Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/10/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/10/08


Written By Jenni
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At Mickey and Maggie’s place, Nick lights a few candles on a birthday cake as Melanie comes downstairs. He yells ‘surprise’ and she whirls around, shrieking.

In Bo’s new office, he and Hope listen to Nicole’s statement about the man she saw in the cemetery. Hope shuts off the tape recorder and she and Bo discuss how unlikely it is that Nicole is telling the truth. She lies all the time, and isn’t adverse to killing people who get in her way. Bo still thinks that despite all of that, she is being honest with them this time.

Nicole paces her cell as EJ stands outside, asking why she thinks Stefano would frame her. She tells him that he knows he’s in on it, too, and that they both want the same thing--to take her baby away from her. EJ laughs and tells her she’s never been more stupid for thinking such a thing.

At the hideout/loft, Sami steps out of the shower and yells at Rafe to return her clothes. He yells back that he is busy watching basketball. Sam screams in frustration, yelling that she is the witness here, and he should be protecting her. He reminds her that she’s naked. She’s not going anywhere without her clothes. She threatens to call her dad. When they’re through with him, he’ll be lucky if he’s allowed to guard a grocery store. Rafe reminds her that he is her third guard in as many days. Her complaining isn’t going to carry much weight. Sami turns on the tears, yelling that she wants her daddy and her kids and to get out of here. Rafe tells her to shut the door and turns up the TV. Sami sobs, hoping she never sees another hit man as long as she lives.

Hope and Bo discuss the tall man Nicole saw in the cemetery, but don’t think its much to go on. Bo wonders why Nicole just mentioned this person now. She knew they were coming after her, so why didn’t she just tell them about this guy sooner to get them off of her back? Hope says Nicole is pretty cunning. Perhaps she knows who the man is, and is trying to protect him for her own reasons.

EJ reminds Nicole that he didn’t even know she was pregnant until several days after Trent was murdered. Nicole says that the bead from her dress wasn’t found until a second sweep of the crime scene. She accuses EJ of getting her to move in so he would have access to her things. He probably took the bead from her dress himself. EJ thinks her accusation is ridiculous, but Nicole doesn’t. He is the one that told her that he hated to see Sami take Johnny away, and that he would never let that happen with Nicole’s child. EJ says that was said in the context of their conversation about marriage. He insists that neither him or his father are trying to take her baby away from her. She glares, saying that he has done it before.

Nick apologizes profusely to Melanie for scaring her. He should have known better than to surprise her, since someone is sending her threatening notes and making phone calls to her. She says it’s alright and thanks him for the thought. She confides in Nick that when that guy called her at the Cheatin’ Heart, she felt like he was watching her. Nick gulps and asks what makes her think that, but Melanie claims that it’s just a feeling. She has been thinking about why this guy is doing these things to her. He hasn’t gone to the police or asked for money, so she can only conclude that the guy likes being able to scare her and control her. Nick shakes his head, saying he doesn’t think that’s it. Melanie wonders what she is supposed to think and threatens to kill the person doing this to her if she ever finds out who it is. Nick sweats.

Bo gets off the phone with the D.A. and tells Hope that she wants to have a meeting with him in the morning. Obviously, she wants Trent’s murder investigation wrapped up as soon as possible. Bo shakes his head, thinking that he might come to hate this job. Hope says she loves it and smiles, saying she expects to get away with murder from now on. All joking aside though, she thinks that the cops around here are going to have an easier time doing their jobs with Bo in charge. She suggests they go home and take a hot bath together, but Bo wants to listen to Nicole’s statement again. He adds that nothing she said cleared Melanie. Hope nods, adding that she is still one of their top suspects.

Melanie apologizes for dampening the mood and gets ready to make a wish and blow out her candles. After she does so, Nick asks what she wished for. Melanie says she can’t tell him or it won’t come true. Nick presses the issue, asking her what she would think if he told her he could make her wish come true. She tells him he can’t. She wished that she could find out who killed her father.

Sami rages in the bathroom, vowing that Rafe won’t get away with this. He tells her she could call his supervisor, but she doesn’t have a phone. He heads into the kitchen to look for food that Sami hasn’t had the chance to burn. She yells back that he wins, and he’s super-cool and a genius. Now that she has groveled, she wants her clothes back. Rafe refuses. Sami explodes, saying she doesn’t want his cell phone anymore. She wants his gun instead.

Nick reminds Melanie that she can’t remember what happened the night her father died. She might never learn the truth about who killed him, so she should just let it go and stop obsessing about it. Melanie says she can’t, and the anonymous letters and phone calls aren’t helping. She tells Nick that if she doesn’t remember what happened, and if the cops don’t find out who killed her dad, she’s going to have to wonder if she did it herself for the rest of her life. Nick insists that she didn’t do it, but Melanie says he can’t be sure about that. Nick reminds her of what her dad did to her, but Melanie still doesn’t think he deserved to die. In fact, she misses him. He was her father, no matter how horrible he was. She starts to head off to bed in tears, but Nick tells her she has presents she hasn’t opened. She wonders when he had the time to orchestrate all of this, and he explains he bought one of them a while ago. Melanie opens a bag and finds a snow globe. Nick explains that it’s of Marseilles, and that he bought it in the airport to remind her of the first time they met.

Rafe munches on some chips, and Sami asks him to bring some to her. Rafe refuses. She asks why he is doing this to her, and Rafe says he needs to get some sleep at some point. She has proved that she can’t be trusted unless she is totally incapacitated. Sami laughs, saying that if he thinks he can get some peace by keeping her in the bathroom, he can think again. He doesn’t know her at all and she has only begun to fight. She grabs a plunger and starts banging on the door, singing “Camptown Races” at the top of her voice. Rafe turns up the TV and moves his chair closer to the set.

EJ tells Nicole that he has never told her he would take her baby, but Nicole says she was talking about Sami. She had ring-side seats when EJ was forcing Sami to live at the DiMera mansion in order to keep Johnny. He changes the subject, saying that what he saw of her behavior earlier was worrying. She accuses him of using it against her to get custody. He’s going to tell the court she’s crazy, isn’t he? EJ vows that there will be no custody case. He insists that he is on her side. Nicole thinks he is only saying that because she’s pregnant. Once she has the baby, EJ will take it from her. EJ swears that that won’t happen. He wants to get her out of here, but she has to trust him first. Nicole thinks trusting him is the stupidest thing she could ever do.

Rafe curses as the game ends, and Sami chuckles, glad that his team lost. She then changes tactics and tells him she’s tired and just wants to go to sleep. Rafe thinks that is a good idea, and asks if she needs anything. She slams the door and starts shrieking that she hasn’t even begun to make noise yet. She’s not going to let him get a wink of sleep tonight. There’s no answer, so Sami opens the door to find Rafe already asleep with his headphones on. Sami groans.

Melanie looks at her snow globe as Nick comes into the kitchen, telling her that he has good news. Max called, and he thinks he figured out the problem with one of the equations. They’ll be able to resubmit his proposal to the foundation soon, so Melanie might see some profits sooner than she thought. Melanie wonders why Nick doesn’t seem to care that his project will make him rich and famous. All he seism to care about is what it can do for her. Why is that? Nick tells her that it’s because he’ll do anything for her--anything.

Nicole tells EJ to leave as he tries to assure he that neither him or his father had anything to do with setting her up. Nicole tells him that pregnancy has done some weird things to her. For the first time, she is thinking of someone else more than she thinks of herself, and it’s scary to think that her baby has to rely on her, especially since she’s been known to lie, steal and attempt murder. EJ tells her that his past is checkered as well. What’s most important for their baby right now is for them to trust each another. He wonders if it’s possible for two untrustworthy people to make an agreement to trust one another.

Hope reminds Bo that it seemed as if EJ thought Nicole could have killed Trent. Bo nods, saying the man in the cemetery would have known Nicole was innocent, so it probably wasn’t EJ. Hope thinks they need to figure out why the man was there in the first place. It seems unlikely that three people would choose the same night and location to confront Trent, so it stands to reason that the man who Nicole saw is linked to either her or Melanie in some way.

Melanie is ready to go to bed, but Nick wants her to finish opening presents first. He hands her a gift, saying that it goes with another present. She opens it to find a picture frame and thank him, saying it’s just what she wanted. She didn’t take many pictures in France, but she does have one of her and her father that can go in it. She heads off to get the picture. Nick sighs and pulls out the second gift, which is a picture of himself and Melanie.

Nicole isn’t sure that the will be able to trust each other, especially after what happened between him and Sami. EJ explains that he never intended on taking Johnny away from his mother. He forced Sami to live at the mansion so he could be closer to Johnny, that’s all. For that same reason, he didn’t set Nicole up. He knows that it isn’t in the best interest of their child, which is why he isn’t going to take her baby away from her, either. She ask if she can trust him to help her with this murder charge, even if she really did do it. EJ asks what she means by ‘even.’ Nicole glares, accusing him of still thinking that she is guilty. He admits that used to think she did it. Can she really blame him? If someone threatens her, the practical solution is to get rid of them. Nicole doesn’t think having a good excuse explains away murder. EJ thinks Trent almost drove her to this. He asks if she was pregnant at the time, and Nicole says she was, but didn’t know it. EJ thinks a part of her did, which is why she showed restraint. Nicole doesn’t think she’s known for using restraint, but EJ says he trusts her to do what is right by their child. Right now, that is all the trust they need between each other.

Bo looks at his day-planner and curses, complaining about all the meetings he has to attend. He would rather be out there catching bad guys, not allocating budgets and the like. Hope assures him that they’re going to find Trent’s killer. In fact, she is sure they’re closing in on him and they’re close to solving it. Bo hopes she is right.

Sami sneaks out of the bathroom with the shower curtain wrapped around her. Rafe sleeps on the couch nearby.

Melanie shows Nick the picture of her and her dad she put in the frame. Nick is confused and Melanie explains that she can’t pretend her father wasn’t murdered. Now she just wants to try and remember the good things about him. Nick nods, saying that he just wants her to be happy. Melanie isn’t sure that is possible, but is glad she has this picture, anyway. Nick tells her that she deserves to have everything she wants. He tells her to let him know if she wants anything. He promises to get it for her, no matter what.

Sami, now dressed, rummages quickly through Rafe’s bag. He walks up behind her and asks her what she thinks she is doing.

Nicole tells EJ that she isn’t used to hearing him discuss his feelings. He chuckles, admitting it is uncharted water for both of them, but he really thinks they need to try to trust one another for the baby’s sake. Who knows? Maybe it will turn out to be the right thing for them and the baby. Nicole agrees to test that theory, but wants EJ to get her out of jail first. He agrees.

Melanie tells Nick that the only thing she wants is a slice of cake. Nick heads over to get the knife and catches sigh of Melanie staring at the picture of her dad. Nick flashes back to that night at the cemetery. After Melanie passes out, he charges Trent and grabs the knife. Trent calls him a dork, and say he makes a sorry knight in shining armor. He leans over to grab Melanie but Nick yells and rushes him, stabbing him in the back. Trent stumbles around. Nick comes back to the present and heads over to Melanie, wielding the knife.


Phillip asks Daniel, “Why does she want to see us now?” He replies, “It’s a critical time.” Phillip yells, “Stop the chemo--now. Stop the chemo!”

Nicole asks EJ, “You mean whoever did kill Trent?” He replies, “Their nightmare's just about to begin.”

Nick tells Hope, “She’s innocent, case closed. You arrested Nicole, so could you just lay off?”

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