Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/4/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/4/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano lays into EJ, wondering how he could let this happen. EJ angrily pours a drink, saying he did everything he could. Stefano flies into a rage, reminding EJ that a DiMera heir is gestating in a jail cell. EJ explains that Fitzpatrick was supposed to rule in his favor, but was a turncoat and was swayed by Bo Brady. Stefano curses her and Bo for putting the mother of EJ’s child behind bars. EJ shakes his head, saying there’s nothing they can do. Stefano rails at him for being such a defeatist and says there is always something that can be done.

In her jail cell, Nicole talks to her baby, saying she is glad the cramps have passed. She claims that that will be their little secret and starts banging a cup against the bars. She yells for the guard, saying she is in terrible pain and thinks there might be something wrong with her baby.

Stephanie heads into the Cheatin’ Heart and sits at the bar. Max turns around and tells her to try a ‘flirtini.’ Stephanie gapes.

Chelsea and Phillip come in behind Stephanie and sit at a table. Phillip thinks Nick can take care of himself, but Chelsea isn’t so sure. She tells Phillip that Melanie was cool at first, but as soon as she discovered that Nick was going to make money off of his project, she wanted to be more than friends. So she’s not only a liar and a phony, she’s also a gold-digger. Phillip smirks, asking Chelsea if that isn’t the same thing people used to say about her.

In her bedroom at Mickey and Maggie’s place, Melanie unpacks. She freaks out and starts looking for something in her luggage, then flashes back to receiving the note saying someone knows what happened at the cemetery.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Nick looks at the note Melanie received. He heads over to a drawer and takes out another piece of paper. He prepares to write another note. After he finishes, he places the note back in the drawer and tucks the one Melanie received into his pocket. He sits down by her purse and takes out her lipstick, examining it. Then he smells her bottle of perfume. Melanie comes downstairs just then and catches him.

Chelsea lays into Phillip, angry that he insinuated that she and Melanie were just alike. She starts to leave, but Phillip stops her and apologizes. Chelsea isn’t sure he means it after his comment that the two were practically separated at birth. Phillip says that he was just trying to say that maybe Nick isn’t the one that needs an intervention. Obviously, Chelsea doesn’t want anyone to date Nick. Chelsea glares, saying she came here to get him to help Nick, not discuss the possibility that she is obsessively jealous. Phillip shrugs, reminding Chelsea that she obviously still cares for Nick, and besides, things didn’t exactly work out for her and Daniel. Chelsea yells that Daniel is off-limits in any conversation and Phillip apologizes. Chelsea says she is the one that should be apologizing. She is overreacting because of what’s’ going on with Kate, and she hasn’t even asked Phillip how he is doing. Phillip says he is ok, but can’t stop thinking about his mom. The only good thing about all of this is that all of the petty stuff just went out the window. He really has some perspective now.

Stephanie lays into Max for the drink he suggested, saying that she is here to meet some advertising interns, not to score. She wonders why Max is even working here, and he tells her he needed another job, so Adrienne let him come back. He adds that he wasn’t trying to insinuate anything by suggesting she have a ‘flirtini.’ He doesn’t care if she flirts with everyone in the bar or even does a striptease on one of the tables. It’s none of his business. Stephanie says it may be none of hers either, but if he is such a genius, why is he keeping bar instead of going back to school and doing something with his life? Max stomps off, saying that she’s right and it isn’t any of her business.

Abe and Lexie head into the Cheatin’ Heart, saying it has been a long time since their last visit. Lexie thinks this may be their last night as private citizens. She apologizes for being so ambivalent about the election and assures Abe that she wants him to win more than anything. Abe thanks her for her support, saying that it means everything to him, and that he is lucky to have her. She thinks she is the lucky one. Abe is going to make a wonderful mayor and really clean this town up, especially after all the damage the last mayor did. She thinks things are really looking up.

EJ wonders if Stefano plans on kidnapping Fitzpatrick and forcing her to do their will. Stefano tells him to quit with the cheap sarcasm and listen. Nicole can’t be freed until the real killer is found. Stefano knows that the police and government in this town are a joke, so he has to make sure justice is served himself. EJ is silent. Stefano reminds EJ that he is Nicole’s lawyer. Is he wrong to assume that Nicole is innocent? EJ shrugs. Stefano asks again if she killed Robbins. EJ flies into a rage, yelling that he doesn’t know. Stefano groans.

Nicole continues screaming for a guard, and one finally shows up, asking what is wrong. Nicole sobs, saying she isn’t sure, but she thinks she is losing her baby.

Max serves Stephanie a drink and she finishes half of it in one gulp. Max nods, saying he can certainly make a good drink. Does she still think he is wasting his time? Stephanie nods. Max reminds her that he is Shawn’s son, not Trent’s. This is where he belongs. Stephanie asks if he is trying to prove something. She reminds him that going to college isn’t going to turn him into Trent, or make him love Shawn any less. Max doesn’t want her advice. Stephanie suggests he talk to Nick, who will tell him the same thing. Max says Nick is too busy with Stephanie’s favorite person, Melanie. Stephanie gapes. Max nods, telling her that the two are living together.

Melanie heads over to her purse, saying she isn’t used to having people rummage through it. Nick apologizes, claiming that he knocked it over and was putting everything back in it. He tells her that he has been really distracted lately with his alternative fuel project. Melanie asks about the potential profit the could make off of it. Nick sits down to do some calculations and shows Melanie a figure. She squeals, admitting that she can’t even count that high. Nick warns her that some of the money will go to the Horton foundation, but it’s really their money. Her dad invested heavily in Nick’s project, so she will have the final say as to where it all should go.

Chelsea admits to Phillip that it’s pathetic of her to care about Nick and Melanie after all that is going on with Kate, but she can’t help it. She guesses that she is just petty. Phillip says that it’s never petty to care about someone or their well-being. Chelsea agrees, saying she is just worried about Nick. Besides, Melanie could be a cold-blooded killer. Phillip tells her she isn’t, though, and has been cleared of all charges. They arrested Nicole for the murder, and she’s in jail. Chelsea remembers that she is Phillip’s ex-step-mother. She asks him if he really thinks Nicole did it.

Nicole asks the guard to call a doctor, but he refuses to do so at this late hour. Nicole says an innocent life could be at stake and he chuckles at the fact that she called her kid innocent. Nicole gapes. He says he recognizes her from her pornographic films and says his VHS tape is wearing out. He winks, asking if it is out on DVD. Nicole gasps and calls him a disgusting pig. The guard smiles, telling her she is going to have to be a lot nicer than that to get him to do what she wants.

Stefano reminds EJ that Nicole is a passionate woman, and perhaps she let that passion get the best of her. He also knows that EJ never would have allowed Nicole to move into the mansion unless he had feelings for her. The most important thing to consider is that she is the mother of his child. EJ is a DiMera, and protecting that child should be more important him than anything else.

Melanie asks Nick what he will do with all of the money, and tells her he wants a house. Melanie suggests he buy a jet and a Bentley, too. Nick asks what she would do with the money, and she admits she wants to buy clothes and jewelry, as well as travel the world--with the exception of returning to Marseilles. She thanks Nick for giving her something to dream about and heads off to bed.

Max asks if he can start a tab for Stephanie and get her a table, but she refuses. He thinks she must have something to say to him, like maybe admitting she was wrong about Melanie. Stephanie scoffs, saying that the girl might not be a murderer, but she’s still a lying bitch. Max thinks she’s mad that he chose Melanie over her. Stephanie nods, saying that that about sums it up. Max practically growls, reminding Stephanie that she is the one that betrayed him. Stephanie scoffs, saying sarcastically that Max is right. He never makes a bad decision, or is deluded about anything. In fact, he is practically a saint. She huffs off and runs full-speed into Phillip. He asks if she is alright.

Nicole calls the guard a perverted creep and doubles over in pain. She begs him to call a decor, as this is a high-risk pregnancy. The guard tells her to quiet down and lie on her cot and rest. Nicole refuses, saying she needs a doctor. If anything happens to Stefano DiMera’s grandchild, he’s going to need a doctor himself--scratch that, he’s going to need an undertaker.

EJ tells Stefano that Nicole comes with a lot of baggage. She tried to kill both her former husband and lover. Stefano asks if EJ is scared of her. EJ admits that he isn’t, and Stefano surmises that something else must be causing this conflict. He guesses that it’s Samantha, and wonders if EJ feels he is betraying her in some way.

In her bedroom, Melanie looks through the real estate section of the paper and dreams about her mansion. Nick knocks on the door and brings in some warm milk and cookies. He explains that Maggie did the same for him on his first night in town. Melanie thanks him, but says she doesn’t need the milk to sleep. She’s pretty tired as it is. Nick says he’ll just leave the tray here and heads out, wishing her a good night. He pauses outside her door and frowns. Melanie sneaks up to the door and listens.

A doctor checks Nicole’s temperature as she protests that she doesn’t have a fever. She has cramps, and she’s pregnant. Hasn’t he examined a pregnant woman before? The doctor tells her she appears to be fine and the cramping is normal. He heads out, despite Nicole’s protests. The guard tells ‘Misty’ to stop complaining and lie down.

EJ tells Stefano that he doesn’t want to hear his opinion on his love life. He accuses Stefano of all of this going back to his obsession with his heirs. Stefano grumbles, saying there shouldn’t be a problem with him caring about his family. EJ thinks caring is fine, but Stefano fixates on his heirs and it leads him to do destructive things in the name of family. Stefano tells him not to blame his problems on him. He cares for Giovanni and this unborn child as much as EJ professes to. EJ insists that he does love his children. Stefano asks if he loves Nicole, though. EJ says he cares for her--more than Stefano will ever know. He stomps off. Stefano nods and smiles.

Melanie opens the door and finds Nick outside, asking why he is hovering. He admits that he is trying to work up the courage to talk to her about something. Melanie asks what it is and he shows her the note he found in her purse. Melanie gulps.

Stephanie giggles, saying she and Phillip keep running into each other. He agrees and invites her to join him and Chelsea. She agrees and stumbles a bit getting into her chair. Chelsea greets her, saying she hopes Stephanie can help her get Melanie away from Nick. Stephanie groans and drums her feet on the floor, saying she’s tired of hearing about Melanie. Chelsea excuses herself and Stephanie asks for another drink. She heads over to the bar and tells Max that his ex-girlfriend is wasted. Is he going to do his job and cut her off, or is he going to keep pretending he doesn’t care what happens to her?

Nicole tosses and turns on her cot, saying that she can’t do this. She spies a roach trundling along on the floor and shrieks for the guard, saying there’s vermin in her cell. He comes over and hands her some cleaning solvent and a brush, and tells her to take care of it. He heads off. She asks about a shower and he yells back that she isn’t scheduled for one until next week. Nicole sits on her bed and cries, promising her baby that she is going to do better for them than she got as a child. She sobs.

Abe excitedly talks with Lexie about how being mayor will more rewarding than his previous public service. He is excited about getting to affect real change and get things done. Just then, Lexie gets a call, and she assumes that it’s the sitter. She answers and Stefano is on the other line instead, asking her how it feels to be the first lady of Salem.

Nicole tells her baby that the hospital is the Ritz compared to this place. She tells the baby that if the guard wants proof, then he’ll get it. She bags on her bars, shrieking that something is wrong with her baby and that she needs help.

Nick tells Melanie that he found the note in her purse, and wonders why she didn’t tell him about it. She says she was just scared, and he asks if she knows who wrote it. She says it could have been anyone. So many people hate both her and her father. Nick admits that he feels very protective over her, since so many bad things have happened to her. He also knows that she passed out at the cemetery and doesn’t remember what happened. She wonders how he knew that and he tells her Max told him. He asks if she needs anything, but she just wants to get some rest. Nick agrees to give her some privacy, but tells her he’s right down the hall if she needs anything. He heads off.

EJ heads into the jail as the guard protests that visiting hours are over. EJ says they aren’t as far as he is concerned and heads into Nicole’s cell to find it empty. He demands to know where she is.

Stephanie tells Phillip she has been selfish and thoughtful--thoughtless-- towards him. She asks about his mom and promises to keep Kate in her prayers. Phillip thanks her and Stephanie wonders about her drink. She stands up and nearly falls over. Phillip offers to take her home, but Stephanie says she is a grown woman. She can ‘cake tare’ of herself. Phillip says he knows that, but he wants her to let him take care of her instead. She agrees and they head off. Stephanie giggles.

Max points them out to Chelsea, saying that Stephanie is fine and she has Phillip to help her. Chelsea is just glad someone cares about Stephanie’s well-being. She says she is going to leave to go check on Nick, but Max wonders why. Chelsea scoffs. Surely he hasn’t forgotten how Melanie derailed his life. Is he really willing to let the same happen to his best friend?

Stefano asks Lexie if she knows who Abe is going to appoint as the new police commissioner. He just hopes it isn’t Roman, since the man has had it out for him because of what happened to Marlena so many years ago. Lexie tells him she has to go and hangs up. Abe asks what he wanted, and Lexie tells him. Abe says Stefano will have no say over who he appoints. Salem is going to be a new town while he is the mayor. He toasts to Salem, and Lexie toasts to them.

The guard tells EJ that the inmate had some issues with her pregnancy, and the doctor came. He thinks they took her to the hospital. EJ calls, but the hospital has no record of her being admitted. EJ hangs up and demands to know where Nicole is.

Melanie tosses and turns and dreams about the caller who told her they knew what she did in the cemetery.

Downstairs, Nick has some milk and fantasizes about being married to Melanie. She tells him how much she loves him and how glad she is she never left Salem. She adds that they are meant to be together. They kiss passionately.


Lexie tells Abe, “There’s something you should know. It has to do with the mayor’s murder and my father.”

Tony tells Stefano, “You’re certainly not above getting a little blood on your hands to swing an election.”

Phillip tells Daniel, “I’m not putting my faith in anyone--not while my mother is fighting for her life. You will not abandon her again.”

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