Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/7/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/7/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Mickey and Maggie’s place, Melanie takes off her apron and throws it aside angrily, asking Phillip if he really thinks he can handle her. He accuses her of being naïve, and she accuses him of sounding a lot like her father.

At the Cheatin’ Heart, Nick grumbles, saying that he thought Max would be happy for him since he is in love. Max pulls him aside to another table, telling Max that he knows his sister too well. He reminds Nick that he already took a bullet for Melanie. Nick says that wasn’t her fault, but Max says that isn’t the point. The fact of the matter is that Melanie is trouble.

In her jail cell, Nicole cries, not believing that EJ really cared about her as well as the baby. EJ insists he did, and asks how she got taken down to the infirmary. Nicole tells him that she had some cramps, but they turned out to be nothing. EJ asks if she is sure she wasn’t embellishing a bit, and Nicole admits she did play it up, but only for the baby’s sake. She thinks this is a wretched place to be expected to have a healthy pregnancy. She thinks EJ must blame her for getting herself into the situation in the infirmary. EJ says that isn’t what he was thinking at all. In fact, he admires her tenacity and maternal instincts. He is sure there is nothing that is more important to her than protecting her child, and EJ says that means the world to him.

At the hideout/loft, Sami and Rafe are embroiled in a staring contest. Sami accuses him of blinking. Rafe lays into for trying to sneak out, but she claims she was just going for a walk. Rafe tells her that he has brought down cartels and kidnappers, but she just might be the most challenging case he’s had yet. She knows he likes a challenge, so she wonders if that means he doesn’t hate this as much as she does. He tells her that he is hating it more by the minute. Sami smirks.

In Bo’s new office at the station, Hope pours sparkling cider and they toast to his new job as commissioner. Hope promises not to ask for any special favors, but Bo winks, saying he doesn’t think she should be so strict. Hope agrees and moves in for a kiss. She attacks him and kisses him passionately, closing the blinds in the office.

Sami thinks this whole thing is childish, and Rafe agrees, saying she needs to act like an adult before she gets treated like one. She huffs, reminding him that he isn’t her father. He agrees whole-heartedly, saying he would have taken her over his knee a long time ago. Maybe then she’d have some gratitude for the people that are trying to help her. Rafe tells her she can give up the contest at any time, but Sami refuses to concede, saying that he will have to sleep sometime. He tells her he once stayed up for two days straight at a stakeout. Sami wavers and then stands up, stomping around and crying. She says she can’t do this anymore, and that she wants to see her family. She doesn’t care if she gets shot, she just doesn’t want to be in witness protection anymore. Rafe offers her his cell phone, telling her to go ahead and call her dad.

Nicole apologizes to EJ for exaggerating, but she was so sure EJ would be able to get her out of here. He also says he is sorry for making that promise. He never thought Fitzpatrick would betray him. Nicole admits that she is afraid--not just of being in jail, but also of becoming a mother. Sure, she has some maternal instincts, like EJ said, but she’s scared about what will happen when the baby arrives. The thought of having to give another person guidance and values is overwhelming. EJ promises they will do it together and Nicole vows to do better than her mother, who always had a martyr complex. EJ assures her that she will be a wonderful mother. Nicole thanks him, saying that being in jail has actually given her some confidence. She now knows that she would do anything of this baby. EJ asks if ‘anything’ includes telling the father the truth. Nicole cries, saying she cant believe that EJ still doesn’t have confidence in her innocence. He reminds her that the story of what happened that night is coming in bits and pieces, and all of the pieces point to her guilt. Nicole sobs and tells him she thinks he should go. He begs her to tell him the truth about that night.

Bo and Hope kiss, and she backs off, saying that she promises not to ask that kind of favor too often. Bo changes gears, telling her how glad he is that he and Abe have a chance to take this town back. Stefano has corrupted it for decades. Hope thinks those two could do it, if anyone could. Bo adds that he needs her to stay by his side through this, too. She is glad they will be partners again, just like the old days. Just then, Bo gets a call, telling someone that he’s very interested and he’s on his way. He hangs up and tells Hope that it was EJ. Nicole is ready to talk. They both head off. Bo hopes they close this case. That way they can celebrate until dawn.

Max tells Nick that he is thrilled he found Melanie, but he also has to admit that all of the people he cares about have been hurt by it, too. Nick thinks he gets it. Max doesn’t think he can make Melanie happy. Max says he is trying to protect Nick, actually. Melanie needs to get her life straightened out before she gets involved with anyone. Nick asks if Max is trying to protect him or Melanie. Max says he is worried about both of them. He is grateful Nick has been taking care of her, but she doesn’t need anything more complicated than that. Just then, Max gets a call from Trent’s lawyer and listens in surprise, saying that Melanie never told him. Nick’s eyes widen.

Phillip thinks Melanie is being too harsh on him, but she reminds him that he is the one derailing Nick’s project. Phillip insists that the science is the problem, but she reminds him he’s just a businessman, not a genius. Nick is the smart one here. Phillip assures her that he will be more than happy to look at Nick’s work again once the kinks have been worked out, but Melanie says it will be too late. Nick’s work is going to change the world, and Phillip is going to be sorry he turned him down. She starts to huff off but Phillip grabs her hand. She snatches it away and huffs out of the house. Phillip grins.

Bo and Hope come into Nicole’s cell, and say they are glad she and her baby are ok. They heard about her trip to the infirmary. EJ tells them that trip had a profound effect on Nicole, which is why she is ready to talk. Nicole nods, saying she is ready to tell the whole truth and nothing but.

Melanie heads into the Cheatin’ Heart and orders a mojito. Max stops the other bartender, telling him not to bother, as Melanie is underage. She grumps, saying she is legal now. Max reminds her she’s only 18. He sticks an umbrella in a water and wishes her a happy birthday. She tells him not to bother, as it’s just another crappy day as far as she is concerned. Max tells her that isn’t true, and she whines, saying her dad is dead and everyone hates her. Plus, she’s broke. Nick walks in behind her and overhears her tells Max that she is thinking of moving back to France, as it beats the hell out of Salem. Nick walks off. He heads outside and stares in at Melanie through the window.

Phillip works a punching bag at the gym. Stephanie comes over and thanks him for taking her home, admitting that she over-indulged last night. He asks how she is feeling, but she wants to know how he is doing, as he looks like he feels worse than she does.

Sami calls her dad as Rafe warns that it won’t do any good. She asks for some privacy, but he refuses. She gets Roman on the line and asks about the twins. She listens and then shouts, “Nicole’s been what?!”

Nicole tells Bo and Hope that she followed Trent to the cemetery, which they already know. What they don’t know is that she had a gun. She went to the cemetery that night intending to kill Trent.

Sami yells into the phone, and is clearly on the line with Lucas, as she accuses him of being too busy jumping Chloe’s bones to tell her about Nicole. She shrieks that Nicole is dangerous as Rafe tries to wrestle the phone away from her, knowing that she isn’t speaking to Roman. He hangs the phone up as Sami protests. She explains that she was speaking to her ex-husband, and that the father of her child is living with a woman who has just been accused of murder. She fears for her son’s safety, not knowing if Nicole is out on bail. She begs Rafe to let her call Lucas back, but he refuses. Jut then, Rafe gets a call from his partner. He talks for a minute as Sami bangs some drawers angrily in the kitchen. He hangs up and sighs, telling her that they just arrested the truck stop killer. He has been working on getting that guy for years, and now he missed out on the arrest because he is babysitting her. Sami smirks.

Nicole tells Bo and Hope that she was ready to shoot Trent, but couldn’t do it at the last moment. Bo doesn’t think that has ever stopped her before. He wonders if there were any witnesses that could back up her story, but Nicole says no. Suddenly, she remembers someone else being there. There was a tall man near the entrance, but she just assumed he was the caretaker. EJ asks Bo and Hope if they have interviewed the caretaker, as he may have seen something, and they exchange glances uncomfortably. EJ tells them to get on it. Maybe then they can wrap this all up tonight and get Nicole home.

Max thinks Melanie should stay in Salem. At least here, she has people that care about her. Melanie insists only one person around here cares about her, and that’s Nick. Just then, she gets a call. A distorted voice tells her she can run but she can’t hide. She hangs up. Max asks who that was, but Melanie doesn’t know. Outside, Nick hangs up a cell phone and walks off.

Phillip grumbles about Melanie, telling Stephanie that she is only after Nick’s money, and he isn’t going to let that little gold-digger get away with it. Stephanie admits that she has been so wrapped up in Max and Melanie’s drama that she totally blew off her midterms. After last night, she realizes that she needs to buckle down and finish school. Phillip asks what she is doing, and Stephanie says her major is advertising. One day she wants to work for a non-profit company and do some good. Philip remembers when he used to be idealistic like her. That’s why he joined the Marines right out of high school. His parents were furious that he skipped college. Stephanie smiles, saying he ought look at himself now. Phillip grimaces.

Rafe tells Sami that she keeps claiming to care for her kids, but how would they feel if she were murdered? She also needs to remember that other people are at risk here, not just her. If something were to happen to her, he’d have to live with that of the rest of his life. Sami admits that she has been selfish and ungrateful and apologizes. She offers to make him dinner and heads over to the refrigerator. Rafe jokes that he might poison her, and she grumps, saying Hilda deserved what she had coming to her. She starts cooking as Rafe asks about her kids. She gives him the rundown, and he tells her he didn’t think it was possible for twins to have two fathers. Sami says she didn’t think so either until it happened. Just then, a pot starts smoking and Sami shrieks, saying there’s a fire. She runs for the door, but Rafe grabs her.

Phillip offers Stephanie an internship, but she declines, saying she’d rather work for a company that values her skills. Phillip apologizes for making fun of her earlier, and tells her not to discount Titan. She thanks him again, but thinks he would be tough to work for. Phillip asks what she means by that, and she admits that he seems like he’s an arrogant bastard.

Melanie comes back to Mickey and Maggie’s, glad to see Nick already there. She tells him that she is leaving Salem, for good this time. Nick asks if she is unhappy, and she tells him she isn’t. He has been great, but she knows Phillip turned his project down because he hates her. Nick reassures her, telling her that Phillip was right and the project needs work. He vows to perfect it and everything will work out for them in the end. Melanie still wants to leave, and Nick is suspicious, asking what is really freaking her out. She tells him about the phone call. She thinks it’s from the same person that wrote the note, but she doesn’t know who it is. Nick tells her that the best thing for her to do is stay right here in Salem. She has a home here and people that care about her. Nick begs her to stay and let him get to the bottom of this.

Rafe grumbles that Sami never learns as he takes the pot and runs water over it. Sami sneaks his cell phone into her pocket as he lays into her. He has taken psychology classes and he knows how the criminal mind works. As long as he keeps pushing, she’s going to push back even harder. Sami admits that that is true, and Rafe says he has a new tactic. He’s going to stop pushing.

Hope and Bo tell Nicole that they will look into her statements and get back to her. She asks them a question, wondering why they didn’t arrest her all along. They admit they didn’t have enough evidence, as CSI didn’t find the bead from her dress until their second sweep. EJ grumbles about the incompetence of the police force and Bo and Hope head off. EJ hugs and kisses Nicole. Outside, Hope admits to Bo that she thinks Nicole is telling the truth. The man she saw wasn’t the caretaker though, as there wasn’t one on duty that night. Bo sighs, saying that if Nicole is telling the truth, the man she saw could very well be Trent’s killer.

Sami tells Rafe that she is tired and is going to take a shower. He grabs her and deftly takes his phone out of her pocket. He chuckles, saying thy will have to add pick-pocketing to her list of talents. Sami vows to keep trying and heads off to take a shower, telling him she’s closing the door, so he will have to get his kicks elsewhere.

Phillip tells Stephanie that that’s the second time he’s been called an arrogant bastard today. She reminds him that he’s an important business mogul, so he probably doesn’t even care. Phillip smiles, admitting that he usually needs to have a hard heart in his line of work. He thinks he might need to reassess how he conducts himself in business as well as personal relationships. He’s been burned a few times. Stephanie says she has too, and plans on giving up on relationships, just like Phillip has. They toast their water bottles to being single.

Melanie thinks Nick might be right, and that she shouldn’t be so quick to leave Salem. Nick promises to protect her, telling her that he is a black belt in both Judo and Tae Kwan Do. She hugs him, thanking him and wondering what she would do without him. Nick promises she will never have to find out.

EJ tries to get Nicole to remember more about the man she saw in the cemetery. She says all she can think of is that he was tall. EJ says that isn’t enough and Nicole’s eyes widen. She thinks Stefano set her up. The bead from the dress was found later, so it was clearly planted. EJ thinks that’s ridiculous, wondering why Stefano would want to frame her. She thinks EJ is in on it, too, saying they both want the same thing--to take her child away from her.

Sami showers as Rafe picks the lock on the bathroom door. He opens it and swipes Sami’s towel and clothes. He closes the door and grins, saying two can play at that game. Sami peers around the curtain and gasps, saying Rafe took her clothes.


Melanie tells Nick, “Tonight, at the Cheatin’ Heart, when that guy called--” He asks, “Yeah?” She finishes, “I got this really weird feeling-- like he was watching me.”

Sami yells, “I’m the witness and you’re supposed to protect me!” Rafe replies, “I got your clothes and towel right here. You’re not going anywhere.”

Nicole shouts, “Once that baby is born he becomes DiMera property!” EJ interrupts, “Listen to me!”

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