Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/15/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/15/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate sits by the pool and discusses the fact that she wants a different make-up artist for her next shoot. Just then, Daniel walks over, having just gotten out of the pool and asks for his towel, which Kate is sitting on. Kate hangs up, telling the person on the other end something just came up.

Nicole walks into the DiMera mansion with EJ, calling it ‘home sweet home.’ Since he never said anything about helping her with the baby, she assumes that he is allowing her to move in. She walks around the living room, wondering how she will redecorate. EJ accuses her of only wanting his child because of money. Nicole chuckles, telling him that he sure knows how to read between the lines. She laughs, saying that he is right, as she is all about the money.

Lucas walks into the Horton cabin to find Sami with a pile of shopping bags. She asks if a particular shirt makes her look pregnant. Lucas sighs, telling her that she can’t hide behind clothes forever. Sami insists that her plan with work. EJ won’t find out that she has been gaining weight or that she’s pregnant. Chloe comes in just then, telling Sami that EJ isn’t blind. He’s going to know exactly what’s going on. Sami scoffs.

Lexie plays with Theo in the park as Chelsea comes over to greet them. Lexie thanks her for spending time with Theo outside of work, and says she thinks it helps. Chelsea says she is glad to, and tells Lexie that she saw what their babysitter said at the press conference. Chelsea admits that she wanted to strangle her. Lexie tells her that they think the mayor put Lacey up to it. Abe wants to fight ,but Lexie doesn’t want to, especially since Theo was dragged into all of it. Chelsea asks if that means she is giving up.

Abe sits at the pub with Evan, lamenting the fact that his family is being put through the wringer over this campaign. People on the internet make him and his loved ones sound totally dysfunctional. Evan tells him things are about to get worse. Marino found out about Lexie’s extramarital affairs, and plans on going public with them. Abe groans.

Nicole angrily tells EJ that Sami was right about her. She’s just a money-grubbing slut. Now that EJ has found her out, she’s leaving. She starts to stomp off, but EJ stops her. He thinks he may have judged her unfairly, but he feels like she ambushed him. Nicole admits that having a roof over her head would be nice now that she has lost Victors settlement money, but her first concern is the baby. EJ cant help but feel she somehow planned this. Nicole reminds him that she didn’t know she could get pregnant. Their romp in the elevator isn’t exactly a girl’s dream of conceiving, but she still views it as a blessing. EJ says he is suspicious of her because of her marriage to Victor. He doesn’t want that to happen to him. Nicole asks him if he is trying to say he wants to marry her.

Chloe tells Sami that she knows she’s worried that EJ won’t like her anymore since she’s getting older and has popped out three kids. Chloe sarcastically assures Sami that EJ loves her for her big heart. Chloe thinks it’s romantic. Sami heads off, saying she is going to let the two of them talk. She takes her bags and walks into the other room. Lucas tells Chloe he’s glad she came home early and says he cant wait to get her alone. Chloe offers to kick Sami out, but Lucas says she can’t. Sami is going to be staying with them for a while.

Lexie tells Chelsea that she doesn’t think she is cut out for this political campaigning. She would be fine if people attacked her, but she can’t handle it when they drag Theo into it. His life is tough enough as it is. Chelsea reminds Lexie that Theo has her and Abe to protect him. Chelsea wishes she could find a man as strong and supportive as Abe is. Lexie thought she already had. Chelsea says she thought she did, too. Lexie asks if that means she and Daniel are through.

Kate and Daniel discuss the unseasonably warm weather and the fact Victor has allowed them both to use the pool. Kate thinks Victor feels sorry for her. She adds that she thinks she might be on the way to reconciling with Chelsea. Daniel assumes she told her about her biopsy, but Kate says she wants Chelsea to forgive her because she wants to, not out of guilt or pity. Kate adds that he has been feeling a lot better lately, and feels optimistic about her test results. Daniel sighs. Kate gets the feeling Daniel has seen her test results already.

Lexie thought Chelsea had moved past what happened with Kate and Daniel, but Chelsea says she can’t forgive either one of them. Lexie admits that betrayal is a hard thing to get over, but she urges Chelsea not to close her heart off to Daniel. Even if they don’t get back together, she must find a way to forgive him. Otherwise, she won’t be at peace.

Daniel tells Kate that he hasn’t yet received her results, but it worried him that she had so much hope. He thinks she needs to be prepared for whatever results might come back, good or bad. Kate thanks him for his concern, but she doesn’t want to think about that or her company today. She says she just wants to enjoy the beautiful weather, and suggests they split a bottle of wine. Daniel grins and agrees to go break into the cellar. Just then, his phone rings. Daniel checks the caller ID and tells Kate it’s the lab calling.

Chloe lays into Lucas for letting Sami stay without talking to her about it first. Lucas apologizes, saying that Sami needed a place to stay. Chloe rants and raves, reminding Lucas that the DiMera mansion has about two hundred extra bedrooms. If that isn’t good enough for Sami, she has a mother and father she can stay with. Chloe doesn’t understand why she has to invade their rinky-dink cabin and make their lives miserable. Lucas promises that the situation is only temporary, but Chloe isn’t having it. She has enjoyed playing house with him, but this place is tiny and she’s claustrophobic. She can’t handle living with Sami, too. Chloe grabs her suitcase and heads off, telling Lucas to call her when Sami is gone. Until then, she won’t be here. Lucas tries to stop her, but she stomps off and out the door. Lucas sighs.

EJ tells Nicole that that isn’t what he meant. He just meant that he doesn’t want his marriage to be like hers and Victor’s--if he decides to get married again. He claims that he is still trying to process the fact that she is pregnant, so marriage is the last thing on his mind. They haven’t even had a first date yet. Nicole says she gets it. Guys like it when girls play hard to get, and her obvious neediness is making him angry. EJ says that isn’t what he meant. It’s just that her moving in her would make things extremely complicated, mostly because of Stefano. Nicole thinks he would be happy she’s having a baby, unlike EJ. She says she made a huge mistake thinking he gives a rat’s ass about her. She stomps off, saying she is going home. EJ offers her a ride, but she refuses and leaves. EJ heads over to the desk with a sigh and spots a picture of himself and Johnny. He takes out his phone and calls Sami. He tells her he wants to spend some time with his son, and is on his way up to island. He hangs up as Sami protests, saying that he can’t.

Mayor Marino heads into the DiMera mansion and tells Stefano, who is playing chess in the living room, that his son-in-law is vying to become the new mayor. Stefan doesn’t see a problem with it and tells Marino that competition is good for the soul. Marino questions where Stefano’s loyalties lie. Stefano thinks he sounds nervous, and Marino retorts that Stefano should be as well. Stefano reminds him that Abe is family, and Marino chuckles. He doesn’t think Stefano can buy Abe the way he bought him.

Lexie tells Chelsea that holding onto her anger will only hurt her. Chelsea thanks Lexie for the advice and promises to try harder to forgive Kate and Daniel. Lexie tells her that she is very special, and that she sees why Theo likes her. Chelsea heads off to take Theo to the swings. Just then, a man with a camera comes over, telling Lexie that he runs an online news site. He wants to know if Lexie will comment on her affairs with Tek Kramer and her husband’s son, Brandon Walker.

Daniel asks the lab to send him a copy of the test results as well as Kate’s doctor’s conclusions. He hangs up and tells Kate that the results were inconclusive. She doesn’t understand. He explains that the tissue colleted showed no signs of malignancy. Kate asks if this means she doesn’t have lung cancer.

Lexie yells at the reporter to get away from her as Chelsea comes back, wondering what is going on. Abe rushes up just at that moment and pulls Lexie away. The reporter chides her about the affairs she had and Abe starts yelling at him. Lexie stops him, asking Abe to let her handle this. She tells the man that she is about to give him an exclusive for his seedy blog. He says he’s ready for it as Evan rushes up behind him. She says she refuses to comment on her past, but she does have a few things to say about her future.

Lucas tells Sami that he has to leave, but she begs him to stay and help her distract EJ. He says he can’t just as EJ knocks. Lucas lets him in and heads off. Sami sits at the table and scoots the chair in to hide her belly. EJ asks after Johnny, but Sami says he is napping. She tried to tell him that earlier ,but he hung up on her. EJ says that he really came to talk to her. He needs a friend right now, as the situation with Nicole is a total disaster. Sami asks if he is sure Nicole is carrying his child, and he says that it’s been confirmed. Sami’s eyes fill with tears as she tells EJ that he should be happy about being a father again. She congratulates him.

Chloe comes to Nicole’s hotel room knocks. Nicole greets her with Pookie in tow, and the dog growls at Chloe. She thinks the dog hates her, but Nicole explains that she hates everyone. She offers Chloe a drink, saying that she has so much to tell her. Chloe spots the picture from Nicole’s ultrasound on the table and asks Nicole to start by telling her about the picture of the baby.

Sami asks EJ if he is going to marry Nicole and make an honest woman out of her, and EJ says he isn’t sure what he is going to do. That is what he has to figure out now. Sami thinks it might be fate pushing him and Nicole together. EJ doesn’t believe Sami feels that way. For a long time, he felt like they were fated to be together. Sami says they will always share a bond because of Johnny. She tells him that she wants to head off to take a nap. He kisses her on the forehead, asking her to give Johnny a kiss for him, and he heads off. Sami tells him that she’ll see him around. He stands outside and sighs. Inside, Sami bawls.

Marino tells Stefano that he really needs his support. Stefano wonders what Marino will do for him, but he thinks he has done enough. He needs Stefano’s promise to help him defeat Abe. Stefano agrees to help, but only on one condition.

Lexie tells the reporter that this campaign isn’t about her or her son. It’s about Abe and his record as a civil servant. She sees that the current mayor isn’t above mud-slinging ,but they won’t stoop to his level. They’ll answer any question honestly and with dignity. She adds that she is proud to stand by Abe. She grabs his hand, saying that he is the most honest, wonderful man she knows. Chelsea and Theo look on. Chelsea smiles.

Chloe thought Nicole couldn’t have kids. She guesses that this must be a scam. Nicole shrugs, saying it’s a miracle. She confides in Chloe about EJ, saying that he made her get a paternity test, and then accused her of trapping him for money. She walked out after that. Chloe says that she walked out on Lucas also. Sami has taken up residence at the cabin, and it will probably take an exorcist to get rid of her. A knock sounds at the door, and Nicole opens it to find Lucas. He tells Chloe that he has been looking everywhere for her. He needs to apologize. EJ walks up just then, saying that Lucas isn’t the only one. He has to apologize as well.

Daniel tells Kate that the results are inconclusive, so he isn’t sure if she has cancer or not. She groans, wondering what’s next. Daniel knows it’s has been a long arduous waiting period, and he’s sorry for that. She tells him that it has helped having him around today. She didn’t think about her illness, and she was really able to seize the day. Daniel offers to go get the wine, but Kate grabs his hand and stops him. She thinks having to face your own mortality makes you rally appreciate the people you care about. Passing up a chance for pleasure doesn’t really make much sense to her. They kiss passionately. Later, we pan in on the two lying naked under a towel. Daniel tells Kate that if she ever feels alone, she should just think of this moment, and know that he will always be there for him. Kate thanks him, but says for right now she just wants to enjoy this beautiful day. They kiss again.

At the pub, Abe asks Lexie if all this means she isn’t giving up. Lexie say she talked to Chelsea and decided that no matter what happens, she wants to make sure she stands behind Abe a hundred percent. She tells him that he believes in him and that he will make a real difference in this town. She is going to do everything she can to make sure his campaign is successful. He tells her that he loves her and they hug.

Stefano tells Marino that he can destroy Abe’s reputation if he wishes, but Alexandra is his daughter. Marino must leave her and her son out of this. Stefano asks if that is clear.

Chloe and Lucas leave Nicole’s room and he explains that he will ask Sami to leave if Chloe wants him to. He does assure her that the situation is temporary. Chloe agrees to let Sami stay, but only if she doesn’t cause any trouble. She knows that Lucas always gets sucked into Sami’s web. Lucas insists that he only wants Chloe. He kisses her and tells her that she is his future. He sighs, saying that that is very reassuring.

Nicole ask Pookie if they should accept EJ’s apology. He insists that he is being sincere and tells her that he came to his senses. He is happy that she is having his baby. He was just confused before and didn’t know how to deal with it. Nicole says she noticed. EJ says he would like to be a part of their child’s life as well as hers. He thinks a good way to start is by going on that date they haven’t gotten around to having. Nicole says this all seems a bit backwards, but then again, she has never done anything by the book.

Sami plays with Johnny and cries, saying she hopes he would understand. She has to protect his little brother or sister, and when you love people, you have to make tough choices. She hugs him and cries.


EJ tells Nicole, "I really want this to be special. It's overdue." She replies, "You could say that."

Stefano tells John, "I could not possibly have heard you correctly. He replies, "I said game over."

Lucas looks at the open phone book and exclaims, "Brookville clinic? Abortion-- You've got to be kidding me. Sami, what are you doing?"

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