pregnant, and that no one in witness protection knows, including her dad. Rafe lays into her for compromising the whole operation. Sami bursts into tears, and Rafe softens, asking her not to cry. Sami bawls, saying she didn’t want it this way. She wants to be happy about her baby, but she’s scared and all she can think about is running away, and wondering what she should do about her pregnancy. Rafe wonders why she would want to run away. Sami explains that the father of her baby and his whole family is going to destroy her baby’s future. She planned on telling the truth, but then the hit man came after her and she couldn’t. Now she’s stuck in this loft with a man that hates her, and she can’t even see her kids. Rafe sympathizes, saying that it is a tough situation. He understands now why she was such a control freak over who was watching her, but she still acted irresponsibly. Sami says he would understand if he knew who the father was. He’s infamous and nefarious. Rafe jokes, asking if it is Attila the Hun. Sami says he’s close--the father is EJ DiMera.

EJ and Nicole head into the DiMera mansion and he asks if he can get her anything. Nicole is quiet, and EJ asks why she is so despondent. He thought she would be thrilled about getting out of jail and that he believe that she is innocent. She says she is happy, but reminds him that at one time, he thought that she was guilty. EJ admits that he was a little confused, but that’s all over now. Nicole says it’s a big deal--he didn’t trust her, and he isn’t going to like what she has to say now. EJ asks what that is, and Nicole tells him that she’s going to have to say goodbye. EJ stops her, saying he doesn’t understand. He thought they agreed to try to make each other happy and see if what’s best for the baby is best for them, too. Now that she’s out on bail, she’s just going to screw him? Nicole says it isn’t like that at all. He wonders if this is about the money, but Nicole says she isn’t worried about that at all. She was going to give them a chance, but then he practically accused her of murder. She can sense his ambivalence towards her, and she feels like he is forcing himself to have feelings for her, when he really doesn’t. EJ tries to protest, but Nicole heads off to pack her bags, saying that things don’t always turn out he way one wants them to.

Sami hopes Rafe can understand why she felt she has to hide her pregnancy. Stefano DiMera is sadistic and evil, and that’s why she can’t tell his son she’s carrying another of his children. Rafe asks if she is using this situation to hide the truth. Sami nods, asking if that is so wrong. Rafe says he actually thinks it’s not wrong at all.

Chloe tells Kate that there were times when she was so sick that she wanted to give up. Then she would remember how many people were counting on her to get better, so she forced herself to focus on that. Through her tears, Chloe tells Kate that her sons need her. Kate opens her eyes and croaks, thanking Chloe for her kind words.

Melanie bursts into tears, telling Phillip that she forgot about his mom. She hopes that he is wrong, and that his mother will be ok. Melanie rushes off.

Nick asks Hope if Nicole is off the hook, but Hope says that isn’t the case--just that the case isn’t yet closed. Nick gulps. Hope accuses him of knowing something about Trent’s murder.

EJ chases Nicole into the foyer and admits that he didn’t express his feelings the right way in jail. He begs Nicole not to leave because of it. He thinks they have come a long way since she was arrested, and he thinks they’ve come to trust each other. Nicole says he is saying all the right things now, but if this is about keeping his kid--EJ swears that it isn’t. As she is contemplating moving out, he is going in the opposite direction. He wants them to get married, so he can give her love as well as a home and security. Nicole sighs.

Phillip, Lucas, and Daniel all come back as Chloe leaves Kate’s room, telling them that she is awake. Phillip and Lucas head in immediately. Lucas asks how she is, and she admits that she has been better. Phillip tells her that it’s the chemo that’s making her suffer. She doesn’t have to do this. Kate says she does, actually.

Nick tells Hope that he doesn’t know anything about Trent’s murder. Hope tells him that she’s sorry, but her instincts about people like Melanie are rarely wrong. Nick lays in to Hope, insisting that she didn’t kill her father. He yells at Hope, telling her not to keep trying to get him to say something that implies otherwise. Melanie walks in just then, thinking that she’s clearly missed something. Hope says she was just leaving and heads off, telling them both to take care. She leaves, and Melanie whines to Nick, assuming Hope was putting lies in his head about her. Nick said Hope tried to, but he didn’t believe them--especially since he knows the truth.

Nicole asks EJ if he is telling her that he loves her. EJ says he just wants her to give them a chance and not walk out that door. He knows it will take time, but if they stay committed to one another, then they and Johnny and their child can have a wonderful life. Nicole asks if he is really willing to work on this, and EJ says he is, of course, wondering why she doesn’t believe him. Nicole says it’s because of Sami.

Sami is thrilled that Rafe understands her reasoning, Saying she is relieved. She worried about what she will do when they finally catch this killer. She has to figure out a way to make sure EJ never finds out about this baby. Thank goodness she has the time to work it out. Rafe shakes his head, saying she doesn’t have the time to do so, actually.

Kate reminds Phillip that this is her only hope to be saved. Why would he want her to stop the treatment? Lucas explains that they just hate seeing her like this, and Kate understands, but she still thinks this is for the best. She’s going to fight and beat the cancer. Phillip nods, saying he’s happy if that is her decision. They all just want her to be well. He tells her they’re all behind her a hundred percent. Daniel heads out and over to Chloe, asking if she talked to Kate. Chloe smiles sheepishly and Daniel thanks her.

Back at the station, Hope tells Bo about her encounter with Nick, and Bo asks if she thinks he is covering for Melanie. Hope isn’t sure, but whatever his involvement is with Melanie, it’s going to end in disaster for him. She just knows it.

Melanie asks Nick if he means he knows the truth about who killed her father. She wonders how he could know that. Nick flashes back to murdering Trent. Nick explains that he knows Melanie didn’t do this. In his heart, he knows that better than anyone else.

EJ wonders why everything has to be about Sami. Nicole thinks it’s a valid concern. She can accept that Sami is in his life because she is Johnny’s mother, but she won’t accept being the second woman in his life after Sami. EJ swears that she isn’t and kisses her.

Rafe tells Sami that he respects her decision, but he can’t help her keep her secret. He picks up his phone, saying that he has to call his superior, but honestly, it probably won’t be long before both her father and DiMera find out about her baby. Sami begs him not to call, saying he can’t do this. Rafe apologizes, saying he has no choice. The truth has to come out.


EJ says, “Nicole, I really don’t know that much about you.” She replies, “Maybe that’s a good thing.”

A strange man grabs Marlena. She screams.

Sami begs Rafe, “Please, just make sure that EJ doesn’t find out, or my family. That’s all I’m asking.” He replies, “It is out of my hands.”

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