Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/27/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/27/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In her room above the pub, Melanie reads a note someone slid under her door, telling her that they know what she did at the cemetery. Melanie sighs and lights a match, preparing to burn the note.

Chelsea rushes into the Java Café and takes a seat by a laptop, doing a search on lung cancer. She tries not to cry as Evan comes over, asking her how she is.

Nicole lies on the couch at the DiMera mansion, and reads aloud to Pookie from a pregnancy book. She learns that her twinges and slight cramps are normal, and that pleases her, but the next part is about hemorrhoids and varicose veins, so Nicole throws the book aside in disgust. She wonders why the mommies have to do all the work while the daddies stand around and look stupid. She wonders where EJ is.

At the Horton cabin, Johnny touches Sami’s stomach and yells, “Baby!” EJ asks what he said. Sami changes the subject, saying he was just babbling. EJ picks Johnny up and asks Sami what his son was trying to tell him. Lucas looks on with concern. Later, Sami puts him down for a nap and explains to EJ that Johnny has been learning a lot of new words recently. EJ says he has heard him say ‘baby’ before, but this time he touched Sami at the same time. Sami says she can’t read the mind of a one-year-old. EJ thinks she is acting shifty, and Sami says it’s because of the hit man. She reminds EJ that she has to go into witness protection, and she has no idea when she will se her children again. Lucas pulls her aside, telling her to relax, since the stress is bad for the-you-know-what. Chloe and Roman come in just then, and Chloe accuses Sami of milking the situation for all it’s worth. Sami accuses her of being heartless and insensitive. Lucas tells Chloe that Sami is having a tough time saying goodbye to the twins. EJ says she is also having a tough time answering his question about Johnny and what he said. Sami chalks it up to the twins having a secret language, like she and Eric did. Roman agrees, telling EJ that Eric called Sami ‘baby’ until he learned her name. Sami tells Lucas and EJ that they have to make sure the twins spend time together while she is gone. Lucas agrees, and so does EJ, saying he would never separate a child from its own flesh and blood.

Nicole grumps about Sami’s crisis, saying this won’t be the last time someone takes a pot shot at her. Nicole tells Pookie that if EJ is holding that twit’s hand while she grows stretch marks, she’ll shoot them both.

Chelsea cries and tells Evan how unfair it all is. Kate never even smoked. Evan says one of his friend’s fathers was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, and he never smoked, either. Chelsea thinks the worst part about all of this is that she told Kate she wanted her out of her life for good. Evan tells her that she can’t think that way, but Chelsea can’t help it. Kate has been coughing for months, and they all knew something was wrong, and that she was sick. They were all too preoccupied with their own problems to care much, and now it may be too late.

Melanie prepares to burn the note as someone knocks at the door. She curses and puts the match out, hiding it and the note in a drawer. She opens the door to find Nick. He says he smells smoke and asks what is going on. She claims it must be someone’s fireplace, but Nick says there aren’t any up here. She asks why he came by and he tells her he saw her last blog and was worried about her. He sniffs the air and asks her if she smells the smoke. Melanie groans and admits to having a cigarette, saying she smokes when she is nervous. Nick accepts that and asks if he can do anything for her. She says no and he spots her suitcase, asking her if she is going somewhere. She says she is getting the hell out of Salem.

Roman tells Sami that it’s time to go. She cuddles Allie and Johnny, and promises to think about them all the time. EJ slips a note into her bag, which is sitting near the door. He takes Johnny from her and kisses her on the cheek, telling her to stay safe. He heads off with Johnny and Roman tells Sami he will wait for her outside. Sami bawls and hugs Allie, telling her that she will miss her. She hands her off to Lucas, who tells Sami to take care of herself. She bawls, kisses Allie, and heads outside. Roman tries to comfort her, telling her how sorry he is it has had to come to this. He vows that they will catch the killer so that she will be safe. He introduces Sami to Darrell, the man that will be guarding her. Roman warns her to be careful and to listen to everything Darrell has to say. She mustn’t have any contact with family and friends, especially EJ and the DiMeras. Sami nods, and glances through the window at Allie one last time. She cries and heads off with Darrell.

Melanie tells Nick that living here isn’t really working out for her. Everyone thinks she is a murderer, and they’ll lock her up eventually if she gives them the chance. Nick says that he knows she’s innocent, and she thanks him, adding hat he is the only one that thinks so. Nick thinks her running away will only make her look more guilty. She says she doesn’t have anyone here to support her. Her own brother turned on her. Nick tells her that he will be there for her, no matter what. He vows to stand by her side through all of this, if she’ll let him. She asks if he will defend her, and he says he will. He cares about her, and he knows she can feel the connection between them. Melanie asks if he is saying that he wants to get serious with her.

Chloe asks Lucas how Allie is, and he explains that she went down for her nap talking about her mom. Chloe thinks she is upset because she could tell something big was going on. She asks Lucas why he is acting heartbroken, and he says that he is just sorry for Allie. Chloe says she is too, but she isn’t going to act all phony as if Sami enriched her life. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Lucas understands where she is coming from, admitting that Sami can be hard to deal with. Chloe wonders if he is hedging his bets, but Lucas doesn’t understand. She accuses him of being heartbroken that Sami is gone, and hating her for being glad about it.

EJ comes into the DiMera mansion, and Nicole makes a joke about not recognizing him, since he has been gone so long. He tells her not to start, but she lays into him for lying about going to the office when he was really going to see Sami. EJ tells her she was shot at, and Nicole accuses him of always playing the role of Sami’s protector. EJ insists that he went to the cabin to see his son. She asks where Johnny is and if he is ok, and EJ says he is and is in bed. She apologizes for being impatient and snarky. She thinks she should carry him up to bed, as he looks exhausted. EJ says he is fine and Nicole asks what happened the cabin. He gives her a brief rundown of the events and tells her that he needs to go for a walk, asking her to watch over Johnny. Nicole agrees, joking that it can’t be that hard if Sami can do it. EJ heads off, telling her to call if she needs anything. He hands her the baby monitor and leaves. As soon as the door closes behind him, Johnny screams. Nicole heads upstairs.

Roman and Darrell take Sami to her new home, which appears to be Belle’s old loft. Roman warns Darrell to keep the curtains closed and not to let Sami near the door. Darrell assures Roman that he won’t let him down. Roman says goodbye and promises Sami that he will see the twins as often as possible. She thanks him for everything and they tell each other they love each other and hug. Roman heads off. Sami asks Darrell if he can cook, and e tells her that he’s a vegan. He adds that he will be doing all the shopping and errands, and when he does leave, she will have a back-up officer watching over her. Sami asks if she can ever go out, like to the mall, and Darrell says no. She can’t ever be alone and she can’t ever leave. Sami groans. He pats her on the shoulder, assuring her that she will be fine.

The camera pans to the hit man, who is crouching in a wooded area. He loads his rifle and takes aim.

Johnny stands in his playpen in the living room and shrieks as Nicole fusses around, wondering what to do. Finally, she tries singing a lullaby. When she hit’s the high note, she’s out of tune, and Johnny yells even louder. Nicole grumps about the content of “Rock-a -bye Baby” and how it involves dropping the kid. She decides to try putting Pookie down and picking Johnny up. As she leans over, her nostrils flare. She thinks Johnny has a little surprise for her. She holds him out at arm’s length and takes him off for a diaper change.

Chloe lays into Lucas for feeling sorry for Sami and for being so noble and mature. She says she is tired of Sami throwing monkey wrenches into everything. The woman thrives on trouble, and while a part of her feels sorry for Sami, and especially for her kids, she is still thrilled that Sami is gone. Lucas shouts at her to stop, saying that he can’t get a word in edgewise. Lucas tells Chloe that he actually feels the same way she does. That woman has driven him nuts his whole life and he’s sick of it. Chloe apologizes, saying that she had no idea he felt that way. She thinks she may have been a little paranoid. Lucas agrees to forgive her. Chloe reminds him that while they are both glad Sami is gone, they need to get used to the fact that she could be back anytime, maybe even as soon as next week. Lucas doesn’t think she will be back for a while, considering her situation. Chloe gapes, asking if Sami used this witness protection program as a way to keep her pregnancy from EJ. Lucas thinks that Sami definitely took advantage of the situation for that reason. Chloe wonders what Sami will do if it’s safe to come home before she gives birth. Lucas says she won’t be back. Sami will think of something.

Darrell asks Sami if he can smoke, but she says she’s allergic and he will have to take it outside. He agrees, saying he will just patrol the perimeter, but Sami doesn’t want to be stuck in the loft alone. Darrell brandishes a pair of handcuffs, and Sami backs off, saying she thought they were jut bonding. He says he will be right outside and heads off. Sami sighs and pats her stomach, saying that it’s just her and the kid.

Nick and Melanie head into the Java café. She giggles as he explains that he didn’t mean to come on to her. He never likes to be presumptuous or put people in awkward potions. Melanie finally interrupts his spiel ,telling him that she was just joking. She appreciates him for trying to be a friend. Nick says that helping her is something that he needs to do. Melanie thanks him again and she says they need to get to work .She heard from her dad that he is some genius that invented a kind of bio-diesel fuel. Nick says it’s something like that and promises to use his brains to help her beat this murder charge. Melanie says it’s a million to one shot, but she’ll give him a chance. She excuses herself to go to the restroom.

Nearby, Chelsea reads about lung cancer on the internet, and learns that it’s the most prevalent cancer and kills the most people. Evan comes over with a piece of dessert, saying it’s on the house. He thought she could use it. Chelsea thanks him through her tears, and Evan gestures at Nick, saying that she could also use a friend. Chelsea agrees and heads over to talk to Nick, asking if he has a couple of seconds. He looks towards the bathroom, saying that he is actually busy right now.

Nicole puts Johnny in his playpen, apologizing for putting his diaper on wrong the first time. She thinks it would have been easier if he hadn’t been standing. He fusses, and Nicole searches for his sippy cup. She finds it and hands it to him. Johnny takes a swig and spits milk in her face. Nicole calmly stands and walks out of the room. She shuts the door and stands in the middle of the foyer. She screams with frustration.

Chelsea spots Melanie and guesses that she is interrupting. Nick can tell that she has been crying and asks what’s wrong. She tells him not to worry about it. He asks if she can come by tomorrow to talk, but she say she can take care of herself. Obviously, they just aren’t as close as she thought they were. She heads back to her table and Melanie passes by her. Chelsea asks if she is having fun with her ex boyfriend. Melanie says that she is, and that Nick is a really nice guy. Chelsea agrees, but adds that he is naïve. He obviously doesn’t see her for the loser bitch she really is. Melanie scoffs.

EJ comes back to the mansion and calls for Nicole. There’s no answer. He heads into the living room and grins. Nicole is fast asleep in a chair, holding Johnny, who is wide awake.

Lucas makes Chloe promise not to tell anyone Sami’s secret, and she agrees. Chloe wants to talk about why Sami is doing this, because it’s relevant. Lucas doesn’t want to think about what happened with Will but Chloe reminds Lucas that Sami also wanted full custody of Allie. And didn’t she also keep Johnny’s paternity a secret from EJ? Obviously this is a pattern with her Chloe wonders why she hasn’t figured out all these schemes backfire on her. Lucas agrees, especially since the person that gets hurt the most is Sami.

Sami decides to play a game of solitaire and heads over to her bag. She finds the note from EJ, wondering how it got in there.

Melanie asks Chelsea who she thinks she is. Nick comes over, asking Chelsea to lay off. Melanie is going through a rough time right now. Chelsea says that is what happens when you murder your own father. Melanie says she doesn’t have to listen to this. Chelsea says she does, because everyone in town is talking about it. Melanie doesn’t think Chelsea is one to judge, since she ran over her own brother. Chelsea tells her she has no idea what she is talking about. When she dated Max, everyone told him he deserved better, and the one thing Chelsea knows now is that he deserves better than Melanie. She’s trashy and a liar. Chelsea tells Nick that he feels bad for him and heads off. Nick apologizes, telling Melanie that Chelsea is angry at him and taking it out on her. Melanie wants to leave, but Nick insists on getting her tea first. Then she can go home, and they’ll meet up tomorrow to discuss their big plan. He promises everything will be better. He heads off to get her tea. Melanie sobs and takes out her phone, checking on times for flights out of Salem.

Lucas comes back for checking on Allie, and Chloe remembers when she used to cry all the time. Lucas says she’s getting older now and besides, he think she likes Chloe. Chloe think she just tolerates her. Lucas says he is actually the one tolerating her right now. Chloe playfully admits that she is just trying to get closer to him so she can win him over. Lucas moves in for a kiss, telling her that he thinks she has the power to do just that.

Nicole wakes up and realizes Johnny isn’t with her. She flips out and starts yelling his name. EJ comes in and asks her what she has done with his son. Nicole practically dies. EJ laughs and tells her that he came in and found her asleep with Johnny. He just put him upstairs to bed. He thanks her for watching him and asks how he was. Nicole says that he was an angel and they got along famously. EJ is glad. Just then, Johnny wails through the baby monitor. Nicole sighs and asks when Sami is coming back. EJ says it won’t be for a very long time.

Sami opens the note from EJ and finds two pictures, one of Allie and one of Johnny. Sami cries a little. Darrell comes in and asks what she has. She tells him someone left some pictures in her bag ,and she think it must have been EJ. Darrell knows that he is a DiMera and flips, wondering if anything else was stashed in her bag, like a tracking device. He starts searching as Sami assures him EJ is almost the last person in the world that she wants to find her. Just then, they hear an noise outside. Darrell goes to investigate as Sami frets.

The shooter calls someone, telling them that Sami Brady has dropped out of sight. He assures the person not to worry, and that he will find her. We pan in on a double shot of Sami and the hit man.


Chelsea asks Daniel, “I was wondering if you had a minute. It’s about Kate.” He replies, “Sure.” She asks, “Is she going to die?”

Kate tells Lucas and Phillip, “I need to be sure that I’m leaving things in capable hands.” Phillip asks, “What do you mean, ‘leaving things’?” Lucas adds, “Yeah, why are you talking like this?”

Bo asks Melanie, “So you don’t care that your father left you a will?”

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