Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/16/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/16/08


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Nicole comes back to her hotel room, telling her baby that her pre-natal workout was tough. She heads off for the shower, but a knock sounds at the door. Nicole groans, hoping it isn’t the hotel manager. It’s EJ, telling her that he has come by to pick her up for their date.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano reads the paper and chuckles, saying that Abe has made a huge mistake. Just then, John comes in, wanting to talk. Stefano tells him it’s too early, as he hasn’t even had his coffee yet. John thinks Stefano will want to hear this. Stefano grumbles, but acquiesces. John tells him that it’s over, and that Stefano has won.

Chloe comes to see Marlena in her office. Chloe is sure she is the last person Marlena cares to talk to, but she really needs her help with Lucas. She adds that she could use some advice on what to do.

At the Horton cabin, Lucas tells Sami that he has a meeting to attend, but will be back soon. He asks if she told EJ about the pregnancy, but she says she told him ‘good-bye’ instead. Lucas doesn’t understand. Sami goes on to explain that she told EJ that his having a baby with Nicole is a sign that they aren’t meant to be. Lucas groans. He tells Sami that he has tried to help her, but she’s bound and determined to screw everything up. He tells her she is on her own from now on.

Nicole tells EJ that she didn’t realize that their date was this morning, apologizing for how she looks. EJ tells her this was a last-minute decision. He has to go to Chicago to deliver some papers to a client, and heard that her favorite restaurant was there. He grabs Nicole and dances with her, saying that he thought they could take in a show, and go to a museum. He adds that this has been long overdue. Nicole agrees. EJ admits that he has been chasing something that wasn’t meant to be for a long time. He isn’t sure if he and Nicole are meant to be, but he knows that it will be fun finding out. She asks for a half-hour to make herself as beautiful as possible. EJ says she is already stunning, but agrees to wait for her. Nicole heads into the bathroom, all smiles.

Stefano doesn’t think he heard John correctly. John says that the game is over, and Stefano has won. He had an inside track to getting Stefano deposed as CEO, but he has decided to pack it in and hand over all control of the empire to Stefano--effective immediately. Stefano gapes. John tells him he will be out of the mansion by the end of the week. He is sure even Stefano can follow that line of logic.

EJ flips through a magazine while Nicole showers. A knock sounds at the door, and EJ answers. It’s the hotel manager with an envelope for Nicole. EJ asks what is going on, and the manager tells EJ that it’s an eviction notice. Nicole has until one o’clock to leave, or her and all of her belongings will be put out on the street.

Sami grumbles about Lucas’ lack of support. He tells her that he is sorry, but he doesn’t approve of what she is doing. In fact, he thinks it’s the biggest mistake she has ever made. Sami is sick of his lectures. Lucas tells her that she won’t be able to hide this pregnancy for long, and Sami admits that she has been thinking of going away for the last couple of months of her pregnancy. Lucas scoffs, saying that EJ will figure it out. Sami doesn’t think so. Men are terrible with dates, and he won’t put two and two together regarding their tryst and her absence nine months later. Lucas disagrees, saying that night is probably seared in EJ’s mind. Sami tells Lucas that she has to protect her child from Stefano, but Lucas thinks EJ is capable of doing so. He may be a jerk, but he does care for his children. Sami doesn’t think caring is enough. EJ has too much on his plate with Nicole and her baby, so Sami has to protect her kids herself. Lucas knows that EJ and Stefan will find out eventually. They aren’t stupid, and they’re going to be furious when they learn Sami hid this pregnancy from them. Sami suddenly gets an idea, saying that there is another way. Lucas asks what that is, and she tells him that they could pretend the baby is Lucas’. It’s her only hope.

John doesn’t think Stefano seems as pleased as he should be. Stefano says that he has been thinking, and this whole idea of war between two brothers is silly. Stefano thinks he has made a wise decision, but guesses it wasn’t for his benefit. He knows altruism isn’t John’s strongest suit, so he wants to know why John has had a sudden change of heart. John says that he is doing this for Marlena. It’s what she wants.

Marlena isn’t sure that she can help Chloe, as Lucas is practically a part of her family. Chloe says this is really more about her than Lucas. She has a problem, but isn’t sure if it is a problem, or if she is just letting her insecurities and paranoia take over. Marlena asks what’s going on, and Chloe admits that she thinks Lucas is cheating on her.

Lucas tells Sami that she is insane. He refuses to lie to this child and make him or her think that he is their father. Besides, he is sure EJ wouldn’t fall for it. Sami thinks he would. He knows that Sami wanted Lucas back when he caught her and EJ in bed together. He will easily believe that she seduced Lucas that night. Lucas reminds her that she did try to seduce him, but he resisted. He just thinks the whole idea is wrong. Sami doesn’t think there anything wrong about trying to protect her child, but Lucas disagrees. It isn’t fair to EJ, him, or the baby that she even asked Lucas to do this. Sami starts to cry. Lucas says her tears aren’t going to make him feel badly enough to change his mind. He knows she is scared, but he can’t do this. Sami grumps, saying that he baby is doomed, and it will be all Lucas’ fault. He blows up, telling her not to lay that guilt trip at his door. None of this is his fault. Sami thinks he is acting this way because he is scared to lose Chloe. Lucas chuckles, saying this has nothing to do with Chloe. It has to do with Sami and her inability to do the right thing. Lucas starts to head off, but Sami stops him, begging him to help. He refuses to have anything to do with her scheming. This is about her distorted sense of right and wrong, not about her kids and their safety. He refuses to help her or be a part of this anymore. He leaves. Sami pouts.

EJ oversees the porter pack Nicole’s bags as Nicole comes out of the bathroom, wondering what is going on. EJ tells her she is being evicted and Nicole groans, saying she thought she had until the end of the week to pay the bill. EJ has ordered breakfast and tells Nicole to help herself. She grumbles, blaming this all on Trent. Because of him, she and Pookie are going to be out on the streets. EJ promises that that won’t happen. She and Pookie and coming to stay with him.

Sami cries and takes out a phonebook. She circles a number inside, telling herself that this is the only way.

EJ closes the door on the porter as Nicole finishes breakfast. She thanks him for paying her bill, saying that he didn’t have to do that. He jokes that he did, seeing as how they’d come after her and she can’t afford his legal fees anymore. She tells him she isn’t sure about moving into mansion. She feels like she would be imposing, and after all, there’s always the Y. EJ tells her that the mansion has many rooms, so it’s no problem. H insists that he wants to take care of her and the baby. She asks about Sami, and EJ says they are through. He wants Nicole to be able to count on him. Nicole says she has never had to do that before. EJ once again asks her to move in. Nicole makes sure Pookie can come and finally agrees, hugging EJ and thanking him. EJ thinks it might be fun. Nicole asks about Stefano. He explains that he doesn’t want him to know yet and asks her to let him handle it. Nicole asks about the date, and EJ tells her they will have to take a rain check. She agrees that they can put it off until after they move in together, and EJ tells her he will send a courier to Chicago. For now, he wants to focus on her and the baby. They leave to go pick up Pookie.

Marlena wonders if Chloe thinks Lucas is cheating on her with Sami. Chloe doesn’t knows what else to think. When she came back, they were all settled in together. She isn’t trying to blame Sami, but if Lucas is cheating on her, she’d want to leave him. She hopes Marlena doesn’t think she’s trying to pump her for information. Marlena thinks Chloe wouldn’t turn down any that she had, though. Chloe sighs, saying that she probably seems pathetic because of her jealousy. Marlena doesn’t think so. If she were in Chloe’s position, she would want to know the truth, too. Unfortunately, even if Marlena knew anything, she couldn’t tell her. Chloe admits she should have known better. She apologizes and heads off to figure things out on her own. Marlena suggests she talk to Lucas and Chloe agrees, saying she was worried she’d sound needy and possessive if she confronted him. She thanks Marlena for the advice and she wishes Chloe luck. Chloe leaves. Shortly after, John comes in, telling Marlena to stop what she’s doing right away. This one is hot off the presses.

Lucas comes back to the Horton cabin, but Sami and the twins aren’t there. He calls and leaves a message for Sami, asking her to come back so they can talk. He sees the open phone book and sees that Sami has circled the number for the Brookville clinic. Lucas reads that their services include family planning and abortion. He flips out and runs out, wondering what Sami is doing.

Presumably at the Brookville Clinic, a nurse takes Sami into a cubicle, telling her the doctor will be right in. Sami sighs.

Nicole and EJ arrive at the mansion, and Pookie runs upstairs. Nicole yells for her to come down as EJ asks the maid to have Nicole’s bags taken to her room. Stefano comes charging out of the living room, wondering what is going on. Nicole tells him that she is moving in.

John tells Marlena that he is hitting the road. Marlena doesn’t understand. He explains that he is a changed man. Marlena reminds him that the last time he told her that, he also said he planned on legitimizing the DiMera empire, a thing that can’t be done. John says he agrees with her, and that EJ was right about him. He knows he will lose Marlena if he doesn’t take action. Something inside him doesn’t want that to happen. Marlena asks what he has done, and John tells her that he has given up control of the DiMera empire. He did it because of her.

The nurse tells Sami that the doctor is running a bit behind, but will be with her shortly. She asks if she has someone to wait with her, and Sami admits that she is here alone. The nurse tells her that the clinic offers counseling for women in her position. Sami says she isn’t interested. She just wants to get this over with. The nurse says she understands and heads off to look for the doctor.

EJ tells Stefano that Nicole is moving in. Stefano wonders if he has forgotten whose house this is. How dare he bring in some boarder and her mutt? EJ thinks he would be more understanding if he knew what was going on. Nicole thinks they should tell Stefano the truth. Stefano wonders what is going on. EJ wanted to avoid this, but he sees they have no choice. Nicole tells Stefano that she and EJ are having a baby. Stefano claps his hands and exclaims, saying that there will be another DiMera heir.

The nurse tells Sami that the doctor is on his way, and asks her if she has any last minute questions or concerns. Sami sassy she just wants to get this over with. The doctor comes in just then, asking if Sami is ready. She says she is.

Lucas rushes into the clinic, asking if Sami Brady is there. Meanwhile, the doctor tells Sami that what he is about to do might hurt a little. The nurse tells Lucas that she can’t divulge that information, and Lucas claims to be her husband. He is trying to stop his wife before it’s too late. The nurse heads off to see what she can do as Lucas gets a call from Chloe. He asks if he can meet her later as a nurse answers the phone behind him. Chloe overhears and wonders what Lucas is doing at the clinic.

Marlena is flabbergasted that John gave it all up. She thought he couldn’t let go of the shipping line. John says he has given it all up for her. Marlena gapes. John smiles, saying it was worth it just to see the look on her face.

Stefano tells Nicole that she is more than welcome here. He will give her one of the nicest suites and make sure Cook makes all of her favorite food. Nicole thanks him for making her feel so welcome, and Stefano tells her that she is now a member the family, and should treat this as her home. Nicole leans over and moans softly. They both ask if she is ok, but she says she is. She claims the baby kicked. EJ puts a hand on her stomach, but doesn’t feel anything. Nicole tells Stefano to see if he feels something and he does. He laughs, saying that the baby will be a little hell raiser, based on the kicking alone. EJ looks on uncomfortably.

Marlena tells John how proud she is of him, and he thanks her, telling her that he has to leave. He has a lot of packing to do, as he is moving out of the mansion. Marlena beams. She wants to go for a cup of coffee, but John thinks the sooner he moves out, the better. Before he goes, he hands Marlena the divorce papers, saying that he has signed them. Now he has done everything she asked, and the ball is in her court. John heads off.

Stefano hands out champagne and sparkling cider to celebrate Nicole’s pregnancy. He toasts to new life, happiness, and the DiMera dynasty continuing. They all toast.

Lucas tells Chloe that he has to go as the nurse tells him his wife is in the first exam room. Lucas thanks her and hangs up, telling Chloe he can’t talk. She hangs up in a huff, wondering why the nurse called Sami Lucas’ wife. Lucas rushes into the exam room to find Sami in tears. He groans.


EJ asks Nicole, “Would you just do me a favor and keep your distance from my father?” She replies, “He’s our kid’s grandfather.”

Lexie tells Stefano, “Either end your association with Marino immediately or your relationship with your grandson will be a thing of the past.”

Stephanie tells Max, “I’m going to strangle her.” Melanie retorts, “She wouldn’t rather put a knife in my back?” Max yells, “Would you stop it--both of you--right now!”

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