Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/22/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/22/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Daniel climbs out of Victor’s pool and towels off. Suddenly he turns around saying, “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Lucas gives Chloe a backrub in front of the fire at the Horton cabin. Chloe blames her knotted muscles on Sami, wondering when that woman is ever not pregnant. Lucas doesn’t want to discuss it, but Chloe barrels on, angry that Sami is hiding her pregnancy from EJ. Lucas says that talking about Sami is boring, and that there are other things he’d rather do. He moves in for a kiss.

In Roman’s office, Sami works with the sketch artist, assuring him that if she ever saw the shooter again, she’d recognize him. Marlena rushes in just then, hugging Sami. Sami cries, telling her about seeing the mayor get shot and almost getting shot herself. Marlena soothes her.

Tony and Lexie walk up outside the pub, and Lexie thinks Abe must be inside. Tony reminds her that she needed to speak with him urgently. He wonders if this is about Marino’s murder. Lexie says it is, but it’s more about her part in it. Tony doesn’t understand. Lexie explains that she may have been the one that got him murdered.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole doubles over with cramps. John rushes in, asking what she is doing. He thinks she must be having her baby and offers to call the hospital. Nicole says that she is fine, and just had a pain in her side. Besides, she went to the hospital earlier, and the doctor said everything was alright. John thinks she needs a second opinion, but Nicole refuses, saying hat she isn’t going back to the hospital.

Marlena asks Sami to tell her the whole story, and Sami explains that she knocked the gun out of the shooter’s hands with her purse once he pointed it at her. Then she ran in the house, and Nicole accused her of making the whole thing up. She says she knows that the mayor has enemies, but who would do such a thing? Who would want him dead?

The shooter talks on the phone in an abandoned building. He tells the person on the other line that when he gives his word, he keeps it. Sami Brady will be dead by the end of the night.

Nicole thought John would understand her hatred of hospitals, since she knows what Stefano did to him. John says the whirring of an EKG turns his blood cold, but what is her excuse? Nicole explains that EJ called her out earlier for overreacting about the baby’s health, and he was right. She did overreact. So she doesn’t want him to start worrying unnecessarily when she is just fine. John isn’t so sure she should go get checked out, but Nicole is. She asks John not to tell anyone about this--especially EJ.

The sketch artist finishes with Sami and heads off. Marlena asks if she can leave, but Sami tells her that her dad wants her to stick around for a little while. He will probably want her to sleep here. Marlena suggests that when she’s ready, she packs up and brings the twins over to her house. Marlena wants the three of them to stay with her for a while.

Lexie tells Tony about her ultimatum to Stefano--either he pulls support from Marino, or he never sees Theo again. Tony thinks that was a reasonable request. Lexie isn’t so sure. Her worry over their precious reputations has led to murder. How is that reasonable? Tony tries to convince her that Stefano might not even have done this. Lexie admits that Stefano denied it, and Tony thinks that makes sense. If he wanted the man dead, he never would have had him shot on the DiMera grounds. He may be cruel, but he isn’t stupid. Lexie still isn’t convinced. This is all too much of a coincidence, and she says she can’t shake the gut feeling that Stefano committed this murder on her behalf.

In the foyer of the mansion, Stefano shouts at someone over the phone. He wonders how they could have let something like this happen on his doorstep. He calls the person a stammering twit and tells them to stop making excuses. EJ comes up behind him, saying that it’s time the two of them had a chat.

Phillip lays into Daniel, reminding him that this is his house. How could Daniel not expect him to be here? He wonders what Daniel is doing here, actually. Daniel explains that Victor told him he could use the pool whenever he liked. Phillip snorts, saying how terrible it must be for Daniel to have be around city folk such as themselves. Daniel wonders if Phillip has something he needs to get off his chest. Phillip says there is, and punches Daniel in the face. Daniel slumps to the ground.

Stefano hangs up and EJ lays into him over what happened with Marino earlier. His son could have been home. Stefano claims that he is just as outraged as EJ is. EJ tells Stefano that Nicole already had to go to the hostile, and she doesn’t need this stress. Stefano promises that he will do everything in his power to keep his heirs safe. He tells EJ to run along before his ice cream melts. EJ heads off just as John comes out of the living room. He explains that he knows about the hit on Marino and that Stefano was behind it. Stefano laughs, but John is dead serious. He tells Stefano that he is coming after him if he touches one hair on Marlena’s daughter’s head. Stefano says he doesn’t have time for this and starts to walk off, but John stops him. He tells Stefano that if anything happens to Sami, he’s a dead man.

Chloe tells Lucas how lucky she is to have found him. Lucas disagrees, telling her that she is perfect, and he is the lucky one. They playfully argue about who is luckier, and Chloe finally ends it by telling Lucas that he was a great catch and how happy she is to have found him. Lucas feels the same way, telling her that’s he is a keeper. They kiss.

Sami thanks Marlena for the offer, but says she can’t accept, as she is staying with Lucas at the cabin for now. Marlena is surprised Chloe is agreeable, since she is also spending a lot of time there. Sami admits that she and Chloe haven’t really talked about it. Marlena thinks they should, but Sami disagrees, saying she doesn’t want to the cabin to turn into a war zone. Marlena wants Sami to explains why she is spending so much time with her ex-husband--and she wants the truth. She can tell that there is something different about her. Just then, John walks in, saying that he wanted to make sure Sami was ok. She says she is, and John asks what they are arguing about. Marlena admits that it was about where Sami should stay. John tells them that he rented a huge suite at the inn, and Sami is welcome to stay there if she wishes. She thanks him, but says she is staying with Lucas. In fact, she needs to call him for a ride. Marlena offers her one, but Sami refuses, heading off to call Lucas. John asks Marlena if everything is ok. Marlena says it isn’t, and that she can tell Sami is in trouble. Outside, Sami makes a call and begs Lucas to answer his phone. Meanwhile, Lucas and Chloe kiss passionately as Lucas’ phone vibrates nearby.

Lexie and Tony look inside the pub as Abe fends off some reporters. Lexie is afraid to go inside, worrying that they will question her about he murder. Tony assures her that she doesn’t have to say anything to them. Abe comes out just then, telling the two that what was just a strategy meeting turned in to a press conference about the mayor’s assassination. He wants Lexie to join him, but she worries about being questioned about the murder. Stefano walks over from around the corner and listens in as Abe wonders why they would question her. He invites Tony to join them and the three head inside.

EJ feeds Nicole ice cream and the two giggle. He apologizes for it being soft around the edges, as he had to chat with Stefano about making sure he doesn’t stress Nicole too much. She thanks him for fussing over her, and tells him how happy she was to hear that he wanted to start a family with her. She has never had a man tell her that. EJ promises to tell her over and over again and they kiss. Nicole discusses potential baby names with EJ, then suddenly doubles over in pain. EJ asks if everything is alright, and asks if there is something wrong with the baby. Nicole grimaces.

The reporters in the pub flood Abe with questions about the murder of the mayor, but Abe cant answer them, other than to say that it was tragic, and his heart goes out to the family. The reporters ask Lexie if she was aware that her father, a notorious crime lord, was funding them mayor’s campaign. Abe jumps in, saying that he isn’t aware of them mayor’s financial practices. What he can say is that he has never taken a dime from Stefano, and he never will.

Lucas’ phone vibrates as he and Chloe snuggle. He answers, saying that it might be about Allie. It’s Sami, of course, and she lays into him for not answering the phone. She explains that she is at the police station, and she needs him to pick her up. He says he is busy, but she doesn’t care. She needs him. Lucas wants to know what is going on, and all Sami will say is that she faced a hit man earlier. She’ll tell him the whole story when he gets there. They hang up and Lucas gets dressed, telling Chloe that he has to pick Sami up. She grumps, asking when he will be back, but he isn’t sure, saying hat he has to make sure Sami is ok. He rushes off. Chloe huffs.

Daniel compliments Phillip on his right hook. He starts to head off, but Phillip stops him, wondering how he could spend time here after what happened with Kate. Phillip adds that he knows all about it, and he wants Daniel to stay away from his mother. Daniel tells Phillip that he makes Kate happy, and that Phillip needs to stop thinking about himself for once. He starts to head off again, saying that he doesn’t want to get into this with Phillip right now. Phillip says they can schedule a more convenient time for a beatdown, if that is what Daniel wants. He knows Daniel is nothing more than a fraud, anyhow. Daniel calls Phillip a vindictive bastard and says he refuses to put up with his crap anymore.

EJ wants to call an ambulance, but Nicole insists that everything is fine. She just had a cramp in her leg, that’s all. She thinks taking Pookie for a walk will clear it right up. EJ isn’t so sure, but she thinks it will be good for her. She asks EJ to come for a walk with her. He says he has to go to the office, but wants to make sure she is really ok first. She kisses him and promises him that she will be fine. He insists that she call him if anything goes wrong, and she agrees. EJ heads off. Nicole sits down and sighs.

John asks Marlena what’s wrong, and she goes off on him, telling him that Sami is being secretive, and she wants to know what is going on. She then apologizes for snapping at him, saying that she is just worried about her daughter. John says he understands and wonders what else is going on with her. He knows she hasn’t filed the divorce papers, because she would have told him. Marlena admits that she hasn’t, and he wants to know why. He thought she was anxious to move on with her life. He ask what the hold-up is. Marlena says she doesn’t know.

Sami and Lucas head into the cabin, and Chloe tells Sami that she is really starting to show. Sami lays into Lucas for telling Chloe her secret. Chloe assures her that she won’t tell anyone Sami is pregnant. Lucas asks if she has told EJ yet, but Sami says he doesn’t have the right to question her, since he told Chloe about her pregnancy. Lucas grins, guessing that she didn’t tell EJ. Chloe is sure Sami didn’t. She has never been honest about anything in her life, so why should she start now? Chloe heads off, saying that she has to go see a friend, but will be back later--maybe. Sami tells Lucas that he is lucky that she has more important things to worry about than him divulging her secret. She tells Lucas about witnessing the mayor’s murder. Outside, the shooter puts his gun together and smiles.

Daniel tells Phillip that he refuses to take orders from him, but Phillip wants him to stay away from Kate. She is sick, and the last thing she needs is Daniel interfering. Daniel thinks that on the contrary, the last thing she needs is Phillip keeping people that care about her away from her. Phillip reminds Daniel that he was wild about Chelsea only a couple of weeks ago and now he is after Kate. Phillip accuses him of only targeting sick women. Daniel refuses to dignify the accusation with a response. He thinks Kate is a wonderful women who is compassionate and smart. She makes him feel good about himself and they need each other right now. Phillip relents and agrees to stay out of it for Kate’s sake.

Lexie pulls Tony aside and tells him that she thinks the press conference was a disaster. Tony disagrees. She did nothing wrong, as she didn’t kill Marino, or ask anyone else to do it for her. Abe comes over, wondering what they are talking about.

Sami tells Lucas that she just has to identify the shooter and pick him out of a line-up once he has been arrested. Lucas changes the subject, asking when she is going to tell EJ about the baby. Sami only wants to deal with one crisis at a time, but Lucas thinks she has to tell EJ before too much time passes by. Just then, EJ walks in. Lucas thinks his ears must be burning. He smiles, telling Sami that EJ is here. She sweats.

A reporter comes over to get Abe, saying that they need him for a few more minutes. He heads off and Tony again assures Lexie that she has no reason to feel guilty. Lexie worries that Marino’s murder isn’t the end of all of this. What if the shooter has plans to kill someone else?

Chloe comes into the mansion and greets Nicole, who is thrilled to see her. Chloe ask how things are going with EJ, and Nicole says he has been wonderful. However, she fears her hold on him is tenuous at best, thanks to Sami. Chloe agrees that she is sick of the woman too, but fears Nicole is right about Sami having her hooks in EJ. Nicole doesn’t understand. Chloe says there is something she needs to know about Sami.

Sami tells EJ that she wants him to leave. He reminds her that she witnessed a murder today, and he isn’t going anywhere until she convinces him that she is alright. Outside, the shooter sets his sights on Sami.


Melanie tells Phillip, “I am willing to buy your silence.” He replies, “Buy my--I don’t need your money.” She moves in, “I’m not talking about money.”

Max tells Bo, “She did not commit that murder.” He asks, “And you know this for a fact?”

Hope asks Stephanie, “Max refuses?” She cries, “And I’ve lost Max for nothing.”

EJ notices a red dot on the back of Sami’s head. He grabs her and yells, “Get down!” as the shooter fires.

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