Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/31/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/31/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Stephanie shows up at Victor’s place and finds Phillip by the pool. He tells her she needs a better costume if she’s come for candy. Stephanie explain that she’s dressed as a girl whose boyfriend just dumped her. Phillip thinks she needs a friend, and Stephanie says that’s why she’s here. She explains that Max still feels like she betrayed him, and she fears she has lost him for good. Phillip says he’s a fool for letting her go.

At the pub, Melanie wishes Max a happy Halloween, and she tells him that Bo and Hope tried to set her up for their dad’s murder. She tells Max all about the note Trent left, and that it apparently cleared her, because she isn’t the prime suspect anymore. She asks Max about the box Trent left him, and says that Bo has it. Max says Bo can keep it for all he cares. He wants to forget that he ever met Trent or that the past few months ever happened. Melanie asks if that includes forgetting that he ever met her.

Hope and Bo bring Nicole into the station, while she protests that she didn’t do anything wrong. Bo reminds her that she ought to keep her mouth shut. She tells him to take his Miranda rights and shove them. Hope says she is in enough trouble already without insulting a police officer. Nicole lays into them, and Bo again advises her to keep quiet until her lawyer gets here. Nicole wonders where EJ is. Bo thinks he may have wised up and realized she’s more trouble than she is worth.

At the hideout/loft, Sami listens to Hilda snore and thinks putting her to sleep may have been a mistake. She tries to turn on a scary movie to drown out the snoring, but the doorbell rings. Sami assumes it’s a trick-or-treater and starts hunting around for candy. A man stands outside the door and waits.

Nicole, Bo, and Hope head into Roman’s office, and Nicole insists that EJ would never abandon her. He is probably arranging for her release right now, since their case against her is weaker than a wine cooler. Bo doesn’t think so. She has motive, she can be placed at the scene of the crime, and the victim left them a note saying that she was most likely the murderer. Nicole thinks Trent was trying to frame her. Bo tells her she’ll be cooling her heels in jail for a long time, either way. Nicole scoffs, saying that EJ would never allow the mother of his child to sit behind bars with dangerous criminals. EJ comes in behind her just then, saying that he might not have much of a choice.

Sami heads for the door as the man outside jiggles the knob. He draws his gun. Sami sees the knob moving and freaks, heading over to Hilda and shaking her. She begs her to wake up and protect them as the man outside works the lock.

Stephanie cries and tells Phillip that it feels like her heart is breaking. She can’t sleep, and all she can think about is how she and Max broke up and what they both said. Phillip asks if she has talked to Max since, but Stephanie says she hasn’t. She expected Max to apologize for making her look like a liar to the police, but he didn’t. Phillip thinks he might not be able to find the right words, and suggests Stephanie find him and tell him how she feels. Stephanie isn’t so sure it’s a good idea. After all, Max might not even want to get back together. She admits that she is also scared because of Melanie. Max has only known her for a few months, but he always takes her side. She wishes she would just leave town. Otherwise, she and Max might never get back together. Phillip thinks Stephanie is giving Melanie too much credit. She doesn’t really think that Melanie caused them to break up. Stephanie wonders if he is kidding, or if he is he actually defending Melanie.

Max tells Melanie that he could never hate her, and that he is glad that he found her, but she has to admit that she has put him through hell lately. He says he just needs a little time to himself. She thinks he blames her for his break-up with Stephanie. Max says he doesn’t, but things would have gone more smoothly for everyone if she had just told the truth from the get-go. Her lies and manipulations have caused a lot of trouble for everyone. Melanie says she never meant to hurt him. Max asks if she is moving back in, but Melanie says no. She is tired of running into the Brady family at every turn. Max asks what she will do, and Melanie says she plans on saving some money and getting a place of her own. Max thinks that will take a while, since their dad’s money all went towards his gambling habit. Nick comes in just then, telling Melanie that she already has a place to stay. She can come stay with him.

Bo and Hope head out so EJ and Nicole can talk. He explains that he spoke with the D.A. and things don’t look good, considering her attempts on the lives of Colin and Victor. Nicole reminds EJ that she has never been convicted of anything. Those two men are alive and well. EJ says that doesn’t matter. The D.A. thinks she has a disturbing history when it comes to the men in her life. Nicole thinks EJ might be able to vouch for her since they are involved, sort of. She has never tried to hurt him. EJ agrees she hasn’t--yet.

Max doesn’t think it’s such a good idea. Nick tells Max that he has moved in with Mickey and Maggie, so it wouldn’t be like the two of them were all alone. Besides, they would just live together as friends, and he thinks she will really love getting to know Mickey and Maggie. Melanie isn’t sure, but Nick tells her Maggie brings home leftovers from Chez Rouge. She admits that it sounds tempting. Nick asks her again to move in with him.

Bo gets off the phone with the D.A. and excitedly tell Hope that the charges against his mother are being dropped. He heads off to tell her the good news, and Hope promises to keep an eye on things. Bo warns her to be careful, as Nicole can get pretty dramatic when she is desperate.

Nicole tells EJ that this whole thing is insane, and he reminds her that the cops have some pretty strong evidence against her. He asks for the unfiltered version of what happened that night between her and Trent. Nicole explains again that she saw Trent at the pub and ripped up the marriage license. Then the next night, she followed him to the cemetery to get the pieces. They argued, and she left, but he was still alive. She hopes EJ believes her. EJ is quiet. Nicole freaks, saying that she can’t believe EJ thinks she killed Trent.

Sami freaks as the man works the lock. The door swings open and she darts behind the couch. The man asks her to come out slowly with her hands up. Sami cries.

Stephanie can’t believe that the little brat has Phillip fooled too. He says she doesn’t. He actually turned her into Bo and Hope because of the wallet. He pours Stephanie a drink and explains that he knows how Melanie operates. Stephanie and Max’s break-up wasn’t completely her fault. He thinks her bark is far worse than her bite, anyway. Stephanie disagrees, saying that Melanie is a lot craftier than they all realize. She has no morals or conscience.

Melanie asks Nick if she can speak with Max alone before she makes a decision. Nick agrees and heads off. He takes a pill bottle out of his pocket and pops a pill. Max isn’t so sure this is a good idea. She and Nick just started seeing each other, and he doesn’t want her to rush into anything. She sighs, saying it isn’t as if they’re going to have hot sweaty sex at his aunt’s house. Max makes a face, and Melanie apologizes for grossing him out, and thanks him for looking out for her. Max reminds her that that is what big brothers are for. Bo comes up just then, telling the two that he has news. Melanie lays into him, wondering if he going to try to frame her again, and Bo sighs. He came by to tell them they he may have arrested their father’s killer.

EJ says it doesn’t matter what he thinks, but Nicole thinks it does. She is the mother o his child. If he can’ trust her, then they have nothing. EJ angrily reminds her that she didn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth about what happened between her and Trent. Nicole says she didn’t think it was important and EJ flies off the handle. She is pregnant with his child, and every decision she makes affects the three of them. No thanks to her, she and his unborn child could be going to prison. He tells her that she has to stop thinking about herself and start thinking about their baby.

The man enters and demands that Sami show herself. She does so and begs him not to shoot her. He introduces himself as an agent from the FBI named Rafe(played by Galen Gering, ex-Luis, Passions). He heads over to Hilda, saying he tried to call, but her guard’s cell was on vibrate. Sami admits that she did that herself, since Hilda is an insomniac and needs her rest. Rafe tries to shake Hilda awake, but has no success. Sami tells him that the woman had a night cap before bed. Rafe says she doesn’t smell of alcohol and checks out her tea mug. He says there’s residue in the bottom. Sami shrugs as he tastes a bit of it. Rafe turns on her, telling her that she has a lot of explaining to do.

Phillip comes back from handing out candy and tells Stephanie about a kid dressed up like the guy from scream. She thinks it must have been Melanie. Phillip tells her that he just thinks Melanie is a spoiled young woman acting out. Stephanie think he must be infatuated with her. She won’t hate it him if he likes miss poison ivy ,she just wants Philip to admit it. He does so, saying that he is interested in Melanie.

Nick overhears Bo telling Max and Melanie that they’ve arrested Trent’s killer and comes over, asking who it is. Bo tells them that it’s Nicole Walker, and that they have a strong case against her. Max can’t believe it, but is happy for his mother. Bo agree and says he’s on his way to tell her the good news right now. He asks Melanie if there’s any hard feelings, and she says she still plans on filing a harassment suit against him and he department. She smiles and wishes him a happy Halloween.

Nicole apologizes to EJ, promising to consider all three of them in the future. He isn’t sure she’s going to have one now. Nicole insists that he will be found innocent, because she didn’t do this. Hope heads in and EJ heads out, and Hope explains to Nicole that she’ll be held in a cell until her arraignment. Nickel gasps, saying that she is pregnant. Hope knows, since she mentions it every three minutes. She is sorry, but there’s no maternity wing at the prison. Nicole asks Hope to help her. From one mother to another, she can’t spend her time before giving birth in a tiny cell. Hope says she should have thought of that before she murdered a man in cold blood.

Rafe asks Sami if she drugged Hilda. She admits that she gave her a couple of pills, but defends herself, saying that she was driving her crazy and wouldn’t shut up. Rafe lectures her, saying that he could have been the killer. She’s in witness protection, not a sorority, and Hilda is supposed to be guarding her. Sami claims it was just harmless prank, and that she’s the victim here, bur Rafe thinks Hilda might disagree. When she gets through with Sami, she’ll wish he was the killer. Just then, Hilda starts to come to. She asks what Rafe is doing there, and says she feels drugged. Rafe nods and Hilda looks at Sami. She glares.

Nicole insists that she is innocent, and can’t be locked in a cell. Her baby’s safety could be compromised. EJ comes in just then, hanging up with someone and agreeing with Nicole. She needs to be resting, not on some work detail in jail. Hope says that Nicole will be fine. She can defend herself against the other prisoners, and besides, she’ll have plenty of time to sit and lie down ,as there’s not much else to do in prison. Hope heads out to give them some time alone, but EJ follows her to a desk, asking for any news on Sami. Hope says she has no idea, and can’t comment on that case She excuses herself. Nicole overhears and turns away, and EJ runs back in the office. Nicole wonders if he even cares about her and her baby. She is fighting for their lives and EJ is more concerned with Sami.

Melanie lays into Bo fro trying to pin the murder on her. Nick tells her to clam down and Bo says he was just doing his job. She planted evidence on innocent people, and if his case weren’t so strong against Nicole, he would still be looking at her. Melanie huffs. Bo tells Max to face the fact that his little sister has a mean streak. If it weren’t for her, he and Stephanie would still be together. Bo heads off. Melanie pouts.

Phillip says he meant that he finds Melanie interesting. He thinks Melanie is complicated, but she is just acting out of fear. Stephanie disagrees. Phillip thinks she should trust his judgment. He has met a lot of people in business that really would kill their own fathers, and Melanie isn’t one of them. Stephanie says she wasn’t born yesterday, either, She has dealt with people like Stephanie before. Just then, Phillip gets a call from Victor and expresses surprise, saying that he is happy for Caroline. He hangs up and tells Stephanie that the charges against her grandma are being dropped. They’ve arrested someone else. Stephanie asks if it’s Melanie. He says it isn’t, and it looks like she is innocent. He tells Stephanie that Nicole has been arrested.

EJ lays into Nicole for complaining about him being worried about Sami. He saw the red light from the rifle hit her head, and for a second, he thought he would lose Johnny’s mother. Nicole reminds him that Sami has a team of professionals looking after her. EJ yells, saying that if she is going to have a problem every time he talks about Sami, then they have nothing in common except for their child. Is that clear?

Hilda yells at Sami for drugging her, saying that she is worse than any of the snitches she has dealt with in the past. She grabs her things, saying that she is going to quit. She can’t deal with Sami anymore. She heads off and Rafe lays into Sami for not begging her to stay. He threatens to call the commander, but Sami begs him not to. He agrees, but says he will have to call to get her another guard. This time it won’t be someone that will fall for her little games. Sami insists that she is the victim here, and she has had to deal with two psychos. She just wants a professional. Rafe feels sorry for guy that has to baby-sit her.

Sami watches a horror movie as Rafe calls his boss. He says he doesn’t blame Hilda for quitting after everything she had been put through. Suddenly, he asks if his boss is serious. He begrudgingly says that he understands and hangs up. Sami asks if there is a problem with Hilda’s replacement. Rafe says there is--it’s him.

Stephanie asks Phillip if his dad is sure. Phillip says he is. He heard it straight from the D.A. Phillip admits that it’s hard to believe. Stephanie is shocked, saying that she was sure it was Melanie.

Melanie tells Nick that she is going to accept his offer. He assures her that they will have a good time, and she heads off to tell Max she is leaving. She says she is sorry about what happened to Stephanie, and offers to fix it if she can do anything. Max thanks her, but says it’s too late. He heads off to congratulate Caroline, and thanks Nick on the way for looking out for his sister. Nick asks Melanie if she is ready to leave and she says yes. She tells Nick she has a hard time wrapping her head around the fact that Nicole killed her dad. Nick agrees.

Nicole thought EJ wanted a life with her. He says he does, but he can’t do that if he has to play slave to her insecurities over Sami. Nicole says it’s his fault she’s so insecure about Sami. She wants him to try to help her, and he tells her that whatever happens, his child isn’t being born behind bards. The courts can decide her fate after that. Nicole follows him out, crying and asking him not to leave, but an officer stops her. She heads back into Roman’s office and bawls, saying that someone else killed Trent, not her.

Nick and Melanie head out to the car, but she says she has forgotten her purse and heads over to get it. She sees a knife on the cutting board and picks it up. She glances at her reflection in the blade, telling herself that she is one lucky little girl.


EJ asks Nicole, “Did you do it? Did you kill Trent?”

Nick yells, “Who the hell do you think you are, Chelsea?” She asks, “Have you lost your mind?” He shouts, “Get out!”

Daniel says, “We need you Kate--your kids, Chelsea--me.”

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