Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/20/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/20/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Marino pounds on the door, looking for Stefano. A man comes up behind him, greets him by name, and then shoots him. Marino slumps to the ground The man goes over to check his pulse as Sami comes from around the corner of the house. She sees the two and the man aims his gun at her. Sami shrieks.

EJ, who is making love to Nicole, hears her scream from inside and wonders what it could be. Nicole tells him to hush and they go back to kissing.

Sami pleads with the man not to shoot her.

Stephanie sits at the Java Café and stares off into space as Evan prepares her drink. After she takes it, she pours salt all over her hot chocolate and curses. Evan offers to make her a new one and asks if she is having guy trouble. She asks if he knows Max and he says he does. He seems like a nice guy. Stephanie agrees, saying that he always wants to see the best in people, but it can get him in trouble. This time he has to do the right thing.

At the pub, Melanie tells Max that she is sure he wants to ask her if she killed her father. She admits that she might have. Max is confused, saying that she either did or she didn’t. Melanie starts to explain just as Bo and Hope come in behind them. They ask if everything is ok, and Max says it is, giving Melanie a guilty look. Bo tell Max that he doesn’t believe him.

Sami knocks the gun out of the man’s hand and takes off, squealing. She runs into the mansion from the patio, yelling for EJ to help her. She explains hysterically that there’s a guy outside that tried to shoot her. She snatches Nicole’s phone to call the police, but Nicole snatches it back, asking Sami if she was spying on them. Sami ignores her and bursts into tears, telling EJ that some man killed another on his doorstep and now he’s after her. Nicole can’t believe Sami is making up this story so that she can interrupt them. EJ tells Sami to calm down and that he believes her. He assures her that everything will be alright. She throws herself into his arms and cries. Outside, the man with the gun picks the lock on the front door and peers inside. Meanwhile, Sami gets off the phone and tells EJ that her dad is on the way. Apparently, someone else already called the police. She sobs, telling EJ there’s a dead man ion his porch. He tries to calm her down as Nicole accuses Sami of lying. They never heard any shooting, just her hysterical theatrics. Sami insists that she is telling the truth, and explains that she came here to speak with EJ. She tells him that she locked herself out, then came around the back, but saw him with Nicole. Nicole flies into a rage, calling Sami sick and twisted for spying on them. She starts to storm out, calling Sami a psycho who is just trying to get EJ’s attention. EJ points at Sami, noting that she does seem genuinely upset. Nicole says that he can fall for Sami’s stunts, but she’s not going to anymore. Nicole storms out of the mansion and trips over Marino’s body. She catches sight of it and screams bloody murder.

Max tells Bo that Melanie is just upset because she and Stephanie got into it earlier. Bo says he came to see Caroline, and Max explains that she took the twins to the park. He tells him and Hope that he and Melanie have to go and they head off. Once outside, Melanie thanks him for covering for her and says she is going to by him a new video game he’ll love. Max says that he would rather have answers from her. He takes Melanie by the arm and leads her away to talk.

Bo tells Hope that he knows Max is hiding something, but he didn’t want to press the issue since Max already turned in Robbins’ wallet. Bo is sure that if Max had any information about the murder, he would tell the police. Max knows he has to do the right thing. Hope isn’t so sure. Ever since Melanie arrived in town, she isn’t sure Max knows what the right thing is anymore.

Max takes Melanie to his room, and she warns him to lock the door, as his girlfriend might barge in. Max warns her to start talking or else. Melanie chuckles, wondering if he is going to turn her in for being a murderer. Max says he isn’t threatening her, but he needs to know the truth. He asks her what happened the night of Trent’s murder. Melanie tries to exact a promise from him that he won’t use it against her, but Max refuses, telling her to start talking. Melanie agrees, admitting that she saw Trent in the cemetery that night of his murder--both before and after he died.

EJ and Sami hear Nicole screaming and rush out to the front. EL rushes over to help Nicole up from the ground, asking if she is ok. Sami asks Nicole if she believes her now. Sirens approach and Roman is first on the scene, asking what happened. He hugs Sami and instructs another officer to cordon off the area. He sees Marino on the ground and curses, then takes Sami inside. EJ and Nicole follow. Sami tells Roman about the man that shot Marino and how he almost killed her, too. Through her tears, she explains that he got away. They have to find him. Roman vows that they will and he asks Sami about other witnesses. She says she was the only one. Roman asks for the whole story, and Sami repeats all of it for him, excluding that she saw EJ and Nicole getting ready to make love on the couch. Nicole asks Sami what she came here to tell EJ. Sami angrily explains that she had to talk about Johnny’s schedule. Roman heads off, telling the other officer to keep the media away. EJ walks off, too, and Nicole tells Sami that she wouldn’t be surprised if she did it. She huffs off, stepping widely to avoid Marino’s body in the door way. Sami follows, yelling that she had no reason to kill the mayor, and that Nicole is dumb for even saying it.

Stephanie shows up at the pub, looking for Max. Bo and Hope tell her that he left with Melanie a little while ago, but they don’t know where he is. Stephanie starts to leave, but Bo wants to talk to her about the incident with Melanie. Max told them about it, and they got the feeling Max was covering for someone. Bo asks her if she knows anything about it. Hope ask if she knows why Max was so secretive. Stephanie says she doesn’t know anything, but she has to go. Bo and Hope ask if she really wants to help Max, and she says she does. The problem is that she doesn’t know anything for sure. She heads off, telling them that they’ll talk later. Bo and Hope exchange glances.

Melanie tells Max that she met Trent at the cemetery the night he died. She even had a knife. Max gapes. Melanie cries and explains that she couldn’t stand being a victim anymore. Trent wanted her to go back to his hotel room, and she refused. He lunged at her and they fought over the knife. It’s all blurry after that. She must have blacked out or something. When she came to, her head was throbbing, and Trent had a knife in his back. Melanie says she might have killed Trent, but she might not have. She just isn’t sure. Max heads off to talk to Bo and Hope but Melanie screams that he can’t. He says he has to, yelling that his mother is still a suspect. Melanie lays a guilt trip, saying that she counted on him and that this is all Max’s fault. She never would have been in Salem if it weren’t for him. Max yells that that isn’t fair. Melanie thinks it is. Did he travel halfway across the globe to find her, just to eventually destroy her?

Roman, Sami, Nicole and EJ arrive at the station and Roman ushers Sami into his office. He asks EJ to come with him for questioning, and they head off. Nicole tries to spy on Sami, but another officer is in her way. She attempts to flirt a little, asking for a glass of water. The man heads off to get it and Nicole peers in the office window at Sami. Inside, she leaves a message for Caroline, asking if she can keep the twins a little longer. Sami gets a call on her cell phone just then from a woman at the clinic. She needs Sami to make her next appointment, and Sami asks about Dr. Sanders’ hours. She promises to check her schedule and call back as Nicole walks in, asking why Sami needs to see a doctor. Sami says it’s the twins’ pediatrician, not that it is any of Nicole’s business. She is surprised Sami isn’t calling a shrink, based on what just happened to her. Sami reminds Nicole that she accused her of the murder earlier. She says she doesn’t think Nicole should be in there, and tells her to leave. Nicole says they have to talk, and now is the perfect time since EJ is speaking with Roman. She explains that Sami and EJ have a child together, and she is going to be giving that child a brother or sister. Nicole says that coming from one stepmother to another one, thy need to set some ground rules.

Max says he is sorry, but he loves his family, and he can’t do this. He was thrilled to find her, but he can’t just keep this information to himself. Melanie says he has to. If Caroline is in real trouble, she will step up and help her, just like she hopes Max will help her, too. Max says he can’t do this. Melanie tries to convince him just as Stephanie knocks and comes in, looking for Max. Melanie groans.

Nicole tells Sami that they can’t let their problems with each other affect their children. She wants them to grow up as real siblings. Sami knows Nicole doesn’t care about Johnny, and Sami doesn’t think she cares about EJ or her own baby either. All she cares about is money. Nicole heads off, saying she thought they could have a civilized conversation. Sami stops her, again accusing Nicole of seeing her baby as one big dollar sign. Everyone in town knows why she married Victor, and her past speaks for itself. Nicole reminds Sami that not everything she does has the noblest of intentions behind it. Sami lays into Nicole for marrying that creep Trent, and wonders what he would have to say about this baby if he were alive. She thinks he would tell EJ that Nicole is a lying, a scheming, low-life slut. Nicole says that if Sami is trying to question the paternity of her child, it’s pointless, because there’s already been a test proving that EJ is the father. What Trent has to say about anything is irrelevant anyway, because he is dead and he is never coming back.

Melanie says that she knew Stephanie would show up. She asks if the two are through talking. Max says they are, but Melanie says they aren’t. He insists and she starts to leave, telling Max under her breath that her life is in his hands. She heads off. Stephanie asks Max if Melanie told him what happened with Trent. He says she did, but says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Stephanie tells him that she only wants what is best for him. This s isn’t about hating Melanie, it’s about loving him. She urges him to tell her what Melanie told him about the murder.

Melanie heads downstairs and goes over to talk to Bo and Hope. She admits that was acting weird earlier and apologizes. Hope invites her to sit down and tell them what’s going on. Melanie agrees. After talking to her brother, she now sees that it’s best for her to come clean and tell the truth. She admits that neither of them are going to like what she has to say.

Max tells Stephanie that he can’t tell her what Melanie told him, because she asked him not to. Stephanie reminds him that they are talking about a murder. Max explains that Melanie has no one now--no friends, no family; it’s just him. He has to protect her. Stephanie asks Max if he cares about her at all. They used to be a team, and she was able to help him out. She trusted him to be honest with her about everything, and she hopes she still can. She begs him to tell her what is going on.

Melanie apologizes for being so upset. She admits that she has had a hard time lately adjusting to the move. Her father’s death on top of everything else hasn’t helped. Hope sympathies, and Bo reminds her that she was going to tell him something he didn’t want to hear. She tells Bo that she heard Trent’s wallet was dusted for prints and Max and Stephanie’s were on it. Hope tells her they can’t confirm that, and Melanie understands. She just wanted them to know that she thinks they should be focusing on suspects besides herself--maybe some that are pretty close to home.

Sami tells Nicole that you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, and Nicole reminds Sami that Trent was a sleaze that tried to pimp out his own daughter. What is she supposed to do, wail and beat her chest over his death? Just then, Roman and EJ come back, arguing about the DiMeras involvement with the murder. Nicole tells Roman that she was making love to EJ when it happened, so he had nothing to do with it. Sami can vouch for them, as she was leering in the window. Roman asks the two to leave, saying that he as to talk to Sami. They head off and he tells Sami that he has some difficult questions to ask her. Sami says she ready. Outside, Nicole tells EJ that she wants to go to the hospital to get checked out. He agrees and stares through the window at Sami. Nicole curses, asking EJ who is more important, their unborn child, or a woman that doesn’t want him?

Sami wraps up her story once again for Roman, explaining how she got away from the gunman. Roman asks her if she can describe what he looks like. Sami nods, saying that she will never forget it.

The shooter enters a building and makes a phone call.

Bo asks Melanie if she is trying to implicate Max in the murder. Melanie claims that she isn’t, and says that while she hasn’t known Max for long, she does know that he is amazing. She actually wanted them to keep an eye on Stephanie. Bo eyes her suspiciously as she explains that you can never tell if Stephanie is being genuine because she’s passive-aggressive. She doesn’t think she and Max go well together, and admits that she thinks Stephanie is definitely a different kind of animal.

Max tells Stephanie what Melanie told him about blacking out and finding Trent with the knife in his back. He tells Stephanie that he believes Melanie. Stephanie thinks he knows what he has to do then. Max says he can’t tell Bo and Hope about this. Stephanie thinks he has to. Even if Melanie isn’t the killer, she was one of the last people to see Trent alive and she needs to be questioned. Max refuses to tell on her and let her go down for something she might not have done. He has to protect her. He tries to exact a promise from Stephanie that she will never tell, either.

Bo asks Melanie what she meant by calling Stephanie an animal. She says that what she is trying to say is that Stephanie’s fingerprints were found on her father’s wallet. Max’s were, too, but that is explained by Stephanie’s involvement. Melanie urges them to take a long hard look at her, even thought is part of their family. Melanie gets up and leaves. Bo glances at Hope and sighs, shaking his head.

Max tells Stephanie that he has trusted her with this secret, and now he has to trust him. She is reluctant to do so, but finally agrees to do as he asks, wondering what he needs her to do. Max thanks her, telling her that he loves her. He hugs her and Stephanie cries, saying that she loves him too, more than he will ever know.

Roman introduces Sami to Spencer, their sketch artist. They exchange pleasantries and get to work on the sketch of the suspect.

EJ wants to tell Sami that they are leaving, but Nicole resists, saying that she doesn’t need to know. EJ tells her it will only take a second, and Nicole threatens to leave on her own. She doesn’t understand why saying goodbye to Sami is so important to him. Why is being with her more important than her and her baby?

Melanie logs onto her webcam and apologizes to everyone for her lack of communication. She explains that this is her last web cast as ‘party girl.’ She has been going through a lot of personal issues lately, and she has had a real wakeup call. She has had to do a lot of thinking about life, family, and who your friends really are. She starts to cry and apologizes, saying she will be fine. She says goodbye and wishes everyone luck in the future. She turns off her camera and smiles, saying that things are going to go perfectly.

Stephanie goes inside the pub to speak with Bo and Hope. She says she was thinking about earlier, when they asked her if she knew why Max was acting so strange. She tells them that she wants to talk about Melanie with them, and tell them about what she thinks Melanie did to Max.

EJ tells Nicole that she is right, and that their baby comes first. The two head off together.

Sami and Spencer work on the sketch, and Sami corrects some of the facial features. Roman asks if she could pick the shooter out of a line-up, and Sami says she knows she could. If she ever sees that murderer again, she will know it.

The shooter tells someone on the phone that Sami Brady saw him. He explains that she’s a cute blonde with a big set of pipes. He listens carefully and nods, picking up his gin. He says he knows what he has to do, and plans on taking car of their little problem tonight.

Spencer hands Sami the completed sketch and she looks it over, nodding.


Nicole tells Lexie, “I tripped over the mayor. He was murdered outside the DiMera mansion today.” She rushes off, “I have to go--excuse me.”

Melanie tells Max, “Thank you for believing in me and trusting me enough to keep my secret.”

Bo asks Stephanie, “So she didn’t exactly admit to killing him?” She replies, “No, but she told Max she thinks she may have.”

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