Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/17/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/17/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Brookville Clinic, Lucas barges into Sami’s room and gasps. Tears pour down Sami’s face. He hopes that she didn’t have an abortion.

Max and Stephanie head into the pub to find Caroline alone working on the place settings. She explains that the pub is closed for a luncheon later, and they tell her they came by to give her news on the investigation into Trent’s murder. Max explains that Caroline is no longer a prime suspect. She asks if someone has come forward, and he and Stephanie fill her in on Trent’s wallet and how they found it in Stephanie’s purse. Unfortunately, the only prints on it belonged to them. Caroline assures the two that they shouldn’t worry. She knows Bo doesn’t think either one of them killed Trent. Stephanie is sure someone planted the wallet in her purse. Caroline wonders who could do such a thing just as Melanie walks in.

Lexie rings the bell at the DiMera mansion and EJ lets her in. She finds Stefano sharing a drink with Nicole in the living room, and he asks Lexie if she has heard the good news. EJ tells Stefano to break it to her, as he needs a word with Nicole alone. The two head off. Stefano tells Lexie that EJ and Nicole are going to be parents. She is happy for EJ, if that is what he wants. Stefano folds his arms, saying he can tell Lexie isn’t thrilled. He wonders what she is doing here, since its been so long since he saw her last. Lexie explains that she came to speak with him about another one of his heirs. Stefano assumes this is about Theo and asks if he is alright. Lexie says he is, but Theo needs Stefano to do something for him, and he damn well better come through.

The doctor asks Lucas to leave, but Sami says she wants to speak with him alone. The doctor and nurse leave, and Sami tells Lucas that she is shocked he would think she would ever have an abortion. He apologizes for jumping to conclusions, saying that he was just worried about her. Sami says she understands, and explains that she came here for a check-up, since everyone knows her at the hospital. Lucas wonders why she was crying, and Sami says it’s because she has made a big decision. She asks Lucas to continue keeping her pregnancy a secret for now. He agrees, but wonders what big decision she has made.

Chloe bursts into the clinic and rushes over to the doctor. She claims that she got an emergency call from her friend Sami Brady, and that she wanted Chloe to meet her here right away.

Melanie greets everyone cheerily as Max and Stephanie glare at her. Caroline heads off to tend to the twins. Melanie, sensing the tension in the room, starts to head off to get some pretzels for breakfast. Stephanie grabs her arm, telling her that she isn’t going anywhere.

EJ takes Nicole to the baby’s room, which is next to hers. He says they can redecorate, depending on the sex of the baby. Nicole thanks him, telling him how much it means to her that he is going to take care of her and their child. EJ says there is nothing he wouldn’t do for the baby--and that includes making sure that he or she is safe. Nicole agrees, saying that they are on the same page. EJ isn’t so sure, especially after the way she tried to ingratiate herself into his father’s good graces. Nicole says she doesn’t understand. Did she do something wrong? EJ says that she did.

Melanie tells Stephanie to get her hands off of her. Max steps in and tells Stephanie to lay off of her. Melanie thanks him and starts to head off, but Max grabs her, saying that they have to talk. He asks her how Trent’s wallet ended up in Stephanie’s purse. Melanie feigns surprise, and gasps, asking Stephanie what she did to Trent. Stephanie says the wallet was planted in her bag. Melanie wonders who would do such a thing. Max says that she knows exactly who did it--she did, and everyone in this room knows it.

Nicole shuts the door, telling EJ that she was just trying to be friendly to his father. Conversely, EJ thinks she was trying to bond with Stefano. EJ wants her to keep her distance from his father. Nicole is confused, reminding EJ that Stefano is their baby’s grandfather. EJ explains that his father is obsessed with the idea of having an heir. He sees this baby as an opportunity to propagate his legacy. Is that what she really wants for their child? Nicole grumbles that it isn’t, and says she thought Stefano was just being kind. EJ tells her that that is Stefano’s way of manipulating her. She has to stop being so naïve. Nicole says she understands, but EJ isn’t through. He explains that he has been through this with Samantha already, and it’s a major reason they aren’t together anymore. Nicole groans, wondering why Sami has to enter in upon every conversation. EJ tries to insist that this has nothing to do with Sami, but Nicole isn’t having it. She complains that everything always comes back to Sami, and she’s sick of it.

Chloe begs the doctor to let her see Sami, but he refuses, saying that she will have to wait here. Another nurse comes over, telling the doctor she needs him to see a patient, and the two head off. Chloe checks names of the charts on the doors around her and finds Sami’s. Just as she opens the folder, she hears a nurse coming. Chloe puts the folder back and scurries off.

Sami tells Lucas that she just needs a little more time. EJ would be angry if Lucas knew before he did, anyway. Lucas says that she needs to tell the truth before it blows up in her face. Sami agrees, but says she needs until the end of the day, as she has someone she needs to speak with before she talks to EJ. Sami hugs Lucas and kisses him on the cheek, thanking him for understanding. She leaves. Lucas follows her out and they leave the clinic. Chloe comes out from around the corner. She sneaks back over to the door of Sami’s room and looks at her chart. Chloe gasps.

Lexie complains about Lacey to Stefano, saying that the mayor put her up to it. She said horrible things about Abe and her family, and now it’s all over the internet and in the tabloids. Stefano explains that the game of politics gets dirty sometimes. Lexie says this is more than that. The mayor said she and Abe weren’t fit parents. He also dug into her past and brought up things she wasn’t proud of doing--namely, her affairs. Stefano apologizes, saying he had no idea. Lexie adds that she is fine with him saying nasty things about her, but when he drug Theo into it, she couldn’t take it anymore. She has decided that she and Abe are gong to fight that deranged man and get him out of office. Stefano is sure that Marino will back off soon. Lexie tells Stefano that she knows he has solicited favors from the mayor in exchange for campaign contributions. Stefano tries to deny it, but Lexie says she doesn’t have time for games. Unless he ends his association with Marino, his relationship with Theo will be a thing of the past. Stefano tries to placate her, but Lexie tells him he can speak with her when he has made his decision. She storms off. Stefano clenches his fist and yells that Marino is a stupid bastard.

Chloe hides the folder as a nurse comes over, asking who she is. Chloe claims to be a pharmaceutical representative, and that she’s just waiting on the doctor. The nurse says that he will be a while and heads off. Chloe goes back to perusing Sami’s folder.

EJ tries to tell Nicole that this has nothing to do with Sami, but she thinks that everything does. She adds that this baby is a chance for a fresh start for her. She wants her baby to know that he or she is her first priority, no matter what. EJ says that eh wants that too, but she has to understand that it has been difficult raising Johnny. He feels guilty and sad because he and his mother were never able to be a family. Nicole says she understands, but EJ has a chance to do it right this time. He can have everything he ever dreamed of. He hugs her and thanks her, saying that she is right. Nicole thinks they are both getting a second chance. She doesn’t think it will mean anything though, unless he can let go of his past with Sami. Nicole heads off in a huff.

Sami finds Caroline in the park with the twins. She takes Johnny and asks Caroline about the Trent Robbins case. Caroline isn’t sure how things are going. Sami wishes they would find the real killer, so this could all be over with. Caroline agrees, saying the sooner, the better.

Melanie tells Max that she can’t believe that he believes his neurotic girlfriend’s story over his own sister’s. Stephanie insists that Melanie planted the wallet in her purse. She did it at the police station, when she was alone with the purse. Melanie can’t believe that Max would think she’d plant an important piece of evidence into Stephanie’s purse in a room full of cops. Stephanie threatens to strangle Melanie. Melanie thinks she’d rather put a knife in her back. Max yells at them both to stop it. Melanie suggests they have the wallet dusted for prints. Max and Stephanie glare. Melanie guesses they already did. She asks if her prints were on it. Max sulkily admits they weren’t. Melanie smirks, saying someone owes her an apology. Stephanie grabs Melanie by the hair and slams her onto a table. Melanie shrieks. Stephanie yanks her back up by her hair and gets her in a choke hold. Max tries to break it up as the two scream at each other. Max eventually pulls them apart, but they keep running after each other. Max finally takes Stephanie aside and asks her to let him speak with Melanie to get this sorted out. Stephanie says that Melanie is a lunatic, and she isn’t leaving Max alone with a murderer.

The mayor and another man share a toast to Lacey at Chez Rouge. As Lexie comes up behind him, the mayor admits he has Lacey to thank for Abe’s campaign being DOA. She says he couldn’t be more wrong. It’s actually his campaign that is going down.

Caroline and Sami talk about how big the twins are getting. Sami can hardly believe they will be a year old next week. Caroline heads off to get Johnny a balloon, and Sami asks him what he thinks about having a new brother or sister. She explains that it caught her off-guard. She hasn’t even been able to tell his daddy yet, but it’s because she’s scared. She assures Johnny that Stefano is the one she is afraid of, not EJ.

Nicole comes downstairs for her purse, and Stefano rushes over, explaining that he had a special lunch prepared for her. Nicole thanks him as EJ comes in, asking for a word alone with her. She reluctantly agrees, and he assures her that he is going to be around to raise their child. How can he convince her that he is in this for the long haul, and that their child is the most important thing to him, bar nothing? Nicole asks if he is sure. EJ huffs, saying this isn’t about Sami. Nicole says she knows that. It’s actually about the future they might have together.

Chloe storms into the Horton cabin and finds Lucas. She rushes over to him and slaps him. He looks at her in disbelief. She tells him to stop lying. She knows that Sami is pregnant. She saw it with her own eyes. Lucas asks if she followed him. If so, that is a real problem. He thought they could trust each other. Chloe thought so, too, but she was wrong. She can’t believe how stupid she was for believing Lucas cared about her. Lucas tells her that it isn’t what she thinks. Chloe starts to leave. Lucas stops her, telling her that the baby isn’t his.

Nicole tells EJ that she isn’t envisioning white doves and gowns or anything, but now that they are living together, they need to lay their cards out on the table. She doesn’t mean to be pushy pr anything, but she is confused. It seems like one minute he is interested in her, and the next he is running after Sami. EJ reminds her that she pushed him away initially. She explains that Trent was threatening her. EJ reminds her that Trent is no longer around. Nicole says that’s true, thank God. That bastard will never be able to hurt her again. EJ tries to soothe her.

Stephanie can’t believe Max thinks he can get Melanie to confess to murder. Max begs her for an hour to get Melanie to talk. Stephanie agrees to give him thirty minutes, but he better tell her everything. Max agrees and Stephanie heads off. Melanie says she is leaving, too, but Max stops her, saying that they have to talk. He wants to know what is going on with her. Melanie sighs and says the last time she got in a physical fight like that--Max interrupts, guessing that it was the last time she saw her father. He gets her a soda and suggests again that she fought with Trent the night he died. That’s how she got the wallet. Then she planted it on Stephanie to make her look like the culprit. Melanie denies it. Max demands that she look him in the eye and tell him she didn’t do it. Melanie turns her back on him, then finally admits that she did it. Max groans. Melanie claims she did it to throw suspicion off of Caroline, but Max disagrees. He thinks she did it to get herself off the hook.

Marino apologizes to Lexie, saying that it’s nothing personal. He just thinks the public has the right to know the truth about her and her husband. Lexie agrees, saying they have the right to learn the truth about Marino and who his biggest campaign contributors are. Marino says he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She explains that Stefano is her father, which is why she knows how heavily he has invested in Marino. She warns him that she has a lot of influence over her father, so he is going to find it hard to run his campaign once his sources run dry. The other man thinks Lexie is bluffing, but she says she isn’t. She storms off. Marino calls Stefano immediately and asks him what is going on. Stefano hopes there are no hard feelings, but he warned Marino to lay off of his family. Marino says it’s just politics. Stefano should know that sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Stefano hopes Marino understands that he has to do the same--which means cutting all ties with the mayor. Marino protests, but Stefano says goodbye angrily and hangs up. Marino curses, telling the other man that Stefano cant do this to him. He vows not to let him get away with it and huffs off.

Nicole tells EJ that Trent is a part of her life she would rather forget. Now that there is no Trent coming between them, and no Sami either, apparently, it’s just the two of them. She thinks they have plenty of time to see if there is more between them than just raising a child. She thinks they should take it slow. She suggests they try doing it like this--and kisses him on the cheek. EJ suggests a real kiss and moves in for more. He takes off Nicole’s jacket. They kiss passionately.

Johnny naps in his stroller, and Sami tells him that she wants to be able to protect both of them. She hopes that he and his little brother or sister will understand that she did what she had to to make sure they both were safe. She thinks that means that she has to tell EJ the truth.

Melanie thinks that Max must hate her. He traveled half-way around the world to find her, and all she has done is act like a self-centered brat. Max insists that he just wants to help her. Melanie tells him to stop being so nice to her. If he doesn’t hate her already, she is sure he will soon. Max doesn’t understand. She tells him that she doesn’t think he can handle the truth. She admits that she can’t even handle it herself.

Chloe asks Lucas if he is sure he isn’t the father, and he says he is. He and Sami are just friends, so she asked for his advice. Chloe asks what kind of advice she wanted. Lucas says it dealt with the baby and how to handle its father. Chloe asks who it is, but Lucas says he can’t tell. Chloe gasps, guessing that it is EJ.

Nicole and EJ start shedding clothes as they kiss. Outside, Sami rings the bell,. grumbling about losing her keys. EJ and Nicole ignore the bell and begin to make love. Sami groans about knowing EJ is home and heads around to the patio. She sees the two making love through the window and gasps.

Melanie knows that Max wants to know the same thing everyone else wants to know--did she killer father? Melanie cries as she admits that she might have.

Chloe can’t believe there’s going to be another DiMera running around. Lucas tells her that they have to keep it quiet, because EJ doesn’t know yet. Sami is supposed to tell him today. Chloe cant believe Lucas buys Sami’s claims that she will tell the truth. Lucas tells Chloe to keep her lips zipped. Sami is probably telling EJ about the baby right now.

Sami watches through the window as EJ and Nicole make love. Sami bursts into tears and runs off. Marino rings the bell in the front and yells for Stefano. EJ and Nicole continue going at it in the living room. Just then, a man walks up to Marino and shoots him in the head. Marino slumps to the ground. The man goes over and checks his pulse just as Sami comes around the corner of the house. She sees the man with Marino’s body and gapes.


Bo tells Hope, “He knows he’s got to do the right thing. What’s with the look?” She replies, “I’m not sure Max knows what the right thing is.”

Melanie screams at Max, “It’s your fault I’m in this in the first place.” He replies, “My fault? What did I--” She yells, “Yeah, I never would have been in Salem if it wasn’t for you.”

EJ tells Nicole, “Stop it please.” She replies, “No, I won’t stop, not when our baby’s life is in danger.”

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