Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/23/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/23/08


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At the Horton cabin, the shooter zooms in on Sami with the sight from his rifle. Inside, she tells EJ that she’s fine, and that she wants him to leave. He reminds her that she witnessed a shooting earlier, and was almost killed herself. Sami claims that she just wants to move on, but EJ thinks it’s too soon. She goes off on him, saying she isn’t interested in his opinion, and that she just wants to forget about what happened. The shooter tries to get a clear shot at Sami through the window.

At the DiMera mansion, Chloe tells Nicole that there’s something she needs to know about Sami, but Nicole isn’t interested, saying she has had enough stress for one day. The last thing she needs is to hear about another of Sami’s schemes. Chloe backs off and Nicole talks to her about baby names. She rushes off to get a book she bought that’s full of potential names. Chloe sighs.

At the Java Café, Stephanie cries and heads for the door, bumping into Phillip. He tells her to watch where she’s going, and notices that she is crying. He asks if something is wrong, and she tells him that she and Max broke up.

In Roman’s office, Bo and Hope talk about Trent’s murder investigation as Max walks in. They tell him they need to question him about the murder, and Max notices that Melanie’s name is circled on their white board. He asks why that is, saying that he knows Melanie didn’t kill Trent. Bo says that they have reason to believe that she did.

Melanie and Nick head into the pub and take a seat. He offers her dessert, but she claims she is too full from dinner. They make small talk about what Nick does for fun on the weekend, and Melanie promises to join him one of these days. Suddenly, she spots Trent at the bar. He turns around and grins at her. Melanie gapes.

Nicole goes over baby names in her book. Chloe uncomfortably tells her that she has plenty of time to pick names out. Nicole agrees, saying that she is just excited. She divulges to Chloe that EJ told her he wanted to start a life and a family with her. She is still worried that EJ is on the fence in regards to her and Sami, though. Chloe tries to reassure her and Nicole thanks her for being her friend. She doesn’t have a lot of them, and it meant a lot that Chloe forgave her for the horrible things he did in the past. She knows Chloe is a loyal friend and would never try to hurt her or keep anything from her. Chloe agrees, fidgeting, and says that Nicole is right. She wouldn’t keep anything from her. Chloe heads off the foyer to make a phone call. She holds the phone and frets.

The shooter focuses in on the window, trying to get a clear shot at Sami, but EJ and Lucas keep getting in the way. Chloe calls Lucas, telling him that she has to tell Nicole the truth about Sami’s pregnancy. He says this is Sami’s call, not hers. Chloe doesn’t agree. The truth will have to come out eventually, and Nicole deserves to know. Chloe hangs up, saying that she refuses to be loyal to Sami. Lucas hangs up, telling Sami that something has come up and he has to go. He heads off, and Sami tells EJ to leave as well. EJ refuses, saying that she isn’t going to get rid of him. She needs to answer some questions, including why she is staying here. Sami huffs as the shooter aims.

Trent stares at Melanie. She grabs her head as Nick asks her what’s wrong. She looks up, and Trent is gone. She says she doesn’t feel well and has to go. Nick splutters. She thanks him for dinner over her shoulder and takes off upstairs.

Max thinks that Bo and Hope suspect Melanie because of what Stephanie said. Bo agrees, telling Max that from what they heard, Melanie fought with Trent over a knife and blacked out, only to awaken and find Trent dying. They need Max to corroborate Stephanie’s version of the events. Did Melanie admit to him that she might have killed her father?

Phillip tries to soothe Stephanie, saying that she and Max will probably get back together. She says she doubts it, and fills Phillip in on Melanie’s confession to Max. Stephanie went straight to Bo and Hope, even though Max made her swear not to tell. She tells Phillip that Melanie planted Trent’s wallet in her purse, trying to set her up, but Max didn’t feel for her. He only cares about Melanie. Phillip asks where the wallet is now ,and Stephanie explains that the police have it. She asks if he knows anything about this, and Phillip claims he doesn’t. He adds that he thinks Stephanie did the right thing. She thinks all that got her was begin alone and miserable. Phillip tells her that she and Max will get back together if it’s meant to be. He says he has a meeting to get to and heads off. Stephanie sighs.

Melanie hurries into her room, only to find Trent sitting on her bed. He explains that her guilty conscience has conjured him up. Melanie climbs into bed and throws the covers over her head, yelling at him to go away, and that she didn’t kill him--or at least, she doesn’t remember killing him. Trent tells her that she won’t get away with this. She has committed the most vile crime of them all--patricide. Melanie shrieks and rushes outside, straight into Phillip’s arms.

As the shooter aims, Sami asks EJ to leave once again. He says that he knows her well, and that he can tells something is going on. He begs her to tell him what it is, but Sami says she just wants to go to bed and pull the covers over her head. She asks him to leave again. Just then, EJ notices the red dot from the rifle’s sight on the back of he head. He yells at her to get down and tackles her to the floor. The shooter fires and the window breaks.

Max tells Bo and Hope that he and Stephanie broke up earlier. Bo says he is sorry, but that isn’t going to stop them from doing their jobs. Hope agrees, reminding Max that Stephanie told them that Melanie confessed to the murder. Is that true? Max says that Melanie didn’t confess anything to him just as Stephanie walks in. She gapes, “What?”

Phillip and Melanie head into her room, but Trent is gone. She demands to know what Phillip wants, and he tells her that Stephanie told him what Melanie did to her .She scoffs. Phillip glares, saying that he also knows what she did to her father.

Chloe and Nicole toast to being friends and Nicole asks Chloe why she had to rush out to make a call. Chloe fidgets, saying that she just had to call Lucas to tell him she wouldn’t be home until later. She changes the subject, telling Nicole how proud she is of her for taking such good care of herself. Nicole admits that it has been surprisingly easy to give up alcohol, but she does have to feel the stress now that she doesn’t have her fiend vodka around. Chloe assumes she means Sami, and Nicole agrees. She says that Sami is like a specter hovering over her and EJ’s relationship. Chloe says she has to tell Nicole something. Just as she starts to tell her that Sami is pregnant, Lucas flies in and tells Chloe to keep her mouth shut.

EJ and Sami fly over the table and onto the floor. She yells at EJ to get off of her and he explains that someone just tried to shoot her. Sami freaks out. EJ tries to leave, saying he will be right back, but Sami grabs him, insisting that he stay. He takes out his cell phone and makes a call as Sami cowers and cries.

Stephanie can’t believe that Max would accuse her of being a liar. Max shrugs, saying that the fact remains that Melanie didn’t confess anything to Stephanie. Bo asks her to leave and Hope takes her outside. She gives Max a disgusted glance and heads off. Bo asks Max what he thinks he is doing here. He’s not being loyal or noble or admirable. He is turning his back on the truth, and ruining his life. Max huffs.

Melanie tells Phillip to get out, as this is her room. Phillip doesn’t think Caroline would want her staying her if she knew she killed Trent. He questions her about the wallet, but Melanie refuses to say anything. Phillip threatens to go to the police, and Melanie quickly changes her tune, begging him to wait. She swears she didn’t kill Trent. He has to believe her.

Nicole lays into Lucas for barging in here without calling. Nicole wonders where “Ralph” is, and why he let Lucas in. Lucas says that he told Rolf that he had to speak with Chloe urgently. Nicole tells him it will have to wait, as Chloe was getting ready to tell her something important. Lucas says he knows what it’s about. It’s about Sami and EJ, and Lucas thinks that he should tell Nicole himself.

Roman examines the broken window in the cabin and instructs another officer to cordon off the area. Marlena and John rush in and Marlena heads over to Sami to comfort her. John inspects the broken window, wondering about the trajectory of the bullet. Sami cries, saying she doesn’t know, and Marlena tells him he should probably go. John sulks, saying that he was just trying to help. Roman takes EJ off for questioning. John says he is glad to see Sami is fine and heads off. EJ comes back over and tells Sami and Marlena that Roman thinks they can catch this guy. Sami wails about how he is going to keep trying to murder her until he is successful. EJ tries to soothe her, but Sami won’t have it.

Hope brings Stephanie coffee and she cries, saying that she doesn’t understand why Max is so gung-ho to protect Melanie when all she does is use him. Hope tells her that she hopes Max will corroborate her story, because otherwise, they will have nothing to go on. Stephanie shakes her head, saying she can’t believe she told the truth and lost Max for nothing.

Max reminds Bo that he is standing by Melanie because of loyalty. Bo did the same thing with Phillip. Bo wonders if this is all worth losing Stephanie over. Max flies into a rage, saying that Stephanie betrayed him and he won’t put up with it. Bo reminds Max that Stephanie was just trying to do the right thing. Max tells Bo that he knows Melanie didn’t do this. He asks if Max knows this for a fact, but Max says it’s just a gut feeling. He’d be wiling to bet his life that Melanie is innocent.

Chloe doesn’t understand why Lucas suddenly wants to tell the truth. He hems and haws, explaining that Sami and EJ have a child together, and Chloe was trying to say that Nicole having one with EJ just won’t be the same as it was with Sami. Nicole wonders why Lucas came all the way over here to depress her with that news. Besides, it’s painfully obvious anyway. Chloe urges Lucas to finish, but his phone rings. It’s Sami, who bawls that someone tried to shoot her and that he has to get home right away. Lucas rushes off, telling the two that someone tried to kill Sami. Nicole sighs, wondering why they only tried. She and Chloe look at one another and curse, “Damn.”

Melanie wonders why Phillip even cares what happened to Trent. Phillip says that he cares about justice, and he isn’t going to sit on any information he has that will lead the police to the real killer. Melanie changes tactics and lays a guilt trip on Phillip, crying and saying that she has been through enough as it is. Phillip claims that he just wants the truth. He doesn’t like seeing her upset, and he realizes Trent was abusive. Melanie yells that he figured her out. She killed her dad because she had an unhappy childhood. Kudos to him for getting the truth out of her.

Chloe complains about Lucas running after Sami. She swears that Sami purposely gets herself into these situations so the men around her have to rescue her. Nicole agrees, wondering where EJ is. John walks in just then, saying that Elvis is with Sami. In fact, he just saved her life.

Roman sends an officer off to the lab with evidence and EJ asks if they know anything. Sami interrupts, saying that they don’t. This guy is a hired killer who knows she can ID him. He isn’t going to stop until he kills her, too.

Max tells Bo that he knows Melanie loved Trent, and couldn’t have done this. He used to think he was the unlucky one, since Trent threw him away, but now he realizes that Melanie is. He was fortunate to have a family that cared about him. Bo agrees, but still thinks Max is making a big mistake. Max understands, but says he won’t let his sister go down for a crime she didn’t commit. Bo tells him to leave and heads out, asking Hope where Stephanie is. Hope says she left, but thinks Max should go after her before its too late.

Melanie yells at Phillip, telling him that she must have killed Trent because of the way he treated her. Phillip apologizes for jumping to conclusions and starts to leave, but Melanie wants to talk about the wallet. He is the only one that can corroborate Stephanie’s guess that Melanie planted it in her purse. Phillip says he just plans on telling Bo what he needs to know. Melanie says he doesn’t need to know about the wallet. Her dad gave it to her, but the cops won’t believe that. He has to believe her and keep her secret. Phillip wonders what she is going to do to get him to believe her.

Roman tells Sami and Marlena that they will be placing a guard with Sami 24/7. Other than that, there’s only one other way to insure that she will be safe from the hit man.

Stephanie comes into the pub, asking Nick if he has seen Melanie. He says they had dinner earlier, but that’s it. Just then, Max comes in, wanting to talk to Stephanie and Nick heads off. He apologizes for making it seem like she was lying. That isn’t what he meant to say. Stephanie thinks he wanted Bo and Hope to come to that conclusion on their own. Max reminds her that she betrayed him, but stops, saying that he doesn’t want to rehash all of this. Stephanie agrees, telling Max that it’s over. They’re done. She leaves.

Melanie tells Phillip that she has too much pride to make him believe anything. He either believes her, or he doesn’t. Phillip tells her that his brother’s mother is accused of this crime, and that he has to do the right thing. He starts to walk off, but Melanie stops him, saying she lied. She doesn’t have any pride at all. She wants to buy Phillip’s silence. He says he doesn’t need her money. She takes off his jacket, saying that she wasn’t talking about money.

Nicole grumps, telling John that EJ said he was going to the office. John guesses he took the long way there. Nicole wonders why Sami has such a hold on EJ. John isn’t sure, but says that now that her life is in danger, EJ will probably want to keep her even closer. Nicole groans, saying that that is not what she wants to hear.

Lucas rushes into the cabin, asking what is going on. Sami explains that a hit man tried to kill her and her dad is coming up with a plan to protect her. Chloe comes in too, asking what the plan is. Roman tells Sami that they are going to place her in temporary witness protection program.


Max tells Stephanie, “Maybe it was an accident.” She replies, “But what if it was Melanie, and somebody else gets hurt because you’re stopping Bo and the police from finding out the truth?”

Lucas tells Sami, “You got to do this for your children. You got to do what’s right and keep them protected and safe.”

Phillip tells Melanie, “I just don’t know how good I feel about sleeping with a killer.”

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