Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/28/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/28/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Chelsea comes up to Daniel, asking if he has a minute. She wants to talk about Kate. Daniel says he does, and Chelsea asks him if she is going to die.

At Victor’s mansion, Kate serves coffee to Phillip and Lucas out by the pool. They ask why she wanted to speak to them, and Kate explains that she thought it was time she discussed the future with her sons.

At the pub, Bo and Hope come in and greet Max. They ask where Melanie is, and Max says she is upstairs in her room. Hope heads off to get her. Max tells Bo that before they talk to Melanie, there’s something they need to know.

Melanie sleeps in her room as someone slides a note underneath her door. She wakes up, sees it, and opens it. It says someone knows what she did in the cemetery. She crumples it up, but sees another note by her bedside table. It says the same thing. Melanie freaks out, saying that she has to get out of here. Just then, she sees another note at the foot of her bed. Melanie whimpers as a knock sounds at the door. We flash to Melanie waking up from her nightmare, as the knocks grow more insistent. She answers the door to find Hope, who says she and Bo need to speak to Melanie. She tells her to get dressed and come downstairs. Melanie shuts the door and glances at the note in the garbage, sighing. Just then, her phone rings, startling her. She answers and it’s a computer-generated voice, repeating that they know what she did in the cemetery. She freaks out and hangs up, pulling the note out of the garbage can. She re-reads it, worrying that Bo and Hope might know about this.

Bo hopes Max isn’t planning on defending Melanie again, and Max says he isn’t. After seeing the way she acted after Phillip confessed about the wallet, he is starting to think she’s guilty. In fact, he’s almost sure she was the one that killed Trent.

At the Java Café, Evan tells Lexie and Abe that the paper wants to do an exclusive article on them and what a day in their lives is like. Lexie holds Theo in her lap as Evan explains that a photographer is here to take pictures. The people of Salem are really interested in the life of their future mayor. Lexie isn’t sure Theo is up for all of this. Abe glares, wondering when she decided that.

Melanie shoves the note into her suitcase and zips it up. She grumbles that if the Bradys think they can nail her for this, they are sadly mistaken.

Max tells Bo and Hope that they should be feeling sorry for Melanie, not him. Even if she did kill Trent, it was because she was pushed to the limit. Hope says that doesn’t excuse murder. Max says he knows that, as he already received that lecture from Stephanie. He still can’t help worrying about Melanie, though. He thinks she knows the walls are closing in on her, and he fears she might do something desperate. He sees her walking outside the pub with her suitcase and gestures, saying she might do something like that. Hope and Bo see her and rush outside. Melanie is on her phone, calling for a cab, but Bo snatches her phone, saying she won’t be needing it. He asks where she thinks she is going.

Abe thought Lexie was ok with this, but now she seems to have suddenly changed her mind. Lexie reminds him that they practically had to drag Theo down here kicking and screaming. Sure, he is fine now, but how long will that last? Abe wonders why they even bothered coming down here if she had misgivings. Evan excuses himself to go check on something as Abe reminds Lexie that she promised to help him fight and win in this election. Has she now decided that this isn’t good for her or Theo? He begs her to tell him what is on her mind so he doesn’t have to guess. Lexie says this is about Theo, and that’s all. She worries that he may be unhappy once photos are taken. Abe promises that he will let Lexie take him home if he’s unhappy. She has to trust that Abe would never do anything that made Theo upset. Lexie says he was already unhappy--he didn’t even want to come. Abe tries to convince her that this article is important. The election is only a few days away, and this could be just the push he needs to win. Lexie worries that the plan may backfire.

Daniel apologizes to Chelsea, but he can’t tell her anything. Chelsea flies into a rage, saying she is sick if his stupid little rules. Kate is her family. Daniel explains that no one knows how this is going to go until Kate starts her treatment. She apologizes for flying off the handle and explains that she said some awful things to Kate the other day. She wishes she could take it all back. Daniel knows Kate has forgiven her. Chelsea hopes she can forgive her too. Now that her mom isn’t around, Kate is all she has, and she has been good to her. She always makes her feel good about herself. Daniel agrees that Kate is good at that. Chelsea tells Daniel that she feels like it’s her turn to take care of Kate after all she has done for her.

Kate tells Phillip and Lucas that she wants to talk to them about her company. It is doing well, and profits are through the roof. She wants it to stay that way, which is why she wants to make sure she is leaving things in capable hands. Phillip asks what she is talking about. Kate explains that she is taking a leave of absence. Lucas hopes this doesn’t have anything to do with her latest biopsy results. Kate nods, saying that she has lung cancer. They both crowd around her, saying that she is going to fight this, and they’re going to help her. Phillip says he has done some research, and they have some amazing new treatments. Lucas ask about the business, and Kate explains she just has to take a leave of absence while being treated. She came to them to make sure it’s being run properly. She asks Phillip release Lucas from his contract at Titan. She needs him to manage things while she’s away. Lucas promises to keep an eye on everything, but assures her that she will be back before she knows it. Lucas asks her if Daniel made the diagnosis, and when she says yes, Lucas suggests she get a second opinion. Kate refuses to undergo more testing. Lucas thinks they should look into other doctors, but Kate refuses. She knows neither of them approve of her relationship with Daniel, but she needs them both to let that go for now. Phillip tells her that he is behind her a hundred percent. If Daniel is the doctor she wants, he will support that. Lucas refuses to do so. He says he won’t accept it.

Daniel tells Chelsea that he is impressed that she has made this decision. Chelsea says she can’t promise to follow through with it, but plans on trying. What happened between him and Kate felt like betrayal to her, but Kate’s health and her life are bigger than her petty feelings right now. She also knows that neither of them meant to hurt her. Daniel saved her and her dad’s life, and she admits that she had a crush on him. He felt the same, and that’s all it was. Daniel tries to interrupt, but Chelsea won’t let him. She needs him to promise that he will do everything he can for Kate. Daniel promises.

Melanie tells Bo that it’s none of his business where she is going. Since she didn’t kill her father, and they have no proof that she did, she can go anywhere she pleases, and right now, that’s as far away from here as she can get. She starts to head off, and Bo asks if she’s not interested in the fact that her father left a will.. Melanie stops short. Hope thinks she must be a little curious as to what her father left her.

Lucas tells Phillip and Kate that you never take the sole opinion of one doctor with an illness as big as this. He starts to head off, threatening to make his own phone calls, but Kate stops him. She says that the two pulmonologists on her case are without peer. She isn’t just taking Daniel’s word on this. She thanks him profusely for being so concerned, saying that she’s grateful that they’re both so committed to her. She thinks she’s lucky to have two such wonderful sons. Lucas folds and agrees not to make a fuss about more doctors. He asks what happens next, and Kate tells him she stats chemotherapy today. That’s why she needs them to start handling he business immediately. She adds that she called Billie and Austin before Phillip and Lucas arrived, so everything is taken care of. Daniel shows up just then, and Kate explains that he is giving her a ride to the hospital. Lucas asks to speak with him first, and the two head off. Phillip and Kate reassure one another that everything is going to be fine, as there are wonderful advancements in cancer treatment. She hugs him and tells him how much she loves him, saying that they’ll get through this.

Abe tells Lexie that it’s just a photo shoot, and it will be over in an hour. Lexie hands Theo a hand-held computer game, telling Abe that it will take more than an hour. She joins him over by the counter, asking if he thinks she is being selfish. She insists that she is just worried about Theo. Abe wonders why she even agreed to do this in the first place. Lexie explains that she felt pressured at first but now she has changed her mind. Abe thinks that Theo is doing fine. Lexie reminds Abe that Theo could have a meltdown any time. They have no idea what kind of things might set him off, and being in a strange or frightening situation could do just that. Abe thinks they should just handle it when the time comes, but Lexie disagrees. The interviewer is tough. Abe doesn’t think she will say cruel things about their autistic child, and Lexie agrees, but she fears she may say things about the way they raise Theo. She reminds Abe of what happened with their babysitter, Lacey. Evan comes over and tells Lexie and Abe they’re ready to start. Lexie asks him what the shoot will entail, and Evan says it will be very casual, and just document their daily routine. Theo gets up and walks over to another table. He picks up a mug of coffee and drops it on the floor. It breaks and Theo starts screaming. Abe and Lexie rush over to comfort him.

Chelsea flashes back to Kate visiting her in the hospital, and talking about praying in church for her, even though she isn’t religious. She vows to stay by Chelsea’s side until she is well. Chelsea comes back to the present and says to herself that she has to help Kate, like Kate helped her. She heads off with determination.

Daniel tells Lucas that this is what Kate wants. Lucas says that he just isn’t comfortable with the situation and their relationship, but Daniel thinks Lucas isn’t being fair to Kate or him. Kate is an adult, that can make her own decisions, and he would never let his feelings get in the way of treating a patient properly. Lucas apologizes, and Daniel says it’s no big deal. Things are tough right now. Lucas warns Daniel that Kate may look tough, but she’s fragile on the inside. Daniel is just glad she has her sons by her side.

Phillip tells Kate that he wants to more involved in her life. If for whatever reason, she wants another doctor or team of doctors, all she has to do is let him know. Kate agrees, but says she doesn’t want anyone fighting for her more than she does Daniel. Daniel says they need to get going, and Kate hugs Lucas and Phillip, telling them that she is so grateful to them, and will call as soon as she is through with treatment. Lucas says there is no need. Phillip agrees, saying that they’re going with her.

At the police station, Bo introduces Hope and Max to Mr. Berman, the lawyer under whom the will was drawn up. Melanie already knows him, as he is a family friend, and tells him to cut to the chase and tell her what her old man left her.

Lexie tells Abe that Theo was fine, and that the drink wasn’t hot. The woman whose drink Theo spilled is angry because it got all over her dress. Lexie tries to apologize, but the woman thinks she should keep an eye on her kid. She recognizes Abe from the press conference and remembers what Lacey said about them. She asks if this is the autistic one she was talking about. Lexie flies into a rage, telling the woman that Theo has a name. Evan breaks it up, offering to replace the coffee and get the woman a free dessert. She heads off, grumbling that she was just trying to tell Lexie how to keep control of her kid. Abe tries to soothe Lexie, telling her not to blow an insensitive comment out of proportion. Lexie says the world is just too full of insensitive people, and she can’t handle it. She takes Theo and says that she can’t do this. They’re going home. She heads off. Abe sighs.

The lawyer tells them that Trent left the entirety of his estate to Melanie, but he died insolvent. Melanie thinks this was a big waste of time. The lawyer explains that there was a small pension plan, and some profit-sharing in Nick Fallon’s green energy project. Melanie groans, saying she doesn’t think she’ll be getting rich off of that. Max asks why he was called down here if Melanie gets everything. The lawyer takes a paper out of his briefcase, saying that Max was mentioned in the newly added codicil. He reads it aloud, and apparently, Trent has left Max a black and red box ties with a bow. The lawyer takes it out, but Max isn’t interested. He stomps off, saying he doesn’t want a thing from Trent. Melanie goes to take it ,saying she will give it to Max later ,but Bo says she won’t. He takes the box and says he’ll give it to Max himself. Melanie rolls her eyes.

At the hospital, Kate lies in bed as Dr. Knapp explains how the chemotherapy will work. Kate is ready to begin and the doctor and Daniel leave. Lucas and Phillip suggest a game of Boggle as payback for all of the times she beat them growing up, but Kate says she would rather be left alone. She promises to call them as soon as she is done. Phillip heads off, but Lucas stays, insisting that he wants to stay by her side. Kate refuses, reminding him that he works for her now, and she can’t allow it. There are several things at work she needs him to take care of, and she needs to do this her way. Lucas reluctantly agrees, but insists on a rain check for Boggle. Kate promises, and Lucas leaves. Kate sighs.

Bo asks if there is anything else, but Berman says that is it. Bo leaves him and Melanie alone to talk, and she apologizes for the lawyer wasting his time. He won’t even be paid for it, either. The lawyer says it isn’t exactly a waste, as he didn’t reveal everything to the police. He takes out an envelope and tells Melanie that Trent dictated it to be opened on the event of his death.

Abe asks Lexie to wait. He tells her that he is proud of both her and Theo. Yes, sometimes they make mistakes, but that doesn’t matter. What does is that they are a family-- a real family facing real problems, and they’re doing just fine. Evan comes over and tells them that the photographer is having problems with his equipment, and can’t start for another hour. Abe tells Lexie to go on home ,but asks her to think about what he said. If she still doesn’t want to come back later, then he will understand. Lexie hugs him, telling him that she will be back. They’re a family, and they’re going to stick together.

Chelsea comes into Kate’s room, bringing her a medal with St. Sophia on it. Victor gave it to her when she was sick, and it helped, so she is hoping it will do the same for Kate. Chelsea rushes off before Kate can say a word. Kate clutches the necklace gratefully.

Berman tells Melanie that he doesn’t think he should even be telling her about the envelope, but decided to because he has known her for so long. Melanie claims that she views Berman as a second father, and promises to turn the envelope over to the police when she is through with it. Berman caves and agrees to give it to her, counseling her to do the right thing. He leaves. Melanie rips open the envelope as Bo and Hope come in. She stuffs it into her purse, and Bo says she seems pretty calm for having just heard her father’s will. He thinks Berman must have soothed her. Hope wonders if they had a nice chat. Melanie says they were just saying goodbye and starts to leave, but Hope stops her. Bo asks her about the letter. Isn’t she even going to tell them what’s in it? Melanie chuckles uncomfortably.


Melanie tells Bo and Hope, “I’m done being harassed while I mourn my father’s death, and if it doesn’t stop, I’m going to press charges.”

Nicole tells EJ, “A baby doesn’t necessarily mean marriage.” He replies, “But if we don’t get married, then we do have to work out some kind of custody arrangement.”

Chloe asks Phillip, “You’re scared, aren’t you?” He replies, “I’m scared to death.” She smiles and reminds him, “People beat cancer.”

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