Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/29/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/29/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Chloe heads into the Java Café to fin Phillip on his computer. She makes small talk about how busy he seems with Titan all the time, and Phillip shortly explains that that’s his job. Chloe apologizes for interrupting, and asks if he has seen Lucas. She assumes he must be closing some huge deal, but Phillip explains that they have been at the hospital. Chloe asks what’s wrong, and Phillip tells her that their mother has lung cancer.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole works with an interior decorator on the baby’s nursery. She explains to Nicole that she’ll need to know the sex of the baby ASAP, because some of the patterns take up to six months to prepare. Nicole heard you shouldn’t do those tests unless it’s necessary, because it could hurt the baby. Can’t she just come up with a pattern that would work for a boy or a girl? The decorator throws her hands up, saying she can’t work like that. Nicole assures her that she’ll be the first to know the sex of the baby. Just then, EJ strolls in, asking how things are going. Nicole introduces him to Cynthia Savage, the decorator, and explains that she has some great ideas for transforming the nursery. EJ tells Nicole that he needs to have a word with her.

At Sami’s loft/hideout, she calls the clinic and whispers into the phone, telling them that she’s going to try to make it to her pre-natal appointment later. Just then, Darrell strides in, asking Sami what she thinks she’s doing.

In Roman’s office, Melanie talks Berman into giving her the letter her father left. He warns her to give it to the police, and she promises to do so. He leaves and she rips it open. Just then, Bo and Hope come in and she stuffs in into her purse. She tries to leave, but they stop her, saying that they know the lawyer gave her an envelope. They want to know what’s it in it. Melanie asks how hey knew about it, and they explain that Berman set her up. Melanie tries to claim that she thought the letter was for her, but they also know Berman told her to hand it over to the police. Melanie tells them that she doesn’t like them. They take their jobs too seriously. Hope tells her that this is a murder investigation, not a game. Melanie claims that they are trying to pin this on her to protect the real killer. Hope warns her not to start crying again. Bo tells her to hand over the letter so they can all hear what her father has to say.

Cynthia tells Nicole that she will have to bill her for a full consultation, and Nicole quietly explains that the project is dead in the water if she doesn’t do some damage control. Cynthia heads off, grumbling about the ‘gothic gangster’ look of the mansion, and Nicole heads in to talk to EJ, apologizing for getting ahead of herself with the decorating. She thought he was busy, and wouldn’t be interested in helping her. EJ says he isn’t angry with her. He understands that she is just trying to make a home for herself and the baby. He jus thinks that they have other things to discuss before they start redecorating--like marriage. Nicole says she needs to sit down. He would never believe what she just thought she heard him say.

Darrell and Sami fight over the phone. He asks why she was calling the clinic, and Sami claims that she doesn’t feel well. He glares, saying he makes the calls, not her. She accuses him of majoring in barking orders in college. She laments the fact that she is trapped here with a vegan storm trooper. He wants to know what’s wrong with her, since she claims she doesn’t feel well. Sami thinks she has food poisoning. She’s having nausea in waves. Darrell doesn’t buy it. Sami starts to lay into him again, but gags and rushes off for the bathroom.

Chloe tells Phillip how sorry she is. He explains that he knew it was going to be bad, but they just got the news today. Kate started chemotherapy, but didn’t want either him or Lucas to stay, so he isn’t sure where Lucas is. Phillip admits that he hates the part of him that was glad she wanted them to leave. Chloe tells him that that is just human, and he shouldn’t feel bad for doing what Kate wanted him to do. She reminds him that people beat cancer all the time. Look at her, for example. Phillip says he’s going to try to get all the facts and statistics this time and be unemotional. His voce breaks as he tells Chloe that he really scared to death.

Melanie hands over the envelope and Bo opens it and reads the note inside. He hands it to Hope, who also read it. They stare at Melanie. She asks what it says.

Chloe tells Phillip that she read up a lot on cancer when she had leukemia. He just has to know that while there is a lot of scary stuff out there, there’s a lot that’s hopeful, too. She thinks the fact that Kate is so strong will make a huge difference. Phillip thanks her and asks how she and Lucas are doing. She says they are fine, and Phillip says he is glad. They can be undemonstrative as a family, and he knows he’s not the greatest brother in times of need. He is so happy that Chloe is there for Lucas to talk to, especially since she is so good at it. She asks who he will talk to, and he say he will be fine on his own. Chloe disagrees, saying she can be there for Lucas and for Phillip at the same time. Phillip tells Chloe that she shouldn’t concern herself with him anymore.

Sami comes out of the bathroom, and Darrell apologizes, saying he can tell that she is really sick. He offers to get her some ginger ale, and she asks if they can go to the clinic now. He says they can’t. He has to get permission to take her anywhere. Even if she were in a coma, he’d need permission to take her to the hospital. Sami huffs and puffs, grumbling about how he doesn’t care about her well-being. He reminds he that she is not exactly on her deathbed right now. Doesn’t she remember why she is here in the first place? Someone is trying to kill her. Sami lays into him, wondering what her dad would say if she was really sick and Darrell did nothing. He wouldn’t be climbing the ladder very quickly at all. Darrell groans and heads out, saying that he will see what he can do for her. Sami thanks the baby for delivering on the morning sickness this time, but tells it not to do it again.

EJ tells Nicole that she heard him right. She thinks he must mean he wants to discuss marriage theoretically, but EJ says he means him and her. He wants to talk about getting married since they already live together. Nicole reminds him that a baby doesn’t necessarily mean marriage. EJ knows that, but says they will have to work out a custody agreement otherwise, and that ends up with the kids being shuffled from house to house. Nicole always thought a marriage proposal should involve compliments about her eyes and personality. EJ chuckles and compliments on her things, but reminds her that what they both have in common is their practicality. He loves that about her, and he wants what is best for the baby, period. Nicole agrees, saying that she dreamed of bringing her child home to a palace. She also wants what is best for him or her. EJ explains that that is why they are discussing marriage.

Darrell comes back and brings Sami a ginger ale. She asks about going to the doctor, and Darrell says she isn’t going anywhere. He wants to give her a heads up, but shouting from outside the door interrupts him. Darrell opens up and blindfolded man stands there, complaining. Darrel introduces Sami to her doctor.

Bo and Hope tell Melanie that she can go, but she can’t leave town. Melanie asks what is in the note, but they refuse to tell her. She lays into them, assuming they are disappointed that the letter didn’t implicate her in some way. She accuses them of trying to frame her for this, but Bo says he just wants to find out who killed her father. Melanie says she is tired of being harassed and threatens to press charges. Hope hands her a card for their community outreach program, telling her she can file a complaint there. Bo adds that she can hire an attorney as well. Melanie stomps out, telling them both to go to hell. Bo says she is feisty, but was right about them not expecting what was in the envelope. He says he will get it down to the lab and finds another envelope within the first. Bo wonders what they have here.

Sami grumbles about the doctor as Darrell removes his blindfold. He tells the doctor that his diagnosis is that Sami is a spoiled bitch. Sami huffs and puffs and demands to know if the doctor is real. He pulls out his license to show Sami, and she apologizes for being rude, saying that she has been under a lot of stress. She asks Darrell to leave, saying that this is private, but Darrell refuses. The doctor agrees that he won’t examine Sami in front of Darrell, so he has to wait outside. Darrell heads off reluctantly. Sami admits immediately that she isn’t really sick. She’s pregnant, and she needs the doctor to tell her that her baby is ok.

Phillip tells Chloe that based on what they had in the past, he thinks she needs to focus solely on Lucas. He doesn’t need anyone. Chloe doesn’t like the implication that she needs to stick by Lucas’ side because Phillip is too irresistible to be around. Phillip says that isn’t what he meant. He just doesn’t want things between Lucas and Chloe to get screwed up. She says it won’t and asks him not to deny her friendship because of her feelings for Lucas. Phillip agrees at they can be friends as Melanie comes in, asking who Phillip is hitting on now. Chloe looks at him curiously, saying it only took a few seconds for her to dislike Melanie. Phillip explain that she’s a murder suspect, and is going through a rough time. Chloe doesn’t think that excuses rudeness and gets up to go, telling Phillip that he can call her to talk anytime. He tells her he’s glad they ran into each other, and she agrees. She adds that he should take care and ditch Melanie. She leaves. Melanie scoffs, not surprised that someone else in Salem is full of themselves. Phillip thinks she must be having a bad day. She wags her finger at him, saying the he did everything in his power to get her arrested, but it didn’t work. Phillip reminds her that he just told the truth. She laughs, saying she just walked out of the police station. They can’t touch her.

The doctor finishes his exam, telling Sami that her baby is fine, and they both appear to be in good health. Sami thanks him, warning him not to tell anyone she is pregnant, especially that goon outside. The doctor promises, saying that he thinks she should, though. Darrell comes in just then, asking how Sami is, and the doctor says she’s fine. He warns Darrell that Sami is under a lot of stress, and he isn’t helping. Sami folds her arms, saying she likes this guy. The doctor adds that Sami will need a good diet, exercise, and follow-up medical care. Darrell says he understands and offers to show the doctor out. He asks Sami if she has any more questions, and she says no and thanks him. Darrell puts the blindfold back on and Sami tells the doctor to lecture him about smoking cigars on the way out. The doctor lays in to Darrel, who glares at Sami as he heads out. She sighs and pats her stomach, glad that her baby is ok.

Nicole asks EJ if this marriage proposal is about their child. EJ says it is. Every time he has to hand Johnny over to Sami, it hurts, and he worries about how Johnny will feel about it when he grows up. He doesn’t want that for their child. Nicole says she understands, but she will need to think about this, especially since it seems EJ is trying to marry her to control what happens with their child. He is surprised that she didn’t jump at the chance of having a mansion to live in permanently and security to boot. He thinks she must finally be putting someone else ahead of her own needs. Motherhood has really changed her. Nicole agrees.

Hope tells Bo that the lab found Trent’s fingerprints on the letter inside the envelope. Only Melanie and the lawyer’s were on the envelope itself. Hope asks what they should do about the second note. Bo thinks they need to pay someone a little visit. Hope agrees and the two head off.

Melanie tells Phillip about the letter, saying that it cleared her and implicated someone else. She thinks Bo and Hope are probably out arresting the real culprit right now. Phillip laughs, saying that supposedly Trent knew someone was out to get him, knew who it was, and then went to the cemetery alone at night? Melanie asks what he is getting at. Phillip tells her that letters from dead people aren’t proof of anything. He could leave a letter saying Celine Dion was out to get him, but she wouldn’t get arrested if he turned up dead. Besides, none of this clears Melanie because of what happened in the cemetery that night. She has to face the fact that the only way she will be cleared is if someone steps forward and admits that they did it. Melanie wonders why she wasted her time with Phillip and huffs off. Phillip wonders the same as Chloe comes in, asking why he bothers with that little girl and her problems. Phillip admits that it’s just a diversion and asks about Lucas. Chloe says she spoke to him, and he’s fine. He asked about Phillip, and she told him he was ok, too. She hopes she wasn’t lying when she said that.

Sami does yoga on the floor and asks Darrell for some pickles. He refuses and she heads over the refrigerator to get them herself. He thinks it’s suspicious that an hour ago she had food poisoning, and now she wants pickles. He thinks she’s lying. Sami says he heard what the doctor said. He has to be nice to her because she is under a lot of stress. Darrell reminds her that every time someone comes in from the outside, she increases the chances of being found and killed. She accuses him of being paranoid. He tells her that he has actually been reassigned. In about ten minutes, he’ll be off the bitch beat, and he will never have to see her again. Sami munches her pickle and glares.

Nicole apologizes to EJ for implying that he was controlling like Stefano, and thanks him for the nice things he said. She thinks their baby will be lucky to have him for a father. Just then, the bell rings and Nicole heads off to get it. It’s Bo and Hope, wanting to question her about Trent’s murder. They have some new evidence that they think she’ll be able to interpret. Nicole invites them in, and Bo asks EJ to leave them alone with Nicole. He tells them that he is her lawyer, and he isn’t going anywhere. Bo shrugs and agrees to press on. Hope tells Nicole that they want to know what really happened the night Trent was murdered.

A knock sounds on the door of the loft and Darrell heads off. Sami tells him it was nice knowing him. He opens the door and tells the new guard that Sami is a pain in butt. Darrel leaves and Sami introduces herself to the older woman. She says her name is Hilda, and she is Sami’s worst nightmare.

As Melanie listens in, Chloe begs Phillip not to shut her out just because his mom has cancer. She tells him hat she is running his life now, and he’ll be happier if he just accepts that. She tell him that she and Lucas will be calling him and she kisses him, heading off. Phillip sighs and puts his head in his hands. Melanie comes over and says she is sorry about his mom. He asks her to leave, and she apologizes for being so selfish. She’s not so bad of a person that she can’t understand what he is going through. She says she is really sorry.

Bo and Hope ask Nicole if she wants to change her statement made about her whereabouts the night Trent was killed. Nicole says she already told the truth, and they ask her to resign her statement. EJ wants to know what is going on, and Hope explains that they want to show the judge that they gave Nicole a fair chance to amend her story. Bo asks if she is sure she didn’t see Trent that night, or get into an argument with him over the money she lost. Nicole says she didn’t. Bo and Hope grin and ask her to sign the statement so they can show that she is lying and impeding the investigation. Bo explains that they know she is lying about what happened that night, and they have proof.


Hilda tells Sami, “You’re not getting killed. Not on my watch, unless of course, I decide to do it myself.”

Lucas tells Daniel, “I think I have a right to know. Is she going to make it?”

Bo tells EJ and Nicole, “This is a search warrant. Now we have probable cause, so we’ll take a look around the premises.”

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