Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/24/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/24/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Max works the bar at the pub. Bo comes over and asks for a beer. Max gets it for him, with some disgruntlement, reminding Bo that he tried to get him to turn on his own sister. Bo says he just wants the truth to help their mom, but Max insists that she will be fine. He tells Bo that if the Bradys all stick together, then Melanie will be all alone. He is all she has right now. Stephanie walks up behind Bo, telling Max that that is just what Melanie wants him to think.

In her room upstairs, Melanie leans in, telling Phillip that she thinks he already believes her. He knows that her having that wallet doesn’t mean anything. Phillip says Bo might think differently, but Melanie brushes it off, saying that he just wants to believe that she is guilty. She is convinced that Phillip knows she didn’t kill her dad, but he wonders how he can be when she isn’t even sure of it herself. Melanie puts her arms around him, telling him that they have connected, albeit in a strange way. She unbuttons his shirt, saying that he has told him things she hasn’t told anyone--all because she trusts him. She says she is glad he came tonight and hopes he is, too. They kiss.

Kate shows up at the hospital and Daniel asks what she is doing there. She huffs, wondering why he hasn’t told her how stunning she looks. She whips out his swim trunks, saying he left them at Victor’s. She wonders if she should tell his colleagues how they came into her possession. Daniel drags her into a cubicle and she kisses him. He breaks it off, saying that they can’t do this.

At the Horton cabin, Sami refuses to go back into witness protection as Marlena, Lucas, and EJ look on. There is no telling how long it would take them to catch this guy, and she can’t rip her children away from their family. Roman explains that she would be going alone, without the twins. Sami categorically refuses. Roman reminds her of what happened earlier. If she refuses to cooperate, her twins could end up without a mother entirely. Marlena interjects, but Roman stops her, saying that Sami needs to face the facts. She won’t be safe until the killer is in jail. Sami grumbles, wondering how long that will take with the Salem P.D. on the case. Lucas tells her that she can’t be around the kids anyway. They’re at risk even being in the same room with her. Sami puts her head in her hands and bawls. Marlena tries to assure her that they will all make sure the twins are taken care of. Sami focuses her energy on Chloe, ranting and raving that she is here to witness this crises. Chloe makes a reference to A Tale of Two Cities, which goes right over Sami’s head. She shrieks about how much she hates Chloe. Roman agrees that Sami doesn’t need any additional stress while she makes this decision. Sami claims she doesn’t have a decision to make. She is not leaving her children with Lucas and EJ. She is their mother, and they are staying with her. EJ starts clapping, saying that Sami is right. He thinks she can stay with him at the mansion and still be safe. Marlena asks if she will be staying in the lair or the dungeon. Sami wonders how EJ can pretend the mansion is safe when the mayor was just shot on the front stoop. EJ just thinks that Sami shouldn’t uproot herself right now. Chloe thinks it might be a good change of pace, and Roman tells her to shut up. Sami suggests she wait outside or in another state. Chloe glares. EJ asks Sami to come to mansion, but Roman says he is making calls to arrange for her to go to a secret location. Sami again refuses to leave her kids. Lucas tells her she has to do what’s right by her children and protect them. Sami clutches her stomach.

Kate tells Daniel that if he wants to break it off again, that’s ok, but she asks him not to be so somber about it. Daniel tells her that ever sine she has come in, she’s been manic, but he can tell that she is worried about the results from her latest tests. Daniel say he is, too, and has called the lab three times to check on the results. He asks if she has gotten them yet, but Kate says it doesn’t matter either way. She hasn’t coughed all day, and she has her appetite back. Daniel warns her not to be so cavalier, but Kate throws her arms around him, reminding him that he told her to act as if she wasn’t dying. She thinks they would have found the malignant tumor if there were one, and tells Daniel that she wants to make love to him whether she is dying or not. They kiss. Just then, Chelsea comes over and asks a nurse if she has seen Daniel. The nurse points to the cubicle, saying she thinks Daniel went inside. Chelsea heads over to the curtain.

Sami thanks Lucas for helping her to see reason. She realizes that she does have to put her kids first, and heads off to pack. EJ stops her, wondering why she changed her mind. She says Lucas and her dad made her see reason, but EJ reminds her that she doesn’t work that way. EJ wants to discuss this, but Sami refuses. Roman backs her up. Even Marlena is shocked at Sami’s sudden turn-around, and she again explains that Lucas made her see that going into witness protection is the best thing for her children. Marlena says she is surprised she took Lucas’ advice. Sami says she just realized he was right, and hugs Marlena, asking her to stop talking about it before she changes her mind. Lucas and Chloe exchange glances.

Stephanie asks Max if he really thinks he is the only one Melanie uses her “I’m all alone in the world” line on. Max thought Stephanie would run out of material now that they have broken up, but apparently not. Bo tries to stop the argument, but Max barrels on. He claims that Stephanie doesn’t know anything about Melanie. At least she doesn’t go around trashing people. Stephanie says she murders them and lets his mother take the blame instead. Bo says he’s going behind the bar and Max ignores him. He wonders why Stephanie even came down here. He thinks she just wants to make things worse. Stephanie says if she wasn’t convinced that she did the right thing by going to Bo and Hope at first, she certainly is now. She tells Bo that she would be more than happy to sign a statement concerning what Melanie said. She huffs, off ,refusing to cry in front of Max. Max wonders what she even has to cry about. Bo thinks it’s because she’s in love with an idiot.

Phillip and Melanie kiss. She says he is good at it, and he admits that she isn’t a novice herself. However, he doesn’t want her to do anything she might regret. She doesn’t understand and he fears she might not remember this in the morning. After all, she can’t even remember if she killed her father or not. Melanie thinks this is a good time for Phillip to stop talking. She moves in for another kiss.

Daniel and Kate kiss passionately. His pager goes off and they break it up just as Chelsea opens the curtain. She says she needs to speak to Daniel and asks Kate why she is here. Does she feel alright? Kate says she does, and was just returning something to Daniel that he left behind. Chelsea tells him that she needs to speak with him about some files, but that it isn’t urgent. Daniel says he has to get to ICU, but asks her to wait here with Kate. He promises to be back soon and heads off. Kate steps in front of his swim trunks, effectively hiding them from Chelsea. Chelsea asks Kate what it was that she had to return to Daniel.

Roman tells Sami that she will be going to the safe house immediately, and he promises to bring the twins by to say goodbye to her. He explains that Hope picked the babies up, and a squad car is following them. Sami wonders how she will explain this to the twins. She doesn’t think they will understand. EJ reminds her that she doesn’t have to do this. Sami cries, saying that she has to pack. EJ asks Marlena what is going on after Sami heads off. Lucas tells him that Sami is just thinking about the kids. EJ disagrees, and he knows Marlena does, too. Something else is going on.

Bo tells max to be mad at him, not Stephanie. If he screws things up with her, then he really is an idiot. Bo heads off to take a call as Stephanie comes back over. Max makes a half-hearted apology. Stephanie again explains that she hates Melanie and doesn’t understand why Max can’t see right through her Max reminds her that none of them knows what happened that night. Melanie might not be the killer. There is probably a thousand people that wanted Trent dead just as much as she did. Stephanie asks what happens if it was Melanie, and someone else gets hurt because he is keeping the truth from Bo and Hope. Max thinks she might be right, but it’s just that Melanie is scared, and she’s all alone. He’s worried.

Phillip and Melanie fall onto her bed. They kiss, but she breaks it off, saying they are communicating just fine without words. Phillip jumps up, saying he disagrees. He buttons his shirt, saying that he doesn’t know how good he feels about sleeping with a killer. Melanie huffs.

Kate tells Chelsea that she doesn’t have to wait with her, as she is sure she is busy. Chelsea explains that she is on a break, and her eyes fill with tears as she tells Kate that she planned on calling her about what happened between them. Kate tells her that everything is fine. Chelsea says that everything she went through with Nick and her mom colored her perceptions, and that’s why she freaked out over Kate and Daniel. Chelsea tells Kate that she loves her, but she was furious and emotional. She realizes that things between Kate and Daniel are over, so she is ready to forgive Kate if she will agree to be her grandmother again. Kate says she never stopped being one to her, she just wasn’t perfect. Chelsea says she realizes she was wrong to hold a grudge this long, and Lexie made her realize that. Chelsea is now ready to forgive and forget. They hug. Chelsea spies Daniel’s swim trunks and holds them up, asking if these were what Kate was returning to him. Kate sweats.

Lucas tells Sami how proud he is of her for being selfless and doing what’s best for the kids. Sami packs and sniffles. Lucas guesses that this isn’t about the twins at all. He thinks it is about her and her little secret. Sami admits that she is now solving all of her problems at once--plus it’s good for the twins. Lucas thinks it’s good for her, too, since EJ can’t track her growing waistline. He wonders what she will do if her dad catches the shooter tomorrow. Sami says that won’t happen. Lucas thinks it will eventually. What is she going to do--come home with a baby and claimed she picked it up for a song at a yard sale? Sami cries, saying this is hard enough as it is, and she could use his support. Having to go away buys her some time to figure out what to do about the pregnancy, but she needs Lucas to promise that he will keep her secret. If he ever cared about her, he will promise not to say anything to anyone. Lucas tells her he isn’t happy about this. Sami wonders what kind of life she is living. She bursts into tears, remembering that she is going to be away from her children. She thinks she deserves this after everything she has done to him, including keeping Will from him. Lucas isn’t sure about that but agrees to keep her pregnancy a secret. Sami thanks him, saying she wishes this could all be out in the open. Lucas thinks she is afraid EJ will leave her, and he doesn’t understand what she sees in the guy. Sam says she is also worried about leaving Johnny alone with Stefano and Nicole. They’d both love to turn him against her. Lucas vows not to let that happen. Sami thinks it’s sad that she is probably the only person whose life gets easier because of having to enter the witness protection program.

Melanie lays into Phillip for leading her on and then accusing her of murder. He reminds her that she was the one willing to sleep with him to buy his silence. Clearly if sex doesn’t work for her, she makes the segue way to tears. He thinks the last half hour was a clear admission of guilt. She never would have done this if she wasn’t so scared he’d tell on her. Melanie huffs. Phillip adds that her claim that her father pimped her out loses its bite when she so willing to use sex as a medium of exchange. He tells her to clean up and fix her hair. They’re going out to face the music.

Bo fills Max and Stephanie in on what happened to Sami, and assures them that Roman is looking after her. He asks if they have made up, and they say that have, sort of. Bo tells Max that he doesn’t plan on pinning this murder on Melanie if she is innocent, but he also has an obligation to investigate her. Just then, Melanie and Phillip come downstairs. Stephanie tells Max that it looks like Melanie wasn’t alone, after all. Phillip catches sight of Bo and says he was going to take Melanie to the police station, but now he doesn’t have to. She begs him not to do this. Phillip smirks, saying she as already tried sex and tears. He has all the money he will ever need, so she is officially out of options. Phillip strolls over to Bo, asking if he has his handcuffs ready.

Chelsea cries, saying she can’t believe how stupid she is for believing it was over between Kate and Daniel. Chelsea lays into her for rubbing this in her face when she’s at work. Kate says she won’t allow Chelsea to talk this way. She and Daniel are over, and that was her decision. Kate is not ashamed of what she did, and she thinks Chelsea is too old to resort to temper tantrums. Chelsea huffs as Daniel approaches the cubicle.

Phillip tells Bo that he saw Melanie with Trent’s wallet shortly after he died. He would have said something before, but he didn’t realize the significance of it. Bo lays into him for not coming to him with this before. He figures Phillip had to talk it over with his little girlfriend, Melanie, first. Phillip says he wanted to make sure he didn’t misread the situation and after seeing how desperate Melanie was to keep him quiet, he knows that he hasn’t. Max tells Melanie to shut her mouth until she gets a lawyer, but she refuses. They have no proof she had that wallet, because her prints weren’t on it. She refuses to lay down and die so they can get their precious mother off of the hook.

Sami looks at pictures of the twins and cries as Marlena tries to soothe her. She asks Sami if she has anything she wants to tell her, but EJ interrupts, telling her that her father is here. EJ and Lucas bring Johnny and Allie inside to say goodbye to Sami. She hugs Allie and cries.

Bo tells Melanie it might be a good idea for her to shut up. She asks if she is being arrested, but Bo says no, warning her simply to stay in town. Melanie says she refuses to stick around this hell-hole so they can frame her. She stomps out. Bo tells Max that Stephanie was right about Melanie--she confessed. Max grimaces.

Sami holds Allie and talks to Johnny, telling them both to draw pictures for her everyday, She tells them to be good, but she knows they will be. Roman pulls her aside and tells her she can’t take the photo album with her. Her guard will see it and confiscate it. Sami promises to hide it, but Roam insists she can’t take anything with her that will tie her to her former life. Sami bawls, telling Roman that she doesn’t think she can do this.

Chelsea tells Kate that she is really a piece of work. When everyone told her to stay away from Kate, she didn’t believe them. She thought she knew the real Kate, but it turns out she is just another self-centered bitch She wishes Kate were out of her life for good. Daniel comes in with Kate’s test results and wants Chelsea to wait outside, but Kate wants her to hear them. Chelsea might get exactly what she is wishing for. Daniel somberly tells Kate that it’s metastatic carcinoma (cancer). Chelsea bawls.

Bo appreciates that Phillip finally told him the truth, but the next time he wants to play Hardy Boys, he shouldn’t. Bo huffs off.

Stephanie apologizes to Max, saying that she knows he wanted Melanie to be innocent. Max reminds Stephanie that Trent was nasty, and besides, maybe she did it in trance. Stephanie reminds him that no one deserves to be murdered, and even if Melanie doesn’t remember killing Trent, she still managed to make off with his wallet. Max doesn’t think she understands Melanie. Stephanie says he is the one she doesn’t understand She huffs off.

Melanie packs and tells someone over the phone that she’s leaving towns soon as she checks the bus routes. Someone slides a note under her door and she reads it. It says that thy know what she did at the cemetery. Melanie groans.

Roman tells Sami that they have to go. She steels herself to say goodbye to everyone. Marlena gets a page and say she has to go, but promises to call Sami later to say goodbye, She heads off, and Roman and Chloe start taking Sami’s things out to the car. She kneels down to hug Johnny goodbye and he touches her stomach, saying “Baby!” EJ looks at Sami questioningly. She sweats.


Chelsea tells Evan, “We knew she was sick, but we were just too preoccupied with our own little issues. Now, what if it's too late?”

Nick asks Melanie, “You going somewhere?” She replies, “Yeah, I'm getting the hell out of Salem.”

Nicole fumes, “If EJ is holding that little twit's hand while I'm standing here and growing stretch marks, I swear I'm going to shoot them both.”

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