Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/3/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 11/3/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Phillip lies in bed naked as a woman runs her hands all over his chest. Phillip sighs and asks her not to stop, saying that he loves it. Melanie sits up and leans in, agreeing that he should love it. Suddenly, Phillip wakes up in the waiting room of the hospital with a start. He stands up and tries to shake off the dream as Daniel walks by, asking if anything is wrong.

Nick brings Melanie to Mickey and Maggie’s, and she thanks him for letting her stay, saying she couldn’t face running into the Bradys all the time. Nick assures her that she will be fine staying here and adds that Mickey and Maggie are at a convention for a few days, anyway. Melanie asks if they are here all alone. Nick wonders if she has a problem with that.

Nicole paces in Roman’s office, wondering where EJ is. The door swings open, and she assumes he has returned, but it’s Bo and Hope. Hope holds an orange jumpsuit and Nicole asks what it is. Hope tells her it’s her new wardrobe.

At the hideout/loft, Rafe tells Sami that he is Hilda’s replacement. Sami asks if he is her new guy, and Rafe turns on her furiously, saying he will never be her guy. He makes a call as Sami snickers, saying he doesn’t have much of a choice. He tells his boss that he is requesting a transfer from his new assignment, telling him that he didn’t graduate top of his class to end up babysitting a spoiled brat. Sami scoffs.

Nicole comes back into Roman’s office in her jumpsuit, complaining about the size. Hope tells her she’ll grow into it. Nicole insists that the evidence against her is flimsy at best, but Bo disagrees, saying she needs a reality check. Just then, EJ comes in, telling Bo and Hope that he got a court order stipulating that Nicole has to have a bail hearing. Bo and Hope head off to leave them alone for a few moments, and Nicole hugs EJ, thanking him for helping her get out of here. He grabs her face and asks her to tell him the truth--as the father of her unborn child. Did she kill Trent? Before she can answer, Bo and Hope come back in, telling them both that it’s time for the hearing. EJ wants another minute, but they refuse, saying they can come on now, or they can wait until tomorrow for the next hearing. Nicole and EJ head off with Bo and Hope.

Daniel wants to counsel Phillip, but he insists that he just had a nightmare. He asks if he can see Kate, and Daniel tells him to go ahead, although she may be asleep. Phillip heads in and Kate wakes up, thinking he is supposed to be at the office, but Phillip says it’s late. She apologizes for losing track of time and reminisces about Phillip’s childhood and his love for dinosaurs. She can’t believe how he has grown up. Phillip wishes he could go back to that time. He always thought Kate was invincible. She says she isn’t, much to her surprise, and tells Phillip that he needs to prepare for the fact that she might not make it. Phillip refuses to do so, promising that she will beat this.

Melanie tells Nick that she doesn’t want him to get the wrong idea. She really appreciates him, as he is the only friend she has now that Max has turned his back on her. Nick understands completely. Even though they kissed, and she is staying here, he still shouldn’t get the wrong idea. Melanie says she guesses that is it. He is such a good friend to her that she doesn’t want anything to ruin that. She explains that she has learned some hard lessons lately, and she vowed that she would never play another guy, especially one as sweet as Nick. What she’s saying is that she just wants them to be friends, since that is what is most important to her. She hopes they are on the same page. Nick agrees with her, but looks disappointed. Chelsea comes in the door just then, and asks what Melanie is doing there. She says she lives there. Chelsea doesn’t understand, and Nick explains that he offered Melanie a place to stay. He chides Chelsea for not knocking, and she reminds him she never used to have to. Nick says things are different now and asks why she came by. She says she wanted to talk to him about her grandma, but she sees she is busy. She hands him the mail she picked up outside and starts to head off. Nick opens a letter addressed to himself and freaks out. Chelsea stops in the doorway and listens.

Rafe agrees not to call his boss anymore and hangs up, clearly frustrated. Sami suggests that he quit altogether if he can’t stand looking after her. Rafe refuses, and Sami guesses he is stuck with her, then. Rafe smiles, saying that she is actually stuck with him.

Nicole and EJ head into the courtroom, and Nicole complains about being dragged through the mud. EJ tells her to put a sock in it and suck it up. Nicole whines, saying that he isn’t empathizing with her at all. EJ tells her that this is about saving her life and nothing else. They can discuss anything further once they get back to the mansion. Nicole reminds him the bail hearing hasn’t started yet, but EJ says he has taken care of it. She’ll be back home by sunset.

Daniel heads into Kate’s room and Phillip heads out. She asks how her treatment is going, and Daniel explains that she is responding well. However, they will have to monitor her closely as she received a very high dose of chemo. Kate thanks him for all he has done for her, and adds that she trusts him implicitly. The camera pans over to the door, where Phillip is listening in on their conversation. Daniel says that Kate has showed so much strength that it has given him hope. Kate explains that no matter what happens, she will know he did everything he could to save her. Tears roll down her cheeks as she tells him she isn’t sure he’ll ever know how much that means to her.

Nick tells Melanie and Chelsea that the alternative fuel project he has been working on is getting additional funding. Chelsea congratulates him and Melanie squeals, saying they need to celebrate. Nick isn’t so sure, wondering if it bothers her that her dad helped Nick with the project. If not for Trent, Nick wouldn’t have been able to do it. Melanie is just glad something good came from her father. She asks Chelsea to excuse them, and she heads off to the living room, listening in on their conversation through the kitchen door. Nick again apologizes to Melanie for bringing her dad up, and she says it’s no big deal. She tells Nick how proud she is of him and throws her arms around his neck.

EJ explains to Nicole that Judge Fitzpatrick is presiding as she comes in and calls the court to order. EJ stands and explains that they are asking Nicole be released on her own recognizance, since she is expecting. EJ offers to vouch for her. The prosecutor wants Bo to testify, as he has evidence showing that bail should be denied. EJ tries to object, but Fitzpatrick cuts him off, asking Bo if he has anything to say. He says he does.

Nick tells Melanie that she deserves part of the money because of her dad, but Melanie refuses, saying that Nick deserves all of it. Nick still wants to give her half, but she says no. Chelsea listens in as Melanie tells Nick that while they are friends now, they could be something more in the future.

Sami looks through a book of mug shots, but says the shooter isn’t in it. She finishes and asks to go to bed, but Rafe refuses. He brings over a box of book filled with mug shots and tells her to stay sharp. They’re going to be here all night.

Bo stands and tells Fitzpatrick about Nicole’s past crimes, including lying about her marriage to Trent and trying to kill Colin Murphy. EJ stands and objects, saying that that evidence is inadmissible, but Fitzpatrick overrules him. Bo goes on to say that Nicole is an extreme flight risk. EJ again stands, saying that Bo’s opinion on the matter is irrelevant, and the facts don’t support his opinion. Fitzpatrick overrules him again, telling him that he isn’t allowed to speak again. Proving that she is probably the worst judge ever to sit on the bench, Fitzpatrick is ready to render a decision without hearing EJ speak in Nicole’s defense. Later, she asks everyone to rise and claims to have reviewed the case thoroughly. Even though none of the evidence Bo has discussed is technically admissible, Fitzpatrick has decided to deny bail for Nicole. She asks an officer to escort her to jail. EJ hugs Nicole and cries.

Sami slams the mug shot book closed and tells Rafe that she can’t look at any more pictures. He goes off on her, and she yells back, suddenly clutching her stomach. She thinks she might puke. Rafe mocks her at first, but looks at her face and admits she looks green. He wonders what’s going on, and Sami insists that she is just stressed from being shot at and being away from her kids. Rafe thinks something else is going on.

Daniel comes out of Kate’s room and runs into Phillip, who says he has left his cell phone behind. Daniel hands it over, and Phillip says he couldn’t help but overhear what Daniel and Kate were talking about. He realizes now that Daniel is a big part of giving Kate hope, and he thanks him for that. He knows he shouldn’t ask Daniel to do anything more. Daniel says he can ask him anything. Phillip says that no matter what happens after Kate gets well, he won’t interfere with her and Daniel’s relationship. He just wants Daniel to save her.

Melanie tells Nick that she has always gone after the wrong guys, but maybe she and Nick have a connection that she just realized. She moves in to kiss him, but Chelsea interrupts, asking for a moment alone with Nick. Melanie tells him they will talk later and heads off. Chelsea asks Nick what he thinks he is doing. He accuses Chelsea of spying on him. She thinks he needs to be spied on, because he’s acting like a fool. Melanie is only interested in him for the money he could make her. Nick yells at Chelsea for daring to judge him or Melanie and screams at her to get out. Melanie comes back in, saying she didn’t want to miss anything. Chelsea smirks and heads outside. Melanie thinks she seemed upset, but Nick says he doesn’t care right now. Melanie moves in on him, telling him not to let Chelsea bother him.

Sami tells Rafe that she is simply exhausted. She promises to look at all the mug shots tomorrow if he will just let her go to sleep now. Rafe agrees and heads off to get ready for bed, telling Sami that they’ll be discussing guidelines when he returns. She sneaks over to his phone and starts to make a call, but he comes out and takes it from her. She makes up a flimsy excuse about wanting to see who his service provider was and Rafe heads back into the bathroom with his phone. Sami grumbles, wondering how she can call her dad to get rid of this guy. She remembers the pay phone and rushes off to get her coat.

Back at the station, Hope congratulates Bo on his testimony. Bo isn’t nearly as thrilled, saying that he wants to see justice served, but he isn’t sure Nicole is guilty. Hope hugs him, saying that she loves that he wants to get at the truth above anything else.

EJ talks to Nicole in her cell and she rails at him for lying to her about Fitzpatrick. EJ swears he had no idea she would throw her loyalty to the family out the door. He promises to do all he can. He isn’t going to let his child stay behind bars. Nicole flies into a rage, saying that she and his child are a package deal right now. She wants to know what he is going to do to help her.

Melanie tells Nick not to let any of this bring him down. He says he is trying, but its complicated. She agrees, saying that everything is and adds that she is heading off to bed. Nick offers to show her to her room, but she says she knows where it is and heads off. Nick sees her purse on the table and calls out for her to come get it, but she’s long gone. Nick sees a piece of paper peeking out and reads it. It’s the note telling Melanie someone saw her in the cemetery and knows what she did.

Daniel sits by Kate’s bedside as she sleeps. He tells her that they all need her--her kids, Chelsea--and him. He urges her to fight, saying that none of them, including himself, can afford to lose her.

Sami starts to leave but Rafe rushes out of the bathroom and stops her, telling her not to even think about it. Sami glares and rushes off. Rafe groans.

EJ assures Nicole that he does want her out of here. A guard comes over, telling him his time is up. Nicole cries and begs him to help her. She swears that she told him the truth about her involvement with Trent’s murder. EJ says he doesn’t know what to think about that or a lot of things, including what kind of mother she might be, or if she killed Trent. He promises to come back tomorrow and heads off. Nicole sobs and doubles over with cramps. She worries about her baby and if it will be ok in here, and suddenly gets an idea. She smiles, saying that she is brilliant.

Chelsea finds Phillip at the Kiriakis mansion and tells him she needs his help saving Nick from Melanie.

Nick looks at the note to Melanie and flashes back to writing it. He comes back to the present and frowns.


Nicole yells, “If anything happens to Stefano DiMera’s grandchild, and he finds out it’s your fault, you’re the one who’s going to need a doctor!”

Chelsea tells Phillip, “She’s a liar and a phony, and now clearly a gold-digger.” He asks, “No offense, but isn’t that what people used to say about you?”

Stephanie asks Max, “If you’re such a super genius, why are you still whipping up martinis?” He replies, “Right, this is none of your business.”

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