Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/5/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/5/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Daniel comes into the gym and finds Chloe working out. He thinks she’s putting too much stress on her back with the way she’s lifting weights, and shows her a few pointers. She wonders if there’s anything he’s not good at. Daniel says he can’t sing opera, but Chloe smiles, thinking he just hasn’t tried yet. Daniel jokes that he will try to fit that into his busy schedule, and Chloe gets serious. She thanks him for being so dedicated to Kate. She is really lucky to have him as her doctor. Just then, Phillip walks in behind them, saying that maybe she isn’t so lucky after all.

Stefano comes into the DiMera mansion and greets Tony, telling him it’s a glorious day. Tony thinks he must have run over one of the Bradys on the way home, but Stefano says he’s just come back from voting. Tony didn’t think they let people like Stefano vote. Stefano reminds Tony that he isn’t a felon. Tony says he hasn’t been charged as such, but they both know Stefano isn’t above getting a little blood on his hands to swing an election.

Abe and Lexie head into the pub, which is decorated with streamers and banners for Abe’s election. Abe thinks it’s all too much, and thinks they need to remember that his opponent was murdered. This shouldn’t be a party. Lexie disagrees, saying that they have to have some kind of celebration. The results will be in soon, and she is sure Abe is about to become their next mayor. Abe tells Lexie that he doesn’t feel like celebrating. He is still haunted by Marino’s death. He wasn’t a nice guy, but he still had a family, and didn’t deserve to die. Lexie looks around cautiously and tells Abe that she has to tell him something about Marino’s death. It has to do with her father.

In her bedroom at Mickey and Maggie’s place, Melanie tosses and turns in bed, yelling out for her father and saying she can’t do what he asks. Nick sits by her bedside and watches her.

Bo and Hope head into the police station, and Bo hopes Marino doesn’t beat Abe, even though he was murdered. Hope doesn’t think he will, but says she wishes Roman could have solved his murder before the election. Bo says he wishes the same, and adds that his own case against Nicole in the Robbins murder isn’t as air-tight as he’d like. Hope assures him that once he is commissioner, he will get these cases solved. Bo agrees.

Melanie wakes up with a start and looks around fearfully, wondering if anyone is there. No one is and she lies back down, thinking she was just having a nightmare. Outside her door, Nick sits in a chair and stares.

Bo brings Hope some hot chocolate, and she wonders if he will keep doing that when he is her superior. Bo chuckles, saying he doubts it. Hope is sure Abe will appoint Bo commissioner as soon as he is elected, and she tells him they’ll have to clean house around here. There are still some officers on the force that are on DiMera’s payroll. Bo promises they will get to that, but first they have a couple of murder cases to take care of.

Abe asks Lexie what Stefano has to do with Marino’s murder, and Lexie explains that she went to see Stefano after what Marino did at Abe’s press conference. She told him Theo was being dragged into the campaign, and demanded he pull all funding from Marino. Later that day, he was found shot to death on her father’s doorstep. Lexie bursts into tears as Abe wonders why she didn’t tell him this sooner. She says she didn’t want to worry him, and besides, she isn’t sure Stefano is responsible. She went to see him and he denied any involvement. Abe asks if she believes him, but she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. She’s just terrified that she might be responsible for Marino’s death. Abe hugs her saying how sorry he is that she had to deal with his on her own. He assures her that she isn’t responsible for the murder. They don’t even know what happened yet. Roman comes over just then, asking if everything is alright. Abe says it isn’t.

Tony wonders if Stefano had the mayor offed to assure Abe’s victory. Stefano is disappointed Tony would accuse him of such. Tony chuckles, saying he should have gone into politics himself, since he is able to spin any situation. Stefano says he finds Abe to be an insufferable boor. Why would he help him? Tony thinks he wants to get back into Lexie’s good graces. Stefano says he has done enough for Lexie. She used to be his pride and joy, but he doesn’t agree with who she chose to marry. Tony asks why Stefano is no longer proud of Lexie, and Stefano says that he feels Abe has turned her against him. Either way, he is proud Lexie will be the next first lady of Salem, and plans on happily dancing with her at the inauguration ball. They may have a difficult relationship, but he loves her. Tony asks if that is why he killed a man for her. Stefan scoffs, saying that he would do anything for his family, but draws the line at murder. Tony wonders if that includes hiring someone to kill for him. Stefano shakes a stack of letters at Tony, telling him to look through his mail for the bill for the hit man. He hopes it isn’t past due. Tony sneers, saying that he hopes he knows that by helping Lexie this way, he could have put Abe’s whole political career at risk. He storms off. Stefano grins.

Phillip angrily tells Chloe and Daniel that he came from visiting his mother. She was so weak she could barely move, and when he asked where her doctor was, he was told Daniel was at the gym. Daniel explains that he told Kate he was leaving, but promised to be back soon. Besides, another doctor is covering for him. Phillip sarcastically claps Daniel on the shoulder, telling him to make sure he gets his workout in. Daniel says he understands why Phillip is upset, but Kate is weak from the chemotherapy. He figured Phillip had done his research and would know that. If he has any further questions, he should call Kate’s oncologist. Phillip glares, saying that Dr. Knapp hasn’t yet returned his call. Dannie assures him that they are all doing everything they can for Kate. Phillip thinks that is just a phrase Daniel trots out to make people feel better. Phillip adds that he isn’t buying it and demands that Daniel get back to Kate and do something for her. Phillip glares, saying that Daniel won’t abandon her again.

Nick pops a pill in the kitchen as Melanie comes in. He thought she might sleep the day away, and she admits that she is still creeped out by the letter she received, so she had trouble getting to sleep. Nick vows to protect her no matter what happens. Melanie thanks him, saying that apart from Max, no one has ever made her feel as safe as Nick does. He offers to make hr breakfast, but she declines. Just then, Nick opens his laptop and says he has an email from a colleague at the university. He looked into the foundation offering to fund Nick’s project and crunched a few numbers. Melanie asks what that means and Nick tells her to mark this day on the calendar. Today is the day that he made her filthy rich. Melanie squeals and hugs him.

Abe tells Roman what Lexie told him about Stefano and Marino, and Roman admits that Stefano looks guilty. Abe doesn’t think they’ll get anything substantial out of him, but Roman thinks it’s worth a try. They both head off as Tony comes in and heads over to Lexie. He says he doesn’t look very cheerful for the future first lady of Salem. He asks where Abe is going, and Lexie tells him she thinks she made a big mistake.

Chloe asks to speak with Phillip alone for a moment and she pulls him aside. She reminds him that he told her he made peace with Daniel. He cares very much for Kate’s well-being and he’s an excellent doctor from what she has heard. Besides, Kate trusts him with her life, and she thinks Phillip ought to give her a little more credit. Phillip admits that he may have overreacted. Chloe says he’s entitled to do that with everything going on in his life, but Daniel is also entitled to an apology.

Abe and Roman head into the mansion, and Stefano congratulates Abe on his victory. Abe thanks him, but Stefano thinks he should thank his wife. She was the one that asked Stefano to stop supporting Marino, and then the poor bastard got shot. Roman reminds him that it was on his doorstep, but Stefano shrugs, saying that Marino wasn’t a threat to him or his family. Besides, he isn’t a fool. Roman refuses to comment. Abe starts to leave, but Stefano presents a hypothetical situation to him. He mocks Lexie, basically saying that she came to him begging him to help Abe. Abe growls, saying that he doesn’t know what Stefano is getting at, but he’s leaving. Stefano says he wonders who the people of Salem would view as the bigger monster--the man who carried out Lexie’s request, or the man for whom she asked the murder be carried out? Abe glares.

Lexie tells Tony that she had to tell Abe what happened with Stefano. She felt consumed by guilt. She curses, saying she should have known better than to go to Stefano for help. Tony tells her she has no way of knowing the mayor would be killed, but Lexie disagrees. She adds that Abe and Roman have gone to the mansion to confront their father. Tony doesn’t think it will do any good. If Stefano wouldn’t tell them anything, he certainly won’t confess to a couple of cops. He asks Lexie to stop torturing herself over this, but she can’t, saying that she is responsible for Marino’s death. It will haunt her for the rest of her life. If anyone finds out about this, Abe’s career and reputation will be destroyed. It will all be over.

Hope tells Bo that they have to get ready for Abe’s acceptance speech, but Bo would rather go dressed as he is. Hope doesn’t want him to accept the position of commissioner wearing jeans, but Bo claims he isn’t going to change who he is just because he’s getting a promotion. Hope winks, saying he is going to be changing lot more than his clothes.

Phillip apologizes to Daniel, saying that he is just upset about his mom. Daniel says he understands anger can make one feel in control, and he forgives Phillip. Phillip gets a call and excuses himself to take it. Chloe comes over, asking Daniel if he and Phillip are friends again, but Daniel says he wouldn’t go that far. Chloe explains that Phillip is still trying to process his mom’s diagnosis. They’re really close. Daniel says he understands why Phillip is angry--he is also angry. He has seen with all kinds of illnesses, but it never gets easier to deal with. He sighs. Chloe thinks Daniel must really love Kate.

Nick tells Melanie that the foundation approved of his grant proposal, so it’s going to go to the highest bidder. Melanie asks if they will get as much money as he thought. Nick says they will probably get more. Melanie tells Nick what a great guy he is. She knows that he can fight her share in the grant legally, but she knows he won’t. She tells him how generous he is. Nick reminds her that her dad helped him a lot with this project. She deserves to reap the benefits. Melanie asks how long it will take to get the money, and Nick says it’s simply a question of getting the sponsor to sign on the dotted line. She squeals and hugs him, saying they have to celebrate. Nick wonders what she has in mind.

Abe tells Stefano that he knows Lexie never asked him to kill the mayor. Stefano isn’t saying she did, but tells Abe that people will connect the dots if he is accused of the murder. Abe gives him a disgusted look, wondering how he could sell out his own daughter to make himself look better. Stefano says he is just trying to warn Abe of the consequences, and Roman accuses him of trying to blackmail Abe. Stefano says that he is actually trying to help the man. He wanted to be mayor, and Stefano waned that too, and now he is mayor. Abe tells Stefano that he always appreciated his directness, so he wants Stefano to be direct with him now. Did he have anything to do with the mayor’s murder? Stefano doesn’t think Abe really wants him to answer that question. Abe heads off, groaning. Roman tells Stefano that they’re going to find the hit man and when they do it will all be over. Stefano tells Roman to be careful. He may be opening a Pandora’s box. He ads that he wants Roman to give Sami his best. Roman glares and walks off. Stefano chuckles, saying that the democratic process is very interesting.

Chloe thanks Daniel for being so understanding about Phillip and apologizes for asking if he is in love with Kate. It was out of line. Daniel says it’s ok, and that things between him and Kate are just complicated, like all relationships. Chloe understands, saying that being with Lucas and helping to take care of his little girl is different from anything she has experienced. She chuckles, adding that it’s so domestic. Daniel asks how things are going between them, and Chloe says they’re good. Daniel says that doesn’t exactly mean great, though. Chloe insists it is great. She loves Allie and Lucas, and she feels lucky to have them in her life. She admits that she misses traveling and signing though. Daniel thinks she can make Salem her home base and still travel the world singing. He’s in a similar predicament with his surfing, but he doesn’t let it get him down. He knows surfing is in his blood, and he’ll always want to do it, even if he’s far away from an ocean. Chloe asks if he is saying they can have their cake and eat it, too. Daniel says they can.

Bo and Hope come up outside the pub and Bo yanks his tie off. He says this suit isn’t him, and the guys at the station will laugh. Hope assures him that this is just him in better clothes. Bo grumbles, saying he would rather be catching bad guys. Hope says that she wants to do that with him and offers to retie his tie. Bo refuses, but Hope insists.

Abe comes inside and Lexie rushes over, profusely apologizing for involving her father in this. She asks if he can ever forgive her.

Melanie ices a chocolate cake with a gigantic green dollar sign. She calls Nick in, and he asks if this is what she meant by a celebration. She thinks he must be disappointed, but he says he just didn’t know she could bake. Melanie admits it’s her secret talent, and the only thing she was any good at in boarding school. She asks Nick to try the icing and sticks a finger in his mouth. Nick licks the icing off as Melanie giggles. Phillip peers through the window and says that Chelsea was right--Nick does need rescuing. He knocks on the door. Nick opens up and Nick explains that Melanie has been baking. Phillip says he sees she is making herself at home. She asks if he is stalking her, and he tells her to get over herself. He came to speak to Nick about his alternative fuel project.

Abe tells Lexie that there is nothing to forgive. She asks if Stefano denied murdering the mayor, but Abe says they couldn’t get an answer out of him. Lexie sobs, saying that this is all her fault. Abe says it is his fault, actually. He set all of this into motion, and the blood is on his hands. Lexie says that isn’t so, but their conversation is interrupted by Bo and Hope. They greet them and Bo tells them they got here just in time. He just got a call, and the election results are in.

Daniel goes on to explain that Chloe should be able to be with Lucas and follow her dreams. He wouldn’t be much of a boyfriend if he were opposed to that. Chloe nods, saying that Nicole tells her the same thing all the time. Daniel asks how Nicole is doing, and Chloe fills him in on her arrest, saying she is sure she is innocent. They have become really close lately, and Nicole is one of her few friends, as she isn’t popular in Salem. Daniel thinks Chloe might just be an acquired taste. Chloe flirts, asking if he is acquiring that taste himself. Daniel says he is. She thanks him for the compliment, but tells him he may want to rethink it. Kate pretty much hates her, and she wouldn’t like Daniel fraternizing with the enemy. He promises to speak to Kate an her behalf, and Chloe thanks him, saying it would make her life easier. Daniel grins, wondering what else friends are for.

Roman comes over to Bo, jokingly asking if Ma dressed him, and congratulates Abe on his big win. Abe thinks it’s too early for congratulations, but Evan starts speaking just then, telling them all the election commission called. Abe is going to win by a landslide. Everyone applauds as Abe and Lexie look on with discomfort.

Stefano looks at Abe’s family picture and smiles, saying he backed the right man. He toasts to Abe, congratulating him.

Phillip tells Nick that alternative fuel is a hot topic right now, so he is interested for that reason. Melanie crows that Nick is about to make a lot of money off of his project, but Phillip disagrees. He says that Nick’s work sounds good, but unfortunately, it’s never going to see the light of day.


EJ says, “Bo! Listen, I need your help.” He asks “What’s the problem?” EJ replies, “Nicole. She’s missing.”

A burly inmate pokes a finger in Nicole’s chest, “The only thing we’re interested in is little old you.” Nicole gasps.

Melanie says, “Cut the bull, Phillip. Chelsea put you up to this, didn’t she?”

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