Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/30/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/30/08


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At the hideout/loft, Hilda hands Sami the rules for the safe house, which include not talking loudly, snacking at specific times and not standing near windows. Sami huffs, wondering if this is supposed to be kindergarten. Hilda reminds her that she already chased off one guard, and she isn’t getting killed on her watch--unless Hilda decides to do it herself, of course. She warns Sami that there will be no more shenanigans.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole tells Bo and Hope that they have no proof she is lying as EJ looks on. EJ warns her not to say anything else, but Nicole barrels on, saying that about a thousand people wanted Trent dead, but she had nothing to do with it. Besides, she has nothing to hide. Bo hands Hope an evidence envelope and Hope shows it to Nicole, asking about it.

At the hospital, Kate paints her nails and reminisces about the first time her mother painted them. Daniel says she will be finished with her chemotherapy in another half hour or so. He asks how she is feeling, and she says she is ok, but tired. Daniel heads out to start his rounds, telling her to call him if she needs anything. Lucas and Chloe come up to him outside, but he advises they let Kate rest. Lucas is ok with that, since he wanted to talk to Daniel anyway. He needs some straight answers about his mom.

At the Java Café, Lexie enters with Theo and greets Abe, telling him that Theo was excited to come help his daddy this time. Abe is glad and hugs him. Just then, Mona Roy comes in, the journalist that is interviewing them for the Spectator. She tries to shake Theo’s hand, but he cowers behind Lexie.

Hope tells Nicole that it’s her and Trent’s marriage license. Nicole asks why it is ripped up, and they thought they would ask her the same question. Trent left to his lawyer to find after his death. Nicole insists that she had nothing to do with tearing it up. It’s true that she didn’t know she was married to Trent, and didn’t want other people to know when she did find out, but that’s all. EJ asks where they are going with this, and Bo warns him to keep his mouth shut. Hope tells her her fingerprints were found on the license. Nicole admits that she did sign it once a long time ago. She wasn’t wearing gloves or anything. Hope smirks, asking if she thinks their lab can differentiate between new fingerprints and ancient ones.

A nurse comes into Kate’s room and makes small talk about the book she’s reading. Kate admits that she had never had time to read it until now. She guesses there is an upside to chemotherapy, after all.

Lucas asks Daniel what Kate’s chances are of beating this, but Daniel doesn’t want to make any guesses. Lucas presses on, saying he just wants to know her chances. Daniel explains that it all depends on the individual .There are new treatments now so there are too many variables for him to estimate her chances of survival. Lucas isn’t satisfied with that and wants an answer as to whether or not Kate is going to make it. Daniela admits that her chances aren’t good.

Sami reads the rules Hilda gave her and grumbles, wondering if she can get Darrell back. Hilda flops on the couch with a piece of celery and crunches away, telling Sami she’s out of luck. She flips on the TV and tells Sami to be quiet, as it’s time for Law and Order. Sami wonders what that smell is, and Hilda tells her she’s making bratwurst and sauerkraut. Unlike her former guard, Hilda likes to cook. Sami puts a hand over her mouth and tries not to gag.

EJ tells Bo and Hope that he has enough of their accusations. He isn’t sure how they have jumped from a torn piece of paper to murder, and he doesn’t care. Hope advises Nicole to tell EJ to back off, but he refuses to do so. He says they will pay the price if they continue this line of questioning.

Theo comes out from behind Lexie and gives Mona a hug. She thanks him and they all take a seat nearby. Abe hands Theo a video game and Mona explains that she is surprised at Theo’s affection, based on the research she has done on autism. Lexie explains that all autistic children are different. Moan understands, saying her oldest child is very strong-willed. She used to apologize for it, but now realizes it’s a strength and part of who she is. Lexie agrees, saying that she hopes Mona’s article will convey the idea that while Theo is autistic, autism doesn’t define him. Abe adds that they are proud to be Theo’s parents.

Hilda watches a fight on TV and yells at the screen. Sami asks if she shouldn’t be guarding the perimeter, like Darrell used to do. Hilda wonders why Sami is playing games. She knows she complained because Darrell left her alone. Hilda promises never to do that. Sami dryly thanks her, saying that she’s thrilled. Hilda asks if she wants a bratwurst, but Sami practically gags, saying she’d rather shower instead, if that is ok. Hilda says it is, but she has to leave the door open. Sami reluctantly agrees.

Bo and EJ argue about the way Nicole is being questioned. Nicole gets tired of the bickering and agrees to tell Bo and Hope everything. EJ tries to stop her, but she presses on, admitting that she and Trent fought ,and that she tore up the marriage certificate. Nicole says it doesn’t prove anything, and asks them to leave. Hope admits to Bo that the marriage certificate doesn’t prove anything, and that it’s just circumstantial. Bo nods and pulls out a folder, reminding Hope that Trent left something else behind.

Daniel gives Lucas a stack of articles and magazines dealing with cancer treatments. Lucas asks if Kate knows about them, and he says she does. They discussed it, and Kate decided to go ahead with the most aggressive treatment they have. It’s her best chance for survival. He heads off, promising to visit Kate later, and Lucas thanks him. Chloe assures him that Kate will get through this. Lucas thanks her and hugs her as the nurse comes out of Kate’s room, and Lucas asks if he can see Kate. She says he can, and Chloe offers to wait outside. Lucas heads into her room, and Kate makes small talk about the room and her freshly painted nails. Lucas reminds her that he was around when she worked her way up from nothing. He doesn’t think she should be wasting her strength putting on a show and pretending everything is ok. He wants her to use that strength to fight. He knows she can do this more so than anyone else.

Sami comes out of the shower to find Hilda with a facial mask and robe on, all ready for bed. Sami isn’t sure she should be wearing ear plugs or an eye mask, but Hilda assures her that she is a very light sleeper. She promises to sleep on the couch, which is a foot away from Sami’s bed, but warns her that she snores loudly. Sami isn’t yet ready for bed, as it is only seven, but Hilda says she has to get to bed early because she tends toward insomnia. Just then, the bell rings. Sami freaks out, worrying that it’s the killer. Hilda shushes her and moves toward the door, gun drawn.

EJ lays into Bo for their weak evidence. He reminds him that the department has had no less than three other suspects, and now they are zeroing in on Nicole. EJ thinks this is just all an excuse to snoop around the DiMera mansion. Nicole adds that the mayor’s murder should have given them plenty of excuses to search, but they are too worried about harassing people for the murder of a guy no one cared about. Bo tells EJ to watch his back. Nicole has tried to kill her former lovers before, and now it seems she’s found a new wealthy man to chase after. Nicole tells him to shut up. Bo barrels on, telling Nicole that Trent left a note with the marriage license. He says that if he is to turn up dead, then the police should look at Nicole, because she has finally carried out all of her threats.

Abe tells Mona about a program that he wants to implement that encourages students and seniors to get more involved in the community. Mona switches gears, saying she wants to ask Lexie a few questions. As a mother herself, she knows how difficult it is to balance her career and family. She wonders how Lexie will do all of that with her career, her special-needs child, and possibly becoming first lady of Salem. Lexie chuckles, admitting that she sometimes wonders if she can do all of that.

Hilda tells Sami that she doubts the shooter wouldn’t ring the bell, but Sami ducks behind the stove, anyway. Hilda opens up to find a trick-or-treater. She hands him a box of raisins and tells him to tell all his friends not to come by. The kid leaves and Hilda closes the door. Sami is sorry she is missing the twin’s first time trick-or-treating. Hilda reminisces about her own kid’s growing up, and offers to show Sami pictures. Sami tells Hilda that her children look just like her, and Hilda takes that as a compliment. She explains that her husband ran out on her all the time, and she had to work to support her children.

EJ doesn’t think the note means anything, but Bo says it means she threatened the victim. Hope asks if she saw Trent in the cemetery he night he died, and Nicole says she didn’t. Bo pulls out another piece of paper, a search warrant this time, and says that they now have probable cause to search the premises.

Lucas comes out of Kate’s room, and Chloe asks him how it went. He says Kate is fine, but he wants Chloe to go and speak with her, since she is a survivor of cancer. Chloe reminds Lucas that Kate isn’t her biggest fan, so she wouldn’t want to ruin her day. Lucas doubts it could get much worse and says he has to go get magazines from the gift shop. Chloe asks if he is sure he wants her to do this, and he says he is. He kisses her and thanks her and Chloe heads in to see Kate. She says she knows Kate is probably feeling badly now, but after a few days, it will let up. Kate brusquely tells Chloe that she knows she is here for Lucas’ sake. She needs to do them both a favor and get out of here. Chloe huffs.

Hilda drones on and on about her family and husband. Sami grimaces and screams silently. She heads over to Hilda’s purse, looking for a pair of earplugs, and finds some sleeping pills instead. Sami smiles, saying that this is even better.

Bo and Hope search through Nicole’s closet. She huffs and puffs, telling them to get their greasy hands off of her dresses. She stomps over to EJ, asking if he can make them leave. He says that they have to comply with the warrant, but they’ll leave as long as they don’t find anything. Bo comes out and tells EJ that he and Hope will be leaving, but they’re taking Nicole to the station with them.

Lexie and Mona talk about how hard it is to balance family and career. She admits that something has to suffer somewhere. Mona tells them that off the record, she does think it’s important that their mayor come from an average family with average problems. Abe agrees that they are certainly that. He remembers the plans they made for Theo’s future. Lexie nods, citing an article she read about a metaphorical trip to Italy that was diverted to Holland. Theo and his condition are a lot like that diverted trip. Theo yells that he got a high score and jumps into Abe’s lap. Lexie and Abe grin.

Hilda talks about her model train collection as Sami heads over and crushes some sleeping pills into a mug. She fills it with tea and brings it to Hilda, who objects at first based on the caffeine. Sami assures her that it’s sleepy tea, so there’s no caffeine. Hilda tastes it, declaring it delicious. She finishes most of it off in a gulp. Sami offers to get her more, but Hilda suddenly feels strange. She starts wobbling and Sami helps her over to the couch. Hilda starts mumbling about not being able to watch Sami if she is sleeping. She slowly dozes off. Sami smiles gratefully.

Chloe tells Kate that she is just here because she cares about Lucas, and he asked her to speak with Kate. Kate says she knows that, and apologizes for being rude. Chloe says he understands and Kate asks he to call a temporary truce, since she knows her illness will be especially hard on Lucas. She adds that she still hasn’t forgiven Chloe for what she did to Phillip, and adds that she doesn’t like her. Chloe agrees to the truce, saying that this about Kate getting well, not her. Besides, if she is trying to break up her and Lucas, that’s at least a motivation to get well. She and Kate both smile and Chloe heads off. She leans on the door outside and breathes deeply. Daniel comes over, asking if she is alright. Chloe grimaces.

Hope brings a dress out of the closet and tells Nicole that it’s missing a bead--the same bead CSI found near the body. Nicole flashes back to asking Trent for the marriage license outside the pub. She tells him that she won’t have any money for him to take if he doesn’t lay off. Nicole threatens to find a way to kill him if he doesn’t hand it over. Trent complies and Nicole rips the license up into little pieces. She comes back to the present and admits that threatened Trent, but she didn’t kill him. She turns to EJ, pleading with him to believe her.

Mona watches as Theo plays his game, and can’t believe how good he is at the game. Abe calls Theo their little computer wizard, and Mona asks them if she can ask Theo a couple of questions. Lexie isn’t sure that he will answer, but tells her to give it a shot. She asks Theo what his favorite food is, and Theo gets up and starts spinning around in circles. Lexie apologetically explains that Theo has food aversions and Mona apologizes profusely. She says she has to go, but promises that the article will be a success. She heads off as Lexie tries to calm Theo, telling him that they’re going to take him home. Abe tries his luck and gets Theo to stop spinning and take his hand.

Daniel asks Chloe to sit down but she says she’s fine. The chemotherapy drugs just brought back some bad memories. Daniel doesn’t understand, and Chloe explains that she had leukemia a few years ago. She was saved by a bone marrow transplant, but still feels like she’s living on borrowed time. Daniel thinks it’s great that she talked to Kate, and Chloe explains that she just did for Lucas. Daniel thinks he is lucky to have her. Lucas comes over just then, telling Chloe that they have to go take Allie trick-or-treating. She agrees and Lucas hands over some magazines, asking Daniel to give them to Kate. He and Chloe head off and Daniel heads in to see Kate. He hands her the magazines and tells her she’s almost done with the treatment. He leans on the bed and explains that she has to come back tomorrow, though.

Nicole tells Bo and Hope that she only followed Trent to the cemetery because she realized she shouldn’t have torn up the license and allowed Trent to pick the pieces up. EJ tells her to be quiet and Bo starts reading her her rights. Nicole flashes back to struggling with Trent in the cemetery. She comes back to the present and asks what happens now. Bo says she should know, since she’s been through this before. EJ tells Bo quietly that she is pregnant. Bo says that the baby will probably be born in jail, then.

Hilda keels over and Sami grins, glad to finally have some peace. She sips her tea as a man exits the elevator and sneaks towards the door.


Stephanie tells Phillip, “I just wish Melanie would get the hell out of Salem. And if she doesn’t, I don’t see how me and Max can work things out.”

Melanie tells Max, “It’s kind of nice having someone look after me.“ He replies, “Isn’t that what big brothers are for?”

Sami shakes Hilda and whispers frantically, “Wake up. What am I going to do? Hilda! Hilda!”

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