Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/21/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/21/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, EJ grumps about the doctor taking so long. Nicole wonders if he would rather be at the police station with Sami. He admits that he is worried about her, since she witnessed a murder. Nicole huffs, saying she fell over a corpse. He should be worried about her, too. EJ says he is as Lexie comes in, wondering if everything is ok. Nicole tells her she tripped over the mayor and fell, so she came to get checked out. Lexie doesn’t understand, and Nicole explains that the mayor was murdered outside the DiMera mansion.

At the Java Café, Chelsea hunts in her purse for her wallet, but can’t find it. She tells the barista that she will have to go home and get some money, but Daniel comes up behind her, waving some cash. He asks if he can help.

Nearby, Max and Melanie come in and take a seat. She apologizes for putting him in such a difficult position. Max tells her it’s no big deal. He knows she didn’t kill Trent. Melanie wishes she could be assure as he is. Max assures her that she would have remembered murdering her father, blackout or no. Melanie thanks him for keeping her secret. If Stephanie found out, she would have gone straight to the police.

At the pub, Bo and Hope sit down with Stephanie, asking her what she meant by saying Melanie had done something to Max. Stephanie isn’t sure she should be talking to them, as Max would be furious. Hope and Bo insist. Stephanie admits that she thinks Melanie murdered her dad.

Melanie wonders why Max has gotten so quiet. He admits that he told Stephanie about Melanie’s fight with Trent in the cemetery. Melanie freaks out. Max tells her to calm down, and assures her that he told Stephanie that Melanie was innocent. Stephanie won’t say anything to anyone. Melanie thinks he must be joking. The girl hates her and would love nothing more than to see her out of Max’s life for good. Melanie bets Stephanie is talking to Max’s brother and his wife even as they speak.

Hope asks Stephanie if this is about the wallet Melanie planted. Stephanie says it isn’t. She knows for a fact that Melanie did that, but this is about something else. Bo asks if Melanie admitted anything to her, but Stephanie says she admitted it to Max. She told him the truth, and he told her in turn, but swore her to secrecy. She just didn’t know who else to turn to. Hope wonders why Max would be so interested in keeping what Melanie told him a secret. Stephanie says that he would do anything to protect his sister--including becoming an accessory to murder.

Lexie asks Nicole and EJ if this happened today. They explain that Marino was killed on the front doorstep, but they don’t know who did it. Sami witnessed the murder, but the assailant was an unknown man. Lexie flashes back to Stefano telling her that her problems with the mayor will be resolved soon. She comes back to the present and gasps, saying that she has to go. She rushes off. Nicole huffs, wondering why Lexie isn’t helping her.

Chelsea thanks Daniel for the latte, and he says it’s no big deal, as he is buying for the other doctors working his shift. He asks Chelsea if they can have a coffee together before work starts, but she spies Nick walking in and says she is meeting someone. Daniel heads off. Chelsea greets Nick, asking for a favor.

Melanie thought Max agreed not to tell anyone about what she told him. Max admits that ‘everyone’ doesn’t include Stephanie. They made a pact not to keep secrets from one another. Melanie whines, sure that Stephanie is going to go straight to the cops. She hates her, after all. Heck, she’ll probably rent billboard space or write it in the sky. Max assures her that Stephanie isn’t like that. She would never betray his trust.

Stephanie tells Bo and Hope about Melanie meeting Trent at the cemetery and confronting him with a knife. She goes on to divulge that the two struggled over the knife, and Melanie blacked out. When she came to, Trent was dead. Bo asks if she admitted to killing Trent. Stephanie says she didn’t, but she told Max she might have. Stephanie believes she did kill him. Melanie is a very troubled person and she is mean and devious to boot. Bo isn’t sure that means she’s capable of murder. Stephanie reminds him that Melanie stole her dad’s wallet and planted it in her purse. Doesn’t that prove exactly what she is capable of? Stephanie is sure Melanie killed Trent, and she wants Bo and Hope to arrest her before she can hurt anyone else.

Chelsea wants to have dinner with Nick--just as friends. He thinks she has plenty of other friends. Chelsea says that Morgan moved away and Stephanie is really busy these days. If he doesn’t want to do it, he doesn’t have to. Nick agrees and tells Chelsea to pick a restaurant. She tells him about a new sushi restaurant neat the hospital and takes out her phone to make a reservation. Nick watches as Melanie gets up in a huff and rushes out of the café. Max flashes back to Melanie telling him that Stephanie hates her. Max sighs.

Stephanie tells Bo and Hope that that is all she knows. She says she feels really badly for betraying Max’s confidence. Hope assures her that she did the right thing. Stephanie asks what they are going to do now, and Bo tells her they’re going to have a chat with Melanie.

Lexie rushes into the DiMera mansion, wondering what Stefano has done. He claims not to know what she is talking about. She reminds him that the mayor was murdered. She came here earlier, asking Stefano to stop contributing money to Marino because he was playing dirty. Stefan shrugs, saying he did as Lexie asked. He pulled his support. Lexie tells him not to play dumb with her. He killed the mayor, didn’t he?

Daniel comes in to examine Nicole, and EJ heads off. Daniel asks her if she has had any back pain or abdominal cramps. Nicole says no, but she is getting twinges in her stomach every now and again. Daniel think it might just be ‘baby flutters.’ Nicole hopes so, but reminds him that she never thought she could have kids. She is sick with worry that something might be wrong with the baby. Daniel gets ready to check her blood pressure, but thinks she will be fine. Nicole knows he is thinking that she is using this fall as an excuse to get closer to EJ. That might be true, but she isn’t lying about being worried about the baby. She cries, telling Daniel that if anything is wrong, he has to fix it. She can’t lose this baby.

Chelsea stops by to talk to Max on her way out of the café, noting that he looks stressed. Max admits that he is, especially with that is happening with Trent’s murder and his mom being suspected of it. Chelsea asks if there is any news on other suspects, and Max says no, but there are plenty of them. Chelsea asks if one of them is Melanie. Max insists that she couldn’t have killed her father. He asks if she has seen Stephanie, just as she walks in, saying she got his message. He asks where she has been. Stephanie fidgets, then finally admits that she was talking with Bo and Hope.

Melanie heads into the pub and Bo and Hope stop her, saying that they want to talk. Melanie asks if this is about the wallet. Bo says it isn’t. It’s about the night her father was murdered. They want her to tell them all about it.

Stefano isn’t surprised that Lexie is short-changing him. All of his children do the same. Lexie threatens to turn him into the police. Stefano tells her that she will do no such thing. He had nothing to do with Marino’s murder. Lexie demands to know how he explains the timing of the murder, then. Stefano says that he simply did what she asked him to do, which he now regrets since she is ungrateful and insolent. He accuses Lexie f being selfish. She can’t believe he would say such a thing after the life of crime he has led. Marino may have been a bad person, but he didn’t deserve to die. Stefano agrees, saying that he simply called Marino and pulled his funding for the campaign. He did it because Lexie asked him to. The last time he spoke to Marino, he was very much alive. Besides, if he wanted to kill the man, he wouldn’t have done it here. Does she really think he is that stupid? He is obviously being set up. Lexie isn’t sure what to think anymore. Stefano reminds her that motive alone doesn’t mean one is guilty. After all, Abe had motive to kill Marino, but didn’t. Steno says he has better things to do with his time than murder a loser like Marino. Lexie admits that that is probably true. Stefano assures her that she wasn’t responsible for this in anyway. He tells her that she should start appreciating what she has in life. Lexie asks if he as been checking out the self-help books. Stefano hugs, her saying that once you get closer to the end of your life, you start appreciating the small things. He asks her to stay for dinner, but she say she has to pick up Theo. She agrees to give him a hug for Stefano and heads off.

Chelsea excuses herself to go meet with Nick and heads off. Stephanie tells Max she thought she was still hung up on Daniel. Max cuts her off, demanding to know what she told Bo and Hope. Stephanie admits that she told them everything. They know Melanie murdered her father.

Melanie claims not to know what Bo and Hope are talking about. They tell her that Stephanie told them everything about the night of the murder and her struggling with Trent over a knife. Bo adds that she didn’t tell them any of this when she was questioned earlier. She can start talking now, or they can go down to the station. Melanie sweats.

Daniel tells Nicole that he has run some tests, and she and the baby are fine. She apologizes, saying he probably thinks she is just paranoid. Daniel thinks she was just being careful, and he commends her for it. She says that this baby is important to her, and she is just concerned with its safety. Daniel says he understands and tells her to try to relax. Nicole thinks that will be difficult with Sami popping up all the time, but promises to try. Daniel thinks EJ seems to be committed to her and the baby, and tells her not to worry. She asks him not to tell EJ that she told him how important this baby is to her, and Daniel promises not to say anything. He heads out and tells EJ that everything is fine. He tells EJ that a simple fall isn’t going to jeopardize Nicole’s pregnancy, and that fetuses are pretty resilient. Miscarriages usually result because there’s something wrong with the fetus, not because of anything the mother has done. He tells EJ to try to keep Nicole relaxed and happy and EJ agrees, heading in to see Nicole.

Max wonders how Stephanie could do this to him and rat Melanie out to the police. Stephanie says it wasn’t like that. She went to Bo and Hope because she doesn’t want him to destroy his life to protect Melanie. Max reminds her that she is his sister, and that is his job--to protect her. How could she sandbag Melanie this way? Stephanie again says that isn’t what she was trying to do, but Max wont have it. He can’t believe Stephanie betrayed his trust that way.

Melanie refuses to tell Bo and Hope anything. They say they know about her confession, but she claims Stephanie is lying. She has had it in for her since they met in Marseilles. Hope doesn’t think Stephanie would lie about any of this, but Melanie disagrees. She tells them to go talk to Max, and he will back up her story that shed didn’t see Trent the night he died. Until they have proof that what Stephanie said was true, she tells them to leave her alone and let her mourn her father in peace.

Nicole and EJ come into the mansion, and he makes her lie down on the couch. He asks if she needs anything ,and tells her to let him know if she is feeling neglected. He knows she fell, but thinks she exaggerated the seriousness of it to get him away from Sami. Nicole admits that that might be true, but she just wanted him to be worried about instead of Sami. EJ insists that Nicole has his attention. He was worried about Sami because she witnessed a murder, but that’s where his concern ends. He and Sami don’t have a future, but he and Nicole do. Nicole ask if he means that. EJ says that her carrying his baby means the world to him, and so does she. They kiss.

Melanie rushes up to Nick outside the pub and thanks him for meeting her, She says she needs someone to talk to, and Nick suggests dinner. Melanie thanks him and heads off to get ready. Just then, Chelsea comes over, asking if Nick is ready for dinner. Nick groans, saying that he is sorry, but something came up. Chelsea frowns, asking if that something is Melanie. Nick apologizes, saying they will have to go out some other time. He rushes off. Chelsea sulks.

Max tells Stephanie that she betrayed him. She tells him that she went to the police to protect him and to keep him from being an accessory to murder. Max thinks this is about her hating Melanie. Stephanie says she only hates Melanie because she is untrustworthy. Max tells Stephanie that now he can’t trust her, and that is a deal-breaker. He says they have nothing without trust.

Nick calls Maggie and asks for a quiet table for two. He admits that he has a date with Melanie, not Chelsea. Chelsea overhears the conversation as she stands behind him in the pub.

Stefano makes a call, calling someone a fool and demanding they pick up. When they do, he asks them what the hell they have done.

EJ tells Nicole that he wants to have a real family with her. She wonders if he knows how happy he has made her. She’s so happy, she could eat a gallon of ice cream. EJ kisses her and heads off to get it for her. Suddenly, Nicole doubles over with cramps.

Outside the pub, Hope asks Bo if he thinks Melanie killed her father. Bo knows that she is lying about something. It’s up to them to figure out what it is.

Melanie comes downstairs to meet Nick and flashes back to waking up in the cemetery. Trent stumbles around with a knife in his back. Melanie grabs her purse and rushes off. She comes back to the present and greets Nick. The two head off to dinner.

Max tells Stephanie that she betrayed him. She broke a promise and went behind his back, and he can never forgive her. Stephanie bawls, saying she did it for him She loves him and they can get through this. Max says this is no more ‘we.’ He is sorry, and he loves her, more than she will ever know. Stephanie sobs as Max walks out.


John tells Stefano, “So tell me brother--I know about the hit put on Anthony Marino, and I know that you’re behind it.”

Tony asks Lexie, “You needed to speak to me urgently, so what the hell is going on?” She replies, “It’s not just that Marino was killed--it’s my part in it.”

Marino’s shooter talks on the phone, “I give my word, I keep it. By the end of the night, Samantha Brady will be dead.”

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