Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/6/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/6/08


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At Mickey and Maggie’s place, Melanie tells Phillip that Nick’s alternative fuel project is going to make them a ton of money. Phillip says that’s what he came to speak to them about--the project is never going to see the light of day. Nick doesn’t understand, saying the foundation already gave him the ok to license the technology. Phillip apologizes, saying he has come to speak on behalf of the foundation. They’re rescinding their approval. Melanie glares, saying he can’t do that. Phillip says Nick’s project could make money one day, but not for a very long time.

EJ comes up outside the pub on his phone, angrily asking for the warden. He explains that he is Nicole Walker’s attorney, and he wants to know where the hell she is.

A guard wheels Nicole into the prison infirmary as she cries and clutches her stomach. She asks him to call Dr. Johnson at the hospital and let her know she’s coming in, but the guard wheels her into a room with a doctor and two other prisoners. Nicole looks around, clearly confused.

At the pub, Bo and Hope congratulate Abe and Lexie on their successful bid for the mayor’s office. Abe thanks them for all the hard work they did as Evan comes over, saying that the paper wants a picture of their new mayor. Abe and Lexie head off, and Hope tells Bo she’s glad Abe won. This is a new start for Salem, especially since Bo is going to be the new commissioner. He tells her it’s not a done deal and she kisses him, heading off to help Caroline in the kitchen. Tony walks over to Roman, who is standing nearby, and asks why he doesn’t look pleased that Abe has been elected. Roman tries to excuse himself, but Tony isn’t through, telling Roman that Stefano may have had some complicity in getting the former mayor murdered. He knows Abe is a good man and deserves this win, but he wishes his father would have stayed out of it. Roman agrees, and Tony asks why Abe looks so morose. Roman fears that he may turn the job down. The photographer finishes with Abe over by the bar, and thanks him for his time. Evan asks Abe about his acceptance speech. Just then, EJ rushes in and over to Bo, asking for his help. He explains that Nicole is missing.

Nicole tells the guard that she needs to get to a real hospital, not stuck in here with a bunch of misfits. Another inmate blanches, asking what she means by that. Nicole assures her she meant it in a complimentary way and whirls on the guard furiously, saying that she needs her own doctor to check her out. Her pregnancy is high-risk, and she needs clean sheets and her yoga DVDs. The doctor comes over and the guard explains who Nicole is. Nicole says she needs a real doctor to check her out. The woman is miffed, asking Nicole if she thinks they’re playing dress-up in here. She instructs the guard to get Nicole into a bed as she protests. The guard and doctor leave. The other inmates grin at Nicole. She starts to freak out.

Evan asks Abe to say a few words, and he begins by thanking all of his supporters for working so hard to get a win for him. He also thanks Lexie for putting up with him for the last few weeks. While he is honored to be elected mayor, there’s something he needs to say--something that he thinks his constituents have the right to know. Roman, Tony, and Lexie all exchange worried glances.

Phillip tells Nick that he is sorry, and Melanie lays into him, reminding him that he is Titan’s CEO. He can reverse this decision. She reminds him how hard Nick has worked on this project, and how it isn’t fair to get his hopes up only to dash them later. Phillip agrees, saying that the letter Nick received from the foundation wasn’t approved by him first. Since he is the CEO, he has the right to approve all financial matters, and this project just isn’t in his company’s best interest right now. Melanie tells him to approve it anyway, but Phillip says he can’t. The project seems like a good idea, but he thinks Nick needs to run more tests. Nick thought he was pretty thorough, but Phillip apologizes, saying they just can’t fund the project. He starts to head off, but Melanie stops him, telling him to cut the bull. She thinks Chelsea must have put him up to this.

Outside the pub, Bo tells EJ to calm down, and that Nicole is still in jail. EJ says she isn’t, and explained that he was told she was transferred to the hospital. When he called there, no one had checked in under her name. Bo asks if he is sure and EJ says he is, asking if Bo will help him.

Nicole calls for the nurse, as another inmate, Candy, tells her to be quiet. She introduces herself and explains that the nurse is on a smoke break. Nicole gulps and asks how she got the gash on her forehead. Candy explains that she head butted some blonde bitch that thought she was better than the rest of them. Nicole gulps. Candy laughs uproariously saying that she actually tried to break out, but the window she tried to get out of was closed. She finds that the nurse left her pack of cigarettes behind and celebrates, warning Nicole that she doesn’t plan on sharing. Another inmate wanders over, asking Nicole to hand her a bottle sitting by her bed. Nicole wonders why she needs rubbing alcohol, and the woman says she needs to get her buzz on. Nicole doesn’t think she should drink it and the woman tells at her not to judge her. She spits her gum out at Nicole and the other inmates laugh. She swigs out of the bottle and heads back over to her bed, just as the nurse comes back. She notices her cigarettes are missing and asks who took them. Nicole moves her eyes in Candy’s direction, and the nurse finds the pack under her pillow, saying she will have to write Candy up. Candy glares at Nicole. Nicole asks for a separate room, or at least a screen for privacy, and the nurse guffaws, asking her if she thinks this is a hotel. She tells her the doctor will be in soon and heads off to finish her break. Candy continues glaring at Nicole, who asks what her problem is. Candy says Nicole is her problem.

Abe tells the group, including press, that a lot of things have been said about his family in this campaign. He plans to separate fact from fiction in the coming weeks, but he also wants everyone in town to now that he is going to do his utmost to make things better for them, their children, and their children’s children. He humbly accepts the position of mayor. Everyone cheers and applauds.

Bo makes a phone call and tells EJ that Nicole has been moved to the prison’s infirmary ward. EJ asks if the baby is alright, but Bo doesn’t know. EJ runs off.

Candy and Doreen laugh as Nicole suggests they try to be amicable. Candy doesn’t know what that means, and Nicole explains it means they should be friendly to one another. Candy heads over to Nicole and sits on her bed. Nicole gasps, saying she is sitting on her leg, and that Candy is hurting her. She gets in Nicole’s face, saying that is no way to treat her new best friend. Nicole grimaces, wondering if Candy has even been introduced to a toothbrush. Candy angrily declares that Nicole is getting sassy as the nurse comes back in, telling her to get back in to bed. She makes a knife across the throat motion to Nicole and begrudgingly gets back into her bed. The nurse warns her that if anything happens like last time, she’s getting week in solitary. Nicole asks what happened, and the nurse, Sherry, explains that Candy broke another inmate’s jaw. Nicole says she suddenly feels better. She wants to go back to her cell. Sherry wants the doctor to look at her first and heads off. Nicole follows her, begging not to be left alone in here. Sherry closes the door, telling the other women to play nice. A third inmate heads over to Nicole, asking if she thinks she’s better than the rest of them. Nicole says she just wants to be left alone, but the woman refuses, telling Candy that they need to show her who’s boss around here. Nicole sweats.

Phillip laughs at Melanie, telling her that this was his decision and his decision alone. He refuses to explain himself to her. Nick agrees, saying that he believes Phillip. Melanie doesn’t, though, and accuses him of letting Chelsea manipulate him. Nick interrupts her, asking what he can do to get Phillip to change his mind. Phillip explains that he just needs to revisit his theorems and pinpoint the flaws. He would be happy to look at Nick’s proposal again in the future, and he’s sure Nick can work out the kinks. Melanie rails on Phillip, asking if he knows how long it took Nick to work on this project. Nick tells her that Phillip is right, and he doesn’t want his name on it unless it’s near-perfect. He promises to get the new data to Phillip soon, but he tells Nick to take his time. Nick thanks him for the second chance, and Phillip heads off. Melanie goes off on Phillip, but Nick tells her it isn’t his fault. He’s just sorry the money won’t come as quickly as he promised, but he vows to work on the project some more and get it right this time. She claims that she doesn’t care about them money, only that he worked so hard on this only to have it fail. He suggests they go out to eat, but Melanie declines, saying that he needs to get to his office and start working. Nick agrees and heads off. Melanie curses, saying now she won’t even be able to afford a pair of socks. Just then, Phillip comes back by, but Melanie says she’s busy. Phillip says that is too bad. They have a lot to talk about.

Evan hands Lexie a drink and asks where Theo is. She explains that he doesn’t do well with crowds. Evan understands and thinks Theo must be as proud of Abe as Lexie is. She agrees. Bo comes back in and Hope wonders where he has been, as he missed Abe’s speech. Bo fills her in on the situation with EJ and Nicole, and they both hope the baby is ok. Hope changes gears, saying she is glad the new mayor has no loyalty to Stefano. Roman heads over to Abe, saying he is glad he accepted the mayoral position. He was afraid he might turn it down. Abe says he considered it, especially since his father-in-law might have been behind Marino’s murder. Roman assures Abe that none of this is his fault and that he can’t blame himself. Abe agrees, saying he knows this isn’t his fault and that he only took the job to get scum like Stefano off the streets. Roman agrees, promising Abe that their little visit to Stefano never happened as far as he is concerned.

Candy saunters over to join one of the inmates as Nicole shrieks for the nurse. They promise to take god care of her. The woman grabs Nicole by the collar and shakes her. Nicole screams for help.

EJ heads over to the nurse outside the door and tells her that he needs to see Nicole Walker. She says she can’t have visitors, but EJ says it’s urgent, as he is her lawyer. Sherry doesn’t care if he’s George Clooney, she’s not making any exceptions. He explains quietly that he’s the father of the child, and heard there were some complications. He begs for five minutes. The nurse says no, ad tells him to leave, or she will have him escorted out. EJ refuses to leave until he ensures that Nicole and his baby are fine.

Hope asks Lexie what Abe’s first official business might be, and Lexie smiles at Bo, saying she knows he wants to name the police commissioner soon. Hope grins and straightens Bo’s tie. Nearby, Roman asks Abe if Bo will be the new commissioner. Abe thinks he has found his man, and wants to appoint Bo soon so they can get to work on their little problem. Roman nods, assuming he means Stefano. Abe says that they need to look into Marino’s murder right away. Roman assures Abe that if they can get the hit man, they can link him to Stefano, but he advises that Abe keep out of it, and let him get his hands dirty instead. Abe tells Roman that he is willing to take the fall as long as they get Stefano behind bars, a thing they have both wanted for years.

EJ gets off the phone and stomps off, telling the nurse that this is far from over. Inside the infirmary, Candy and the other inmate push Nicole onto a bed. They think she looks like that chick from block four who was hanged in her cell. Nicole begs them not to hurt her baby. Candy tells her they’re not interested in the baby, just her. At her desk, Sherry hears Nicole’s ear-splitting scream and rushes inside.

Nick heads into the Cheatin’ Heart and greets Max, who asks why he looks so morose. Nick shows him the letter from the foundation, and Max thinks it’s great someone is funding his work. He should be excited. Nick fills him in on the rest of the story, and Phillip’s refusal to sign off on the project until Nick makes a few tweaks. Max doesn’t think that should be a big deal, but Nick explains that he needs Max’s help. They’ve been in on this together since the beginning, and if it weren’t for Max’s help, he never would have gotten the grant in the first place. Max isn’t so sure.

Melanie nastily asks Phillip what he wants, saying she is busy. Phillip chuckles, saying he knows she has no friends besides Nick, and from what he heard, Melanie is only into him for his money. Melanie denies it, knowing that stupid bitch Chelsea is just spreading rumors because she is jealous. Phillip chuckles, saying he doesn’t think so. Melanie lays into him for not approving Nick’s funding, and Phillip tells her the project is incomplete. He thinks Nick is a great guy, and he hopes this project makes him rich. He also thinks Melanie is only around because she’s trying to make a quick buck. He suggests she do that elsewhere, because she is never getting Nick’s money.

Lexie and Bo encourage Abe to live it up and party a little, even though he is ready to go home. Bo reminds him he will have a lot of work to do starting tomorrow. Abe says he is going to need some help with that, and asks Bo to be his new police commissioner. Bo is coy at first, then laughs and accepts, telling Abe it’s the only reason he wore a tie. They both talk about how honored they are to work with one another.

Max agrees to help Nick with the project, and Nick thanks him profusely, promising to give him some money for his efforts if they get the funding. Plus he knows Melanie is lacking in the cash department as well. Max is immediately suspicious, and Nick explains that Trent helped fund the original project, so the shares go to Melanie by default. Max tells Nick to fight it in court. This is his project, not Trent’s. Nick doesn’t want to, and Max wonders why he is bending over backwards for Melanie. Nick says it’s because he is in love with her.

The guard handcuffs the other inmates to their beds and threatens them with the hole as the nurse examines Nicole. She tells her that the baby is fine. Nicole is glad, but wants to get back to her cell. Sherry tells her the doctor wants her to stay overnight, but Nicole is afraid to, saying she’d rather sleep in a nest of vipers. Sherry assures her that a guard will be right outside. Just then, EJ swoops in with a court order, saying he has been given permission to remove Nicole from the premises. She smiles and thanks him as he helps her to get into a wheelchair. One of the inmates asks EJ where her court order is, and he ignores her, asking Nicole if she and the baby are ok. Nicole says they are, and EJ wheels her away. She tells the other women it’s been a slice of heaven and she hopes they can do it again sometime. They glare are her retreating figure.

Abe gets his photo taken again and insists that Bo join him. Tony says he finally feels like Salem is in capable hands. Abe say they have a lot of work to do, and Bo agrees, saying they need to start by solving a couple of homicides.

Melanie tells Phillip that he still thinks she killed her father, so he is taking it out on her. She wonders why he hates her so much. Phillip says he doesn’t hate her. In fact, he sees a lot of himself in her. They’re both strong-willed and tenacious, an that is an asset in the business world. Unfortunately, Melanie takes it to a personal level, and she comes off as an abrasive, spoiled brat. She wonders if he thinks Nick sees her that way. Phillip says Nick only sees what he wants to see. He may be good for Melanie, but she’s wrong for him. A nice guy like him can’t handle a girl like her. She asks if Phillip thinks he can. He thinks so.

Max tells Nick that he is ridiculous. He barely knows Melanie. Nick reminds Max that he barely knows her, but he loves her enough to defend her when she was accused of murder. Max says he knew she was innocent. She may be his sister, but even he knows that the girl is bad news.

Nicole is back in her cell, pacing. EJ stands outside, asking if those women hurt her, but Nicole explains that the nurse intervened before they could attack. He apologizes for her having to endure all of this and asks about the baby. She assures him that it’s fine, and EJ sighs with relief, saying he thought the worst when he heard she was having complications. He tells her that this baby is more important to him than anything in the world. Nicole asks if he still thinks she is guilty. She is glad that he is worried about the baby, but she thought he came back to save her. EJ sys he did so to save both of them. He clasps her hand through the bars.


Rafe tells Sami, “You might just be the most challenging case I have had yet.”

Melanie tells Phillip, “You’re kind of acting a lot like--” He interrupts, “A lot like who?” She sneers, “Like my father.”

Nicole tells EJ, “I would do anything for this baby.” He replies, “Does anything include telling the father the truth?”

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